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mementomorimina  asked:

Top 5 pieces of clothing you own. (I would love if there are pictures, but totally understand if that's too much work for a simple ask) :-D

Ooooh fun! Okay! <3 

1. Right now, this denim jacket I’m working on. I just finished this Go! Princess Precure back patch and I love it! It’s got a pink gingham ribbon, a sparkly heart brooch from Nerdy Little Secrets and a “Secretly a Magical Girl” pin I made <3 Also a doughnut! (No worn photos of it yet because I’m waiting on an order to arrive to coordinate with it, ehehe <3)

2. This hasn’t arrived in the dang mail yet, but this ice cream motif skirt from Ank Rouge! It’s so sweet and summery and I can’t wait to wear it! 

3. My Cream Cookie Collection skirt from Angelic Pretty <3 I originally wanted the JSK but now that I’m moving away from lolita I’m so glad I have the skirt! It’s a gorgeous shade of muted pink and a lovely soft chiffon. 

4. This top from H&M! My mum picked it up for me when she was travelling as we don’t have an H&M here, but it’s so light and versatile for summer! It’s a crop top which I love but it sits nicely with a high waisted skirt~ 

5. Aaaand last but not least these wicked holographic flatforms from Ego & Greed <3 (idk if shoes count but i’m countin em)