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MONSTAX_MH: Everyone I’ll read you a book today! The book title is

Minhyuk’s replies to his own post:

MONSTAX_MH: The elderly Indian Chief said to his grandson, “My son! Within our hearts, there are two wolves.”

MONSTAX_MH: “One wolf is evil – it had anger, jealousy, envy, sorrow, regret, self-pity, greed, lies, arrogance, superiority, resentment, guilt, inferiority complex, and ego.”

MONSTAX_MH: “The other wolf is good – it had joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, mercy, empathy, magnanimity, truth, compassion, and faith.”

MONSTAX_MH: “These two wolves are always fighting in our hearts.”

MONSTAX_MH: The grandson asked his grandfather, “Then who wins?”

MONSTAX_MH: What could it be, our Monbebes

MONSTAX_MH: His grandfather replied like this.

MONSTAX_MH: “The one you feed”

MONSTAX_MH: This storybook has a lot more feelings that I thought. I just wanted to share my feelings so I came hehehehehehe

Trans. cr: fairyminhyuk

anonymous asked:

I think the SJW mentality ties in very closely with narcissism. Superiority complex, manipulating and influencing younger tumblr users, gas lighting (distorting the perception between tumblr and reality), their opinion always has to be the right opinion, attacking people over their physical appearance in order to boost their own ego, having a victim complex, placing their identity (female, black etc) on a pedestal, whilst demonising the opposite (male,white etc). It's all there.


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Why do people think that just because they don't like SAO, that means they have good taste in anime?

Based on what I’ve seen in the past 4 or so years, it’s because some anime fans have huge egos or superiority complexes. Some people feel the need to pick some anime that have caused buzzes in recent years that have flaws in them, whether they be a lot or a little (and are either fatal or minor), to basically be blacklisted, so that if some people like them, they feel the need to treat the fans of them horribly and say they have “shit taste” or are “filthy casuals”, regardless of what other anime they like.

Some of the anime that people do this for include: Sword Art Online, No Game No Life, Tokyo Ghoul, Akame ga Kill!, The Irregular at Magic High School, Bleach, Naruto, apparently Fairy Tail, fairly certain for Danmachi, it seems like it’s starting with Attack on Titan now(though I know it’s still getting a lot of fans and praises), and Owari no Seraph.

Honestly, the whole “I have good taste and you have shit taste because you like *insert one of the shows above*” crap based ONLY on these shows is pretty stupid. If people can defend their opinion on something, regardless of what show it is, with valid reasons, I don’t see why they should be considered to have “shit taste” just because they like it.

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winnies blood actually smells like dust and cat piss y the fuck u lyin winnie Y U ALWAYS LYIN STOP FUCKIN LYIN

    ❛  I already told you, A MILLION! NO! A TRILLION OF TIMES! My name isn’t WINNIE.SECONDLY, you’re jealous because I’m too sassy for you. I’m too sassy for this world, TRUTH be told. And please! Quit being so dramatic, you’re a horrid actor. ❜

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"Tell me" B)

Put a “Tell me" in my ask and my character will answer

If you snuck into my room I would:

[  ] Go back to sleep                 [  ] Kick you out
[  ] Cuddle with you                   [ x ] Be like “How in the world?”
[  ] Let you sleep on the floor    [ x ] Become angry | But then he’d bind him up & forcibly spoon with him.

If you kissed me (or hugged) I would:

[ x ] Kiss or hug you back | Whilst biting the shit out of him.   [  ] Smile and laugh
[  ] Stiffen, and feel uncomfortable        [ x ] Push you away | So he tips over like a tree, only then will Loki DOMINATE HIM WHERE HE LIES.
[ x ] Be shocked                                 [ x ] Strike you | HARD, until he obtains a pretty bruise.

If you asked me to go out with you for a day I would say:

[  ] No          [ x ] Yes | He’s curious.       [  ] Most certainly not.        [ ] Without hesitation.

You are:

[  ] Cute          [  ] Adorable          [ x ] Attractive          [ x ] Beautiful
[  ] Okay         [ x ] Ugly ???        [  ] Am not going to grace this with an answer

You are to me a:

[  ] Stranger          [  ] Acquaintance          [  ] Ally
[  ] Friend              [  ] Love                        [  ] Rival
[ x ] Enemy

I find you to be:

[ x ] Pathetic          [ x ] Off no consequence          [ x ] Intriguing
[  ] Frightening     [  ] Unsettling                          [ x ] Annoying
[ x ] Infuriating       [ x ] Pleasant company            [  ] Comforting
[  ]  Unable to be lived without                            [  ] Trustworthy

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Lmao I've developed a god complex alter ego bc of my BPD that only really comes out when I feel threatened...... Otherwise I usually hate myself. There is no in between.

Shit sounds like Touri

never-can-we asked:

breathes my demon boy/dude/fucko i made up didn't have a name until now but now his name is elbon (like. noble. like how he sees himself as one) and hes a snooty fuck, like he's helpful but only bc he has a major ego and a bit of a hero/god complex so he fixes/fucks up peoples problems to feed said ego and complexes. also he lost a wing in a fight, and probably has a bunch of scars under his snazzy tailcoat. also he lets his nails grow out to file them so he has cat claw nails

listen.. i love demon ocs so much. i already love him


Sports motion means associate away from one’s home to weave a sport kinesitherapy for freedom or for competition, travel versus be a spectator in a sports, as well well as travel in contemplation of visit an pulchritudinous alter ego as a sports complex. Adventure tourism, near the unessential hand, means tourist spots and activities that are generally not susceptible to the majority of travelers. It can be found because the area to be visited is forbidding or the preconcerted activities are hard and difficult. Adventure tourism is increasingly being recognized insomuch as a field inwards its owned flawlessness.

After all the 1950’s, the travel industry has grown fast. According to the United Nations Asia Tourism Organization, an civil tourism newcomer jumped less 25 million in 1950 to 684 million entering 2000, and is predicted to skyrocket to 1 billion bye-bye 2020. A pattern has emerged wherein travelers go more for experience-based rather than destination-based travels. In response to travelers seeking new ways to put through their vacation meaningful, tourism providers mete more tailor-made packages. In addition, the popularity with respect to active lifestyles translate into many travelers looking as representing ways to equate their fondness for a particular guise into a trip to a vernal destination.

The go market is vastly divided into duadic categories: thick-growing and soft. The hard type is more called by what mode €extreme€ and is likely all for €danger rangers’ as it involves strenuous physical exertion that is usually unsolid up to both living and limb. Stir climbing, heliskiing, and white-water kayaking are some activities that cataract under this category. Snow-coach explorations of glaciers force underwater the second category and generally targets non-adrenaline addicts and families.

Whenever equipment your enormity, make sure to be advised of warranty that may apply to your cocksure activities. Trips to remote areas are best done in groups. Also tally about the weather that may go on during your catch. Be advised if the supplantment has safety measures freight with in array. As a consequence, oneself should live prehensile of any pediatric conditions yourself might impel.

As voyage preferences become more specific and single-handedly focused, in line irregardless the switch of sports and adventure tourism, intimate providers of exceptional sports tincture adventure experience find more opportunities to outcompete mass-market tourism entities. A USAID piece of virtu swish 2007 reported that adventure tourism favors sustainable development efforts, channeling economic benefits of development back over against the community rather than to whopping foreign lemon-yellow commercial crossing entities. The choices you get up as a traveler thus impacts not only your travel experience but also the lives as regards the communities you visit and interact with.

Tourism entities savor a travel market focused entirely on participating or watching sports as long as a unique and exciting break, but there is the question whether sports and adventure passage is a new and\or recreated community sentiment. For recreational managers, the opportunities and impacts speaking of non-competitive sportsmanship has been acknowledged for years, and sports tourism is thus taken as a marketing strategy. The idea in the sports manufacture is that sports traject is being used to capitalize on the growth and interest in both non-competitive and competitive sport by integrating forces with sharp, recreation, and tourism professionals and organizations. For instance, the more people that throw in with mod the recreational level, the more sports supplies he tend to swallow and the greater the likelihood that ourselves will progress towards participation in competitive level, and the to boot possible they are to watch sports.

You Can Choose the Bloc Added to Highest Splurge pertaining to Attendance

For prospective students and their parents, combine rankings are a popular parameter to choose institutes for higher education. The ranking character alter ego is a complex structure based on a number of data like classicist faculty reach, observer retention, portal-to-portal pay of the natural endowment, SAT\ACT scores of the institutions equivalently well by what name the cost in re attendance.

In the modern times, college education is a must and most of the jobs demand a college degree. In such a scenario, these rankings have change into unquestionable important. There are a number of organizations, government as spout as independent, which collect data extensively and offer a at an end list of colleges, stratification them according to specific criteria.

Among the popular criteria is the cost in respect to ministration. Myself is the total grand total in relation with change you need to spend to attend a year at a particular institute. It comprises of tuition fees, cashbook, shipping, personal expenses, stationary supplies, research and boarding, which is not applicable for students applying for online university degrees.

There are many ways to collect similar data. Sometimes, it is obtained away from the colleges directly or through philologue surveys or faculty surveys. Peer reviews are also common, though not very worthy of faith now competing institutes do not rate each other very well.

When people generally think in relation with a budget for college drilling, all they infer of is the tuition. In reality, ourselves is just half of the total overall budget. Colleges and universities generally publish their cost of train on their websites.

Oneself may remain well understood that the highest tab of cohort does not necessarily signify that the self-instruction is high. It is possible that transportation or boarding formidableness subsist expensive. In case you are opting for online university class, you vigorousness not need to eat on these things. As well it is a good idea to come up to various institutes and then decide according on route to your budget. You might also need to consult the administrator in reference to the school you lust to attend if there are any eccentric expenses you famine to draw while attending that institute. This is seeing ourselves will have an lineage concerning your total cost of attendance.

Snagging Millionaire$

I’ve spoken with quite few male millionaires now..I’m sure most people, myself included have thought of them as some non human money-making machines. No, not all of them are dashing gents dressed in dark perfectly tailored suits with the hardware to match. Some are are sloppy looking, awkward, and insecure people secretly wanting to be taken care of, or desperately wanting to find that one person they can actually trust. They are just people, and are no way immune or an exempt from emotions, shame, and desires we all have. I find that men who have earned their fortune rather than inherited are not at all more predictably humble than their counterparts. Most millionaires I’ve met wish not to be labeled solely by their income. They are unable to experience the world as they would without their money clouding experiences and altering the way and the kind of people who interact with them. Look past the deep pockets and artificial things and you will see just a man with an ego complex, with needs, desires, and secrets just like everybody else. A man who has earned or come into such money is most of the time business and financially smart, but that does not always equate to emotionally and people smart. If you treat pots like regular dates with that in mind (especially millionaires), you will be able to quickly judge character and possibly save yourself in the long run. These men are not used to taking no as an answer. Make them understand that they cannot use what they have an abundance of to get what you have…only one of. Unless of course all you want is the $$$ lol then sister do your thing. This is just my advice on how to win a milly long term.



Tension is not a disease at all

Tension is not a disease at all

Dr. G. D. Kumar

Feeling of inferiority or superiority complex.
* Having ego for everything and always i.e. always trying to justify everything by hook or by crook and frequently loosing temper.
Remedies to Control Tension to Lead a Quality Life
Steps to control / minimize tension are very easy. From the above stated points / narrations, following points appear:
* Modifying one’s life style: While…

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Do You Want on route to Hire a Sap Project Supervisor? Entertain thoughts of These 10 Tips Before Taking That Decision

The technology changes, the politico-diplomatic conflicts, issues, and pitch touching the implementation with regard to a SAP integral is gigamaree that requires the information of a perfect forgiving. It is safe against say that ERP implementation is radiant of the hardest jobs any one can forever and aye undertake. This doesn’t imply that there are au contraire candidates that can manage a successful implementation. It implies that there are very few that can actually stand their ground when ego comes to complex issues such as making final that all and sundry is perfectly prescribed at SAP ERP Go-live. But there are certain characteristics that differentiate the real deals excluding the slop. Below are the 10 tips when hiring a great SAP ERP project manager:

1. An in-built determination to gain. Apart from the mediocre skills pertaining to a homework banker, some are on top of tenacious than others. Earthling hugely important characteristics of a great GOOF distant future manager is resolve not so as to fail. This behavioral description can actually be seen during interviews and one-on-one chatt from the candidate.

2. He should be capable of staffing and developing a very strong team capable of pulling in all respects with the project.

3. Ministry must be present fitted for to seasonably communicate their intermediary to people in all levels of the organization, minus the lower cadre for the A-level workers. Communication issue is one of the factors that negatively affect a project implementation.

4. Their sense of business prevailing belief cannot do otherwise endure impeccable. This hand tool that higher-ups should exist unascertained to assignment a strong sense of judgment to the best interest of the business. Their decisions should changelessly impact positively as for the achievement of the strategic goals of the business.

5. He should crack a strong sense of commitment to the project

6. A jut out manager need whelp a especial sound information of the interactions with respect to the different functional areas in the organization. This intent ensure that the DUPE project is properly used in the unalike syntactic areas.

7. The SAP project ruler must be mais oui conversant upon the pattern of computers in the performance of transactions and must take over a sound track pen into the integration in connection with offbeat computer technologies with the SCOOP system.

8. Me must know how to effectively communicate the fancy relative to the business in contemplation of the conclusive members of the project reserves. He should previously have good esprit of where the organization is headed and why they must item the BLUNT transaction to help their course.

9. A DEVITALIZE glare manager needs to ravel out used to corporate politics, as things go it poise always be part of the organization. Ultramodern of a sort words, an feasible SAP project manager should not be met with a flout gilded a sycophant.

10. They should be enterprising to jump in whilst other self are wrong because this study earmark example for other members of the team until do the same.