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Dating Bambam would include

!! oops sorry i wasn’t clear haha i meant can you write a “dating bambam would include” list😅❤ hehe thank you❤

Note: Ah I see what you mean! That’s what I get for not reading things properly! I’m very, very sorry! Here is your request!


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  • Him asking for your opinion on his hair before anyone else after it gets dyed because 1) your opinion means the most, and 2) it gives him an excuse to send you selcas and 3) nothing fuels his ego more than being complimented from you
  • So many messages 
  • Especially when he’s on tour
  • You’ll have so many updates through messenger, snapchat and snow - which makes you question how much work he actually gets done during the day. 
  • Him dedicating a day to cuddling with you when he gets back from tour because god knows he’s needy and wants those cuddles
  • So much skinship
  • Kisses on your face and hands and the rest of your body
  • His band members spending about 80% of their time telling the two of you to get a room or teasing you both
  • Bambam ignoring them because he’s “too mature” for them
  • Grumpy maknae
  • But always cheers up when you give him a reason too, mainly through kisses and hugs and spontaneous dates
  • And that’s what he loves so much about you because you spend so much time dedicated to making him happy and he fully supports that and does the dame for you. 
  • Expect random presents from him, especially after tours because- 
  • “I saw it and it made me think of you”
  • Which can sometimes lead to you having very strange, random objects in your house. 
  • “What an interesting ornament you have there, what it is {y/n}”
  • “Honestly Mum, I haven’t got a clue what it is.” 
  • Him loving to travel with you and taking you to places you’d never been before 
  • Taking you on a tour around his home town in Thailand and teaching you some simple phrases in the language 
  • Being so proud when he finds out that you love it all. 
  • Honestly, just being the cutest couple ever tbh
  • Him holding your hand and kissing you in public when you’re anxious because he knows it soothes you 
  • Doesn’t really give a shit about what the press says because he loves you and that means more than everything to him. 
  • True happiness when the dating ban is lifted even though he’d been dating you for ages before that anyway

Night time

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  • This maknae may looks as though he’s all sweet and innocent but don’t be fooled
  • He can be very charming and seductive when he wants to be 
  • Not to mention sexy af
  • But you probably shouldn’t tell him that unless you want his ego to blow up like a balloon 
  • But putting all of the sexy stuff aside, he is very sweet 
  • And sometimes just really wants to lie next to you
  • It feels so real for him
  • Holding you in his arms
  • He can’t help but think about hos lucky he is to have you in his life and how you love him like you do
  • Sometimes he’ll just hold you in his arms, running his fingers through your hair and grinning because he’s just so happy about you and about life that he can’t help but just grin as he drifts off to sleep. 

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Im confused so what does sangwoo actually want bum to feel??? why was he disappointed?? what does that have anything to do with bums feelings/love toward him ?

Sangwoo was super offended that Bum didn’t I dunno, express sheer joy or kiss his feet to show how thankful he was for Sangwoo to offer the grand opportunity of committing a murder. He was expecting Bum to enjoy the experience but all he got was a ‘i dont feel anything lol’ which in Sangwoo’s point of view, meant he had wasted a lot of time and effort. His ego took a blow and as we’ve seen, he already had a pretty fragile ego to begin with and has no idea how to handle rejections. Sangwoo’s daydream of murder husbands was shot down in that moment until Bum went and said this

Cue Sangwoo getting excited again…I guess? At least that’s how I saw this chapter.

Forever Starts Today

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Makoto blinked in surprise as he stared up at a surprised and confused Sousuke, blushing a little bit at the question before he turned his head to the side and shook his head.

“No, um, but as a matter of fact, a few things of your, ah, technique, could be improved,” he replied, his eyes ending up at a corner of the bag in his hand. “Could I… come inside, I… would like to talk about that,” he added, pulling out the bag. “I have presents, too.”

At the end, Makoto smiled, catching Sousuke’s eyes that were still wide with surprise. Maybe it was selfishness, but something in him really wanted to pursue the weird thing that they had. Even if it was just for sex. Rough sex that made Makoto forget how everybody seemed to think he was some kind of angel. It was hard to hold up that image.

Okay, so Makoto wasn’t mad.  Then, what was he here for? And with that line?

Technique could be improved, huh?  Sousuke raised a brow and frowned at that particular comment.  Well, then.  In Sousuke’s defense, he was completely wasted when they’d hooked up and yeah, okay, he wasn’t very gentle and he’d screwed up and that was the whole reason he’d apologized so many times and left.  However, that didn’t mean that was what all sex with him was like!

Jeez… Talk about a blow to the ego.  He was not bad in bed, thankyouverymuch. At least, not according to the people he’d slept with before.


Finally, the reason for Makoto’s visit came out.  He wanted to talk about that.  “I figured,” Sousuke said with a sigh, embarrassedly looking to the side.  “Yeah. Come in.  My roommate’s out right now,” he said, opening his door wide and stepping aside so that Makoto could enter.  

“Presents?” Sousuke echoed, looking to the bag in Makoto’s hand.  What the heck?

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You really suck, you know? Getting out smarted and letting someone like Tyree escape. I'm sure you will fail many times if you can't handle a human with barely any experience in magic.

“He took me by surprise, you dumb fuck. If you remember, I was able to capture him without any problems. He was weak, and like a cockroach. Those are good at escaping stuff.”

F#*king marry me already

TITLE: F#*king marry me already


AUTHOR: Valarie Ravenhearst2


Imagine Loki trying to propose to you, trying to make it the most perfect occasion. But every time that it comes to the big night, something happens, like you getting sick or have to work, so it keeps getting put off because he wants it to be perfect


NOTES/WARNINGS: the usual stuff ;)

I don’t know why I bother running when I’m stressed; all it does is get me more pumped up. As I continue jogging down the footpath I can see a group of older teens, further along, messing around with skateboards. As I get closer one of them tries to do some trick but stacks it and falls to the ground just in time for me to run into him – sending me flying over him and tumbling along the pavement. 

I’m fine. 

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So @the-hug-cartel​ tagged me to save five nice things about myself… which is something I’m not especially good at doing but I’ll try.

1. I am a kickass writer. It’s the one thing about myself where I’ll allow my ego to blow up. I am really good at words.

2. I am pretty damn talented at existing, despite the fact that my body keeps throwing obstacles in my path. I don’t know any other half-blind diabetic cyborgs with unspecified neurological issues who manage nearly as well as I do. ;)

3. People seem to like me for some reason. 

4. I’m forty years old and while I’m not particularly attached to my own appearance, I do rather like the fact that I don’t look forty.

5. I have a bewildering but often amusing talent to recall large amounts of almost useless information and facts. For example, the phrase “Screw your courage to the sticking place” appears in both Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Shakespeare’s Macbeth. That said, I still don’t know my driver’s license number.

Now to figure out which ten of you to tag…

What Kind of Drunk Are They at a Holiday Party? (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Mia

NAMJOON:  It’d probably take awhile for Namjoon to get totally drunk because he’d try his best to be responsible, but once he’s drunk he’d be spouting so much philosophical stuff about life and friends and the reason why we have holidays and parties, no one would be able to follow his train of thought. He’d, without a doubt, spend a bit of time checking out the hot bodies in the room, and if one of them passed by him he’d try to have a conversation and then do that cute whine and mumble of his about why no one pays attention to him and that he has a lot to say. He’s drops everything in his hands, apologizing a lot for all the broken glass, until the host has to give him a plastic cup. He’d pass out before he made it home.

YOONGI:  Yoongi rarely drinks, but he can hold the most out of BTS, so it would take a lot of convincing for him to start drinking but once he does, he would have a glass in his hand for the duration of the party. He seems more like the responsible driver type than the one to drink, so he probably won’t drink alcohol anyway and just do his best to ignore Seokjin and the maknae line. But, if he does drink enough to get drunk, he’s either gonna be constantly talking or passed out until late afternoon the next day. Whether he’s sober or drunk, he’s still roasting everyone’s asses.

HOSEOK:  Hoseok drinks really lightly, since he can’t hold much, but when he gets drunk, depending on his energy level, he’s either gonna pass out really quick or go crazy and then pass out, all before he can get home. He’s loud. Really loud. Talking, laughing, singing, screaming. There’s nowhere you can go to escape his voice. This dancing king is gonna bust out his Hobi moves rather than his J-Hope charisma but honestly, it doesn’t matter to him when he’s sober so he cares even less when he’s drunk. You’d think he’d be giving Yoongi a headache, and he probably is, but Yoongi just let’s it go…as usual.

SEOKJIN:  This preschooler hyung drinks really well and he’s gonna be that one giggly drunk that’s blabbering constant nonsense. He seems the type to have complete mood swings. Like one moment, he’s refusing to let go of his little baby maknae and quite literally the next second, he’s trying to pick a fight with everyone at the party, especially baby maknae, but the instant he sees something even mildly amusing, he wouldn’t fail to let everyone know that he finds it absolutely hilarious. Will also try to fight anyone who so much as looks at his food in a manner that he deems threatening. He’d yelled at the Christmas tree for being too bright.

JIMIN:  Clingy. As. Fuck. Once he drinks enough, he’s hanging onto someone. If not someone, then something. He’s the soft mochi that somehow manages to laugh almost the entire time. Just a constant giggle that escalates to the laugh that throws his body around the world whenever anyone does anything he finds cute or funny. If someone drags him to his feet to dance, expect a shy little baby. He’d probably prefer holding onto the party host’s dog, whining whenever the pup got out of his reach. When he gets home, he’s gonna be too busy laughing and cuddling his pillow to fall asleep immediately.

TAEHYUNG: Tae can’t drink at all. Like, nothing. At. All. Nope. He’d be the one that has his camera out, recording everything his members are doing for that high quality blackmail. That being said, if by some miracle, he’s able to get enough alcohol down to get himself drunk, he’d be updating every social media site he’s a part of with photos so blurry that no one can tell if it’s a selfie or a picture of Jimin cradling the dog. That miracle to get the alcohol down won’t last long enough though. He’s gonna be throwing everything up at the party or with enough luck, back at home.

JUNGKOOK: Golden baby maknae, now of age, still prefers juice and milk over alcohol, but he can down a glass really well, like damn. He’d drink but he won’t seem as drunk as he really is. What would give him away is his inflating ego. Definitely talks to his hyungs informally. Contests are his kink. And the fact that he keeps winning blows his ego up even more, and he’s what usually causes Seokjin to start fighting. He’s doing most of the stupid stuff and he’s probably broken a chair or some other piece of furniture trying to do a stunt of some sort. He’s one of the centers of attention and at least eighty percent of the meme material on Tae’s social media updates.

Imagine one day Togami and Fukawa are out in public, and Togami notices there’s a group of girls who keep glancing over at them and whispering/giggling among themselves. Fukawa ignores them, and Togami shrugs it off as yet more admirers…

Until they eventually approach and ask Fukawa for her autograph, and completely ignore Togami.

I know it’s a little bit petty, but I just get so mad when someone that is known/famous for doing something, or actually, more like being something, decides to try something else that they are NOT good at, and people are all like “omg you are SO talented!!!” and blow their ego up and then they actually end up being recognized for it?!
Like so many models draw a fucking basic shit and bam! “#artist”. They get interviewed, they get art shows, deals with companies…
And the massive amount of amazing, really talented artists I know struggle to sell their stuff, they struggle so much!!
I think it’s so unfair. I don’t understand the behavior of people that admire others so blindly they cannot judge for themselves whether or not a person deserves the praise. It’s really sad to see someone who’s worked for their art for 20 years get 13 likes while a model who painted something unoriginal under 20 minutes get 1300 likes, people asking to buy prints, to get it as a tattoo, if they can publish it in their online magazine…
Has it all come down to status? Would people rather get a half-assed tattoo design by a well-known burlesque performer than by an unknown, humble tattoo artist who makes amazing designs??

Well, it’s a world where people like Trump get elected as president…nothing should surprise me anymore.

I dislike the stereotype that INTJs are always self confident

Everyone has insecurities. INTJs value knowledge and competence most of all so when they fail a test or do something stupid of course their ego receives a blow. When it happens repeatedly you bet their confidence is going to suffer. I have met plenty of INTJs who had low confidence. The amount of confidence or self-esteem you have is up to each individual and their situations. 

Just because immature INTJs are more likely to come off as arrogant doesn’t mean “self confident” can be a core personality trait. Rather I view it as something that goes up and down over time. 

Not to mention INTJs only speak when they are almost 100% sure they are right, so of course they will appear more confident– they have searched their asses off for the perfect answer specifically to AVOID suffering the embarrassment of being wrong and getting a blow to their confidence.

In conclusion: INTJs have fluctuating self esteem just like all other normal human beings.

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Blurb about Harry constantly touching your breasts? Idk he seems like a boob man, lol!xx

(okay okay you left this wide open for me to write about Harry titty fucking you and I just had no choice at all in the matter my God I’m so sorry I’m gonna be on life support by the end of this)

If there were ever a quintessential ‘boob guy’, Harry would be it. You didn’t expect him to be almost literally obsessed with your breasts when you first started dating him, sure he glanced at your cleavage a couple of times when he thought you weren’t looking but was otherwise a gentleman about keeping his hands and eyes on appropriate places. Once your relationship with him progressed into sexual territory, you noticed it.

You would be cuddling with him on the couch and suddenly, there his hand would be, cupping your breast. You’d lie down to go to sleep, smiling contentedly when Harry fit his long body up against your back to spoon you, and then you’d feel him curling his hand around one of your breasts almost possessively and holding it there as he drifted to sleep. Standing in front of the sink draining pasta water and out of nowhere he’s come up behind you for a boob squeeze with both hands. In movie theatres, at restaurants, in the backs of cars, Harry doesn’t even try to pretend that he didn’t put his arm around your shoulders for convenient access to your chest, and if you happen to wear a low cut top and/or a push up bra around him you know there’s a chance you might actually have to make him sit on his hands while you wonder if you accidentally started dating a 16 year old boy.

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I’ve just been thinking about how great it would be to have calum as a boyfriend who genuinely cares about you heaps and from the beginning he’s pretty into making sure he remembers things you mention and listening to songs you like and reading things you recommend and he pays attention to things you hate like how driving sometimes makes you really nervous and how you don’t like the way he’s a but showy when he’s drinking out with his friends and whenever you have a bad day he makes you sit down on the bed and he tries to help make you feel better by like massaging your feet and painting your nails and when your face is all red and puffy he would show off his great French braiding skills that his sister taught him and he helps put a soothing face mask on and it’s not all one sided cause you realize the things he hates like this one guy he works with always grates his nerves and he hates when people are pushy and loud and you know how he likes his toast and his coffee and you sometimes help puff up his ego with a nice blow job and a few hours of you resting on his chest tracing his skin and I want to talk about calum being a bf more often guys

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I'm having a terrible week so I'm sending you a prompt to see if it inspires anything. Steve gets deserumed somehow and he's angry/upset/embarrassed about his body. Bucky makes him remember that he loves him and how well he takes it in all forms

“Don’t look at me that way,” Steve says, sour, when Bucky comes in through the door.

Bucky leans against the wall. He doesn’t say anything; only stands there.

“Shut your mouth,” Steve says, but his voice comes out a little hoarse. “Flies are gonna get in.”

“Stevie,” Buck manages, and it rocks Steve all the way down to his toes. His voice is all wrong, too. “Stevie, c’mere.”

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I’LL BE YOUR SUMMER GIRL BY NIGHT; an emison mix in two parts

emily: i’ll be ghostly here with you, if i died right now, this moment would never end // you just burnt my bed and tore out the stars and kissed my forehead // i think your mouth should be quiet, ‘cause it never tells the truth now // you’re no good for me cause i’m always tugging at your sleeve, and i swear i hate you when you leave, but i like it anyway // today i caught a glimpse of you around the corner, i saw something i’d forgotten and i loved you more than ever // time doesn’t love you anymore, but i’m still knocking at your door //

ali: bury me in your memory, i’m not the girl i ought to be // i can’t decide if i’m living or i’m dying, so i test your love // when will i be home again? when will winter end? // i held you at a distance then so i could keep you sacred now // let’s have another go, this time, i won’t be a psycho, this time, both my id and ego will blow you away // i run like i’m mad to heaven’s door, i don’t wanna be bad, i won’t cheat you no more

✨Squad Goals Episode 7: Once Upon A Time✨

New Jersey, 2011, Justin

She has that granny grey hair going on and unlike the rest of my fans she’s clothed in a long black cutout jumpsuit a drastic change from the tiny shorts and bra ensembles that I’d seen all night. It’s refreshing, classy, even. But, also unlike my fans she’s on her cellphone, texting away as if she isn’t in the middle of thousands of screaming girls and as if I’m not reaching my hand out to her. She gives me a quick, confident smile, before turning back to her phone and my hand is yanked by a twelve year old with an old purple Belieber shirt. I sing to the twelve year old, and after  a few verses, she’s sobbing and yanking on her pigtails.

My routine is far from finished but I don’t want the grey haired girl out of my sight so I stay as close as I can to the crowd and for a moment I stare at her and as if she can feel my gaze she stares right back and even raises a perfectly arched eyebrow.

“How’s it going New Jersey?” I boom into the microphone and the arena erupts into frantic, girlish screams and even a few enthusiastic manly yells. Grey haired girl claps distractedly and my ego takes a major blow.

“As you guys know I just released Believe,” the screams are deafening and I’m thankful for the fan’s enthusiasm as well as my earplugs.  

“But tonight I want to choose one of you to sing an acoustic song of your choice from the album” I glance off stage and see the concert manager with a ‘what the hell are you doing?’ Look and I send him a wink. I’ve got you grey haired girl, I think in triumph but she’s back on her phone. I pretend to scope out the whole venue pointing at sections to see who can scream the loudest but finally I get onto my knees and lean forward into the pit and with the help of some security guards I walk towards grey.

The commotion I caused startles her and she finally puts away her damn phone as the girl next to her punches her in the arm repeatedly once I gesture at her to come here. ‘Me?’ She mouths and I nod with a smile that thankfully, she returns. I reach for her hand and she takes it and I grow more and more thankful for my security detail because without it grey would’ve been torn to pieces.

“What’s your name?” I ask her as I sit on one of the two wooden stools that had been placed on the stage and she takes a seat on the one opposite of me crossing her legs expertly her posture impossibly great. She leans into my microphone and the moment her voice echoes across the arena I’m sure that I’ve fallen in love,

“Rhiannon St. John” she says and her voice is the cutest thing to have ever graced my ears. The crowd realizes it too and a series of ‘awws’ falls over the crowd.

“Hi, I’m Justin,” I tell her and I’m freaking out because my palms are sweaty as fuck just looking at her under the stage lights she looks like a goddess. She grins brightly and fluffs her grey hair

“Justin…?” She asks and that gets a laugh from myself and the audience I speak into the microphone once more just to humor her,

“Bieber” and she laughs and I’m 99.9 percent sure that this is the future mother of my children. I pick up my guitar and she looks at me with a childlike eagerness,

“what song do you want me to sing for you?” I ask her and the fans begin to shout out different songs and plead with her to choose wisely. Rhiannon taps her chin and reaches for my guitar,

“may I?” She asks and I hand it over. The body of the guitar is so much bigger than her so she struggles a bit to position her hands just right but when she does the loud, crisp, chords of Take you are played. I’m not sure who’s more impressed me or the crowd.

“You wanna sing with me?” She asks and I’m a little shell shocked at this grey haired- at Rhiannon, her name is Rhiannon I remember and then I’m obsessing over those three syllables again. I nod and she laughs and the sound caresses my ears and for a moment I can’t hear the thunderous chatter of the audience.

“Yeah. Hell yeah I wanna sing with you” I say and I motion for one of the stage hands to come over,

“can I have another guitar? She took mine!” Rhiannon smiles and sticks out her tongue. Once I get my guitar she begins to strum again and I join in our chords creating the perfect symphony. The stage hand had also brought out another mic and placed it in front of her.

“Do you know the lyrics?” I expect her to say something snarky but instead she opens her mouth and the stadium damn near goes silent when her voice flows through the mic

“this isn’t your first rodeo is it?” I ask over the strum of our guitars she shakes her head never missing a chord,

“I thought you were from Canada not Texas” she says and that cracks me the fuck up.

“Baby, señorita, ma chérie, please be my little lady, my little lady” I sing and I can tell it that moment that she’s starting to feel me almost as much as I’m feeling her because her pretty hazel eyes darken considerably and she leans closer so we can finish the song.

California, 2016, Justin

“What’s on your mind baby?” Rhiannon asks from my bed she’s sitting criss cross with a guitar in her lap beneath the guitar she’s in a lacy pink lingerie set. I slip on a wife beater and sit on the edge of the bed careful not to mess up her open song journal and pen that she’s been twiddling with all morning.

“Just thinking about how I first met you,” I tell her because it was probably one of the best days of my goddamn life.

“You are a hopeless romantic JB” she says and her eyes light up before she scribbles something into her journal I reach for it sneakily but she hits my hand

“uh uh uh” she tuts and pulls the journal closer to her

“I wanna see what you’re working on Nonnie please?”  She bites her lip in the way that drives me insane and shakes her head teasingly I can only sigh and fall back against my pillows.

New York City , 2012, Justin

“You look nervous JB what’s good?” My buddy Chaz asks as he continuously beats up my player on the playstation. I shake my head and try to redeem my high score but I’ve already fallen too far. The game ends with me as the loser and Chaz high fiving Ryan like he’s won a damn Heisman.

“Uh, I gotta go,” I say after a quick look at my watch Chaz and Ryan look at me like I’m a crazy person but I ignore them and pull on my hoodie.

“You want us to come with?” Chaz asks and I shake my head and try not to seem overly eager.

“Yeah I’m fucking starving dude” Ryan adds and I hold up my hands

“ get room service and put it on my tab alright? I’m out” I ignore their protests and leave shooting a text to Kenny to let him know that they should send out my decoy. I walk about five doors down from my room and knock five times.

“Password?” My favorite voice answers with a hint of a smile and I whisper it to her with a dumbass grin,

“Take you” and with a few click the door opens slowly and Rhiannon St. John is standing there. Her hair is brown now as when I’d seen her a few months before it had been a pastel shade of lavender.

“Won’t you come in sir?” She asks and pulls me into the hotel room by the collar of my hoodie. Once the door is locked and shut behind me she jumps onto me and wraps her legs around my waist.

“I missed you so much” she whispers placing a lingering kiss on my cheek. I take a moment and inhale the smell of her hair, a faint mix of vanilla and lemon verbena. Rhiannon had won the tickets to my 2011 concert off of some radio show and she’d taken her cousin as a birthday surprise. But after she and I sang together on stage we really connected and now we met up every few months to hang out .

“So I took your advice,” she says leading me to her open laptop where a paused video of her singing and strumming a guitar sits, she presses play and I notice the view count on the video.

“Holy shit 8 million views in-” she grins up at me

“ in three days” she finishes pointing at the likes that far outnumber the dislikes.

“I’ve gotten emails from so many label heads but I wanted to show you because this is new to me and I-” during her rant I had become focused on how pretty and soft her lips look in the velvety shade of red she had dressed them in. So I decide to kiss her, and though taken by surprise, she kisses back eagerly.

“I have a question” I say seriously her eyes are still closed and her lips are still puckered but she nods,

“would you maybe consider being my girlfriend? It’s one hell of a struggle but I think you’ve got what it takes” she opens her eyes in shock

“I’m going to be Justin Bieber’s girlfriend?” She asks with a grin and I’m so shocked by her words that when she kisses me I forget to move my lips.

“That’s a yes?” I ask stupidly and she nods before engaging me in another kiss,

“it’s a hell yes.”

California, 2016, Justin

“ You would be shocked at how many people still think I’m a ‘gold digging whore after your money’” Rhiannon tells me scrolling through her twitter feed with an incredulous smile.

“Wait you aren’t with him for his money?” Kylie asks from her seat with a raised brow and I flick her injured leg that’s propped upon a coffee table. We’d come over to Rhiannon’s house so she could change clothes but Kylie had somehow conned us into staying the night because Kendall, and Gigi were jetting off for some gig and A$ap was preparing for his tour.

“I’m just saying if it ain’t his money what is it?” Kylie probes flinching when I threaten to move her leg again.

“That dick” Rhiannon says nonchalantly pointing at my crotch I’m pretty sure I hear the cameraman choke on laughter but we ignore it and Rhiannon continues scrolling through her feed while  I smile at Kylie’s look of disgust. I throw Kylie a wink and she pretends to vomit. I get up and to a little grind and Kylie covers her face with a throw pillow.

“I changed my mind you two go to his place and do the nasty shit you usually do and I’ll be fine here by myself” I glance at her and give a too sweet smile,

“ aw don’t worry Ky. We’ll still do nasty shit here too!” She throws the pillow at my face but I catch it.

“Too slow Jenner”

“kill me.” Rhiannon sighs and places her phone on the table, eyeing Kylie and I before running a hand through her hair.

“To answer your question Kylie, I’m with Justin for that dick, and because I love this idiot and we’ve been through alot together.”  I grin like an idiot

California, 2013, Justin

Scooter loves Rhiannon. He can’t get enough of her and before this day is done she’ll officially be managed by him and signed to our label.

“So are you two going to go public?” Scooter asks Rhiannon who glances at me for a moment before answering,

“I don’t want my relationship with Justin to influence my career. I would never use Justin for ratings or whatever. That’s all me” I give her a smile and reach for her hand because every girl before her had used me for publicity stunts, and exposure.

“So after your first single goes platinum, and believe me, it will. You two can come out and Rhiannon from then we’ll work on your album how’s that sound?” Rhiannon’s mouth drops and she glances to her parents who are grinning happily.

“Our baby the superstar” Laura St. John says as she and her husband Carson reach towards her for a hug.

“I’m gonna be signed?” She asks from her parent’s arms and Scooter nods with a laugh.

“Welcome to Interscope” he says offering her a hug to which she runs and nearly tackles him to the floor.

“Congrats Nonnie” I say before embracing her and placing an innocent kiss on her cheek for her parent’s sake. She raises an eyebrow and smiles at me,

“Nonnie?” She asks and I wait for her reaction she bites her lip and smiles.

“Nonnie. I like it.”

👑The King Lists 👑

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The biggest regret I have is putting on my profile that I enjoy reading comics and that I game. Any message that isn't sexual harassment is guys testing me to see if I actually know what I'm talking about. Then if I bother to prove that I do indeed know the names of "every robin in batman" or whatever other trivial question they pose, it's obvious I probably googled it. Why do I even try?

I have in my profile that I love several different sports. While I sometimes get some “prove-it” style messages, usually the guys who message me are just excited to talk about sports. For a while I thought this was odd, but I think it speaks to a very specific kind of misogyny within nerd culture.

Guys who believe in Fake Nerd Girls have convinced themselves that the reason they haven’t done well in the past with women is because women don’t enjoy the things they enjoy. That women can’t like those things. Because the problem couldn’t possibly be that they are unkind, uninteresting, a creep, or any number of other things. To them, the problem is that women don’t understand them. Any threat to their belief that women are incapable of understanding them isn’t just an ego blow, it’s a threat to the way they’ve structured their self esteem and self worth. 

Honestly, any guy who asks you to prove your knowledge doesn’t deserve your time of day. I know lots of great guys who are into nerd culture. Not a single one of them would ask you to prove yourself. They’d ask you about your interests and start a conversation. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone, and no one who wants you to prove yourself deserves your time.