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Question for you, have you ever done any Armenian ladies? I'm half, and it's so hard to find any information about the country and it's people and history besides the genocide.

The ethnicities of a lot of my subjects, especially the ones farther back in history, get a bit murky. I seem to recall one source claiming that Tamar of Georgia was part Armenian, but I’m not sure. On my master list, I don’t have anyone specifically denoted as Armenian (although that isn’t to say there isn’t one; I just don’t always write out the ethnicities and nationalities in my notes). Closest I get from my notes is Halide Elip Adivar, a Turkish woman who helped shelter a number of Armenians from the genocide, similarly to Oskar Schindler.

However, I’ve blogged twice about Armenian women, in brief. The first is this photo:

Found here, this photo is purportedly from 1895 and shows two women defending their town of Zeitun from the Ottomans. The one on the right is  Eghisapet Sultanian, great grandmother of musician Derek Sherinian. I do not know the name of the one on the left, but I know she did survive, and one of her descendants is a redditor with some extra photos of her.

The second is this photo:

Taken in 1990, this is a 106-year-old woman who was defending her home town of Degh. I’d like to believe she’s actually one of the woman in the first photo, but that’s pretty unlikely. (found here

Sorry I can’t be of more immediate help! If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to add them below.

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