eggs yo


So there’s finally an episode for Brooklyn hm? I love Gureruboi but I’m really celebrating that he has an american counter part. More cliché and silly bad boys yay! Wanted to make a fast and sketchy comic in honor of this great day.
I mean that’s toally how I would react (and even did). ( UwU)


a little duck embry-oh no.

Waw zombies dlc: we are slowly adding in new stuff and learning what people like and dislike with some added easter eggs

Bo1 zombies dlc: yo who the fuck is ready for some lore we are making up as we go!

Bo2 zombies dlc: MORE LORE AND STORY

Bo3 zombies dlc: we binged doctor who and read lots of lovecraft so we made these maps look like a baby of the two

Just what adorable gemling fic needed - sudden graphic violence yay!


The noisy little Peridot had shown absolutely no interest in going back to sleep like her sisters, and had soon gotten bored of their company. The little thing was currently investigating the cave with some interest, scampering around on all-fours as newly emerged Kindergarten Gems sometimes did. It took some time to break them of that habit as Jasper recalled, but since the gemling wasn’t a fully-formed warrior there was no need to take things so fast. Eventually the others stirred as well, either out of irritation at their sister’s continual chirps of excited discovery, or because they’d gotten curious.

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