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Eggsterminateeee: Question & Flawless Colour OTP ANSWERED

eggsterminateeee said: I SHIP RED AND BLACK!


Oh Really?


Then, according to my Rainbow Shipping… you Ship:


Red - the Feisty, dangerous one with a mysterious romantic side that few ever seen, because no one dares to come close enough for fear of her inner fire -it burns with a passion rivalled only by her rather short temper. Her hair is short, she considers it an unnecessary distraction and waste of time, so has it cut to a raggedy bobcut to keep it simple; with the fringe hiding eyes that have seen much…

Red shuns traditional ’girly’, ‘ladylike’ or ’frou-frou’ clothing, as she finds it all useless, petty and ridiculous -often joking Pink does enough of that sort of thing for both of them. The only exception to her ‘boys clothes only’ rule is if her older sibling Magenta comes to visit; in whichcase, she will submit to a dress of some kind, usually chosen by Pink, and wrestled on her by Blue. A little known fact about Red, is that in her downtime, she enjoys swimming, setting things alight and knitting tea cosies.


Black - the Hippy One, the free-child of the group, so to speak… She’s a little crazy, but has a strange thing for lava lamps that none of the other colours dare to question. Black has a strange sense of humour, a skewed perception on the world reminicent of the 60’s era of peace and love, and a rapier wit, when the mood strikes her… Clever, but easy-going, all the answers to life’s little problems can be solved by Black if you dare to walk into her tie-dyed room and perch on a beanbag for a moment or two… her calm demeanour puts all visitors at ease and the dancing lava lamp lights on the wall soothe…

Secretly, Black was dismayed at finding out people thought she was the colour of evil, of darkness, that she was the colour of Fear personified; it hurt her deeply, though she would never say. So took on a more spiritual personality to try to improve relations with the world and other colours at large… it burns away inside to know that some of the other Colours like Orange, Yellow, Aqua, Red and Pink refuse to come near her, except in last minute desperation, for fear that her darkness will suck them in inescapably.

Black really is a nice, wonderful person, but the light that burns in her heart was snuffed out by prejudice… sometimes she stares at Blue and seethes, letting the anger of her fate consume her. Why is it that Blue, the object of her desire, can run around the Rainbow and be loved by all when she is so feared for no reason? Only White would understand, but he will not come near her… not while she is awake, at least… one night, she could almost have sworn his hand had been the one flicking off her lights, and tugging the blanket to her chin as she fell into dreams…

Bad Dreams plague her, the fear of never breaking free follows her waking thoughts; so black tries harder, changes the outside to match how she feels inside… makes herself approachable, lovable… whatever must be done to show them how much she loves the other colours.

Some of them understand, like when she wakes from her nightmares to find Blue, Purple or Magenta stroking her Raven hair and hushing…. or an embarrassed, blushing Green stroking her face as if he understood; the flash of White as her eyes snapped open to find the feeling of comfort lingering where a hand had been… or the times when her heart soared as she woke from dreams of falling to find a yellow and orange body either side, clinging like little baby koalas. Keeping her safe.

Sometimes, when no one is looking or she thinks no one can hear her, Black will sing… her beautiful voice carries and makes the others pause and wonder… Black is a wonderful being, she just doesn’t realise others can see it too.


Their technical OTP/Pairing name is “Rack” or “Bed”