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Hey Vee do you have a crush on the sylveon you are friends with?

NO. Good Arceus above, no! That Sylveon is my mom! You know how messed up it would be for me to be romantically intrested in her?”

Cotton huffs. “Sorry if I went off there. But you shouldn’t assume things like that. It is incredibly uncomfortable to hear that!”

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sora: “if I win I will be the capitain of the ship. If you win…”

riku: “imma gonna become Kairi’s soulmate”

sora: “what”

one day, yo. One day I wanna be in a big musical. Like one of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musicals. He has the motherfucking best musicals. man I never had the chance to be a part of many musicals in high school. I was in a GED program for the rest of it. and god only knows how many times I tried to get back into doing musicals but just couldn’t because I had nowhere to practice my singing or acting and i was shy. Or not enough money to get any classes, or into any clubs. NYC is expensive as hell and it still is, my fuckin dudes!! but man, one day. definitely! not the best singer or actor right now, I’ll admit. but one day! I’m totally gonna be the best! I’m gonna be up on a fucking stage and lookin out at all the little people with their little heads and their huge eyes and their big smiles and they’re all gonna be looking at me and my buddies popping the chillest motherfuckin squats on the stage. And we’ll be singing and rapping and they’ll be clapping for us!! And I’ll meet people who say my performance made them so happy! yo I’ll meet people who say I made them laugh and maybe even cry. I just wanna see it, I just wanna see what I can do for people. i wanna feel things. I want to FEEL it. I’m gonna do it one day. I’m gonna fucking do it one day!! Watch me! Watch me do it and then tell me that you always knew I could do it when I finally do it! I’m gonna do it


Egg Roll Gimbob Song

Just what adorable gemling fic needed - sudden graphic violence yay!


The noisy little Peridot had shown absolutely no interest in going back to sleep like her sisters, and had soon gotten bored of their company. The little thing was currently investigating the cave with some interest, scampering around on all-fours as newly emerged Kindergarten Gems sometimes did. It took some time to break them of that habit as Jasper recalled, but since the gemling wasn’t a fully-formed warrior there was no need to take things so fast. Eventually the others stirred as well, either out of irritation at their sister’s continual chirps of excited discovery, or because they’d gotten curious.

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yo Sara it's yo egg yook I'm back after a few weeks and I'm all good now! As usual IWSY is great and omg plot twist Gosh ily have a good week !

Hello my little eggyook I hope you’ve been good and taking care of yourself ^^ I missed you! ^^ Thanks so much for catching up on the story and I’m happy that you enjoyed it! Have a good week too eggyook ^^