egocentric shit

Honestly I’m so tired of all this unfair hate for Tony.
We all can write, draw, do an essay, make schemes of every single reason why Tony Stark is a good person, why he cares, why he is a hero not just because he is IronMan and why he deserves better.
Haters will reduce everything in a simple “yes but he creates Ultron”, “he fucked up”, “he’s an alcoholic”, “he’s egocentric” and other shit like that.
We can spend our life telling them that Tony Stark is only human, that his faith in people fucked him up, that he is just scared and wants to protect the ones he loves. That he is always suffering, both mentally and physically. That he creates Ultron not just for fucking fun but because, for him, it was the only right thing to do to save the world. And he was wrong, he knows that.
But humans do that you know.
People get scared and react. He was not trained for this shit and he has not superpower so he did the thing he can do better: build a machine.
That’s pretty much what he did, react. He didn’t hide, he had the courage to react.
He fucked up, but then he went and tried to fix his mistakes but even then haters blamed him for the civil war. So what’s the point?
Now I just wanna say to everyone who’s in #TonyStarkDefenseSquad, let’s just spread around how magnificent our genius is.
Let’s celebrate his personal victories and even his defeats even if no one else understands what it took to accomplish them. We know he’s came a long way from where he began, he has grown. We won’t forget his past and all the pain he went through. We’re gonna always be upset when some little jerk will say shit about him but Tony Stark taught us to be better, and fight for the things we believe in and the people we love so…
Let’s protect him but guys, stop fighting with haters: It’s not worthy it.