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Kpop groups’ most to least evil maknaes

1. Hyuk of VIXX

  • ?? who the hell did he get so big for
  • used to be awkward around his hyungs but now he throws them around and body slams them into walls and shit just bc he can
  • perfect example of a huge dog who thinks he’s a puppy 

2. Haechan of NCT 127

  • the maknae for the moment…….bet he’ll be so happy once he’s not the maknae anymore smfh
  • no one dares to insult him bc boi he’ll ruin your family wyd
  • he’s just always itching to call out his hyungs on something and make them look foolish just for laughs 

3. Sehun of EXO

  • sassy lil diva who gets spoiled by the hyungs
  • makes himself out to be an angel while the rest of the group bullies him but that’s a dang lie and he’s hella shady I’m here for it tho
  • give him bubble tea or else he’ll be the one spilling the tea binch

4. Yugyeom of Got7

  • you might think he’s all quiet but nah that’s a front listen………
  • just so much slander against got7??? we get it you’re tall b quiet jinyoung is gonna kill you????
  • will probably lie to only save himself tbh

5. Kyuhyun of Super Junior

  • listen man he changed,,,,,I promise (not rly)
  • has been torturing his hyungs for over a decade now they’re over it they’re ovER IT
  • puts the blame on someone else and gets away w/ it bc he’s cute 

6. Sungjae of BTOB

  • he’s just misunderstood tbh if it were any other group, he’d seem normal but nah it’s beetobee man
  • just straight up savage if someone even looks in his direction
  • does not care for any of his hyungs’ existence besides Peniel 

7. Taemin of SHINee

  • shinee’s baby who does not hold back on any given chance to roast his dads
  • the only time he acknowledges their existence is when they support his solo projects assjsjklfgl
  • still expects to be pampered by everyone 

8. Dino of Seventeen

  • pretty normal-ish tbh he’s just weird sometimes
  • is gonna lash out and murder somebody if jeonghan asks him who’s baby he is onE MORE TIME
  • just wants everyone to leave him alone 

9. Zelo of B.A.P

  • tol introverted lil bunny 
  • doesn’t have much to say unless he’s really got something to say
  • lots of shade throwing from only a glance aka he’s judging u

10. Dowoon of Day6

  • loves to mock everyone in sight
  • therefore he’s jae’s no.2 target for all the insults right after wonpil ofc
  • that disgusted™ face u know what I’m talking about

11. I.M of Monsta X

  • is he even human ??? alien ?? ET is it u???
  • hardcore rapper during the day, strange awkward bean by night 
  • will trade all the members for a bag of chips

12. Seungri of BigBang

  • he’s the one who’s picked on tbh it’s been 11 yrs save him
  • plays along w/ everyone’s jokes and laughs thru the pain even tho he’s suffering by the hands of jiyong rip
  • just wants be listened to is that so much 2 ask 4

13. Sungjong of Infinite

  • an angel………honestly…………truly………
  • compliments his hyungs rather than putting them down um unless ur sungyeol
  • will hold a grudge tho and it ain’t pretty

14. Chanwoo of iKon

  • he’s such a sweetheart I ain’t gonna lie
  • they tested all of the maknae line and he proved himself to be the most loyal and :’) I love him
  • he’s like a lil puppy esp when it comes to hanbin 

feel free to add some more and make my day :’))))))

“Just spill the truth, dumbass.”

  • Lena: *smirking* Hey Kara if you were a hero your name would be Super hot.
  • Maggie: *gives a high five* Nice one Little Luthor!
  • Kara: *crinkles forehead* But why they already call me Supergirl.
  • Lena: ...
  • Kara: Oh-You were-and I just-and now you-and OH LOOK A CAT STUCK IN A TREE!! *flies off*
  • Alex: *on phone with Pam* Yeah, she was hitting on her but Kara didn't know that and revealed her self. Oh so you have an NDA for that too, well that makes things easier.
Imagine Being The Only One To Make Dark Genuinely Smile.

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  • slight cursing
  • that’s all I believe, enjoy!


Dark sat on the couch, one leg over the other, and a book in both hands. He delicately turned a page, then continued to straighten his tie. Typically aware of everything that went on around him, his focus was in stead deep with in the inked words reflecting from his sharp eyes. So buried in the world of flowing letters and imagination, he didn’t notice a pair of eyes watching him from the kitchen. Wilford Warfstache crinkled his nose, with squinted eyes and huffed.

“Look at him. He’s always so grouchy looking. Even when doing something as simple as reading.”, he criticized the darker ego.

Bing closed the fridge behind him, walking over and opening a can of soda.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile dude. So not cool.”, he took a swing.

“It ain’t good bruh, causes total stress!”, Bing said putting the drink down and pointing at Wilford.

Wilford sat against the island, twisting and twirling the ends of his mustache in thought. He was trying to think of ways to get the dangerous entity to smile. Partially because he had never seen him do so, mostly just smirks or dark grins. Honestly though, Wilford mostly just wanted to mess with him. While it would be interesting to see Dark’s lips turn up in a non menacing way, he also really liked to annoy him. Hmm, but how would he go about this without getting his head severed? A loud belch beside him made him grimace, and Wilford turned to see Bing.

“That was like…a ten bruh.”, Bing smiled, waving a hang lose sign.

Wilford smirked an idea coming to mind.

“Heya Bing~”, Warfstache slurred, turning in his seat.

Bing finished taking another sip of his drink, completely dense of the other ego’s underlining tone. “Suh dude?!”

“You like challenges right?”

“Ah dude! I freakin love challenges! Bottle flip challenge, maniquin challenge, don’t laugh challenge, food challenges-”

“Alright, alright I get it!”, Wilford cut him off, a bit annoyed with Bing. “How about this~”

Bing watched with interest as Wilford stood up, walking over and wiggling his finger before pointing into his chest. “How about a challenge to see who can get darky over there to crack a smile? A genuine one~!”

Bing thought for a second, his brows furrowing,“ Mmmm, I don’t know bout that bruh…”

A lot of things may have gone over the AI’s head, but even he was smart enough to know that Dark was a force to be reckoned with. He had lived with Google for a while before moving in with you, Wilford, and Dark. And even though him and Google may have not gotten along exactly, even his former roommate warned him of the dark entity sitting in the living room.

“Oh what’s the worry~?”, Wilford slurred, turning and wrapping an arm around the others shoulders.

“Too scared to take up a challenge Bing?”, Wilford grinned glancing up from under his lashes.

“What?! No way bruh!! Challenges are like, my thing!!”, Bing snapped stepping away offended.

“Great!”, Wilford clapped,“ Then you’ll have no problem with going first!”

“Wait, what?”

Bing didn’t have a moment to protest as Wilford shoved him forward to the kitchen entrance harshly. He glanced back at Wilford, who smiled and waved. Bing considered backing out, but his boldness stopped him. There was no way he’d back out of a challenge! He was Bing, and he was going to show that suspender wearing ego and every other ego that he was totally cool and could do anything.

Wilford watched with an amused smile as Bing made his way into the leaving room, skateboard by his side and striding up to Dark. Before he could see Bing utter a word to the other, his attention was drawn away when you had come into the house.

“Hey, what’s up?”, you greeted with a soft smile, laying down your bag on the counter.

You knew something was up as soon as you walked in and saw the shit eating grin on Wilford’s face. The two of you along with Dark had been living together for a long while now, and had become quite familiar with each other’s habits. You especially knew when Wilford was up to something, and it didn’t usually end well.

“Trying to get darkness over there to give us a good ol smile~”, he replied scooting next to you.

Looking over into the living room, you saw Bing, your newest roommate, speaking to Dark. You couldn’t hear what he was saying, but what ever it was it had made the dark entity mad. Dark had stood up abruptly and grabbed hold of Bings shirt, catching the other completely off guard. You couldn’t hear what Dark was saying in this moment either, but what ever it was it made Bing look like he was about to piss himself. Letting go of the terrified ego, Dark sat back down and continued to read, as though nothing had happened, and Bing shakily made his way back over to you and Wilford.

“What’d he say to you?”, you asked concerned for your newest roommate.

Bing’s voice slightly trembled as he looked up at you,“I’d rather not r-repeat it.”

You frowned and glanced over at Wilford as he chuckled amused,“And what’d you say to make him want to cut your throat? I’ve never seen him get mad that quickly.”

Bing glanced at you and quickly looked away when you made eye contact,“ I-I’d rather not repeat that either bruh, for like…the safety of my life and stuff ya know?!”

Wilford smirked and brushed his mustache,“ I suppose I win then~!”

“What?! Not uh!!”, Bing snapped back to his usual self.

“What do you mean ‘not uh’? Of course I did! You lost, your disqualified, there for I win!”

“Mmmm actually~”, you cooed beside them.

Both boys turned towards you, seeing the delicate smirk upon your face. “You don’t win Wilford. There’s still one person other then you who hasn’t tried.”

“Oh, and who would that be doll~?”, he slurred with a raised brow, leaning on his elbow close to you.

“Me~”, you winked.

“…you can’t be serious.”, both ego’s said at once.

“Of course I’m serious!”, you grinned.

“Sorry to say it bruh, but Dark is colder then well…uh, cool?”, Bing tried scratching his cheek.

“I hate to agree with the five here, but he’s right (y,n). You’ll only have your feelings crushed by that manipulative ass hat.”, Wilford confirmed, twirling the ends of his stache.

You scoffed,“If I make him smile, you both owe me ice cream.”

“Fine, but it’s your death bed.”, Wilford said raising his hands.

“Good luck, bruh! You’ll need it.”, Bing wished you off as you strode confidentially into the living room.

Dark sighed softly, leaving a bookmark in the second to last chapter of his book before closing it. Cracking his neck, he felt satisfied at the sounds of popping joints.

“Hey Dark~”

Said man looked up, his eyes narrowed expecting to see Wilford, but slightly calmed when he saw it was you.

“Yes? What is it?”, he asked coldly.

You smiled and sat down beside him.

“Oh nothing~”


“What? I can’t just hang out with my roommate?”

Dark narrowed his eyes skeptically,“ I know you (y,n). Now what do you want?”

You sighed, giving up your facade and sprawling down over his lap. You felt him stiffen some, but he didn’t make any notion of pushing you off.

“Okay, so maybe I do want something.”

“And what would that be?”, he asked with his usual, unamused expression.

“Well um…”, your eyes flicked around the ceiling, refusing to look at his face.

Dark watched you with a blank stare, his body relaxing some and becoming used to the warmth that you provided. Biting the bottom of your lip, you finally looked up at him. He raised a brow wondering what was bothering you so much to make you fidgety. Waving your hand down, you motioned for him to come closer. Again he raised his brow, but leaned in none the less. Lifting up a little, you cupped your hands by your mouth and whispered into his ear.

Meanwhile, Wilford and Bing sat on the edge of their seats in the kitchen, trying their hardest to hear what was being said. They were honestly shocked that Dark had even let you lay on him like that. To say the least, both boys were pouting slightly because of it.

Finishing what you had to say, you leaned your head back down in Dark’s lap, looking up at him with a tiny smile. Dark was still leaned forward, processing what you had just told him. Glancing down at you, his dark eyes met your (e,c) ones, and in that moment, he lost it. He threw his head back and a noise strange to the ears of the other two ego’s filled the house.

Dark was…laughing!

Not that sadistic, physcotic cackle that had been deemed his only form of showing any hint of closeness to feeling joy. No, he was laughing purely. It was deep and wholesome, completely foreign to Wilford Warfstache and Bing. Their mouths hung open, eyes wide as Dark’s laugh calmed and he wiped away a stray tear. You smiled below him, teeth showing and eyes crinkled at the edges.

“Well?”, you giggled.

Dark breathed in a soft laugh,“You’re utterly redicioulus, that’s all I have to say.”

“But you laughed~”, you pointed out endearingly.

Dark chuckled shaking his head slightly and…was that…a smile? Indeed it was. A genuine, heart felt smile spread across Darkiplier himself.


(A/N: what is this?! A darkiplier imagine?! Why yes, I do think its is! -3-/ )

Dating Teamiplier Would Include:


•Started off as friends

•Then it grew into something more

•Chica loves you more than him

•Mark pouts about it all day

•You never really get into arguments because you both always talk things out

•But if one of you are really mad you’d give them their space to cool off

•Forehead kisses

•Nose kisses

•Cheek kisses

•N e C k K i S s e S

•Mark and Ethan teasing you if you’re shorter them

•Them Tyler comes out of nowhere and sets you on his shoulder

•"Who’s the short one now bitches"

•Being apart of teamiplier

•You, Amy, and Kathryn being squad goals

•Little to no PDA in public, on live streams, or vlogs

•Because you both don’t feel about going public yet and want it more private

•The fandom finds out anyway because they noticed Mark looking at you a lot and smiling to himself on a live stream

•Tons of fan-art after

•Some of the fans hate you because of Septiplier

•You don’t give a crap because you love Mark & you knew what you were getting into when.

•Him loving you so much



•Opens the door for you

•Gives you his coat when you’re cold


•"Tyler I’m cold"

“I told you to get a coat. ”

“Give me yours.”

“Nope. ”

•But he gives it to you anyway

•Dick jokes

•Lots of inside joke

•Taking care of him when he’s sick

•Being super close with Ethan and Mark

•Editing with Kathryn

•Making fun of Tyler because you learned how to edit faster than him

•Him calling you short

•But he loves it

•Always asking him to get something from the top shelf

•Top of the head kisses

•Forehead kisses

•Staring at his muscles because Jesus Christ the man was sculpted by the gods

•Him catching you looking so he flexes

•Just a really cute couple



•"Hating" pineapple pizza

•LOTR references


“Sam.. ”

•Him playing the ukulele for you

•Asking him to do a backflip because you think it’s so cool

•And it’s pretty hot

•Very hot

•Being best friends with Brian and Gordon.

•Playing Mariokart

•Lots of screaming and cussing


“I love you. ”

•Ethan is such a huggy bastard

•He NEEDS to have some part of him touching you

•You’re editing, his leg is on top of yours

•You’re cooking, he wraps his arms around your waist to see what you’re making

•Prepping for a trip? He hugs you for an hour begging you to stay

•Going To IndyPopCon, PaxEast and PaxWest together

•The Cranky Crew LOVING YOU

•Because they have never seen their blue Bean so happy

•Shit loads of fanart

•"What is up my Cranky Crew”

“wHaT iS uP mY cRaNkY cReW”

“You’re not saying it right (Y/n)!”

•Ethan is a giggly bean

•Wearing his merch

•Double dates with Gordon and Maya

•Being such a cute couple

•Mark jokes around calling Ethan ‘whipped’

•He is

•He would sacrifice himself for you

•Star Wars jokes

•Corny puns

•Dick jokes


[K A T H R Y N]

•Calling her a queen because she is

•Helping her and Ethan edit so they won’t overwork themself

•You constantly calling her pretty because she is

•Playing Ultimate Chicken Horse

•Lots of hugs

•So many references

•Cleaning up Marzipans shit because it’s literally everywhere

•Goddamn cat from satan

•You still love Marzipan though

•Learning how to edit rather quickly because Kathryn showed you the basics

•not that much pda mostly when it’s just you both by yourselves

• Subtle dick jokes


•H O L D I N G H A N D S

•C U D D L I N G

•C H E E K K I S S E S

•Amy shipped you guys before you even got together

•Hanging out with Amy because she’s cool as balls

•Questioning why she’s dating Mark

•"It’s that you’re so cool. How are you with HIM. “-(Y/n)

“HEY. ”-M

“I don’t know myself. ”-A


“I stayed for Chica. ”-A


•Shipping Amyplier so much, because THEIR SO CUTE


“SHUT UP (Y/N).”

「 A M Y 」

•You love her so much

•Calling her Sunshine because she literally is the embodiment of sunshine.

•Talking about Alien Conspiracies

•Making her coffee

•Going shopping a lot

•Her playing the accordion

•"I know its bad I’m sorry. “-A

“You’re so adorable.”

•whenever you go somewhere you bring her souvenirs

•Surprising her by showing up to the You’re Welcome tour because you couldn’t go

•Her almost crying


•Lots of hugs

•And kisses

•Braiding her hair

•when you see her guess what video on her channel you almost die from how cute she is.

•She’s adorable

•Calling her Beautiful

•If you’re depression or anxiety gets bad she’s always there to make you smile

•Buying her stuff but she complains because she doesn’t like being spoiled

•Dog sitting Chica while they are on tour

•She’s such a good pup

•Going to sleep at 1 in the morning because you were scrolling through Pinterest for memes

Prompts List

List of prompts that can be requested (w/ or w/o a requested person/character) - [most of these are prompts I found on pinterest in the writing prompts tag - will be adding prompts continuously] - Also, when requesting please take this into consideration:

1. “I apologise in advance for the inconvenience my murder is going to have on your life.”

2. “I hate you.”
“Why? I’m lovely.”

3. “Murder wasn’t on today’s agenda.”
“It’s not on anyone’s.”
“No, it’s on mine, just not until next Thursday.”

4. “Hold on, you died.”
“Yeah, well it didn’t stick.”

5. “This is my life now. I have climbed this hill and now I will die upon it.”
“Shut up. We’ve only been hiking for twenty minutes.”

6. “She’s crying, what do I do?”
“Go comfort her.”
“How do I do that?”
“Start with hugs.”
“With what?”

7. “What’s our exit strategy?”
“Our what?”
“Oh my god, we’re all going to die.”

8. “I’m going to need chicken blood, salt, five candles, and a bottle of vodka.” “Vodka? For the spell?”
“No, that’s just to make me feel better about ripping a hole in the universe.”

9. “Are you clinically insane or incredibly annoying?”
“I don’t know, probably both.”

10. “I saved your lives.”
“How? By stealing our freedom? Our minds? Our identity?”

11. “It takes a very special kind of idiot to pull off what you just did.”

12. “I’m getting really tired of pretending I’m not evil.”

13. “Did you just agree with me?”
“Oh I wish I could take-”
“Nope! You said it! No take-backs!”

14. “It’s a long story.”
“You conned me into thinking you were dead for eleven months. I have time.”

15. “I regret a lot of things. Having this conversation tops the list.”

16. “I had a thought.”
“Oh no.”
“I swear it’s a good one this time!’

17. “FBI, open the door!”
“No. It’s cooler when you break in.”

18. “Do you think they remember you?”
“I sure hope not after what I did the last time I was here.”
“What did you do?”
“You’ll find out.”

19. “You look…”
“Beautiful, I know. Can we move on?”

20. “You scared me!”
“Well, I am naturally terrifying.”

21. “I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.”

22. “I’d take a bullet for you, you know that.”
“You’re immortal, and I’m going to kill you if you keep saying that.”

23. “You really have no clue who I am?”
“You’d think the confused looks and blank stare would have answered that for you.”

24. “I am way too sober for this.”

25. “You don’t strike me as a professional criminal.”
“That’s what makes me so good at it.”

26. “I don’t think of you as a protector. More like a distraction.”

27. “We have five people trying to kill us right now, what are we supposed to do?”
“Actually, it’s more like eight.”
“Oh, sorry I wasn’t specific enough!”

28. “If you could even comprehend where I’ve come from, you would be terrified of me.”

29. “I saved your life!”
“You pushed me off a building.”

30. “You know we’re not all born with the ability to throw fireballs, right?”

31. “How do we keep getting into these situations?”
“Eleven years of friendship and I still don’t know.”

32. “Did you hear that scream?”
“Yes, I’m the one who screamed.”

33. “Are you SURE I can’t punch him in the face?”
“What if I just break his nose a little?”

34. “You are remarkably well behaved tonight. What did you do?”

35. “You’re-you’re crushing my spleen.”
“You don’t even know where your spleen is.”

36. “I’m no detective, of course, but I think this dead body might not be alive anymore.”

37. “Right now, I don’t know if I want to kiss you or shove you off a bridge.”
“Can I pick?”

38. “The real treasure was the memories we made along the way.”
“I almost died!”
“Ah yes, that was my fondest memory.”

39. “I’m trying to have a serious conversation with you!”
“And I’m trying to subtly avoid it!”

40. “Hey, I didn’t kill anyone today!”
“What do you want? A gold star?”

41. “I hate you.”
“Why? I’m lovely.”

42. “On a scale from one to ten, how bad do you think it would be if-”
“At least a twenty.”

43. “Literally everything about this is illegal.”

44. “Seven billion people in the world, and you’re overreacting because we killed one man.”
“Seven. Billion. People. Now quit the complaining and drink your smoothie.”

45. “It’s not my birthday.”
“It’s definitely your birthday.”
“Give me a calendar. It’s not and I will prove it to – oh. Never mind. Happy birthday to me.”

46. “On a scale from one to ten, how bad do you want to kill me right now?”
“I’m hovering somewhere in the high thirties.”

47. “I can fix that.”
“I’m calling a professional.”
“I’m a professional.”
“A more professional, professional.”

48. “What’s the word for that infestation of tiny creatures over there?”
“Those are children. That’s a school.”

49. “I have a concern.”
“Just one?”
“No, but I didn’t think you’d let me speak my piece if I told you how many I actually have.”

50. “Why are you glaring at me?”
“I’m hoping you’ll spontaneously combust.”

51. “If we die, I’m going to spend the rest of our afterlife reminding you that this was all your fault.”
“That’s cool, I wouldn’t mind having company while being a ghost.”

52. “What are you so afraid of?”

53. “What is that THING in your backpack?”
“It’s my new pet dragon.”
“Dragons aren’t real!”
“Then why is there one in my backpack?”

54. “I hate the sight of blood.”
“Then maybe you shouldn’t kill for a living.”

55. “All that blood looks good on you. It really brings out your eyes.”

56. “Want to see what kind of trouble we can get into?”
“Oh god, we’re going to die, aren’t we?”
“It’s a Tuesday, I know how to restrain myself.”
“You absolutely do not.”

57. “I don’t give a damn.”
“You give so many damns they’re visible from SPACE.”

58.  “It’ll be easy. You just have to seduce them.”
“You’re kidding, right? I’m about as seductive as a cabbage.”

59. “You’re not as evil as people think you are.”
“No. I’m much worse.”

60. “That’s a terrifyingly accurate drawing of us.”
“It’s almost like I’m good at what I do.”

61. “You have no power over me.”
“You sure about that?”

62. “This isn’t good.”
“How can you tell?”
“See how they’re slowly surrounding us? And they all have guns and knives and I think one guy is carrying a machete?”

63. “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?”
“Actually he’s right in front of you.”

64. “I’m not a thief. I’m just really good at acquiring things that aren’t mine.”

65. “I’m not completely human anymore. Remember that next time you want to punch me in the face.”

66. “Is that blood?”
“That’s not a question you’re supposed to answer with another question.”

67. “I never stood a chance, did I?”
“That’s the sad part – you did once.”

68. “It’s okay, I’m here.”

69. “I’m not going to leave you.”

70. “Everything is okay.”

71. “I’m going to protect you.”

72. “I believe in you.”

73. “Do you feel guilty? Like, at all?”
“I don’t have time to feel guilty. And neither do you.”

74. “Stop that!”
“Stop what?”
“Doing that thing with your face when you’re happy. It’s making me nauseous.”

75. “What are you doing?”
“We’re being held hostage and you decide to raid the kitchen?”
“They didn’t say the fridge was off limits.”

76. “Is that a dead body?”
“It is. I can see it right in front of me.”
“I promise I’ll clean it up before dinner.”

77. “If we’re going to get out of here, we’re going to have to work together. After that, we can go back to killing each other.”
“Oh, fine.”

78. “That’s not funny.”
“I thought it was.”
“You don’t count. You started laughing in the middle of a funeral because you started thinking of a meme you saw on Facebook.”

79. “Do we need wine?”
“No, I need wine, you need to put your pants back on.”
“But life is so freeing without them.”
“Pants. On. Now.”

80. “Can you please go be stupid somewhere that’s away from me?”

81. “I feel like I’m being stabbed.”
“How do you even know what it feels like to be stabbed?”

82. “Will you be quiet?”
“I didn’t say anything!”
“Well stop thinking so loud.”

83. “Did you get my note?”
“Of course I got it. You taped it to my forehead while I was sleeping.”

84. “You’re a psychopath.”
“I prefer creative.”

85. “Why do people keep trying to put this blanket on me?”
“Because you’re in shock.”
“That doesn’t mean I need a blanket. It means I need booze.”

86. “Oh no.”
“What is it? What happened? Who died?”
“I think I just felt an emotion.”
“You have GOT to be kidding me.”

87. “When all this is over, I want my sanity back.”

88. “That’s definitely not true.”
“Of course it is. I read it on Wikipedia.”

89. “You forgot me.”
“It was an accident.”

90. “Why do you keep risking your life? To prove a point?”

91. “I would like to join you in acknowledging the difficulties of your life.”
“You are the WORST at this comfort thing.”

92. “You’ve got to stop doing that.”
“Saying things that make me want to kiss you.”

93. “Look, if you want to conjure some demon spawn from the great beyond, that’s all fine and dandy. Just wait for me to leave before you start.”

94. “Just calm down!”
“My leg just dematerialised and you want me to calm down!?”

95. “You know what they say, panicking burns a shit ton of calories.”
“Who even says that?”
“Me. Just now.”

96. “Don’t mind me, I’ll just be in the corner, having another existential crisis.”

97. “Oh my god, I had the exact same dream!”
“Are you crazy? Of course I didn’t.”

98. “I need to go de-stress.”
“Where are you going?”
“To demolish the living room.”

99. “I think I’m having a feeling. How do I make it stop?”

100. “I’m bitter and complicated. It’s one of my charms.”
“I don’t think you know what that word means. Or how to count.”

101. “I don’t know what the protocol is for revealing your secret identity so, hi? Surprise?”

102. You always think you know what you’d do when faced with the end of the world. Me? I went home and took a nap.

103. “Damn it, why aren’t you obeying the laws of physics?”

104. “I’d hug you right now, but you’re covered in evidence. And I also really don’t want to.”
“Evidence is a really nice euphemism for blood, gore and guts.”
“You’re totally missing the point. Do you know how pissed I am at you right now?”

105.  “This way is more efficient.”
“This way is going to get us killed.”

106. “You’re not my favourite person today.”
“I’m not your favourite person on any day.”

Caught in Between

Pairing: Darkiplier x Reader X Antisepticeye

Warnings: Language

Request: Hi! I was wondering would it be ok to request something where Dark and Wilford(or Anti your choice ☺️) are fighting over the reader

Notes: This was pretty fun to write haha. I just got off of work, sorry if it’s a little blah. I still hope you all like it though. 

Requests are open! :)

“What the fuck do you want? I have Y/n’s attention! Me!”

“Y/N was resting, you have no right to ruin her sleep.”

You sigh, putting your forehead in your hands as you listened to Anti and Dark argue with each other again. This has been going on since this morning, it started out as normal as it get’s in this place and then the two Ego’s were both doing all these little tasks just for your attention. 

Dark made you breakfast. 

“ is amazing.” You said, mouth agape at the delicious looking breakfast witting before you on a plate. You didn’t understand where this has suddenly come from but you weren’t going to turn down some food. 

“Thank you, Dark.”

“Anything for you, Y/N.”

That wasn’t anything suspicious, because Dar always says little things like that - besides… you were busy eating to really think about it. 

Anti laid in your lap, cuddling into your stomach whining that you do something with him. 

A small grunt left your lips at the sudden added weight on your lap. Looking down from your book, you see a grinning Anti staring up at you, making you give him a questioning gaze. 

“What do you want?” 

“Oh nothing just…you.”

You roll your eyes at his flirting then go back to reading your book, trying to fight off the smile that wanted to break out on your face. Anti didn’t like that your attention wasn’t on him a whine left his throat and he wraps his arms around your waist, burying his face in your stomach. 

“Pay attention to me!’

As if moving on autopilot, you shift so that you can hold your book in one hand, while you now free hand moved itself through his hair.  It was something you found that helps calm him down, and there’s also the fact that he really liked it. 

You smile, unknowing of the small smile Anti held on his face too. 

Dark actually cuddled with you when you took your nap. 

While being here you somehow gotten in the habit of taking naps. No complaining from you you loved to sleep, but this particular nap was not spent alone. It’s rare, whenever Dark feels in the mood for any physical contact that is normal and not… lust filled.  

So when you were allowed to cuddle up into Dark’s side, it was a little surprising and suspicious. But you didn’t want to dwell on that, because this is such a rare occurrence, you wanted to cherish it. So you closed your eyes, snuggling closer to him, feeling his arm hold you tighter and breathing in his scent. 

It was a nap you didn’t want to wake up from. And unknowing to you Dark didn’t want you to wake up for a few hours, liking holding you in his arms like a normal being - something he isn’t. 

Then Anti woke you up, pulling you away from Dark for some junk food and video games. Which leads to where you are now, both men arguing, because Dark did not like the action Anti did. 

while at first you were a little annoyed that he woke you up, the idea of having a fun rest of the night with junk food and games did sound nice. But then again, Anti did ruin a rare moment. 

You heave a heavy sigh looking up at the two beings, eyes widening when you sw the familiar black void that only Dark can control. You stand up, moving between the which could be a bad idea, you didn’t know just yet, and held out a hand on either chest. 

“Will you two just stop?” You look at Anti, “You, Grean Bean, when I’m napping - don’t wake me up.” then you look over at Dark, seeing his calm visage start to crumble to the temper he tries to hide. “And you Edgelord -” This earned you a glare. “- just..chill.”

You keep your eyes locked with his, the glaire slowly disappearing before he takes a deep breath. Dark stood up straight, fixing his already neat suit. Rolling his neck, he said, 

“My apologies, Y/N.”

“…Yeah, me too.”

You let out a breath, then stood up to your full height, which wasn’t much to them. “Apologies accepted. Noe, mind telling me what today was all about?”

No one said a thing.

“Look, I don’t really understand this.” You pointed between the three of you. “But fighting for my attention, is not how you get it. I give it to you on my owns terms.” you pause, thinking up a perfect tense breaker. “Like right now, I really do want to kick Anti’s ass on Mario Kart.”

Dark smirked. “That does sound entertaining.”

“I’d like to see you fucking try! Bring it on, Y/N!”

Headcanon: Shopping With The Egos

Requested? Nope, i found this in my drafts and figured i would post it ((: sorry gear and A arent included in this one!!

Fandom: teamiplier, jacksepticeye

Pairings: anti, dark, and wil x reader (not a polygamous relationship, separate ones bc lets face it if all three of them had to share a s/o it would be SUCH chaos)

Warnings: N/A

Shopping with Wilford would include…

  • Him wanting to buy everything he catches you looking at
  • He would literally be an excited puppy
  • “You would look stunning in this, baby!”
  • Him swearing every store you visit will be the last one
  • He would definitely carry you if you complained about your feet hurting
  • At first, it would be extremely embarrassing and you would beg him to put you down
  • But after a while, you would see how fun it is and ignore all of the weird looks you were getting
  • He would fight anyone who looks at you the wrong way though (his knife might come into play if he gets really angry)
  • He would want to buy anything and everything pink

Shopping with Dark would include…

  • He would patiently walk with you for a while
  • Eventually, he would start to get huffy and complain about having other things to do
  • He would insist on carrying all of your bags
  • He would also complain about how overpriced everything is
  • “You can not seriously be paying fifteen dollars for a lipstick”
  • He would want to pay for almost everything, despite complaining.
  • The lingerie shops are his personal favorite

Shopping with Anti would include…

  • Anti would be attracted to the food court more than anything
  • However, he is patient (for the most part) and walks around with you
  • He encourages places like Hot Topic
  • However, much like Dark, he also loves the lingerie shops.
  • He would be fascinated by all of the makeup products there are to choose from
  • “Wait, what’s the difference between concealer and foundation? They both do the same thing, so why get them both?”

(A/N: this is short but i thought it was cute soo enjoy -S)

Ego Assistant AU Imagines

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(A/N: It’s doesn’t annoy or bother me at all, so no worries there ^-^)



  • Dark had just returned from a ‘business trip’ when he found you sprawled across the kitchen table
  • seriously, you were just laying on top of it passed out
  • papers were scattered every where, and a half full cup of once hot chocolate gripped in your hands
  • he felt himself stiffen, but relaxed when he heard your snores
  • after taking you to your room he checked your laptop to see your work status
  • two days straight?! Are you kidding me s/o?!
  • while he’s very appreciative that you put so much effort into helping him with work, he’s a bit annoyed that you weren’t taking care of yourself
  • he’s going to have a talk with you when you wake up, but don’t take it to heart if he sounds at all harsh
  • you’re the one light in his life and he just cares a lot about you and your well being

Wilford Warfstache:

  • Wil decided to check up on you when you hadn’t visited him during the weekend
  • entering your house/apartment he found you resting your head over your arms on the coffee table
  • from the scattered papers, cold cup of coco, and the bags under your eyes, he knew you had been up late
  • he simply shakes his head and goes to grab you a blanket
  • it’s not the first time you’ve spent long hours working on one of his shows; but he was starting to think he should say something about the over work
  • it was super sweet what you were doing, but everyone needs rest cupcake
  • he’ll put the blankets he finds on you, but won’t pick you up or anything; he doesn’t want to accidentally wake you
  • while he’s waiting for you to wake up, he’s thinking of what kind of vacations to send you on; a cruise maybe?
  • either way, he’s definitely coming with you! To make sure you don’t try working while on vaca as well as to spend some much needed time with you


  • Anti only shows up because he hasn’t been given enough attention from you and wants to know why
  • he finds you at your desk passed out over a bunch of papers and an almost empty cold cup of coco
  • this lil shit will wake you up unlike the others
  • he wants to know why you weren’t spending time with him as well as spend time with him now
  • when you tell him you had been working for two days straight on trying to find a way to get him his own body, he’s very taken aback
  • one because no ones ever done something so big for him like this, and two because dear lord s/o, how are you even processing right now? Anti’s an entity, no sleep required for him, but he knows darn well humans need it
  • he’s a little upset when he sees your head begin to nod desperately for rest and that you two more than likely won’t be able to hang out
  • but then he gets the idea for cuddles and immediately snatches you up ,and glitches you both to the bedroom where he throws on a Disney movie ,and holds you close as you start to fall back asleep



I drew some of the darksonas of my favorite YouTubers. I still want to do any, Tyler and Kathryn and some others, hit me with some ideas if you want someone special ^^
Even tho my art style is shit Pls don’t like repost or shit. That’s rude.

@therealjacksepticeye @markiplier @crankgameplays @danielhowell @amazingphil

Boys+egos x Chubby! Reader

So my girl Rip got some anon bs sent to her about how the boys and their egos/dark characters wouldn’t like “fat chicks” and it made me angry enough to write this?

A/N: I romanticize the egos but I don’t make them stop being killers? It’s a classic ‘bad boys with a soft spot’ trope. Sue me. Also I didn’t write every ego because that’s soooo many.

- he loves??? Everyone?? So much???
- Like he loves his friends and his family and Chica and his subcribers
- And obvi he loves you and every curve and roll and stretch mark
- But like, it’s not just about how fucking beautiful you are, he also loves your laugh and smile and personality
- You’re still a person your weight isn’t what matters to him

- Probably will torture/kill someone if they look at you wrong
- Judge-y look? dead
- Lust-y look? Super dead
- Wants every single bit of you to himself
- Loves seeing you in clothes that show off your body (but only when you wear them for him)

- His dream date with you is going to different dessert places with you and then killing people while you sample different cakes and ice creams
- Loves making you laugh and smile
- Literally doesn’t understand why someone wouldn’t like you just because of your weight
- Wilf:“but you’re amazing?” 

- He’s blind but he still knows what you look like and loves you and your body
- He really loves holding you and cuddling you
- Whispers in your ears a lot

- Almost cries when you tell him that people are sometimes assholes to you because of the way you look
- it frustrates the fuck out of him because people shouldn’t be so shallow and stupid
- But also he just really loves you a lot
- He’s a good green bean
- Gives amazing hugs
- Shuts down any and all hate regarding you and his subs create a defense squad for you because they love you too.
- all around good boy

- If someones a jerk to you he’ll fuck up their computer and phone for weeks
- Constantly spamming them to quit being a dick
- He makes you feel really safe and loved and adored tbh
- forehead kisses for days
- loves to give you hugs from behind
- like he’ll sneak up on you just to hug you
- and then he’ll hiss at anyone who gets close to you
- like a cat

- As long as you’re happy he’s happy
- he absolutely loves you and wound’t change anything about you
- tall boi is an A+ boyfriend
- y’all are always doing super cute things #smilealways
- he likes to keep your relationship private but lowkey loves it when the team posts cute pics of you two in their instagram stories

Cooking with Teamiplier

Pairing: Teamiplier X Reader

Originally posted by marielgum

  • Is surprisingly good at cooking
  • If either of you are tired the other cooks
  • Mark looks hot as fuck when he cooks
  • Teamiplier loves your food and are always coming over
  • If you’re terrible at cooking Mark will nonstop tease you
  • Whenever you grab something in the kitchen before you leave you give his booty a smack
  • Cause he got the booty
  • “(Y/nnnnnnn)”
  • “It’s not my fault your sexy baby”
  • “Guys were still here”
  • “You’re just jealous blue Bean”
  • Mark almost burned down the kitchen making a steak
  • Mark wears a ‘Kiss the cook’ apron
  • Which you constantly steal
  • Mark ends up singing Ed Sheeran while he cooks
  • But you love his voice
  • Food fights when you guys make pancakes
  • It always ends with him kissing you covered head to toe in powder
  • “Who’s gonna clean this up”
  • “NOT IT”
  • “Goddammit Mark”

Originally posted by martziplier98

Look at this adorable bean

  • She’d try so hard to help
  • Always leads to her giggling to herself
  • “Babe what’s so funny”
  • “I honestly don’t know”
  • You teach her how to make a cake
  • She tries to lick all the frosting
  • “Amy there isn’t gonna be enough frosting for the cake!”
  • “But it looks so good”
  • Somehow makes an alien cake
  • Burns instant ramen on accident
  • “I thought I put the water in”
  • She’s just so cute
  • You’re always kissing her on the cheek because she’s so cute
  • Marzipan tries to get on the table to eat some food
  • Wears your apron even though she doesn’t cook
  • When she successfully makes something she’s so proud of herself
  • “Look at my Blondie such a queen”
  • “(Y/nnnnnnnnnnn)”
  • Amy gets upset when you either get burned cooking or get a cut
  • “Amy it’s not even bleeding”
  • “So it’s still an open wound”
  • If neither of you know how to cook you buy pizza or Chinese, maybe Indian
  • Kathryn would probably end up making something

Originally posted by apocalypsethetyler

  • He isn’t the best cook but everything he cooks is edible
  • You cannot keep a straight face in the kitchen with him
  • Makes food puns
  • “Hey (Y/n) are you noddley”
  • “What does that even mean”
  • Dancing in the kitchen for no reason
  • When you cook he wraps his arms around your waist to see what it is
  • Kisses your forehead because he’s taller than you
  • “What was that for”
  • “Because I love you”
  • “Tyler Scheid if you get any cuter I’m going to melt”
  • Forcing him to sit down because of his knee
  • Holding your hand when you eat
  • “Now you can do the dishes babe”
  • “Of course”

Originally posted by kathryns-support-group

  • is a good cook but still not the best
  • When she’s tired you order her favorite or you end up cooking
  • Marzipan always tries to eat your food
  • “Marzi I love you but I’m not giving you my chicken”
  • “How’d I get so lucky”
  • “I could say the same thing”
  • So many references in the kitchen
  • “You know what else is hot (Y/n)”
  • “What”
  • “Dean when he was in hell”
  • You guys sometimes eat in silence
  • Sometimes you guys never even touch your food because your talking so much
  • Depends on the day
  • If you cook, she does the dishes
  • Likewise
  • Kat is just amazing

Originally posted by thetrashprncess

  • he’s a horrible cook, he would burn water
  • He tries so hard to get good but it ends up in disaster, in rare occasions the food he makes is edible
  • You teach him how to cook
  • He’s always making jokes
  • So many dick jokes
  • If you make something sweet like frosting he will eat like half of the bowl
  • “Ethan!”
  • “But it’s so good babe”
  • Kisses you on the cheek before he goes to edit so once he’s finished diner is ready.
  • He’s determined to learn how to cook
  • Shelby and Parker always pass by to eat your food because it’s amazing
  • You and Mark share cooking recipes
  • If you ever get hurt cooking Ethan will not leave your side
  • He appreciates everything you do for him and will do the dishes so you can relax.
  • “I love you (Y/n)”
  • “Love you too baby boy blue”
Headcanon: dark and anti with an avid artist S/O

Requested? Yes! Anon asks: Hello, I was wondering if it’s not too much trouble, could you please do headcannons for darkiplier and anti about have a S/o who is an avid painter and artist??? Thank you love!! :D

Fandom: Teamiplier / Jacksepticeye

Pairing: Dark x Reader x Anti

Warnings: N/A

(A/N: i hope i did well!! i just assumed you wanted dark x reader x anti so i kind of wrote it as a polygamous relationship ((: -S)

  • Dark and Anti would both be very supportive in their own ways.
  • Anti would buy you more watercolor paint sets. He thinks watercolor is gorgeous (although he won’t ever admit it out loud)
  • Anti would also encourage you to use more cool tones (such as blue, purple, and of course green.)
  • Dark, on the other hand, would encourage more dark colors, such as maroon, black, and grey. He likes them because he thinks they make the canvas more classy.
  • Dark would also buy you more paint, not a specific kind, just whatever he thinks you would like.
  • They would both give you honest criticism if you asked, neither would tell you something that isn’t true just because you want to hear it.
  • They both understand that you sometimes get caught up in your work and forget to eat/drink anything, so they will bring something to your room and make sure you stay healthy when you are in the zone.
  • They would both be genuinely interested in your art, asking you questions here and there about how things are going.
  • They eventually find a piece you painted of them.
  • Dark is extremely touched, he would tell you how much he loves it but he wouldn’t get overly loving about it. He would simply praise you for it and kiss you then hang it up in his room.
  • When nobody is in the room he sometimes smiles (yes, actually smiles) and stares at it adoringly because you made it just for him.
  • Anti would be a lot more loving about the situation and more touchy. He would automatically bring you into a bone crushing hug and kiss you all over.
  • He, much like Dark, would hang the painting in his room. But he would show off his love for the painting to anyone who sees it.
  • All in all, they are both extremely proud that they have such a talented S/O
Unhealthy obsession

Characters: Darkiplier x Reader hint of Markiplier x one sided!reader

Summary/prompt: Based off my imagine here.

Warnings: Language, implied sexual content. 

Notes: I just might continue this with other parts, but I would still appreciate your opinions on this story and if you want me to continue this. ^^

Part 2

Originally posted by lum1natrix

“You just don’t know me yet but I love you and you love me the same.”

This was not expected. 

You wouldn’t call it a mistake, just a hasty decision that was meant to have a long hard think on. Maybe if you had done that, you wouldn’t be in this situation in another entity’s world stuck until he decides to let you go.

Yet you are.

“Y/N,” He whispers you name in your ear, the smirk clear on his face. Of course he can feel the fear you still held towards him, he can also see the effect he on on you. “You like this, don’t you?”

Yes. But you weren’t about to tell him that, not in a million years. Even though you shouted out an “N-no!” he continued with his ministration. His hands caressing your body and making small sounds bubble in your throat that you refused to let out. 

It’s not quite a long story as to how you ended up in this situation. With a man - no, demon - that was as charming as he is handsome. With a deep voice that sent chills down your spine and goosebumps to rise on your skin in both a good and bad way. 

And it’s all because that damn deal.

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this is my new shit

Authors note*(Y/c/n) = your cats name. Also, this is the first fic that I have ever completed! Usually I give up halfway through. ~Goldie

Dark’s POV

I wandered around the house aimlessly. Occasionally I will pick up an object of (Y/N)’s, a picture or her favorite pen and place it somewhere it had no place being. (Y/n) had left early in the morning muttering to herself about needing a break from the literal pressure in the air that I cause. My lips curl into a smirk at the thought that I had actually ran her out of the house. My smirk vanishes the moment I see her damned feline however.

For some reason that I can’t explain, (Y/n) loved that thing. No matter how many times it would knock items off the counter or hide under the bed and attack her feet, she would still swoop down and cuddle the furry little creature as it tried to squirm and run away. I, personally, was sure that if it weren’t for the steady flow of food, the cat would have fled a long time ago.

When (Y/c/n) locked eyes with me I could feel the mutual hatred crackle in the room. It was always like this with animals, they seem to be able to sense the darkness within me. But they usually just run away. This cat however, it seems to search for me, almost like it is looking for a fight. It intrigues me.

Straightening my jacket, I stare down the small animal, trying to understand why I am mutually drawn to it as well. Without even realizing what I’m doing, I speak.

“What are you staring at?” I snap. “I won’t lie, I much prefer you over that dog that Mark owns. That Chica…. much too hyper for my taste.” I scowl at the thought of that ball of energy and fur. “You know,” I say taking a cautious step towards (Y/c/n). When he doesn’t run I take another step. Now standing directly in front of (Y/n)’s cat I crouch down to look him in the eye. “We are very similar, you and I. Both of us are just manipulating (Y/n) towards an end goal.” (Y/c/n) starts to slowly walk towards Dark and pushes his head against his hand. Dark starts to pet him. “Your goal happens to be food, mine… may be more personal.”

I was about to say that the two of us should get along when I heard the click of a camera. Looking up, I see (Y/n) with a huge grin on her face.

“That’s one for Instagram.” (Y/n) says waving the phone in my face.

“You best give me that phone.” I growl as she runs to her bedroom laughing hysterically all the way.

By Goldie

Daddy Egos (Part 1)

Pairing: Egos x Reader

Requested: I have a request, so imagine everyone but as Dream Daddy.


•Wants one or two kids

•When he found out you were pregnant it was like a waterfall

•Tears from the both of you

•Tries to plan every single situation that might happen

“Mark put down the fire extinguisher”

“But what if-”

“I’m not going to catch on fire.”

•When your water broke he was on red alert.


“Baby it’s literally just you and me in the room. You have a car. ”

“Oh right.”

•You give birth to a baby girl

•Mark is sobbing as the doctor passes him his daughter

•He starts to cry even more when she wraps her tiny hand around his finger.

•Crying because your daughters first word was dada

•Mark just cries alot

•Is the cool dad but can be serious when needed.

•It’s like taking care of two five year olds.

•You always end up being the bad guy because Mark always agrees with your child.

•But when needed he will back you up

•Him crying when you watch Disney movies.

“Honey we’ve watched the Lion King 5 times.”

“It’s just so sad. *sniff*”

•Teaching your daughter to ride a bike

•You’re surprised when your daughter turns both of her feet backwards.

•Mark is so proud.

He ends up crying because his baby girl is just like him

•When you’re tired from work Mark cooks and cleans.

•Vice versa when he’s tired from recording.

•Uncle Ethan and Tyler spoil the shit out of her.


“Goddammit Ethan.”

“It’s not my fault it’s catchy”



•she’s such a good puppo

•When your daughter gets her first period Mark is freaking out because you’re not home.

•Him frantically calling Kathryn and Amy to help because he doesn’t know what to do.

•Everything gets taken care of.

•Mark tries to be the best father he can.

•And he is.

•Such a happy family.


•The strict parent

•But not so strict where its suffocating

•Only wants one child.

•Because he doesn’t want his child to have to go through what he suffered being with all the egos.

•When you tell him you’re pregnant the smile that grew on his face was almost blinding.

•His eyes get a little misty as he places his hand over your stomach.

though he knew because he sensed something off about you.

•All the egos would find out immediately.

•Wilford would buy them little top hats and suspenders.

•Mark buys them a teddy bear and gives them his old gameboy

•Dr. Iplier buys them a doctors kit to play with when their older.

•King of the Squirrels gets them a squirrel stuffed animal.

•Google gets them an encyclopedia.

•Bim gets them a microphone.

•Even Anti buys a tiny Sam since he has always had a soft spot for you and babies.

•When your water broke Dark was so calm it startled you.

•You end up having twins.

“Aw crap I owe Google 20 bucks now. ”


•You have twin boys named (B/n) and (B/n).

•When you see Dark shed a couple tears while holding both of his boys, your heart flutters.

•Dark sniffs as he walks over to you kissing the top of your head.

“Thank you for everything.”

•Dark teaching them how to manipulate the pressure in rooms and people’s mind

“Dark I’ve told you this they want to be normal.”

“They can use it for school.”

“They are not going to manipulate their teacher Dark.”



•Doesn’t surprise him that youre pregnant.

•You guys do “it” a lot.

•Wilford didn’t want to but you both went to Dr. Iplier for check ups.

•"Well you’re having twins.“


•"At least you’re not dying.“

•Wilford almost misses the birth of his children because he was on set for his show.

He sadly didn’t have time to shoot his contestants.

•The twins end up being fraternal since one of them has your hair color and the other has Wilford’s.

•Wilford almost cried but keeps himself together.


•That consists of White,pink, and yellow.

•Will shoot anyone who messes with his daughters.

•Wants to buy them a 2mm Kolibri.

“So they can defend themselves.”

My daughters are not having guns at the age of 5.

“So later?”

•Uncle Mark brings Chica over for the twins.

•He’s still surprised you agreed to go out with Wilford.

•Like really wHy.

•Wilf insists on making cookies for their bake sale.

•The kitchen almost catches on fire.

•He buys store bought instead

•He is so grateful he found you.

•Your daughters ex’s “disappear”


•When he find out you’re pregnant he’s like a ball of excitement.

•Tries to play it off cool.

•His pal Dr. Schneeplestien insisted on letting him check you up.

•He’s never dealt with someone with mood swings this bad.

“Honey how do you feel. ”


•You give birth to a healthy baby boy named (B/n)

•Iplier buys them baby doctor clothes

“Smile for the camera son.”

“Aww look at my boys.”

•You find Iplier reading the history of medical science while (B/n)

“What the hell Iplier.”

•Iplier is a very protective parent

•Because he’s seen so much shit happen to kids.

You teach (B/n) to ride a bike and Iplier freaks out

•One scratch and Iplier is fussing over it like he broke his leg

•Uncle Mark takes him to California sometimes

•(B/n) is always stopping Wilfords and Dark’s kids fighting each other.

•Iplier wants (B/n) to follow in his foot steps

•But if his son wants to be something else he’s be okay (though slightly disappointed)