Book Review: Fine Boys

Oh, gosh. My heart…
This was my reaction when I was done. 
I have been itching for some good fiction especially as I’ve been reading mostly poetry and essays of late; I sort of needed a break. I also have this bad habit of reading 2-3 books at the same time.

Fine Boys was enthralling, well paced, unpretentiously funny and so well told. The writer was able to absolutely nail the nuances of life as young adult in Nigeria. I was drawn to this book initially because, you know, as a razz babe and sturvs I love communicating in pidgin and always imagined that if I didn’t grow up in Port Harcourt, Warri wouldn’t have been a bad option. It’s only partially set in Warri but the main character, Ewaen and a few others are from Warri so it always came into the picture.

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New Music Video W.C.H.FUN – Eghosa feat. Fabi – Official Video (Warning Impact Studios)

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Have you ever pressed so hard on your ambitions you forgot the value of time?

Minutes sprint into hours as night creeps in on you. With every break of dawn, you’re a step closer.

Nobody said it would be easy. We all see time differently ; some of us see time to live, some of us see time to love, some of us see time to experience.

Only the few who see change know time doesn’t last forever.

So we choose to do something that will change the world to let our time here leave a mark.


Found this a few months back, I find the art of Parkour particularly interesting. But also mixed with what I personally find to be a good street production short film. I give the director/editor big props on the lighting capturing and editing, although I wish they provided more information ont heir ISO and shutter speed.