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Hey so remember when Peter Quill tried to kill Ego for murdering his mother the second he heard about it and everyone understood but when Tony Stark went after the man he had just seen kill his father and choke his mother to death some people lost their shit and branded them a villain?

Peter Quill: His father tells him to his face that he deliberately caused death of his mother because he genuinely fell in love with her, emotions are icky and superflous in grand picture of things; and he had plans to rule the universeTM. Peter then snaps out of his hypnotised state and fights Ego until they blow up Ego’s brain and effectively kill him.

Tumblrinas: Yas, you go my son! Kill that asshole, how dare he do that?! Unforgivable, I am so glad the fucker is dead.

Tony: Is made to watch conveniently unavaliable until that moment traffic cam footage from 1991 that displays in high definition and story convenient angle that his parents were brutally murdered by a brainwashed super soldier who happens to be standing five feet away while his so called team mate is right next to him and after three years is forced to admit that yes he knew that the Winter Soldier killed the Starks. Tony snaps and attacks both of them, to the point where some of us actually thought he might kill them.

Tumblrinas: Bad boy Tony. Go sit in the corner and ponder on why your actions are bad. 

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Dating Bambam would include

!! oops sorry i wasn’t clear haha i meant can you write a “dating bambam would include” list😅❤ hehe thank you❤

Note: Ah I see what you mean! That’s what I get for not reading things properly! I’m very, very sorry! Here is your request!


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  • Him asking for your opinion on his hair before anyone else after it gets dyed because 1) your opinion means the most, and 2) it gives him an excuse to send you selcas and 3) nothing fuels his ego more than being complimented from you
  • So many messages 
  • Especially when he’s on tour
  • You’ll have so many updates through messenger, snapchat and snow - which makes you question how much work he actually gets done during the day. 
  • Him dedicating a day to cuddling with you when he gets back from tour because god knows he’s needy and wants those cuddles
  • So much skinship
  • Kisses on your face and hands and the rest of your body
  • His band members spending about 80% of their time telling the two of you to get a room or teasing you both
  • Bambam ignoring them because he’s “too mature” for them
  • Grumpy maknae
  • But always cheers up when you give him a reason too, mainly through kisses and hugs and spontaneous dates
  • And that’s what he loves so much about you because you spend so much time dedicated to making him happy and he fully supports that and does the dame for you. 
  • Expect random presents from him, especially after tours because- 
  • “I saw it and it made me think of you”
  • Which can sometimes lead to you having very strange, random objects in your house. 
  • “What an interesting ornament you have there, what it is {y/n}”
  • “Honestly Mum, I haven’t got a clue what it is.” 
  • Him loving to travel with you and taking you to places you’d never been before 
  • Taking you on a tour around his home town in Thailand and teaching you some simple phrases in the language 
  • Being so proud when he finds out that you love it all. 
  • Honestly, just being the cutest couple ever tbh
  • Him holding your hand and kissing you in public when you’re anxious because he knows it soothes you 
  • Doesn’t really give a shit about what the press says because he loves you and that means more than everything to him. 
  • True happiness when the dating ban is lifted even though he’d been dating you for ages before that anyway

Night time

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  • This maknae may looks as though he’s all sweet and innocent but don’t be fooled
  • He can be very charming and seductive when he wants to be 
  • Not to mention sexy af
  • But you probably shouldn’t tell him that unless you want his ego to blow up like a balloon 
  • But putting all of the sexy stuff aside, he is very sweet 
  • And sometimes just really wants to lie next to you
  • It feels so real for him
  • Holding you in his arms
  • He can’t help but think about hos lucky he is to have you in his life and how you love him like you do
  • Sometimes he’ll just hold you in his arms, running his fingers through your hair and grinning because he’s just so happy about you and about life that he can’t help but just grin as he drifts off to sleep. 

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Prompt! Could you write a drabble from the birthday video of the day even was teaching isak how to drive? Just behind the scenes softness 💕

“I can’t do it.” Isak shakes his head quickly from side to side, still stood outside the car.

“One more try?” Even tries to coax him back in.  Isak had scrambled out so suddenly after the last attempt that Even hadn’t even had a chance to grab him, so Isak was just stood on the other side of the driver’s door shaking.

“No!  I can’t, Even, I can’t do it.  There’s too much- it’s too- I’m not-” Isak’s hands gesture wildly, as if he’s trying to pluck the words straight out of the air.

“Okay, okay.” Even concedes.  There’s no way he’s going to try to shove Isak back into the driver’s seat now that he looks like he’s about to have a heart attack from the stress of starting the car and driving forwards barely a foot.  He slides across into the driver’s seat and parks the car quickly against the curb before getting out and pulling Isak into a hug.

“Maybe next time, huh?” Even kisses Isak’s temple, trying not to laugh at the way Isak groans at the mention of a next time.

“Do I have to learn to drive?” Isak whines as he pulls away from their hug.  “We don’t even have a parking space, Even!  We can’t have a car where we live now!  Not that we could afford one even if we had a space.  What’s so wrong with public transport?” Isak rambles, a sure sign that he’s embarrassed.

“There’s nothing wrong with public transport.” Even agrees.  He runs his hand down Isak’s arm until he can thread their fingers together, pulling Isak along for a little walk.

He’ll let Isak calm down before he asks him to get back in the car so Even can return his mother’s car, he thinks.

They walk in companionable silence for a few minutes until Even remembers something, his face breaking into a grin.

“In fact, one of my favourite memories is on public transport!” He exclaims, pulling Isak closer to his side.

“Really?” Isak throws him a bewildered side eye that Even can’t help but chuckle at.

“Yes, really.  And you’re in it.” Even adds dramatically.

“Of course I’m in it.” Isak rolls his eyes, not at all fazed.  “I’m the best thing that ever happened to you!  A blessing!  A gift!” Isak jokes, puffing his chest out proudly.

“You wouldn’t have to worry about ever getting a head injury, Is, your giant ego would cushion any blow.” Even teases back.

“Eh?!  Me?!  Big headed?  As if!” Isak protests, shoving Even away playfully.  Even laughs, letting Isak’s fingers slip through his, and walks a few paces away from Isak for a few steps.  They end up in a little communal garden, and after a few minutes Isak seems more like himself.

They mess about on Even’s phone for a few minutes, taking ridiculous photos with shaky snapchat filters over their huge grins, comfortably close as they tease each other and pull stupid faces.  The residents probably think they’re out of their mind, but Even couldn’t care less.

He’d do anything for Isak’s smile.


In bed that night:

“Even,” Isak whispers into the dark.

No response.

He repeats Even’s name a bit louder, realising there’s no point whispering if he’s trying to wake Even up.

“Mmm?” Even hums, already halfway to sleep.

“You never told me.” Isak wiggles closer to him despite the heat.

“Told you what?” Even mumbles, burying his face in Isak’s hair.

“The memory.  The one of me and public transport?” Isak reminds him.  He can feel Even grin against his scalp.

“Oh.” Even smiles.  “Remember that day we ran into each other on the tram?”

“When…I asked you to buy beer?” Isak laughs, surprised by Even’s choice.

“You looked so cute.  I was so nervous.  I was so sure I was going to blow it with you.” Even sighs sleepily into Isak’s curls.  “But it went just fine.” Isak could feel him smiling again.

“It was a good day.” He agrees.

“Mhmm.” Even hums.  “You didn’t suspect a thing.” Even nuzzles closer, just a breath away from falling into the abyss of sleep.

“Suspect?” Isak repeats with a frown.  He thinks back to that day.  There was no way Even could have planned for them to see each other on that tram, there were too many variables with something like that.

“Even, suspect what?” Isak tilts his head back to look at Even and finds him already asleep.  Pouting, Isak resigns himself to not knowing until tomorrow.



Isak jerks bolt upright from his sleep, disorientated from dreams of trams and rolling cars and beer, and hits Even’s shoulder.

“You had your ID the whole time, didn’t you!” Isak exclaims indignantly.

Even gives him a sleepy wink before falling straight back asleep.


Pairings: Finn Balor (Fergal Devitt) x Reader

A/N: Yayyyy, happy Finn Fridays!!! So since I’m new to writing for the WWE fandom, I need some suggestions on who people would like me to write about and what! I’m thinking on giving a go at Seth Rollins next since he’s my cute puppy son who I adore. Also, if you’re into Game of Thrones or Teen Wolf, I also write stories about them as well. You can find them all on my masterlist!

Summary: When Finn asks Y/N who her favorite WWE wrestler is, he’s not too happy with her response, leading to their first fight as a couple.


Was it really something that needed to turn into a fight? 

It was just an honest answer. 

What was she supposed to do? 

Lie? Make him feel good about himself?

She never had to do that for him before. He was the absolute best at everything he did; and there was no one that could tell him otherwise. Why was it that all of a sudden, he needed for her to tell him that?

They were sat on the couch when he first brought it up. Y/N had her head resting in his lap while Finn drew lazy circles into her bare shoulder. Both were quietly watching a UFC fight on the television in Finn’s condo per usual given the fact that Y/N lived farther from the city and gym they would both be at, at the crack of dawn. 

Knowing their comfortable and happy routine by now, after this fight was over, the two of them would either turn on a movie or Y/N would head to the bedroom while Finn sat at the dining table and added a bit more to the Lego set he’d been working on. This time around, he was halfway through the Tower Bridge Y/N had gotten him for Valentine’s Day as a reminder of the city Finn had first met her in. When Y/N felt like she had waited long enough, she’d tip toe back out into the kitchen with nothing but one of his shirts and slide her hands from his shoulders down his hard chest. She’d always stand like that for a moment, letting him put a few more pieces on before finally tugging him out of his seat and leading him towards the bedroom. Not once did he ever argue, he knew well enough that she’d always win. Y/N was his weakness and he’d walk through fire just to please her. 

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Me vs Anti
  • Me: I told you to stay in the Anti-Glitch cage you glitchy bastard!
  • Anti: You can't stop me! No one can stop me! I'm unstoppable! Soon everyone will fall underneath my wrath!
  • Me: No your not...I know your weakness.
  • Anti: You're bluffing! *holds up knife*
  • Me: *Takes Robin away from the computers* What are you going to do now bitch?!
  • Robin: *Waves 'hi'*
  • Anti: *Weak and sad* Please give him back...

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Imagine how the Egos would react if a small child turned up on their doorstep and they had to take care of them for the day before retuning them safely to their parents.

(I saw a post the other day that kind of gave me the idea for this. The situation involved Anti finding the child instead, though. But anyway, hope you guys enjoy!)

Silver finds it, the child, a little four year old girl with something sticky smeared on her mouth and big crocodile tears in her eyes. “Where’s my mommy?” Silver screams, and that doesn’t help the situation at all.

“How did it even get in here?” Google wrinkles his nose at the small child. “Disgusting.”

Bim braids the little girl’s hair and sings to her with a calming voice. “Be nice, Google. She’s just a baby, after all.”

“‘m not a baby. I’m four and a half,” she holds up her fingers to show Bim, and he smiles.

Wilford takes her into the studio and lets her try on costumes, which he uses his abilities on to make them fit her. They blow bubbles, eat cotton candy, and when she’s good and worn out, the little girl falls asleep in his lap.

Ed eyes the two of them on the couch in the living room. “I’ll make ya an offer for her. Fifty bucks down payment, bet I could make a nice profit…”

Wilford glares at him. “No.”

Dark finds them next. “What is that?” His voice makes the little girl stir from sleep, and when she sees him, she immediately starts screaming and crying at the top of her lungs. Dark claps his hands over his ears to shut out the noise. “Make it stop! You there, stop that this instant!” His compulsion makes the girl stop crying, but she continues to sniffle as Dark paces closer. “We’ve got to find her parents and return her, Wilford.”

The pink Ego hugs the child closer. “No, she’s mine now! I found her, and she’s cute.”

The Host wanders in. “Oh, good lord,” turns around and walks back out. Dark chases after him, and together, he and Google search for the child’s parents. It takes several hours to convince Wilford that giving the girl back to her parents is the best thing for her.

The forgetful father? Chase Brody.

Wilford grabs him by the collar of his shirt, causing his stupid, oversized hat to fall off his head, and drags him forward so the two are nose to nose. “Lose that sweet child again, and I will end you.” The little girl just giggles and keeps blowing bubbles.

dinner date — peter parker

prompt: “i know your mom hates me” (either one of them) for tom holland, thanks 

warnings: cursing, fluff 

notes: i did a whole answer to this anon on why i choose not to write about real people as themselves rather than their characters that they play! but thank you for this request :) please send in more and i hope you enjoy 

Peter rarely left Queens, unless it was important like the “retreat” to Berlin, or Aunt May wanted to take them on vacation. Usually, he stayed in his neighborhood, not too far from everything he grew up with and around. It was pitiful (Ned’s words, not his), but it was nice and he hadn’t ever really felt the need to go out as himself to just eat somewhere fancy in Times Square or Manhattan.

Tonight, however, was different. 

He had never felt more uncomfortable in his own apartment. He was frantic, cleaning every crook and crevice, wishing that he somehow had the power to turn his kitchen into a gourmet fine dining area—maybe that would be more impressive. 

 It was dinner night. The dinner night that Peter had spent weeks stressing over, constantly babbling about it to May and Ned, and really, even Tony Stark—because he was that nervous and needed someone to talk to. He would constantly trip over himself, more than usual, trying to get his mind off it and calm down, struggling to keep his chill. 

What do I wear, what do I say, oh, God, do I shake their hands?

Peter was a mess. He had known you for years, ever since school started, and he was one of your best friends—so why was he so sweaty? You were his girlfriend, one of the best friends he ever had, and it was as though he were meeting you for the first time. 

He runs a hand through his hair before sighing and going over to the bathroom mirror to fix it again. It’s natural curl is showing from how much he’d been tugging at it anxiously, and he’s surprised his lip hadn’t yet bled from how much he’d bitten it. 

“Peter,” Aunt May says, rolling her eyes at him and he gives her a distracted glance, “You look fine and [Y/N]’s parents will absolutely adore you. And with that adorable face? Who wouldn’t?” 

“Oh, God,” Peter groaned, closing his eyes in embarrassment, “Please don’t say anything weird or mortifying. And definitely do not offer to show them baby pictures.” 

Aunt May clicked her tongue as they both walked back to the living room, Peter bouncing off the hardwood floors. “Shame, guess I’ll have to put away all the albums again.” 

The doorbell suddenly rings and Peter is dashing towards the door, his black sweater clinging onto his body for dear life. He goes to open it, but then pauses and takes a minute to register himself. Okay, Peter: be cool, be cool, don’t open the door too quick or else you’ll look like you’ve been waiting and that’s creepy.  

He opens it slowly and sees you and your parents standing there. He instantly smiles as you gaze up at him and for a moment he forgets that he’s two seconds away from fully shitting his pants. He lets you all in as he watches Aunt May introduce herself to your parents.

“Wow, you clean up nice,” you compliment teasingly, grinning. You stayed back and Peter closed the door, shaking his head at you. 

“Babe, that hurts, why do you sound so shocked?” He asks in mock disbelief and you two walk over to the table. 

Both of you are whispering and you know it’s because he’s apprehensive. He wants to impress your parents, dazzle them, let them know that he’s perfect for you and that he’ll treat you right—but he doesn’t know how. You can tell by the expression on his face. 

“Babe? Huh, you must be getting confident, Parker,” You tell him and his cheeks are pink instantly. 

“Peter,” your mother says suddenly when Aunt May seats all of you and brings out the food Peter begged her to order from the five-star Italian delivery restaurant. “It’s good to see that you’re okay.” 

Your eyes widen and Peter lifts a brow. “Pardon?”

“After the Washington Monument incident,” you add on quickly, glancing at your boyfriend. You turn to your parents, “Peter wasn’t there, thankfully. Remember, I told you I wasn’t either. We weren’t together in the same room, of course. I was on the ground with MJ, and yeah…” 

Everyone begins eating and Peter shifts awkwardly in his seat. He doesn’t know what to say. He wants to charm your parents with his wit and intellect, but nothing is coming out. And if something did, it’d only be his stammers. 

“So, what’s been going on at school?” Aunt May asks, encouraging to clear the air. “[Y/N], your mom and dad told me about the volunteering you’ve been doing for service hours.” 

You bite your tongue. Your parents loved to brag about you whenever they weren’t complaining. Peter lit up, turning to you, practically throwing you his undivided attention. 

“School’s been great, really. After we won nationals, Flash just keeps bragging about how he rightfully deserved that trophy,” you start, and Peter looks at you and laughs. 

“Flash couldn’t have won it even if he tried.” 

“Easy for you to say, you weren’t even there,” you point out, rolling your eyes playfully. “You were off playing—” 

“Playing what?” Your Dad joined in and you bit your lip at his authoritative tone. 

He had the voice whenever he talked to Peter, or any boy that even looked at you for that matter. Your dad was probably the biggest ball of sunshine that ever existed, and to see him try and act like the bad cop to your mom’s good cop was ridiculous. 

“Um, I was out…playing—” Peter stutters and you quickly rush in to save him. 


The whole table looks to you and while Aunt May gives Peter confused look, your parents do the same to you. You bit a bite out of some pasta and took a sip of water, your hand finding Peter’s under the table. He squeezed and you shrugged at your parents. 

“Peter wasn’t feeling well, which was unexpected, and he didn’t go to nationals. So he just played Zelda in his hotel room,” you reassured, lying through your teeth. 

Who knows how your parents would react if you told them you were dating the masked hero by the name of Spider-Man? Sure, they probably wouldn’t believe you and laugh at your attempt to make your geeky (your dad’s words) boyfriend sound cooler, but on the off-chance they took you seriously—you’d probably never be allowed to see Peter again. At least not in the way you wanted. 

“Peter has a tendency of being unpredictable,” Aunt May jokes with your parents and they actually laugh, making you think that this whole thing is actually going well. 

Your heart would break if it didn’t, but right now you could only hope for the best. 

Luckily, the adults became enveloped into their own conversation, bonding over how insatiable and complicated raising teenagers was. Apart from your father’s daggers at Peter (which were, at most, simply warning glares), you and him were unnoticed. You just couldn’t leave the dinner table. 

“Crap, crap, crap,” Peter repeats over to you, “I think I’m going to pass out if your dad asks me another question. He’s so scary! You told me he was a huge nerd. Why’d you lie?” 

You scoffed and hit him lightly on the chest (gaining another head-shake from your father).

“Peter, he literally gushes about the Avengers and Spider-Man all the time. He’s just not exactly comfortable with me dating so young. Not everyone is as cool as your aunt.” 

“Please never call her cool again, her ego might blow through the roof,” Peter tells you and you chuckle. “But seriously, I think they hate me. They’re going to forbid you from seeing me and—yup, your mom? I know your mom hates me.” 

“Yeah, okay, sure. That’s why she says that you’re handsome and smart all the time, right?” You confess to him, “Trust me, they like you.” 

“Are you sure? Because I can clean up nicer, you know, and I can be funnier—I have a couple jokes that Ned and I have been working on—” 

“Peter, stop! If you do tell a joke that was made up by you and Ned, then my parents will really hate you.” 

He licks his lips nervously and huffs, “Gee, thanks.” 

“They could never hate you, Peter. You’re…you. You’re adorable and sweet and kind. You’re our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. I mean, that’s pretty awesome,” you say, smiling at him. “Just don’t break my heart, Parker. Or else, they’ll have your head on a pike.” 

He blushes. “Wouldn’t dream of it.” 

His phone suddenly rings, interrupting everyone’s conversation. He pulls out his phone and both of you can see the caller ID. 

Happy Hogan.

“[Y/N]…” He whispers, ignoring the stares he’s getting from May and your mother and father.

You nod, “Peter, go. Just come back in one piece.”

He takes the call and goes to his room, leaving you alone at the table with three adults. You awkwardly take a bite out of Peter’s untouched dinner roll, chewing hesistantly. 

“Thank you for having me over for dinner, Aunt May,” you acknowledge, trying to steer the topic away from the elephant in the room. 

“What happened, is everything alright?” Your mom asks and Aunt May looks annoyed and disappointed. Your dad is picking at his food.

“Yeah, everything’s alright!” You said truthfully. You were more than okay with Peter’s frequent disappearances; it’s not like he couldn’t just refuse to help out and use his abilities for the common good. All you wanted was for him to be alive at the end of the day.

“Remember I told you about the Stark Internship he has,” you continued, watching your mom’s face light up with recollection of the memory. “"I told Dad about it too, but I don’t know if he was actually listening.”

Your dad looks up, “I wasn’t.”

May shakes her head. “I am so sorry, [Y/N]. I’ve talked to him about this whole internship thing and he just—do you want me to talk to him right now?” 

You almost jump up. “No! No, it’s fine. Completely. Mom, Dad, we should get going now anyways, right? You both have work tomorrow and I’ve got homework. Thank you so much, May, I hope we can come over another time.”

Aunt May sighs, but lets the Peter thing go. “Of course, sweetheart! Come over anytime you like! And [Y/PARENTS’/N], it was glad to meet the both of you for the first time!”

You wait as your mom and dad return her affections, thanking her and giving her a small friendly hug. Despite you displaying full support, May still flashed you an apologetic and sympathetic look as she hugged you goodbye and shut the door. You couldn’t blame her; she still had yet to find out that the boy who she practically raised as her own son was constantly running into imminent danger. 

As you walk to the car, thinking of how your boyfriend was currently saving lives and helping people, your mom gives you a concerned look.

“Do you know what that was about?” She questions and you take a moment to respond.

Peter in his suit flashes through your mind, and you shake your head.

“Nope. Not a clue.” 


You liked to believe that Harry was someone who was sculpted by the gods because he had to be one of the prettiest looking people out there in the entire world. His cheekbones, his sharp jawline, his piercing green eyes, his pouty lips - he was the perfect package with a cherry on top! Sometimes you’d have moments where you’d just sit there and wonder how in the hell someone like him ended up with someone like you. He was just so beautiful that you felt like you weren’t allowed to be near his presence, but hey - you had no complaints whatsoever. 

The one downside, however, of Harry having the face of an angel, was the fact that he was extremely distracting. You would find yourself absolutely mesmerized by his face, by how his lips curled around certain words, by how twinkly his eyes were under certain lighting. You also realized that you tended to blank out whenever Harry started talking to you, and your brain seemed to only want to focus on his features rather than what he was saying to you. Not to mention, Harry somehow made everything sound sexy. A combination of his low voice and that thick accent made you want to pounce on him whenever possible, but you were pretty good at self-control… Sort of. It got pretty bad whenever it was that time of the month mainly because your hormones would be completely out of control, and having Harry walk around the house looking like that drove you absolutely crazy. And it just so happened that it was nearing that time of the month. 

“Can you believe they were out of kale? When has a juice bar in LA ever run out of kale?!” Harry was in the middle of telling you how his day went, but your attention on his story had disintegrated about thirty seconds into it. You could already feel yourself beginning to automatically tune Harry out, your brain kicking into ‘admire-your-boyfriend-like-a-creep’ mode. 

“Yeah, totally…” You trailed off, propping your chin up with your palm. Harry had caught you creeping on him instead of listening to him multiple times and teased you relentlessly for it. Your tongue poked out to swipe over your bottom lip as you stared at Harry, your eyes locking with his. 

God, he’s so beautiful. Your eyes slowly trailed down to his lips.

His lips… they’re always so pouty, and they’re practically the color of raspberries. I think it might be that new chapstick he’s been trying out. Harry does taste like raspberries when I kiss him. They’re just so soft and pillowy, and they somehow look even plusher when they pucker around certain words. You sucked your bottom lip in between your teeth, biting down harshly before you nodded when it sounded like Harry had asked you something. You began dragging your eyes downwards once again, stopping when you noticed a little purple splotch on his neck. You had given him a little bite last week when you two were getting a little more than frisky, and- well, now you were thinking about how amazing Harry was in bed. He knew you, he knew your body, he knew about how you’d respond to his touch, and- fuck me. 

“If I’d have known talking about juice made you this horny I would’ve started talking about it ages ago.” Wait, what? Your cheeks immediately heated up when you realized you had blurted your thoughts out loud. You absolutely hated when you let yourself get lost in your thoughts, and it always ended up with you saying something out loud that was supposed to be kept personal. 

“I… uh…” Harry’s lips twitched in a knowing smile as he waited for a response. He knew you were gone the moment your eyes seemed to blank out. Plus, the fact that you looked as if you were about to chew your bottom lip off was a dead giveaway. He knew exactly what you wanted now, but Harry liked to see you beg. 

“You want me so bad, don’t you?” Harry had you wrapped around his finger and he was fully aware of it. He got up from the stool, leaning forward on the counter as he locked gazes with you. You swallowed thickly, your eyes widening slightly at the sudden change in atmosphere. “C’mon, use your words.” 

“Harry…” You murmured, trying your very best to contain yourself. Where was your amazing self-control when you needed it most? Harry reached over and tilted your chin up with a finger, leaning down and giving you a sweet peck that definitely left you wanting more. As he pulled away, you found yourself tilting your head up as if silently asking for more. 

“Poor baby…” Harry cooed, poking your nose gently before moving and beginning to head towards the staircase. He looked back at you expectantly, nodding towards the stairs. “Aren’t you going to come upstairs and join me?” 

No. No, I’m not, because I’m a grown woman who is capable of controlling herself. I don’t need you and your stupid face, and your charming-  You got up instinctively and began following him like a lost puppy, forcing the voice in your head to shut up. You felt as if your spirit had left your body and you were watching yourself from afar. You didn’t want to give Harry all the power because he got super cocky and his ego would blow up, but at the same time, you liked it when he was in control.

Harry turned back to glance at you with a sly smirk. “Mm. Tha’s what I thought.” Now was your chance to stop yourself, and think about what you were about to do. Were you really going to let your raging hormones control you and- Well, it was too late because all of a sudden you found yourself in your bedroom with your legs on either side of Harry. 

…Damn it. 


gifs aren’t mine!

Peter: Check out my new “Ego planet simulator” … *blows*

Groot: I am Grooooot <3

Drax: Impressive! You have retained the powers of your deranged father!

Gamora: Those are soap bubbles, you two.

Rocket, staring: I am not compelled to catch them; I AM NOT COMPELLED TO CATCH THEM!

Rocket: Flark it, I have to catch them AAAALLL!

Forever Starts Today

Continued from here


Makoto blinked in surprise as he stared up at a surprised and confused Sousuke, blushing a little bit at the question before he turned his head to the side and shook his head.

“No, um, but as a matter of fact, a few things of your, ah, technique, could be improved,” he replied, his eyes ending up at a corner of the bag in his hand. “Could I… come inside, I… would like to talk about that,” he added, pulling out the bag. “I have presents, too.”

At the end, Makoto smiled, catching Sousuke’s eyes that were still wide with surprise. Maybe it was selfishness, but something in him really wanted to pursue the weird thing that they had. Even if it was just for sex. Rough sex that made Makoto forget how everybody seemed to think he was some kind of angel. It was hard to hold up that image.

Okay, so Makoto wasn’t mad.  Then, what was he here for? And with that line?

Technique could be improved, huh?  Sousuke raised a brow and frowned at that particular comment.  Well, then.  In Sousuke’s defense, he was completely wasted when they’d hooked up and yeah, okay, he wasn’t very gentle and he’d screwed up and that was the whole reason he’d apologized so many times and left.  However, that didn’t mean that was what all sex with him was like!

Jeez… Talk about a blow to the ego.  He was not bad in bed, thankyouverymuch. At least, not according to the people he’d slept with before.


Finally, the reason for Makoto’s visit came out.  He wanted to talk about that.  “I figured,” Sousuke said with a sigh, embarrassedly looking to the side.  “Yeah. Come in.  My roommate’s out right now,” he said, opening his door wide and stepping aside so that Makoto could enter.  

“Presents?” Sousuke echoed, looking to the bag in Makoto’s hand.  What the heck?

Its Better When It Feels Wrong 6

Modern!Ivar X Reader

Summary: Reader has to make a decision now that she knows the truth… Or so she is lead to believe

Warning: Serious manipulation, smut, oral (reader receiving), NSFW, dub-con, little angst and fluff, sort of interrupted smut?, Possible triggering??? Idk

Word Count: 2,905

Author: Lupy22

A/N: As always make sure to read previous parts if you have not yet. I promise things will be more intense in the next chapter… That is if it is wanted

This couldn’t be happening. You couldn’t fucking believe it. After all the shit he did to you. Dressed you up like a fucking Barbie doll, made you feel such guilt, humiliated you, and for fucks sake he made you stay as his slave… And for what? For nothing!

You felt a trail of fire lead right to your heart and spread through you veins. He was just sitting there, looking up at you and all you wanted to do was pound his face in. He yet again lied to you and look at the cost of it. 

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Adventures in Retail

Originally posted by trash-for-bangtan

Requests are open! Send them in if you have anything :)

Summary: Working in retail is a nightmare. When you meet Namjoon, you come to appreciate the stock room a little more, though.

Pairing: Namjoon X Reader

Genre: Smut and a little fluff

Warnings: Daddy kink, slight choking

“Thank you for shopping with us. Have a wonderful day.“ You tried to put as much enthusiasm as you possibly could into your voice. It got to be harder and harder to do as the day went on and you repeated the same phrase every five minutes. The midday rush had finally died down, so you had decided to walk around and straighten some clothes that had been mindlessly placed by some customers.

As you were folding some shirts you felt eyes on you. You looked around until you saw a group of guys standing a few feet away glancing at you. You walked up to them, knowing that most of the time when men came into the store, they were usually too prideful to ask for help.

“Are you gentleman finding everything all right?” They all smiled brightly and nodded.

“We were just browsing. Do you work here?”

”I do. My name is Y/N, so if you have any questions, just let me know. I’ll be more than happy to help.” They thanked you, and you noticed the taller one of the bunch kept staring at you with a look that you couldn’t quite figure out. You smiled, then went back to folding the pile of shirts that had been messed up earlier. A few moments later, you heard someone clearing their throat behind you.

“Excuse me. Would you mind helping me?”

You turned around, seeing the tall one from the group you had talked to before.

“That’s what they pay me for. What can I do for you?” He smiled, looking at the ground for a second before looking back up at you.

“Do you happen to have any red Converse shoes here?” You smiled as you started to walk towards the shoe section, motioning him to follow you.

“You have good taste. All our shoes are over here. The Converse section is my favorite.” He chuckled behind you, and your heart skipped a little at the sound.

“Thank you. My name is Namjoon, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Namjoon. Like I said earlier, my name is Y/N. If you have any more questions-”

“I’ll be sure to let you know.” You gave him a small smile as you turned to walk back to your shirts.

“These clothes will be folded whether they like it or not.”

When you finally finished folding your pile, you felt a presence behind you again.

“Hey Y/N? Do you mind helping me again?” You laughed, turning around to see Namjoon smiling sweetly at you.

“Sure. What do you need?”

“Well, I was wondering what kind of shirt to wear with my new shoes.” You cocked your eyebrow, smirking at him.

“Do you just want me to help you pick out an entire outfit?”

“Actually, that sounds wonderful. If you don’t mind, of course.”

You helped Namjoon pick out an entire ensemble, including some bracelets and rings. You talked a lot and learned about each other. The more you got to know about him, the harder your heart started to pound in your chest. You brought him to the register and smiled.

“My coworker will ring you up.”

“Thank you for everything Y/N. Maybe I should shop here more often and get you to help me.” You blushed a little as you smiled sweetly at him.

“I’d like that. I don’t mind helping you. You’re a lot nicer to deal with then some of the people we get that come through here.” You waved at him and went to do some cleaning around the store to occupy yourself for the remainder of your shift.

“Y/N. Do you mind going to the stock room to do a quick inventory check? We forgot to do it yesterday.” You agreed and made your way to the back where the stock room was. You started to check the inventory, humming to yourself because it was too quiet back there. You heard the door close, which confused you since it was policy to keep that door open while there was someone in the stock room. A customer must have snuck in, thinking that there was no one in the room.

“I’m sorry, but there are no customers allowed back here-” As you rounded the corner, you saw Namjoon standing there.

“Namjoon? What are you doing back here? You shouldn’t be here.”

He didn’t say anything as he slowly walked over to where you were standing. You felt your heart pounding in your chest when he got close enough for you to smell his cologne. His hand slowly reached out to touch the velvet choker you had decided to wear that day.

“Namjoon?” He stayed silent still, his finger slowly running back and forth across the choker. His hand moved up a little until his fingers were completely around your throat.

“Do you wear this because you like to be choked Kitten?” You closed your eyes as you bit your lip to keep from moaning at the pet name he gave you. You felt his hold on your throat get a little tighter.

“I believe I asked you a question.”

“Please Daddy!” Your eyes snapped open as soon as you realized what had just come out of your mouth. Namjoon’s eyes darkened as he stared at you.

“On your knees. Now.” You quickly obeyed and got onto your knees, staring up at him as you waited for you next command.

“I think you know what to do Kitten.” You shakily reached out and undid the button of his pants, pulling the zipper down before pulling his pants and boxers down. He was bigger than you had expected, which sent a wave of heat right to your core.

“Don’t just sit there. Suck.”

You started to slowly stroke his cock. While keeping your eyes on his, you wrapped your lips around his tip and sucked. He inhaled sharply and grabbed the back of your head.

“Don’t even think about teasing.” You quickly took as much of him as you could into your mouth while your hand stroked what was left. The groan that left his mouth urged you to suck a little harder as you bobbed your head. His fingers tightened in your hair and his hips thrust a little when you added your tongue to the mix.

“Fuck. You’re better at this than I thought you would be.” You smiled to yourself, your ego blowing up. You hollowed your cheeks, moving your mouth lower until you felt his tip hit the back of your throat. He groaned and roughly pulled you off him.

“I won’t last if you keep doing that Kitten. Stand up.” Your legs wobbled a little as you slowly stood. He quickly picked you up and slammed you against the nearest wall. Your legs were quick to wrap around his waist, the feel of his hard cock against your clothed pussy under your skirt making you wetter than you already were.

“I’ll have to repay the favor next time. I need to be inside of you now or I may just lose my damn mind.”

He quickly pushed your panties to the side and ran his cock along your slit a few times.

“Already so wet for me. You like sucking Daddy’s cock, don’t you?” You moaned loudly, throwing your head back. His hand wrapped around your throat.

You have to be quiet this time Kitten. As much as I’d love to hear your moans, we don’t want to get caught before the main event.” You bit down on your lip and nodded. Your nails dug into his shoulder as he wasted no more time, slamming his cock straight into you.

“Holy shit. You’re so tight Kitten. Just for me.” He quickly built up his thrusts to a brutally rough and fast pace. You tried to meet his thrusts at first, but the pleasure got to be too much, so you focused on keeping quiet instead. His mouth met yours in a heated kiss, allowing you to finally release the noises building up inside you. His thumb pressed hard on your clit, and his kisses moved to your neck.

“Cum for me baby. I want you to cum all over my cock. Now.” You bit your hand to hold back your screams as your walls contracted around him. You saw flashes of white as you came all over his cock. He was somehow able to go faster, groaning at how you looked coming down from your high. He stilled as he released inside of you. The only sound in the room was heavy breathing for a moment. He looked up at you and smiled shyly.

“Would it be weird to ask you out-”

“Y/N? Are you still back here? Why is this door closed?” You quickly jumped down and fixed yourself before kissing Namjoon on the cheek.

“I get off in an hour.” You winked at him and walked out to distract your manager so that Namjoon could sneak out. Maybe you should wear your choker more often.

irving embezzling money from axl rose’s tour and sabotaging his efforts of becoming solo so he could make more money at guns n roses even though they’d been friends since the 80s says a lot about azoffs. and in a way it opens uo a big can of worms. i’ve bitten my tongue long enough so here goes my long opinion i’m sure a lot of people actuallh probably asked for. i know i get anons about it all the time i’m too scared to ever answer.

Azoffs are known for being ruthless, not loyal and compassionate. they’re also known for being liars. irving lied in congress’s face about how his merging with ticketmaster would bring more jobs, when he fires hundreds just so he could get a bonus. and let’s not forget a great irving quote. that he’d rather be a smart-ass than intelligent. and jeff saying his metric for success is to just exist. there’s just nothing…. good about these people. they’re childish and keen on revenge and they’re just like simon cowell. it’s known that when you reach the penthouse of the corporate ladder you’re faced with pure psycopaths. those are the people who put harry in a family portrait on a wall. seeing how much money they expected from harry, it’s obvious that was just pure manipulation. how can anyone think highly of people like that?

that’s not in the business books. they’re not business people. no one at that level is. they made it to the top through a series of connections and deals between each other when they were just rookies on a brand new business field. which worked for a while. but it’s temporary. there reaches a point where their empires crumble at an age when they’re too old to know how to fix and to a severity they can never repair. it’s what happened to simon cowell. now it’s happening to irving. although really it’s been happening for years. i’m not convinced he is actually as powerful as the articles in magazines he has connections with say, just like i don’t believe when they call harry a legend or thar two ghosts didn’t flop. i think irving’s been losing money for years. fleetwood mac’s agent will have a hard time finding his place in the era of tropical house music and kardashian lovers. i don’t think it will take much to push this man to bankrupcy except a little push. so uh… congrats to harry on making that connection? don’t think so. half the reason he jumped to claim harry so quickly is because he’s desperate for cash. the baby jagger/bowie of 2017? come on, who asked for that? irving’s blinded by his own desire to relive his glory days. which are obviously very very very very very far behind him. 

i’m sure irving could get away with lying and stealing his way to the top in the 70s, but holding a monopoly on magazines and websites no one reads anymore doesn’t work. you can’t censor social media. back in the 70s and 80s there was only magazines and articles to get information. if you were a legend there people would buy it. not anymore. irving’s entire star-studded client list have flopped, because the “most powerful man in the industry” is an obsolete tired old man, whose prodigy is as talentless as he is. they’re not wise. his business advice is laughable and founded on pure ego. it shows with how solo harry was born. it’s no surprise jeff has been there since 2013.

i think irving pitched an idea for a more rock justin timberlake out of 1d and convinced sony 1d would crumble just like “every other boyband” even though they proved they were so much better. that proves irving’s oh-so great and wise advice there. not only was he stupid enough to think harry was a golden goose, but the solo career they planned since 2013 for harry was a complete and absolute failure. they literally had to bring back the image syco crafted in 2011.

except no one wants to stan harry again. it’s kind of like when someone cheats on you. we’ve seen a side of him that is greedy, manipulative, narcissistic, and disloyal. it’s over.

irving didn’t sign up to manage a boybander, which is the only way he can make up the money lost on harry: bring back 1d harry and make him sing tropical house music and collab with the likes of calvin harris and charlie puth. nah. irving wanted a rockstar. only indie collabs, only rock magazines, only womanizer-fueling gigs, only edgelord pr girlfriends. the fact there’s even damage control seems reluctant. because we’re still seeing that back and forth between 1d harry and rockstar harry. irving looks like the type who would blame the consumer and not the product.

i guess right now it’s a question of how well he takes to failure, and that failure landing on his shoulders since everyone in the industry knows jeff is an idiot constantly asking his dad for advice. he’s the fruit of the irving tree. judging by how badly the entire family takes to simple rejection, i take it a straight up failure that cost millions and made him a laughingstock if sony wasn’t too busy scolding them will hurt even more. it’s one thing for acts you’re funding yourself to flop. but when you get the entire industry to back an artist you assured them would make them all very rich people, that’s a lot of trouble you’re in. and when you’re the most powerful man in the industry(according to a list written by a magazine you partially own) then you’re probably… not taking well to failure. the fact we no longer see harry getting cuddly with jeff and that painfully awkward picture from iheart where harry is blatantlt leaning away from jeff, the trouble in paradise is already evident.

you need to understand that azoffs are just not clever people, none of these legendary businessmen from the 70s are. shelli azoff through a violent fit because she couldn’t get through copyrighr to play the movie sex tape, which got horrible ratings and bombed. that’s how well these people know how to spot talent. corporate ceo’s spot money. the old men of sony spotted the 1d money, and they spotted harry. they, in classic senior citizen fashion, believed harry was the justin timberlake of 1d. they thought his fans were stupid and uneducated teenage girls. irving, desperate loser with everything at stake, specifically called dibs and was conceited enough to think anyone would give a shit about 70s rock in 2017, and ta-da! throw in the millions for that debut, because these old men know best!

that’s it. that was the mentality that birthed holo. old people who can’t accept that their empires built on lies are crumbling and that their wisdom is worth shit in an age where people like us are airing these men’s dirty laundry and educating ourselves with business practices. we’re very smart consumers. and very cynical ones too.

so irving can keep pouring out money for good reviews and grammy’s. but there’s no money to be made from it. when meghan trainor’s two grammy’s went to waste because her insensitive comments about anorexia lost her the support of the gp forever, she was dropped. her career is no longer a priority because the following singles she put out couldn’t make up for the money spent on her. and keep in mind all about that bass was a much bigger hit than sott.

these people want big money at a fraction of the cost. 1d was sony’s dream. they paid almost nothing on their promotion and exploited them to the bone and made billions off them. they thought that if they put big money into harry, they’d get triple that back and kill two birds with one stone: replace adele once she goes back on her 5 year hiatus, and replace 1d too. that’s not happening any time soon.

harry’s career needs a complete overhaul. irving’s entire rockstar plan needs to be thrown away and there will be no more male adele aspirations. they would need to win back the entire 1d fandom’s trust and undo the damage they themselves did to harry’s brand and accept he will be making ¼ of 1d’s money and probably not be doing as well as the other boys. not only is that a big blow the egos of all the men bragging and laughing about all the money harry was going to make them, but it’s a big blow to their wallets too. 

i’m convinced karma will come for these people just like it did for simon cowell. harry had his greedy little hand in the pot, too, so karma will come for him as we. for lying to the boys for over 4 years, for separating himself so he could get attention, for agreeing to manipulate his fans in every way for money and fame.

so i don’t think they’ll do what needs to be done to save harry’s career. i think this will end as badly for harry as it is for the investors who are not getting what they were promised as early as 2013. i think they’re angry and they’ll let out that anger on someone. either harry or irving, but my guess is irving, who took the baby jagger project so seriously and personally expecting to get all the credit and not all the blame. that’s a lot of blame for a very tempermental loser. i think the nicest thing irving could do to harry is lower his budget to whatever they can afford and keep his music career going. the worst thing they can do is blacklist him and make sure he loses as much money as irving did.

i can’t decide if i should end this with “it’s the sign of the times” or “just how fast the night changes”. either way i’m no longer emotionally attached to harry to do anything except grab my popcorn and watch this swerving car head closer and closer towards the edge of a cliff.