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Special DJ Set by Keith 2.0 & Guests

Clothing from: daniel patrick, Roark, Lost & Found, Egocomplex, Damir Doma

Haircutz from Black Banditz Cutz

Complementary Beverages.

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Ego Complex

‘The Ego Complex’ stems from the conviction that ‘I am the center of the Universe’ and that one`s own desires should be satisfied instantly, whereas those of the others might wait. Still the practice shows that it is not always true, which hurts the egoists and makes their Ego complex vulnerable and insatiable. Usually such ‘Egoists’ were the only child in the family, who were used to the situation when all their desires were accomplished momentously. Having grown into the adults, they do not seek to change the reality, but they are eager to nourish their ‘self-love’ at all costs. However, it is not always the case. Those people, who suffer from the Ego complex might have been also deprived from the main wells in childhood and the satisfaction of one`s own Ego has become their only interest and daily care.

Such people can be easily defined from the crowd as all they care about is the satisfaction of their own needs, whenever they are, whatever they do. Shall it be the canteen they will be the first to receive the hot dish, shall it be the demonstrations they will be the ones, who shout the loudest. Having satisfied their needs they do not seem to be willing to help the others and often prefer not to be disturbed and would love to avoid all sorts of contacts that go in different direction with their personal goals. The communication of such people is usually limited to the topics that are interesting to the person`s ego, which might be also called ‘business deals’. The contacts, which do not serve to their own pleasure, are usually eliminated.

The complex does not normally need cure, as it presents no evident danger, neither for the personal health nor to the society. These people are efficient in finding what they want to, however as soon as their goals are achieved they tend to rest lonely.