LDP at Jacob's Pillow

Seeing an all-male company (LDP) has a certain power to it; and the fact that these young gents were amazing dancers/athletes points to a decent review by yours truly (NP). HOWEVER, as athletic and awesome as these fellows were, the choreography wasn’t very sophisticated and pretty repetitive. The first piece was interesting and surely my favorite of the three - it had depth, suspense, tension, smart choreographic choices. But still a little young-ish.  The last piece, their “signature” piece is a piece of garbage - it reminded me of my childhood studio recitals when we would all take turns running out across the diagonal and bust out our best trick (read: leap). 

Sweaty, sexy, talented boys they are…but sweaty, sexy & talented does not make a piece. Sorry fellas. But I’d give ‘em another shot in the future.

MOVIE REC - “Man on Wire” - very cool doc about Phillipe Petite - the guy in the '70s who strung a high wire between the two WTC buildings in NYC and walked across. GORGEOUS. And sad too when you see the twin towers. :( I kept imagining the planes flying into them - those images burned in my memory forever now. Film itself is a little disjointed and sometimes corny, but it’s worth it to see the real footage and the way they rigged it guerrilla-style.


“Goo Goo”

Choreography: Nicole Pierce | EgoArt, Inc.
Dancers: Michael Figueroa, Caitlyn Schrader
Music: Goo Goo Muck, The Cramps


Agitation (2015)
Another section from “The Opposites Game” by choreographer Nicole Pierce

Music: Sonata for Violin and Piano, No. 3 in D Minor, Op. 108, Presto Agitato, Johannes Brahms
Dancers: Andrea Blesso Albuquerque, Kathryn Dunkel, Maggie Foster, Maggie Husak, Caitlyn Schrader


We made this in 2008. It still makes me giggle. Plus, of course, a fitting post in honor of Esther.