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Time to start a new game on Press Buttons ‘n Talk, so naturally it’s time to play BILLY HATCHER AND THE GIANT EGG.  This was sent to us to my PO box.


Pairing: Daveed Diggs/Reader

Warnings: Smut, Cursing, Daddy kink

A/N: This is my first Hamilton fic I’m posting here, I welcome feedback/constructive criticism. I hope you all enjoy it!

   You wake up to auspiciously loud clanging from the kitchen, and squint your eyes suspiciously at the open bedroom door. Another noise followed by loud cursing encourages you out of bed, to grab the nearest shirt you can find, and into the kitchen of your small New York apartment. 

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Kitchen Witch Spell

This is the spell that I will have tried in my latest video coming out on Friday. It’s to ensure you and yours will never go hungry. Here’s the recipe. 


1 Red Candle

Matches or a Lighter

1 cup of Household Salt

1 cup of Flour

1 cup of Water

1 Large Bowl

1 Egg White

1 tsp. of Poppy Seeds

1 Oven

1 length of Red Ribbon


  1. Cast on a waxing moon close to full. 
  2. Set oven or toaster oven to 100F. (I did 250, it was taking too long)
  3. Light candle and pass your hands back and forth on each side of the candle three times while reciting: “I invoke the spirit of of life, I invoke the spirit of earth.”
  4. Place salt and flour in a bowl and blend, then add water til dough is smooth and pliant.
  5. Knead for at least 3 minutes while reciting: Come wealth, come weal, Come plenty by.
  6. Roll dough in a tube and make a figure eight/infinity symbol. 
  7. Coat in egg white and press poppy seeds into surface. 
  8. Cook until dough sounds hollow when you rap on it with your knuckles or spoon. (Took me about 2 hours.) 
  9. Allow to cool and dress with a red ribbon. 
  10. Finally hang it in your kitchen and ensure you will have enough food for you and yours. 

Source: ”The Spells Bible” by Ann-Marie Gallagher 

Tokyo Ghoul Re: Ch. 75 Raw Text Spoilers

Title: K’s Egg (Kaneki’s Egg?)

-In the Press Room-

Narration: All of a sudden, the press roars to life!

Ghouls are crushed in the machine, and blood splatters everywhere.

Furuta: *makes vomiting sounds*

V Member: Nimura?

Furuta: I just vomited spectacularly. They didn’t have a chance to consider escaping from the press. I feel like I’ve been laughing a whole lot today, well now…

In that moment, the One-Eyed Owl (Eto) appears and smashes the press. In the next instant, she scatters the men around Furuta with an attack.

Furuta: Hyaa, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Eto: Did you have the chance to consider this? You dirty fucking bastard! The pate (Shiono) you gave me was so delicious, I want more <3 (The next one will be made of you).

Eto: (I won’t let you go to waste, Shiono).

Her kagune wraps around the press machine, and the ghouls below it look up.

Random ghoul: Wo- wow! The press is!! 

Banjou: Why is that Eto bastard…?

Ayato: I dunno, but let’s get the hell out of here now.

-Arima vs Kaneki-

They fight at break-neck speeds. Eventually Arima starts attacking Kaneki with the Fukuro quinque through a remote on-and-off system. This slices though Kaneki over and over.

Kaneki: (My flesh and blood… it’s running out…. regeneration… no, even guarding is… impossible. Think of… a way to… avoid it…)

However, he continues to be sliced into pieces by Arima.

Kaneki: (From now on, this battle can only progress in one direction. I’m just sliced and torn, and even what regenerates is cut through. I can’t really feel it…  rather I feel like a potato being boiled in a curry pot. Feelings of calm well up inside of me. I guess I just didn’t try that hard.)

Arima’s attack leaves Kaneki’s kagune in shreds, and he coughs up blood and appears to lose consciousness.

-Inside Kaneki’s mind-

In pitch black darkness, Kaneki thinks about Touka and the others.

Kaneki: (Touka and the others… were they able to escape? I’m sure they’ll be okay. That’s enough for me now.)

In the pitch black darkness, the sounds of the press ring out. Kaneki is naked, and walks into the Sanzu River (Buddhist equivalent of the River Styx).

Someone: … No, oi you!

Kaneki: !?

Someone grabs Kaneki’s arm to stop him from walking into the river. That person is Hide.

Hide: That’s not nearly enough for you! Are you trying to kill yourself by drowning like that dude… that… famous dude!

Kaneki’s eyes open wide.

Kaneki: Hi…

Hide: Come on already, go back up there one more time.

Kaneki: Huh?

Hide: And wear some clothes! There’s nothing good about seeing you naked!

Kaneki: Ah, I’m sorry…

-Kaneki is now clothed and sits in front of Hide-

Hide: And so, you think you bought them enough some… but that Glasses Man is really doing his job, as usual, don’cha think?

Kaneki: E… everyone is working together…Surely by now they have reached the disposal room…

Hide: Don’t liiiiie, you were worried about that noise you heard just now!

Kaneki: …

Hide: You get it right? Up there, “something” has gone wrong, right?

Kaneki: …

Hide: Even though you get it… you’re okay with just letting yourself be killed here?

Kaneki: But… I can’t…

Hide: You can’t win?

Kaneki: Yeah.

Kaneki silently hangs his head, but then a smile begins to appear on his face. He looks up and starts speaking while crying.

Kaneki: Hide…

Hide: Mmm?

Kaneki: I… I… was really lonely without you…

Hide: What are you, a rabbit?

Hide: You keep saying these things over and over: “I want to die” and “I want to disappear” and stuff. What you really mean to say is that you can’t find a reason to live, right? But I’ll give you one right here- don’t you dare waste the life that I gave up for you.

Hide stands up.

Hide: Hey, you can walk now right? Hurry up and go.

Kaneki still sits, but Hide turns his back on him.

Hide: Kaneki…. “I want to die in a cool way saving someone else’s life” wasn’t it? Iiiidiot, at that time I was thinking “I want to live with you”. I’ll say it again until you hear it- Even if it’s in an un-cool way, I want you to live.

-Kaneki’s inner mind scene ends-

Crying, Kaneki becomes Shironeki again.

Narration: One world has been destroyed!

Danny groaned softly, feeling the egg press against his cloaca as his contractions continued, as number seven, Danny was tired, covered in sweat and his own fluids. More than five feet of scaled tail was draped over the side of the bath, as Danny lay in it, five softball sized unfertilised eggs sitting beside him, the sixth on its way out.
He pushed again, straining as the first sign of the pearly white shell appeared.