Secrets - SoA: Chapter 10

Summary: Reader has lived in a life full of secrets. When her father dies unexpectedly and sends her on a trip all over the country, she finds out just how much like her father she really is. The end of her trip brings her to Charming, CA where she finally gets some big pieces of her family puzzle put back in place and form new relationships with the people there.
Chapter 10: Sunday morning. Unexpected request.
Warnings: language, (implied smut, doesn’t really qualify, assumed sexytime)
A/N: If it wasn’t clear before, this takes place after the events of the final episode, SPOILERS! Italics are for Chibs and his inner thoughts. Bold is for the reader’s inner thoughts.
Word Count: 2300
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Secrets Masterlist

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Chibs’ Birthday

A @samperv challenge: Its Chibs’ birthday.

“Good morning handsome,” you smiled as you walked into the bedroom you shared with your old man. He stretched, groaning as he sat up and smiled at you.

“G’mornin’ love,” Chibs mumbled back to you, pulling you down onto the bed with him and kissing you, “You know what today is…” he trailed off, his hands wrapping around your back and dipping into your pajama bottoms.

“Mhmm,” you cooed, sitting up, “but I have something else for you, something better,” you grinned.

Chibs’ eyebrows raised, “I dunno if there’s anything better than this,” he spoke, patting your butt, causing you to chuckle.

“Just get dressed and meet me downstairs, birthday boy,” you winked, getting up from the bed and walking out of the room.

You had a big day planned for your old man; a scavenger hunt that went all around Charming and ended with his birthday gift, something you’d been saving up for since you got married to the Scotsman three and a half years ago. Quietly, you stuck the envelope with the first clue on the front door and snuck out to your car, quietly backing out of the driveway and heading to TM where you would patiently wait until Filip ended his hunt.

“Love, I’m thinking of calling Tig and having him handle things today so we can stay home and…” Chibs paused as he reached the bottom of the stairs, not seeing you in the living room or kitchen, “…(Y/N)?” he called but received no response. He called to you one more time before he walked past the front door, noticing the envelope taped to it and he smirked, pulling it off and opening it to reveal a short letter you had typed for him.

Happy Birthday, sweetie!
I have a big surprise for you today! But first, I need you to stop by the place we first met and pick up another envelope. Love you!

“Shite,” Chibs breathed, “It must be a good gift if she’s testing me,” he chuckled, grabbing his wallet and keys off the counter and heading out the door.
First stop, the Diner on Main Street.

Chibs backed his bike against the curb and stepped off his bike, pulling his helmet off and setting it on the seat. He slicked his hair back with both hands and eyed the storefront before him.

“Mornin’,” a voice pulled Chibs’ gaze away from the restaurant and he turned to see one of the waitresses approaching him, “(Y/N) said you’d be coming by this morning and asked me to give you this,” she shrugged, holding out a white envelope for him to take.

“Thanks, darlin’,” Chibs winked, grasping the clue as the small woman turned to walk back inside.

Chibs pulled the letter out and read it.

You got the first clue! Only a few more before you get your gift…
The next place I need you to go is where we went after the diner closed on the first night we met.
Have fun, babe!

Chibs stuck the clue in his vest and mounted his bike. He knew where the next clue was.

“Man I was wondering how long it was gonna take you to get here,” Tig smirked as he met Chibs in his driveway.

“Aye, the lass is testing my memory. She sent me to the diner because its where we first met, now here to your house because we came back here after the diner with you and Venus that night,” Chibs held his hand out to Tig, waiting for the envelope. Tig placed it, torn open, in his brother’s palm and Chibs looked at him with his eyebrows furrowed.

“I got curious, man. She wouldn’t tell me what it said so I looked. I couldn’t help myself,” Tig chuckled, “And if you don’t know where to go next, I can help ya.”
Chibs huffed shaking his head in mock-disgust, “Thanks Tiggy.”

“You bet brother.”

Chibs walked back to his bike and sat on the seat to read the clue.

If my guess is correct, you’ll be the second person to read this clue. I know Tig won’t be able to resist reading it. I guess I can’t be too upset with him, if it wasn’t for him and my best friend, Venus, I would’ve never met you!
The last clue is where the spent the night after our first date.
You’re so close!

“Jesus Christ,” Chibs groaned, “Really, (Y/N)?” he muttered to himself as he shoved the paper in his vest and started his bike.

He never really had a reason to come here, unless he was being forced of course, but leave it to his wife to make him go to the police station as part of his birthday.

“Hey Filip,” Deputy Eglee smiled as he stepped in the front door.
“Good morning, officer,” Chibs forced a smile as he approached her, “You wouldn’t happen to have something for me from (Y/N), would you?”

“Actually, I don’t, but I think I overheard Lyla Winston in the waiting area saying she was expecting you to come by” she smiled, patting him on the arm, “Have a good day.”
“You too,” he spoke as he approached the waiting room to see Lyla sitting there.

“Hey!” Lyla beamed as he walked up. She stood, giving him a firm hug and patting his back, “Happy Birthday,” she whispered.
“Thanks sweetheart,” he responded, stepping back and looking at her, “I assume ye have something for me?” he asked.

“I sure do!” she pulled an envelope from her purse and handed it over to him, “I’ll see you later,” she smiled sweetly as he nodded to her and they both walked out of the police station.


Who would’ve thought that having sex outside the clubhouse after our first date was illegal? Haha…
If I’m honest, I think Althea just hated seeing us together. That’s probably why we spent the night in the drunk tank. Those were good times…

Alright I think you’re ready for your gift, love. 
It’s waiting for you where we got married!

See you soon

Chibs chuckled as he pulled up at the clubhouse. Lyla had managed to beat him somehow, crossing the parking lot in front of him as he backed his bike up to park.

He stepped into the clubhouse to find all his brothers, their women, and his woman, waiting for him.

“Happy Birthday!” everyone shouted as he walked inside.

You were smiling from ear to ear when you stepped forward, flinging your arms around him and pulling him into a hug.

“Hey darlin’,” he mumbled as he pressed his lips against your ear, kissing you there before pulling you back and placing a gentle kiss on your lips, “You sent your Old Man all over Charming this morning,” he smiled, holding your waist.

You flashed a huge smile as you nodded, “I sure did, but I think you’ll say it was definitely worth it in just a minute.”

Happy stepped forward handing him a beer as you took his hand and pulled him back out of the clubhouse door and towards the garage.

“My gift is in the garage?” he asked as everyone walked towards one of the four large bay doors.

You smiled sweetly as you stopped, releasing his hand, “Wait here,” you ordered, walking forward and knocking on the garage door before returning to his side.

“Love, what are you–?” he began asking, but his question was cut short when the door started rolling up and his attention focused back in front of him. When it was fully opened, one of the TM  mechanics stepped aside to reveal his present, and Chibs’ draw dropped.

Inside the garage was a brand new bike.

A 2016 Dyna Wide Glide with wrapped exhaust, SoA decals on the tank, and a custom hand-tooled leather seat with the St. Andrew’s cross stitched in.

“Holy shite, (Y/N).” he gasped.

“Do you like it?” you asked, beaming up at him as he stared at you in awe.

“Like it? I love it, baby!” He pulled you to him and kissed you deeply, amongst a chorus of hoops and hollers from his friends, “Thank you, (Y/N).” He spoke sincerely.

“Come on! Test out the new ride!” Tig yelled, and the rest of the party agreed, clapping and cheering. 

“What do ya say, love? Wanna test it out with me?” Chibs grinned, squeezing your hand.
“You bet I do!” You chuckled, following him to his new bike.


A Little Wicked - Part III

Chibs x Vivi (oc)

Part 1, part 2.

Warnings:: swearing

I’ll probably have part 4 up tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you wanna get tagged in my stories.

Reminder that the gifs aren’t mine, found them on google, tell me if you want me to give you credit or take them down.

It was a shitty day.

I haven’t had a day this shitty since I first woke up in the hospital after Pete almost killed me. Sure, I woke up that day feeling half dead with a needle stuck on my hand, cold like I’ve never felt before and a weird tingling sensation on my back from the huge slash Pete cut open.

Today was kinda like that – except the huge slash on the back was metaphorical. Maybe I’m exaggerating, I’m known for doing that, but it’s not everyday someone gets fired because they don’t “represent the brand”. Not when I’ve worked in the same clothing store for the past three years.

It was my day to open shop so I had exchanged a real great night of sex with Chibs (possibly great, I hadn’t really gotten to the good part before Chibs had to go tend to club business) to be responsible. And I got fired.

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You’re my only hope

Originally posted by boredyet

A/N: This was requested anonymously. I hope you enjoy!

Request: “ Firstly thank you. Wow, you did such a great job with Hale x reader. I loved it, was totally different and interesting. He had such a sweet side. Hmm, I guess Clays daughter the Samcro princess could end up falling for Hale, which the club notice her crush on him and the club is not happy making her hide the relationship that happens? I don’t mind if you make it fluffy, smut and etch I think your a fantastic and really talented writer.” 

Warnings: swearing, violence, and mentions of sexual intercourse.  

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**Feel free to message or ask me anything🙂**

Tara and Lyla stumbled and laughed as they drunkenly walked supporting each other across the lot to the clubhouse from the cab, both looking for their men in the crowd gathered at the usual Sons party.

“We need to find Happy.” Lyla giggled.

“And Jax!” Tara almost yelled.

“But we have to find Happy first. He needs to get Y/N.” Lyla tried to keep a straight face but ended up laughing loudly as they finally stumbled into the clubhouse.

“Yes… Yes, we need to do that but I think we need a shot first.” Tara laughed as they stumbled over to the bar, Lyla knocking into Piney as Tara ordered tequila shots from Chucky.

Piney grumbled before he looked around the clubhouse seeing Jax and Opie making their way over, having spotted the women.

“Hi babe.” Jax said as he walked up behind Tara as she swallowed her last shot.

“Jax!” Tara yelled as she spun around and almost leapt into his arms. He quickly caught her as she placed a sloppy kiss on his lips.

“Maybe we should get you home.” Jax couldn’t contain the laughter as he smirked.

“No! We have to find Happy… He has to get Y/N!” Lyla shouted over the music as Opie wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her from going anywhere.

“What? Where’s Y/N?” Jax asked as he looked at Opie.

“She was arrested. It wasn’t her fault though.” Tara told them, swaying in Jax’s arms.

“No, she was saving me! But the guy hurt her.” Lyla informed the men as Tara nodded along.

“Jesus Christ. Pop, can you stay with the girls while we find Happy and go to the station with him? Try to get some water in them too.” Opie looked at Piney and Chucky.

“Of course. Go, I’ve got them.” Piney spoke gruffly.

Jax and Opie kissed their respective old ladies then helped them sit, one of either side of Piney before they realised that Chucky was filling the shot glasses with water as he told them it was vodka which they happily accepted. Both of the men shook their heads and walked away in search of Happy.

“Koz! You seen Hap?” Jax called as he came across Kozik with a crow-eater in his lap. Koz looked up, seeing the serious expression, he stood up, dropping the crow eater down.

“I think he’s by the ring Prez.” Kozik informed them already following them as they walked outside.

“Over there.” Opie nodded his head towards Happy who was stood next to Chibs, Bobby and Tig. All three of the men made their way through the crowd watching the fights to them.

“Hap. You need to go bail your old lady out.” Jax garnered the man’s attention and subsequently the rest of the men’s.

“What? What did she do?” Happy almost groaned.

“We’re not exactly sure. According to Lyla, Y/N was saving her. I’m going with you, let’s take the van.” Jax filled him in.

“Yeah Prez.” Happy answered following Jax to the van.

“I better go see what else I can get out of the girls.” Opie sighed.

“I want to hear this.” Tig chucked.

“Me too.” Kozik added knowing Y/N.

Opie simply turned on his feet with the rest of the club following behind, all eager to hear the story.


You sat holding an ice pack to your face, your cheek already brushing heavily and your lip split still bleeding, not to mention that your hand felt like it had been rammed into a brick wall. You knew you were going to get a telling off from Happy but you were in the right even if it was wrong to hit someone. You weren’t drunk, you’d only had one drink.

“Y/N, the club’s here for you.” Officer Candy Eglee said as she stepped into the holding cell.

“The club?” You asked knowing you hadn’t called them, and wondering how many had turned up.

“ Jax and your old man… Keep the ice pack.” Eglee answered as you picked up your black pump heels then stood gingerly as your entire body ached after you had been slammed to the floor.

“Thanks.” You answered walking out past her, taking your clutch purse as you did and slinging it over your shoulder, thankful for the small silver chain strap.

You rounded the corner to see Jax and Happy standing waiting for you. You stopped and looked at both of them before you turned, walking past them and straight out of the station into the cool fresh night air, knowing they would follow you.

You felt Happy’s hand grip your elbow making you stop and turn to look at him. He reached up and lifted your hand holding the ice pack away from your face.

“Jesus Christ.” Happy growled seeing the state you were in, both eyes were blackening, not to mention the still bleeding lip, and the still darkening bruise to your cheek.

“I’m fine. Are Tara and Lyla alright?” You asked as Happy moved your hand and the ice pack back to your face.

“They’re fine, drunk and at the clubhouse. Want to tell us what happened?” Jax answered.

“This guy grabbed Lyla, recognised her from one of the Saffron sister videos and wouldn’t let go of her. I intervened and he attacked me.” You told them quietly.

“Let’s get you back to the clubhouse. Let Chibs check you over.” Jax could see the exhaustion and that Happy was ready to storm back into the station to find the guy that had attacked you.

You got into the van with Happy as Jax got into the driver’s seat. You grasped his hand in your free one and squeezed it lightly.


“Y/N! Y/N!” Lyla jumped from her seat and leapt into your arms, almost sending you to the ground if it wasn’t for Happy as his arm around you.

“Chibs, check her out.” Jax ordered.

Aye, let me take a look lass.“ Chibs told you as Opie pried Lyla off of you, although Happy wouldn’t let go of you either. Chibs stepped closer and examined your face.

"You’re going to be bruised and swollen but nothing looks broken.” Chibs advised.

“Thanks.” You sighed softly as you leant into Happy’s side, the exhaustion setting in as his large hand rested over your hip, his thumb rubbing over the fabric of the black bodycon dress you were wearing.

“Come on, let’s crash here tonight.” Happy rasped quietly as he pressed his lips against your temple. You nodded and unwrapped yourself from him just enough to be able to walk.

“Night.” You told everyone as Happy lead you past them to his dorm room.

You unwrapped yourself completely from Happy once you were in his room, kicking off your heels and dropping your bag down along with the ice pack before you turned to face him again seeing he had taken off his kutte and stowed his weapons.

“There’s some painkillers in the draw.” He said as he stepped closer to you, his hands finding their way to the zipper. He slowly pulled it down as you slipped the dress off of your body, letting it fall to your feet.

“I just want to sleep.” You mumbled tiredly leaning against him, feeling his fingers run over your spine, stopping to unclasp your bra.

He pulled away from you, pulling the lacy bra down and letting it drop to the floor before he pulled his grey shirt off and slid it down over your head then took his jeans off. He slipped his hands down to the back of your thighs and lifted you up, letting you wrap your legs around him as he carried you to the bed. He reached down and pulled the blankets back then laid down in the bed on his back with you on his chest, your legs entwined with his, and your head pressed into his neck.

Secrets - SoA: Chapter 11

Summary: Reader has lived in a life full of secrets. When her father dies unexpectedly and sends her on a trip all over the country, she finds out just how much like her father she really is. The end of her trip brings her to Charming, CA where she finally gets some big pieces of her family puzzle put back in place and form new relationships with the people there.
Chapter 11: The reader and Chibs try to have a meal ;) and that plan is foiled
Warnings: language
A/N: If it wasn’t clear before, this takes place after the events of the final episode, SPOILERS! Italics are for Chibs and his inner thoughts. Bold is for the reader’s inner thoughts.
Word Count: 1922
Tags: @telford-ortiz-teller  @sam-samcro  @tstieff  @yourcroweater  @kacilove26  @hiddlelove  @evilsorceress  @reallynigga21  @suz-123  @between-shades-of-winchester  @caitcrook  @i-was-made-of-nutella @charlottecl  @gunsnrosesislife  @yoonjigu  @mkindoll2016  


Secrets Masterlist

“You must be out of your goddamned mind,” you scoffed. The balls on this chick.

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David Slade to Direct PlayStation’s ‘Powers’ Adaptation

12:28 PM PDT 7/8/2014 by Lesley Goldberg

The live-action series is currently casting, with the “Hannibal” alum set to helm the first two episodes of the show.

PlayStation’s Powers adaptation is flushing out its behind the scenes crew as production on the live-action comic book take inches closer to its start date.

Hannibal’s David Slade has been tapped to direct the first two episodes of the series from studio Sony Pictures Television.  Slade, whose credits include Breaking Bad and features 30 Days of Night and Twilight: Eclipse, joins a creative team that includes writer/EP Charlie Huston, comic creator Brian Michael Bendis, Remi Aubuchon, Michael Avon Oeming, Michael Diner and David Engel.

Powers, based on Bendis and Oeming’s Image/Icon comic that revolves around a cop who works in the Powers division of the police force and deals with crimes involving those endowed with special abilities, will be a 10-episode production for Sony’s PlayStation. The first episode will stream for free via PSN, with PlayStation Plus subscribers viewing the series for free.

The Sony-owned gaming console will recast the entire project with writer Huston stepping in for Charles Eglee, who was attached to the long-gestating FX adaptation that failed to move forward.

Powers debuts on PlayStation in December. Casting is already under way, though none of the roles have yet been filled.