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Know it far too well. Talk to me?

I don’t know, I just…hrmf, I feel like it happens even though I know it doesn’t, not at school at least. I just want to go home and sleep, but I can’t, because I’m going to my granny’s, since it’s her birthday and after that I’ve got volleyball, but I do not under any circumstances want to go, because I’ve lost the joy of playing the game and I feel unaccomplished and we’ve got math in half an hour and I’m really, really afraid because I don’t want anyone to know just how bad I scored on the thing and I told my mum yesterday, after i signed off tinychat, she didn’t get mad at all, but I cried more than I’ve cried in years and I’ve still got a bit of a headache from that. On top of it all I have to finish my analysis and read up on what I’ll be talking about tomorrow, which I am not at all psyched about. I just want to die.

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You’re not, at all. My head is just spinning around from how embarrased I am about letting this out in the open.

‘Out in the open’ is a bit of a strong term, I would say. And dude, all the things I’ve told you about. I never thought I’d tell them to anyone, but I understand now that it was smart to tell someone, because it has really helped me!