Aries Sun: Ego can be self-centered, all about action and individuality. Ego needs fuel from praise, attention, and conquest.

Taurus Sun: The ego lives in the physical world and needs to be fed by environment, food, affection, and comfort. Healthy surroundings= healthy ego.

Gemini Sun: Their ego relies on communication and information. Variety is healthy for the ego but its state can change rapidly based on info.

Cancer Sun: The ego is wrapped up in emotional security and/or understanding. They tend to keep its needs hidden. Must learn to recognize their needs. 

Leo Sun: Ego is connected to individuality, recognition, and self-expression. Ego is at the surface and is essential to well-being.

Virgo Sun: The ego can easily be neglected and abused by the desire for perfection. They are critical towards self or are overly humble. Ego can be fed with accepting appreciation and accepting flaws in themselves and others.

Libra Sun: The ego along with individuality can be lost in a desire to adapt or please others. Ego revolves around acceptance and love. Ego is strengthened by self-love and acceptance.

Scorpio Sun: Ego is a reflection of past pain or reward. Ego goes thru many intense transformations in life. Ego feeds off emotional experiences. 

Sagittarius Sun: Ego is tied to their self-expression, understanding of the world, and beliefs. Ego is fed by recognition and their ability to influence others. 

Capricorn Sun: Ego can be tied to the physical world and social world. Achievements is what feeds it. They can be harsh and neglectful towards their own ego. 

Aquarius Sun: Ego is closely tied to acceptance from others, individuality, and self-expression. Ego and emotions are HIGHLY separated.

Pisces Sun: Ego is easily influenced. The ego and emotions are connected. Ego feeds off of reassurance and closeness to others. Ego= in flux.

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✨ This sounds like wishful thinking, but it’s true. When it comes to how I experience life (my happiness and general mood) the state of my mind is more influential than the state of my circumstances. The world holds no inherent meaning beyond my perception of it. Nobody’s perception of reality is objectively true; everyone’s point-of-view is merely an interpretation. If 100 people sat where I am sitting now, each 100 people would have a different interpretation of their surroundings based on their points-of-view and past experiences. The world is a blank canvas. My perception creates the picture.

When I perceive imperfection in another person or see a flaw in my life, do these flaws actually reside in the person and my circumstances, or does the flaw reside in my perception? My thoughts are so fundamental to my interpretation of life that I rarely notice how every day I am painting the canvas of my experience through the lens of my perception. Every thought is another brush stroke. Each subconscious judgement is another color. Soon I am looking at a painting (my experience of life) and have forgotten that I created it.

The kindest thing I can do for myself is remembering to slow down and observe my thinking mind – each inhale and exhale of thought – instead of giving it free reign to shape my experience of life without supervision. This is the point of meditation. My mind has the power to perceive both heaven and hell in each passing moment. Heaven is the state of unbiased and non-attached awareness. Hell is the hurricane of mental chaos. Regardless of what is happening in my life, I have the power to choose my point-of-view. My thoughts may seem insignificant compared to the big bad world, but the state of the world – with all its monsters, demons, angels, and lovers – does not impact my emotions as much as the state of my mind.

Logic does not help here. Only awareness. Because the world is an unfair place, seeing life from a happy perspective is not always rational. There are a million good reasons to be unhappy and blame others. But when I shift my focus from my circumstances to my awareness, I remember that peace-of-mind is always a choice.

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