No, I'm not a maniac :D
I had a dream that Fahrlight had been staying in my home O_O  WHAAAT?! O_O and my question “Do you travel away?” she replied, “Oh, no, I study in Moscow” WHATWHATWHAT??? Brain, what is this a joke? And why Fahrlight speak Russian?O_o But it was the best dream :D  Very strange, but the best :D

Hi! It’s me and my…friend. :3

to tell the truth I love her and hope for reciprocity, oh naive.

But not about this ^ _ ^

Yesterday we missed lessons gone to cafe, and there nothing better to do photographed on webcam.

They were wonderful moments!

I’m stupid! very, very silly! I do not understand this … OMG me now shame

I even write with using the Google translator!

must learning German because….

Ich habe den Wunsch und die Zweck die deutsche Sprache zu kommunizieren!

Here is a stupid girl from Russia… sorry