Lilith as Complexes
  • Lilith in Aries: Icarus Complex
  • Lilith in Taurus: Cleopatra Complex
  • Lilith in Gemini: God Complex
  • Lilith in Cancer: Inferiority Complex
  • Lilith in Leo: Ego Complex
  • Lilith in Virgo: Martyr Complex
  • Lilith in Libra: Adonis Complex
  • Lilith in Scorpio: Don Juan Complex
  • Lilith in Sagittarius: Messiah Complex
  • Lilith in Capricorn: Superiority Complex
  • Lilith in Aquarius: Napoleon Complex
  • Lilith in Pisces: Cassandra Complex
The Signs as Complexes (Prepare to be attacked)

Aries: Hero Complex

Taurus: Dependancy Complex

Gemini: Indecisiveness Complex 

Cancer: Guilt Complex

Leo: Superiority Complex

Virgo: Inferiority Complex

Libra: Ego Complex 

Scorpio: Don Juan Complex

Sagittarius: Parental Complex

Capricorn: Persecution Complex

Aquarius: God Complex

Pisces: Victim/Martyr Complex

(Note: This isn’t to say everyone under each sign has these complexes to the extreme. Consider your whole chart, this is just traits and personal experience) 

the worst people of the signs
  • ARIES: extremely & utterly self-centered, delusional to reality & others, completely obsessed with some selfish, goal, closed-minded & thinks they are the only one who is ever right, purposely mean to make themselves feel powerful, simplifies everything out of laziness, avoids anything that bothers them, doesn’t know the meaning of caution, dangerously impulsive from lack of grounding
  • TAURUS: obsessively combative, uses arguments & disagreements as pleasure, never satisfied with anything, picks apart people’s lives to find their faults & strategically uses it against them to cover their own insecurities, extremely bitter w/ life probably from past traumas, revengeful like no other, just wants to be loved but is brutal to anyone they let close enough in order to test their loyalty
  • GEMINI: fucks with people for enjoyment, scheming, sees how much they can get away with, can be sociopathic, completely untrustable, obsessed with gossip, sadism is a game to them, the worst can be extremely hostile & cannot accept ever being wrong or the word no, loud & argumentative, can easily become irate, ruthless, revengeful, unfaithful, wishy-washy about the simplest things
  • CANCER: lives in a closed-minded shell their entire lives, extremely sensitive & fragile but acts like a fucking asshole to everyone to give the false illusion of a hard exterior, obsessed with exterior opinions & uses them to fill their lack of self esteem, soaks in their misery, extremely judgmental of others but ignorant of their own faults and refuses to face themselves out of weakness
  • LEO: the ultimate egotist, lives their life as a fame game collecting friends, goals, compliments etc to feed their ever-increasing lust, their selfish behavior is unstoppable & will never end, everyone hates them but they don’t care bc there’s always more people to get them off, takes showing off to another dimension, hates their lack of contentment w/ life so they fill themselves with constant false senses of accomplishment
  • VIRGO: bitter and cold, nothing is ever good enough for them bc one flaw is enough to throw it/them away, the bad side of a perfectionist, sees the dark in everything, the ultimate pessimist bc they’ll never fix the world or themselves, obsessive like a mad scientist that’ll never find the secret key to his mystery, pushes everyone away until he only has himself left to scrutinize into oblivion
  • LIBRA: the dictionary definition of volatility, the littlest thing will make them think the world is falling apart, can lose themselves very easily, everything has to go their way or they’ll throw a temper tantrum, acts like a spoiled preteen girl, serious self-esteem issues bc they know how fragile they are, runs away from commitment or clings to people for dear life, will worry about something they couldn’t fix for years
  • SCORPIO: the ultimate self-destructor, the worst will also destroy everything around them in the process, drowns in self pity & the emotions of their past, toys with suicide, thinks they’re better than absolutely everyone, locks themselves away from the world entirely, avoids human contact, can be obsessed with psychic magic & the illusion of dark evil only for the selfish power, thinks everyone is out to get them, the epitome of paranoia
  • SAGITTARIUS: flight-risk like no other, completely unloyal & lacks the slightest bit of empathy, reckless to the point of fatal catastrophe -no exaggeration, blunt and cold, hurts others while running away from their own problems, carelessly spends money looking for their next adventure, always dangerously looking for freedom but can never seem to find it, a trainwreck to everything in their path, many of these die young from careless behavior
  • CAPRICORN: dull & ignorant, obsessed with some kind of mundane thing like money, material acquisition, success, or physical achievement like fitness, rugged & inflexible on the outside to hide major inner insecurities, pushes themselves to the ultimate limit to try to be content inside, ego complex, uses people viciously to achieve their goals, extremely stubborn, can be violent and aggressive toward loved ones from psychological trauma
  • AQUARIUS: ice cold sociopaths, their entire sense of self-worth comes from other people’s opinions, nice to everyone but cares for no one, uses their loved ones to literally climb their backs to success, followers, blends into social stigmas & stereotypes to avoid being disliked, breaks at the slightest negative criticism, will act like nothing’s wrong as someone’s bleeding all over them, completely lacks warmth & humanity but acts like it’s their greatest traits
  • PISCES: extremely fragile, can break from being looked at wrong, avoids people to avoid disagreement & discomfort but constantly needs attention & affection, clingy & needy, complains about everything, passive aggressively rude even to loved ones to get out bottled emotions, cry babies, suicidal guilt trippers & guilt trippers in general, acts like the victim of everything to make you pity them, can’t handle normal human interactions or tasks, major anxiety, delusional about reality they can’t face

Do not ever think that you’re above someone just because you know more than them.

Knowledge should humble you, not increase you in arrogance.

Also some people on here purposefully using the very few complex words they know on someone who knows less than they do, to boost their ego isn’t a quality from someone who possesses knowledge.
Rather you word your speech to fit that persons level.
Sexual shit the signs like + compatibility (use Mars/Lilith)

Aries: loves to be in control, mostly rough, spontaneous sex, but passionate. Very adventurous with their kinks, often unforgettable bc of their unpredictable nature.

Positions (m): standing up, doggystyle, divide and conquer’, kneeling v, bend over backwards

Positions (f): rocking horse, lock and key, kiss of life, hot seat, the bridge, high chair, fast fuck

Best partners: Sagittarius Mars/Virgo Lilith,
Scorpio Mars/Pisces Lilith, Gemini mars/Libra Lilith, Libra Mars/Taurus Lilith

Taurus: Embraces any forms sexuality, highly promiscuous and deceitful, uses sexual openness to allure, likes the idea of group sex; stubborn and enjoys dictating what occurs. Usually has no sexual boundaries, can switch roles (dominant/submissive), can be unforgettable depending upon circumstances

Positions (f): Amazon, Asian cowgirl, sybain, thigh tide, lunge, reverse cowgirl, rodeo

Positions (m): standing tiger, slider, rock the cradle, bike pump, stand and receive

Best partners: Sagittarius Mars/Aquarius Lilith, Aries Mars/Gemini Lilith, Pisces mars/Scorpio Lilith

Gemini: most deceitful, dirty and promiscuous of them all. High risk of having many friends w/ benefits, or flirting with others’ partners. Has no sexual preference nor boundaries whatsoever, prone to committing incest. Doesn’t care for love, just sex. Loves everything sexually adventurous, risky and obscene (i.e., group sex, public sex/humiliation, multiple one night stands, young/old, old/young)

Positions (m): Double penetration, butter churner, sniper, rock the cradle, reserve mambo, reverse hot seat, on the prowl, stand and receive

Positions (f): Wheel Barrow, scissors, jellyfish, Big Dipper, octopus, piledriver, socket, stand and carry, life raft, g-spot sniper, bridge

Cancer: Most dangerous. Has a lot of internal issues, most likely traumatized, childhood issues, emotionally unstable, extremely vulnerable and easily becomes ‘turned out’ by others, uses/mistaken sex for love and security. Uses their innocence/submissive persona to get what they desire (i.e, sex, drugs) or lure others as they were. Self-distructive, reckless, hypersensitive. Sexual encounters may be amazing, but comes with severe co-dependency. Comes off as angelic, innocent and highly submissive, ‘nightmare dressed like a daydream’

Positions (m): saddling, speed bump, crouching, 69, spooning, shower, Amazon, sideways, acrobat

Positions (f): 69-Inverted, Kneeling, 69-Sideways, Deep Stick, Drill, mastery-suspended, overpass, basset hound

Best partners: Cancer Mars/Cap Lilith, Taurus Mars/Virgo Lilith, Scorpio Mars/Scorpio Lilith

Leo: Passionate, needs to be heard and told they’re doing a good job, aims to please their egos during sex, superiority complex, animalistic, creative sex. Desires to be a dom. ONLY; aims to create the perfect sexual fantasy for their partner. Their ego is damaged when they become a mistress, jealously is apparently, becomes self-centered and deadly.

Positions (m): tribal dance, the steer, tequila sunrise, tangled spider, sniper, rock the cradle,

Positions (f): Bucking Bronco, Bodyguard, Washing Machine, Pump, Lotus, Bouncing Spoon, Mastery

Best partners: Aquarius Mars/Virgo Lilith, Scorpio Mars/Cancer Lilith, Virgo Mars/Sag Lilith

Virgo: Most submissive and undetected sexual energies. Has two personas: reserved, intellectual opinionated/submissive, sexually inclined, filthy-minded, fantasizes often about whoever they take interest in, secretively promiscuous. Aims to satisfy every desire of their partners’, ultimate teasers. Worries about their sexual desires being known and often is conflicted between feeling reserved and 'whorish’, has the ability of corrupting the young and/or innocent-minded. Can be sharp-tongued if sexual desires/needs are not met.

Positions (m): Bull horn, doorway to heaven, nose dive, poolside, under the hood, Bermuda Triangle, Amazon-kneeling reserved, Big Dipper, butter, cowgirl

Positions (f): woman on top, standing wheel barrow, batter’s up, Brazilian bedlock, corkscrew, fire hydrant, lock n’ pose, booster seat

Best partners: Leo Mars/Pisces Lilith, Libra Mars/Scorpio Lilith, Aquarius Mars/Libra Lilith, Aries Mars/Taurus Lilith

Libra: 'Split-imaged’ when sexual. Flirtatious and unfaithful. Rough sex, may choose partners who bring harm, co-dependent, usually a sweet, helpful persona is perceived as alluring. While commonly unfaithful, can be otherwise, and possess ruthless jealously, insecurities, and possessiveness.

Positions (m): speed bump, manhandling, kneeling fox, melody maker, lust and thrust, standing wheel barrow, raising the heat, the squat

Positions (f):the sultry saddle, the squat, the spider, edge of heaven, waterfall, star gazing,

Best partners: Pisces Mars/Pisces Lilith, Capricorn Mars/Virgo Lilith, Aqua Mars/Leo Lilith

Scorpio: Seen as the devil. Sexually exploits others, knows the deepest secrets of others; will never reveal their own. Faithful to keeping others secrets. Magnetic, seductive, intoxicating. May be on sadistic side, possibly subjected to abuse as a child. Manipulative with their lovers.

Positions (m): man trap, hit the spot, magic bullet, tight squeeze, standing tiger, sniper, batter’s up, planking

Positions (f): galloping horse, good spread, reverse cowgirl, x-position cowgirl, star gazing, planking

Best partners: Cancer Mars/Pisces Lilith, Pisces Mars/Sag Lilith, Virgo Mars/Taurus Lilith

Sagittarius: Unwise, unable to learn from mistakes, dedicated to secret philosophies, judges harshly. Known for their hypocrisy and lying. Uses sexual pleasures as a spiritual splurge, corrupts the young. Great, spontaneous lover, multiple partners known to them under different identities

Positions (m): pretzel, spork, Swiss ball blitz, waterfall, on the prowl, moon over Miami, corkscrew, Ben Dover, arm chair

Positions (f): crab shuffle, rainbow arch, reverse frog squat, threading the needle, bent spoon, ballerina

Best partners: Capricorn Mars/Aquarius Lilith, Libra Mars/Pisces Lilith, Sagittarius Mars/Gemini Lilith, Aqua Mars/Leo Lilith

Capricorn: Most dignified placement. Ambitious-goal oriented, traditional sex, may be perceived as under-achieving or boring in their sexual life, sex is seen as unless. Only uses sex to achieve success in the business world, may become known for their choice promiscuity, level-headed appearance allures all her lovers, unemotional and academically inclined

Positions (m): face to face, sexy spoons, missionary, close embrace, cat, Brazilian bedlock, bicycle, Russian ballerina

Positions (f): face to face, standing up, cowgirl, missionary, swan experience, wild stallion

Best partners: cap Mars/Aqua Lilith, cap Mars/cap Lilith Aqua Mars/Taurus Lilith

Aquarius: suffers from thwarted hope and dreams, life choices cause disastrous change and instability. Bad choices also cause loss of friends over the years, stubborn and associates with the wrong type of people, magnetic and experimental. She tempts with her experimentative sexual openness, willing to try anything. Swinger

Position (f): Swiss ball blitz, waterfall, Bermuda Triangle, Eiffel Tower, now and zen, pussy cat control

Position (m): snow angel, man on top, moon over Miami, Cuban cradle, Boston brute, bike pump, bumper cars, book ends

Best partners: Sag Mars/Sag Lilith, Virgo Mars/Pisces Lilith, Cap Mars/Gemini Lilith, Gemini Mars/Aries Lilith

Pisces: Secretive and suffers from martyrdom, exploits the sympathy of others for their delight, suffers from subconscious ailments, may hide wounds from sexual abuse and trauma during early childhood. Sexual inhibition and confusion is likely. Ties themselves to the dregs of society, allowing to be demeaned and used to satisfy the lower basic instincts of humankind, power to hypnotize and create the perfect sexual fantasy

Positions (f): corridor canoodling, good spread, threading the needle, wild rodeo, women on top, cross, cinema stroke, butterfly

Positions (m): lust and thrust, ballet dancer, moon over Miami, jack hammer, double legged anchor, stand and receive

Best partners: Cancer Mars/Scorpio Lilith, Scorpio Mars/Aqua Lilith, Cap Mars/Gemini Lilith, Pisces Mars/Cancer Lilith

the signs + psychological complexes
  • *also check your moon sign
  • Aries: Ego complex - stems from conviction that ‘I am a center of the Universe’ and that one's own desires should be satisfied instantly, whereas others can wait
  • Taurus: Obstacles complex - complex where one's emotions and behaviors are focused on obstacles when making arrangements
  • Gemini: Status complex - complex where one's emotions and behaviors are controlled by their perception of their social status
  • Cancer: Persecution complex - a feeling or fear that everyone is out to get you/hurt you in some way; those with this complex distrust the world and also feel like they are constantly being watched
  • Leo: Superiority complex - perceiving yourself as superior to others (often a defense mechanism to conceal true feelings of inferiority)
  • Virgo: Superman/Hero complex - unhealthy sense of responsibility, or the belief that everyone else lacks the capacity to successfully perform one or more task; such a person may feel a constant need to "save" others
  • Libra: Cinderella complex - desire of being taken care of by others in response to fear of independence
  • Scorpio: Authority complex - intense desire to be in charge of people and things
  • Sagittarius: Messianic/Redeemer complex - state of mind in which an individual holds a belief that they are, or are destined to become, a savior or that they have a certain mission confined to them that they have to fulfill at any cost
  • Capricorn: Failure complex - emotions and behaviors controlled by the fear of failing, often leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Aquarius: God complex - psychological illusion of unlimited personal potential; individual is convinced that they are very powerful in influence and will constantly try to display their abilities. 
  • Pisces: Peter Pan complex - desire to remain a child forever and avoid all responsibilities; belief in a fantasy world where one can achieve success without taking any proactive actions
Why the MCU missed the boat when it came to marketing Hawkeye...

Much like many other Hawkeye fans, with each and every new Marvel movie that is released, we hold our breath and hope that our favourite bandaged, broken badass will actually be allowed to come out of his shell and be, well, HAWKEYE.

He’s gotten a lot of flack as a character, usually due to his stiff, stoic, far-too-serious portrayal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But I came up with ten reasons why Marvel and Disney REALLY missed the boat when it came to marketing Hawkeye, and why he could’ve been just as popular and well-loved a character as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and all of the other characters that are branded as the “real Avengers”, whilst poor Hawkeye and Black Widow are typically removed from merch and ignored by the marketing department.

The first thing that really interested me about Hawkeye, and the thing which upset me the MOST when it wasn’t included in the MCU, is the fact that Clint Barton is almost COMPLETELY DEAF in both ears. In Earth-616, he’s been deafened several times over, having it surgically fixed on one occasion and having special hearing aids constructed by Tony Stark on another. It baffles me why Marvel and Disney wouldn’t want to promote a deaf superhero to children who may also share the same disability and would take great solace and comfort in seeing a badass superhero with the same affliction as them. Here’s to hoping Clint comes too close to a violent explosion in Civil War

My second favourite thing about Clint Barton as a character in a setting such as the Avengers team is the fact that he is absolutely, unapologetically, unashamedly, 100% HUMAN. There is nothing enhanced or supernatural or magical about him, he doesn’t rely on a high-tech exoskeleton or technologically advanced suit – he’s just a normal dude who happens to be able to keep pace with superhumans, legends, and gods due to his incredible archery ability. And not just keep pace – unlike in the movies, in the comics Clint is an essential and critical member of the team, despite the fact that he’s not in any way special. If that’s not inspiring to the everyday person who feels like they can’t accomplish anything compared to their friends, I don’t know what is.

The Hunger Games, Arrow, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Tomb Raider – archers are sexy, and pop culture is LOVING them. I never really understood why Marvel chose not to push their own badass bow-slinger given the reception received by DC Comics’ Oliver Queen and District 12’s Katniss Everdeen.

The hardest thing to get through to people who have no idea who Clint Barton is beyond Renner’s reluctant, rigid acting is that Hawkeye is NOT a character who stands on a rooftop as a silent, deadly badass, shooting off arrow after arrow with a stoic face behind his sunglasses. Hawkeye is the most self-sabotaging, hapless, ridiculous, damaged, broken fuck-up, who spouts cocky one-liners and does his best to make it through life in one piece. Who can’t relate to a character like that?

Matt Fraction’s work writing for Hawkeye, particularly in alliance with David Aja’s artwork (which captured and reflected Clint’s personality PERFECTLY), has really put the kooky superhero on the map as one of Marvel’s best. Don’t believe me? Go buy Hawkeye: My Life As A Weapon, read it, and get back to me!

In the world of Marvel comics, Hawkeye rises to the task of training, coaching, and sometimes even acting as a personal therapist towards many of the new recruits to the Avengers. He’s a staunch supporter of Captain America, and would follow him to the ends of the earth. But one of the best relationships Clint has is with his sidekick Kate Bishop, whom he worships and respects for her skill despite the fact that she’s much younger and much less experienced than he is. I am praying that the Russo Brothers give Clint a bit of a mentor role with the newbies in Civil War and touch more on what we saw between him and Wanda Maximoff at the climax of Age of Ultron.

If you’re a comic book fan who believes in equality between the sexes, and you’ve never heard of The Hawkeye Initiative, you need to check this shit out RIGHT NOW! In order to combat sexism in the way female superheroes are drawn and portrayed, artists across the Internet have been redrawing the ridiculous poses women are often drawn in (usually a butt-shot), but replacing the heroine with Hawkeye instead. This has given Hawkeye more of a reach than people think, as most Internet-goers who know their memes will have heard of him before even if they aren’t an Avengers fan.

Hawkeye is one of the mouthiest Marvel characters (Deadpool aside, obviously), but I suppose it’s hard to find time for the side characters to act as they normally would when all of the funny moments, comic relief, and good witty one-liners are given to The Only Four Avengers Disney’s Marketing Department Thinks People Are Capable Of Caring About. Blah.

If you don’t know who Kate Bishop is and you like strong, independent, badass female superheroes, you’ve been missing out and a Google search or a trip to the comic book store is very much in order. Kate spends most of her time (when she’s not helping run the Young Avengers) running after Clint, telling him to stop being a screw up, saving him from various bad guys, and assisting him more like a PARTNER than a sidekick. He even let her keep his name, figuring she was badass enough that she’d earned it – you gotta love a guy without an ego complex! I’m still hoping Kate Bishop will eventually show up in the MCU… and that she isn’t destroyed in the same way Clint was.

While a lot of us can empathize with Tony Stark’s self-destructive tendencies, or Bruce Banner’s anxiety and rage issues, I firmly believe that Hawkeye is the type of character who, if given a proper and equal shot at the silver screen, could capture the hearts of children and adults everywhere for one simple reason: we’ve all been Clint Barton before. We’ve all been a self-sabotaging, hapless, ridiculous, damaged, broken fuck-up at some point in our lives, and this charming, sweet, cinnamon roll of a character is exactly what we need to remind ourselves that while we aren’t in any way perfect, while we are flawed and broken and are struggling to get through life, that’s okay. Because even without superpowers, you still matter. You’re still important. You’re still a superhero!


I get a lot of questions about sister signs, so I thought I would make a post that covers the basic understandings of what the sister signs are, and what makes them sister signs. 

Sister signs share modality and are congenial elements. There are three types of modalities, or qualities, and these are cardinal, fixed and mutable

The cardinal signs are Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer. They tend to be very self-aware; they are pro-active and are known for being go-getters. 

The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. They tend to enjoy routine and become quite uncomfortable with change. They are rather controlling, so when the unexpected occurs they aren’t too happy. They are also stubborn and persistent.

The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. They are very adaptable, and tend to enjoy change; they become unsettled with too much routine. As a result they tend to be good at a lot of things; quick learners. 

The congenial elements are fire and air, and then earth and water. Fire and air are extroverted and sociable. Earth and water are introverted and emotional. 



Aries (fire) and Libra (air) - congenial elements, both extroverted and sociable. Both cardinal. Both tend to thrive in social circles; popularity; likeable. 


Taurus (earth) and Scorpio (water) - congenial elements, both introverted and emotional. Both fixed. Both very controlling; don’t care about social acceptance - prefer asserting their opinions and pride; quiet power.


Gemini (air) and Sagittarius (fire) - congenial elements, both extroverted and sociable. Both mutable. Both fickle and uncomfortable with consistency; curious; thirst for knowledge and expansion; tend to be the biggest travellers. 


Cancer (water) and Capricorn (earth) - congenial elements, both introverted and emotional. Both cardinal. Both value tradition and family; Cancer represents raw emotion, Capricorn represents repressed emotion; Cancer - the mother of the zodiac, Capricorn - the father of the zodiac. 


Leo (fire) and Aquarius (air) - congenial elements, both extroverted and sociable. Both fixed. Both have an ego complex; highly value their perception from others, where Leo wants assurance through pride and vanity, and Aquarius wants assurance through originality and independence. 


Virgo (earth) and Pisces (water) - congenial elements, both introverted and emotional. Both mutable. Both sensitive and wise; easily hurt yet resilient; Virgo is very in touch with reality and logic, Pisces is very in touch with fantasy and imagination. 

Been watching Death Note with Michael lately (clearly we’re on a Classic Anime Trip rn) and while it’s interesting, man it is the most dramatic thing I’ve ever seen in my life. “And I will EAT THESE CHIPS!” I’m sure even in subbed version was still over the top.

And they fuckin love doing the Serious Things Are Happening Music every 20 seconds.

I didn’t get very far in it when I was young but I remember it being a big thing. but man, it’s not that deep and I’m… Surprised at how popular it was? It’s decent but back in 2007 DA was swamped in DN fan art.

There isn’t really a moral issue here, Light is just a huge dick with the biggest ego complex and L can apparently read the script or has straight access to the Deus Ex Machina. I’d like to have some kind of investment in it but it just feels so unreal. It’s an okay show but not particularly exceptional.

I am surprised psychopass didn’t get the same kind of love because it does a similar moral ambiguity but about 1000x better. I’d think the same fanbase would have been all for it, but I don’t see nearly as much fan art for it.

Psychopass is really good, I should rewatch it sometime soon.

you sure look good to me.

Bellamy loves everything about Clarke. Some parts more than others.

(or, the one where Bellamy really loves Clarke’s breast because, duh.)

He surely, definitely, entirely hates those kids. Seriously, which person in their right mind would just go and improvise a tree-climbing contest of all things? Those kids, that’s who, and Bellamy is so fucking done with them sometimes he just wants to pretend they don’t even exist and go on with his own life, away from the responsibilities and scraped knees and fucking stupid kids with an ego complex. (He loves them.)

He throws a glare Miller’s way, who shrugs helplessly because of course it’s not his fault, Miller is clever enough not to climb trees for sport, but Miller is also the only one in the vicinity right now so he gets the intensity of Bellamy’s glare. He’ll feel bad about it later. Probably. Anyway, he glares at the world as he makes his way through the camp, and people knows better than to stand in his way, carefully stepping back when they see him coming. Good, he thinks as he puts his hands in the pockets of his pants not to start punching something. Or someone.

And okay, maybe he’s not as pissed as he is worried because – fuck, those kids will be the death of him one day and after everything, after all the shit they went through from the moment they step foot on earth, he can’t stand to see them hurt. Even if they brought it on themselves this time, they’re still hurt from falling down the fucking trees. His heart beats a little too fast and his blood still run cold in his veins and he’s pretty sure this is what having a heart attack feels like. Or something.

“Clarke,” he calls out as he nears her tent, opens the flap without a second though. “You need to–”

His words die at the back of his throat and – fuck.

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Voltron Predictions: Character Development

Keith hasn’t gotten much character development so far compared to the others (Pidge with Pidge’s family, Hunk with Shay, Shiro with his arm/inner demons, Allura with her father and Lance with…well, he needs some too)

So, where we left off in the show is with Keith going rogue and attacking Zarkon. This will lead most likely to the red lion rejecting him since it is the most temperamental and perhaps doesn’t like losing.

This leads to Keith having to prove himself and in the meantime tag along with whoever he ends up nearby to when they pop out of the wormholes.

the takeaway: Keith is going to have to face what he considers bravery, as well as learn ‘teamwork’ that he’s been rejecting so far. 

The likeliest candidate for said teamwork is Lance. This is b/c Lance needs development too and one of his biggest issues to deal with is his ego, ie inferiority complex attached to Keith. Putting that aside his ego to save/bond with Keith would be that step forward.

Anyway, next season is going to be just as character-driven and just as fun!

remember in catfa when Erskine was talking to Steve and said “the strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength,”, have you ever thought about this in terms of Steve’s interactions with Tony throughout the franchise so far?
because the start of that statement is Tony summed up, he’s never known anything but power, he’s always been a rich white man, he inherited a business empire, he’s smart and a powerful businessman. and he did lose respect for it and it gave him such an ego, an ego and superiority complex that have been the cause of a lot of conflict. (please see the entire film Age of Ultron)
but Steve, he hasn’t known power, he grew up small and overlooked and people didn’t expect anything from him. even when he got given the serum and had strength, he was still being told he wasn’t enough, he still didn’t really know power. he did know however that he’s been continually screwed over by those in power (Captain Phillips, Shield/Nick Fury, His Government), he knows that the people around him that have known power, haven’t done anything but abuse it.
and this is why i think they take such differing stances on the accords. Tony hasn’t ever known anything but power, he’s always been in charge in some way, he’s not been screwed over continuously by people in power, he’s been someone that’s benefitted from it all his life.
Steve though, he’s seen first hand over and over again, how easy it is for people with power to lose respect for it, forget what they’re supposed to be using it for. he’s suffered and seen people he loves suffer at the hands of people with agendas, he’s seen just how corrupt and ugly power can make you. and he doesn’t want to be a part of that bc as strong as he is now physically, mentally and psychologically, he is still and probably always will be, the little guy.

anonymous asked:

best and worst qualities of aquarius?

Best Qualities:
-Humanitarian type
-Generally attractive (personality wise, mostly.)
-Generally funny
-Practical Goals
-Believers in a Greater Cause
-Skeptical, but open.
-Doesn’t hold grudges

Worst Qualities:
-Not very focus
-“If I’m not the leader of [enter BUISNESS/SCHOOL project] than I’ll do it my own way.”
-God Complex/Egotysical
-Is good at putting up a emotional facade (which isn’t good for them or those around them, mostly.)
-Hates [Emotion] due to past experiences. (Possibly.)

Aquarians are funny, smart, and overall amazing people! But, with that comes their impossibly high ego, their God Complex, and stubborness. They also tend to cut off emotional ties, by using their humor as a way to cope, which isn’t the best.

The Aquarius has many great qualities, but also has many bad ones.

Fanfic - Ten Years Later - 1/1

Title: Ten Years Later

Summary: Blaine sees Sebastian again ten years later in a coffee shop.

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1604

A/N: Based off this amazing gifset

It had been a slow Sunday afternoon when everything changed.

Blaine had just walked into his favorite coffee shop with a satchel slung over his shoulder filled with essays he had to mark. If there was one thing Blaine hated about teaching it was the seemingly endless amount of paperwork and marking that came with the job. He especially hated when it prevented him from enjoying a warm spring day. Not wanting to stay cooped up inside his cramped apartment he opted to take the ten minute walk down the street to get himself a cup of coffee. He hoped the smell of coffee and the pleasant background noise of chatter would be enough to make his work bearable.

Blaine entered the shop that was practically empty. Blaine smiled at the elderly couple sharing a piece of cake in the far corner and the grad student curled up on one of the sofas looking completely stressed out, till his eyes fell on the man standing by the counter. His steps came to a complete halt. His heart slammed to the pit of his stomach. His mind racing to find the many reasons why the tall and lanky man wasn’t who he thought it was. Until the man turned around and looked right at him.


“Sebastian,” Blaine breathed out.

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Personalities by section

Flute: discontented, gossipy, innocent, clean-minded

Clarinet: perfectionists but lazy

Bass clarinet: a “whatever” attitude

Oboe: the most unsocial creature to attempt at music making

Alto sax: they just don’t care about anything. They join other sections and are all over the place. Complete freaks

Tenor sax: they know absolutely nothing

Bari sax: inappropriate, noisy, knows how to play three other instruments

French horn: complete WEIRDOS

trumpets: their huge egos try to eat each other!

Trombones: the God complex, completely sexual, inappropriate, sexy, badasses, huge ego

Bass trombone: colossal ego, colossal God complex, will not listen to anybody

Baritone/euphonium: weird as hell, shy while playing, the trombone section’s personal pet

Tuba: incredibly inappropriate, big ego, horrible players

Percussion: a section that’s a little too close.