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   The first thing Chase heard when he came home was crying.
   "Jackie? Hero dude?“ He shouted, kicking off his shoes and heading for the living room. The other egos didn’t have a tendency to cry- Jack just didn’t cry, Schneeplestein would yell (As would Anti) and Marvin would just curl up in the corner of his room and sleep. As he shouted Jackaboy’s name, the crying immediately stopped, as though he was stifling back tears. Chase ducked into the living room and went rigid in shock.
   There was Jackie on the couch, crying as he expected, but Marvin was there too, shoulders shaking as he held back sobs. “Bros, are you good?” Chase asked gently, coming over to sit next to them. Marvin quickly held up a finger to his mouth, tears dripping from his chin, the mask covering up most of his face. “What?” Chase whispered.
   "He’ll hear you,“ Marvin breathed, beginning to shake.

   "Who’ll hear us? Marv, it’s okay,” Chase coaxed, eyebrows furrowing in concern. He was trying to grasp the situation, but Marvin seemed as though he was in too much pain to respond. The magician just shook his head as his hand dropped to clutch the other one, shaking even harder now.
   Chase scooted over to sit in between the two Egos, putting an arm around each of their shoulders. Jackie threw it off and hugged the armrest of the couch, even more jumpy than usual, but Marvin leaned into Chase as though he was trying to escape from the rest of the room.
   "Guys, it’s okay. Just tell me what’s wrong.“ Chase glanced worriedly over at the superhero before addressing the magician, figuring he could get more information out of Marvin.
   "The…the good doctor…” Marvin managed before a sob overwhelmed him and he started shaking again.
   "What do you mean? Where’s Schneeps?“ Chase questioned, becoming more and more concerned as he felt Marvin’s heart beating faster and faster against him. ”…Where’s Anti?“ He asked, suddenly putting the dots together. “Marv?”
   "In the recording room.“ Chase whipped around to face Jackie, who, in a surge of desperation, had turned back towards the other Egos. "But Chase, don’t go in there. For the love of God, don’t go in there.”
   "What happened?“ Chase demanded. But Jackaboy Man just stared, pure terror written across his face. Getting up, Chase ignored the mumbled pleas of the two other Egos and headed towards the recording room, determined to get to the bottom of whatever the two had seen. He wondered why Jack hadn’t helped the two Egos- Chase had seen Jack’s shoes at the door when he had taken off his own, so he had to be home. Stopping in the middle of the hallway, Chase was filled with trepidation as he remembered the last time Jack and Anti had gone missing together- the PAX video.
   Before Chase started to move again, the door to the recording room swung open.
   There Anti stood, a long, fresh slice across his neck and the biggest knife Chase had seen dangling carelessly from his hand. "Looking for something, boy?” Anti snarled, a triumphant grin stretching unnaturally across his face.
   "Yeah, I’m looking for the doc, my dude. What were you doing in there?“ Chase responded warily, returning Anti’s smile with one of his own that didn’t quite reach his eyes.
   "Do you really want to find out?” The air around Chase felt leeched of oxygen, and the hallway seemed to get darker. Anti was glitching even more than usual, making threatening gestures with his knife that were appearing scarily close to Chase.
   "The other guys are like, sobbing, man. Where’s the good doctor?“ Chase tried to maintain a steady voice, but he was beginning to feel quite scared.
   "Thatḑ̵̛͔͉̭͕͖͍͙̖̀͆̑̏̽͑õ̪̥̮͎̣̫͋̍͆̔̈̚͢ç͇̭͎̦̩̣̤̜̈̆̇̎̊͘͠t̶̡͉̹̭̯̦͖̳̬̿͑͂͗̒ȯ̷̺͖͙̭͈͗̉́͟͞ͅr̡̯̙͖͓̪͙͈̈́͑͆̉̉͡…” Anti didn’t finish his sentence, overpowered by glitches. He crept closer to Chase, brandishing the knife at his throat. “Why don’t you come and see?” The glitches died down, and Anti leaned against the hallway wall, gesturing almost casually towards the room. Chase, arms raised in defense, looked suspiciously towards Anti, and then towards the room. Edging carefully around the Ego, Chase entered the recording room.
   Schneeplestein was lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood, soaking into his pristine lab coat and dripping off his glasses. The headphones that he was wearing were resting askew on his head, cords wrapped around his hands and his neck, while his hat and mask lay across the room like they were flung haphazardly to the floor in a fury. His eyes were opening and blood was coming from them, coming from his nose, and draining to a steady leak from his neck. The exact same cut that was on Anti’s own neck.
   Chase retched, holding his hand to his mouth as he bent over and dry heaved, mind shying away from what he was seeing. “Oh god… doc…” he choked out, tears stinging at his eyes, his throat closing up as he tried to comprehend what was happening. His knees gave way and he collapsed before his best friend. Crouching over the doctor, he let out a sob, tears running down his nose and dropping onto the doctor’s light blue shirt. “Fuck…Fuck!”
   Suddenly, he heard steps, someone lurching towards him as though they couldn’t control their own body. Chase spun around and fell back, scooting backwards as Anti staggered towards him, knife in hand. “Anti… Anti!” Chase cried, clambering away and almost tripping over Schneeplestein’s body. “Anti, please stop! Anti!”
   "Y̵̧̯̣̦̾͊̎̆̀͟͠o̸̼̥̹̟̺̹͙̎̀͋͒͑ư̴̧͈͔͓̬̪̓̽̌̇̂r̸̢̝̦̝̰̉͛͑̍͌͋̓ ţ̟̟̮͈̹̜̫̘́̉͐̾̔̕͝͞u͖̲̱̘̣̳̹̎͒͒̇̄̀̂͠ͅŕ̵͚̖̤̺̱̥̽͑͗͑̿͘͢͟n̷̛̯̩̜̲̼͙̲̅̉̽͆̓́͊͊̊ͅ,” Anti leered, his face darkening with pure, unadulterated hatred.
   "Anti, I understand, okay? I really do. Just please don’t do this! I’m all they have left!“ Chase implored, openly begging as his back reached the wall and he stopped, knowing there was no where left to go.
   "All they have left? Then they’ll finally know what it’s like to be me,” Anti snapped, the glitches in his voice shrieking in the closed room. His movements didn’t falter in the slightest as he came closer.
   "Anti! I’ve been there for you, haven’t I?“ Chase demanded, shaking as he watched the knife in Anti’s hand waving about. Tearing his gaze away, he looked up at the monster of a man. "I understand. And I forgive you.” Tears flowed freely down his face as he stared into Anti’s black eyes. He felt as though his heart was being forcibly wrenched from his chest as he looked into the eyes of the Ego who had killed his closest friend, but he didn’t look away.
   Anti’s snarl seemed faltered for a moment, but he just as quickly regained it, leaving Chase wondering if he had imagined it. “Don’t you dare. It’s too late for that!”
   "I forgive you! I know what it’s like to be left behind. I know what it’s like to have the only people in your life shut you out and hate you. Goddammit, dude, I understand! And I forgive you!“ Chase blinked, his vision becoming blurry.
   Anti’s voice became more and more distorted, rising to an ear-piercing screech as his body glitched about, almost like there were two of him. "I don’t- I don’t want your forgiveness! I want you d̡͍̮̖̬͚̺̳̘̓̀̆͛͟͞e̶̢͖̗͉̻͆̆̈́̃̚a̯͓̬̟̘̩̯̓̅͆͒̉̊̄̚d̨̪̠̰̗͈̱́̈́́̀̒̓͞!̶̥̭̻̺̮̤͍̑̒̒͐̿̈́͘”
   "I know, and I’m sorry, but forgiveness is all I have.” Chase gave a watery, heartbroken smile as he saw his best friend on the ground, heard the running footsteps of the other Egos, remembering the looks on his children’s faces. “Forgiveness is all I’ll ever have.”
   Anti bore down on Chase, knife aimed at his throat. The capped Ego closed his eyes. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”
   When he opened his eyes, Anti was gone.
   The two Egos stood in the doorway, fresh sobs coming from them as they saw their friend on the ground. Chase looked around in shock.
   Marvin knelt besides the good doctor, wiping the blood from his glasses in a tender manner. Jackaboy crept over and offered Chase a hand, helping the Ego up from where he sat against the wall. “Guys, you don’t need to see this. I’ll take care of it,” Chase quietly and gently ordered. “I’ve been the dad here for this long, I’ll be him for a little more.” Jackaboy Man nodded quickly and left the room, heading for his own. Marvin stayed for a moment, looking at the body and then at Chase.
   "Thank you.“
   Chase nodded wearily as Marvin closed the door behind him.
   All by himself, the Ego knelt besides his best friend, crying for everything they had lost.

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Gabby | The Internet

Gabby (let me tell you something)
Gabby (listen when I’m talkin’ to you)
Gabby (things are really good with us)
Gabby (are you listenin’ to me?)
Gabby (better pay attention ‘cause I)
Gabby (‘cause I wanted you to be the one)

aquilacalvitium  asked:

Here's what I think: Anti will take down the egos one by one and it will all end in a huge fight between him and jack where jack finally defeats him and saves the egos. (For the record, this is stupid awake-past-midnight me talking and I will probably see this in the morning and wonder wtf i was going on abt)

I think that’s a good reasoning, but get this: it’s not Jack who saves the egos, but us.
In an ultimate fight where we decide the fate of everyone. - Mod Lily

New Reputations

Characters: teen!Dean x teen!reader, reader’s best friend, a guy named Keith

 Word Count: 1804 

 Warnings: Angst. Mentions of sex and sex tape. Humiliation. 

 Summary: Dean comes back to your school after a year of silence. A video is released of you two and all hell breaks loose. Will Dean be able to fix what he has broken? 

 Authors note: I’m bringing in the new year with a good old fashioned fic. This took me longer than expected because I didn’t plan the plot twist… it just kind of happen. I hope you enjoy my last fic of 2016! I used some of the lyrics from Bad Reputation by Shawn Mendes. it will be italicized. Feedback is always welcomed! Enjoy xx 

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“Y/N, you won’t believe who’s back to our school!” Your best friend says to you excitedly. You could tell that she ran into whoever it was and has a great story to tell. 

 You close your locker and lean against the wall, “Who? And why are you so excited about them?” The both of you started walking to class, “Honestly, I’ve never seen you this excited about a transfer." 

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Mind is nothing but the absence of your presence. When you sit silently, when you look deep into the mind, the mind simply disappears. Thoughts will remain, they are existential, but mind will not be found. But when the mind is gone, then a second perception becomes possible: you can see that thoughts are not yours. Of course they come, and sometimes they rest a little while in you, and then they go. You may be a resting place, but they don’t originate in you.
—  Osho - Awareness
Worthy ; Avengers & Reader.

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Word Count // 1.1k

Warnings // language.

Reader Gender // female.
Pairings // slight reader & bucky.
Author’s Note // I thought this was a fun idea, idk. this takes place after AOU, by the way.
Summary // the reader can lift mjolnir.
Y/N = Your Name.
Y/E/C = Your Eye Color.
Y/N/N = Your Nickname.
Y/L/N = Your Last Name.
Y/H/C = Your Hair Color.
“Lady Y/N, you are the only one who has neither agreed nor disagreed to lifting Mjolnir,” Thor, the handsome and blonde Asgardian behind who was seated comfortably on one of the couches in the tower, pointed out. Bucky flexed the metal fingers of the arm he had draped around my shoulders as I leaned into him. The rest of the (slightly drunken, considering we were all free to hang out and decided to pop open a few bottles of champagne) team’s eyes flickered to me, all encouraging me to test my worth.

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FIC PROMPT Beca and Chloe are the only ones in the Bellas' house for the summer. Beca is taking a shower in Chloe's en suite Bathroom for some reason and she thinks Chloe is out. She forgot her towel... it's too hot to care so she just starts to head to her room but Chloe is home.

“Fuck,” Beca muttered the minute she slams the shower off, glancing at the bare shower door and realizing she forgot her towel. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” 

Peeking out, she quickly glanced around the room in hopes that something might act as a sufficient substitute. The vanity was filled with various shades of powders and pencils, with used make-up wipes strewn over the sink. 

Typically a neat-freak, Chloe kept every room in the house spotless with the exception of, what she called, “her workspace” because “an artist never cleans her own palette”. Beca assumed when she stepped into the bathroom that her presence wouldn’t be vetoed, necessarily, seeing as Chloe’s shower was the only one with actual, semi-decent water pressure. Chloe was out filling their fridge with vegetables that Beca had long ago deemed unneeded, and she couldn’t remember the last time she’d taken one of her classic Beca showers - an act that entailed approximately forty-five free minutes to stand under scalding hot water and casually forget too many words to too many songs. After a day spent wincing at the impossibly high volume her boss could reach when he got even the slightest bit frustrated, she deserved that much. She was sure Chloe would agree, and so actually sneaking into Chloe’s ensuite to use the facilities wasn’t precisely a lapse in judgment. 

The towel, however - or, more appropriately, the absence of the towel - may have been an error in Beca’s earlier processing. Standing in the shower with the faucet occasionally dripping, Beca tried to shake off some of the water droplets limb by limb before she took a deep breath and pushed open the frosted glass door. 

She’d just have to rush. That was all. One flight of stairs and a completely empty house. Right. Totally manageable. She just had to run. 

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so willas ( fishieszoo if you dont already know that) name in my phone is “george daniel” (mine is truman black in her phone lol) and i was texting her at a party and my friends saw and they were like “OUU WHOS GEORGE ALEX GOT A BOYFRIEND” (they dont listen to the baes so they have no idea who george daniel is) and being the cunning little shit i am i texted her and i was like “send me a bunch of flirty boy texts my friends think im wheeling a guy named george daniel” and SHE MADE A PERFECT FLIRTY ALTER GEORGE EGO AND SENT ME ALL THESE TEXTS AND MY FRIENDS WERE READING THEM OVER MY SHOULDER LIKE OMG THIS IS SO FLIRTY DAMN YOURE OTG WITH HIM and im like muahaha 

and they still think im dating this mysterious internet boy named george.


The Both is the name for the duo formed by the veteran singer-songwriters Aimee Mann and Ted Leo. The Both is also the name of their debut album. The two began performing together in 2012, when Ted Leo was Mann’s opening act. Mann began joining Leo onstage during his set. They liked the sound their voices made together, and started collaborating. Fresh Air rock critic Ken Tucker has a review of The Both:

As separate acts, Ted Leo is generally considered a punk-influenced indie musician for the work he’s done with his band the Pharmacists, and Aimee Mann as a sensitive singer-songwriter ever since she left the pop star life with the group ‘Til Tuesday in the 1980s. But of course both of these musicians are more than their genre categories. What their work as The Both suggests is that together they’ve found common ground in confidently precise, propulsive melodies and lyrics that twist with oblique cleverness.

Milwaukee” is one of the first songs Mann and Leo collaborated on in gradually hatching this plan to perform and record together as The Both. They bring out the best in each other musically: Leo gives Mann zip and vigor; she gives him poetry and hard-headedness. Sometimes one of them takes the lead vocal, at other times they trade off lines and harmonize throughout. 

In interviews, Aimee Mann has said working with Ted Leo has made her feel as though she’s in a rock band for the first time, which must make her old bandmates in 'Til Tuesday feel a tad dismayed. But if anything, The Both includes some of the most Aimee Mannish of Aimee Mann songs, the way her best singing captures an urgent longing and pessimism that is redeemed by a prickly self-awareness.

The Both works so well as an album because its songs cohere as the documentation of the ways a new creative partnership revitalizes the familiar habits, tics, tricks, and talents of the collaborators. It sets their individual talents in a new context that compels the listener to form a new appreciation for these musicians. They may begin the album singing about a gamble that didn’t pay off, but their own musical collusion really has.


Photo cred Christian Lantry/Super Ego Records