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This is apparently in one of the multiplayer DLC maps, not sure which one since I don’t own any of the multiplayer DLC’s. 

I was really hoping DOOM 2016 would include a reference to Daisy somewhere! What’s also great is Doomguy’s “phone number” is the release date of the original game. The level designer who did this is awesome.

Good to know the best pet rabbit a demon slaying Space Marine could ever ask for hasn’t been forgotten.

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howdy! have you seen sylph-of-hope's recent explanation for why hope is canonically the strongest aspect? thoughts? rebuttal?

This is going to be very messy, fair warning. This is some serious stream of consciousness and rambling

Anyways, let’s start, I guess

Mechanically, it creates a stupid imbalance in a game where EVERYTHING is balanced out.
Paired aspects, equal active/passive classes, even amount of players on the moons, the fact that there are 2 moons and not 1, the fact that the conflict is caused by Derse winning and upsetting a balance because Prospit is fated to lose, yeah you get it.
The game balances itself CONSTANTLY.
Duality is the name of the game, honestly. Doom, often seen as Sburb rules and system, Sollux had a million 2 things going on. Mages seen as “experiencing” the aspect, Sburb is dualistic as freaking hell, so why would one aspect ever be more powerful?

Even when Space was the most important aspect because genesis frog, Time was too, making a balance between them.

It’s… stupid. Even if Hope /would/ be canonically stronger… just… fuck that. People disregard canon for better ideas all the time, which is why it’s pretty lame for everyone to bitch to the sylph about it. I don’t agree with it, and the extent of my comment was
“It’s 2017 and this still exists, oh geez” because I haven’t seen ~hope discord~ in months. Because yada yada imbalance, whatever, I like looking at Sburb mechanics more from a game perspective than narrative and equal aspects are /great/.
But everyone else had to just…. keep saying… unnecessary shit…
Like dude. Taking things too far, just chill and disregard.
Because if Hope is going to be plot contrivance from a narrative perspective, Rage would be plot disregard.

Acceptance and rejection, get it?

Yeah, so just reject the concept and substitute and move on, but ya guys didn’t. Like there’s a difference in being mad around me because of someone and actually sending some dumb shit to them.
God, anyways, I got distracted here.
You get the concept,
Hope says yes and Rage says no?
So you can just do?
The Rage thing?
And say no?
Anyways, moving on

And with Aranea saying Hope is stronger, switch to the ancestors and Mindfang is incredibly disappointed in Dualscar and isn’t challenged like their kismesitude demands. Even when he gets Redglare on her, Mindfang is just fine, regardless of what the Hope guy wanted.
Because it’s his false, unrealized hope.
Then you have Eridan who is, again, disappointing.
And Jake who is… also kind of disappointing.
Because they had unfulfilled hopes and dreams and had people put unhealthy faith in them, respectively.
Because, again, they had false hope or had false hope placed them, but when the time came it was raw and focused into blinding light.

I don’t get how manifestation of faith is just allowed to break rules and be the strongest. Eridan’s feats totally makes sense, he had a Hope weapon and believed fully in his single destiny. His feats were vaporizing a few things, not even fully killing one of them. Nothing is too big there, it’s perfectly inline as a power.

But then later with Jake you have Hope, known for hyper focused power and Page, known as a living weapon and you mix that into a guy who knocked Caliborn down. While that’s pretty dope, that’s not crazy broken.
But then, Aranea’s healing (ie, exploiting his pretty sweet classpect) is like taking a big gun and eliminating recoil and reload time, taking seemingly infinite energy and just pouring it outwards. Like it’s 900 times cooler and more interesting for Jake’s hopesplosion to be filed under shenanigans rather than just being stronger for really, no good reason in a game all about balance.

And you look at Hope with Dualscar, Eridan’s false hopes, everyone’s faith in Jake, and it works out perfectly to say that they are naturally shrouded in false hope, that hope fundamentally runs alongside that because not only does believing things make them more real, but magic is also fake as shit.

For Aranea to do what everyone else did and put faith in Hope’s strength, it makes the aspect just more… interesting.
She does what everyone else did. Put faith in Hope.
Like Hope is like some sort of bug zapper in a way, luring people in until things pop off with crazy hope powers. The difference is through shenanigans she boosted up the power.

It just makes more sense that way
- It makes Hope fair, keeping it consistent with Sburb’s struct sense of equality
- It gives Hope extra lore, about how Hope draws you in. About preconceived ideas and when they work out vs when they don’t

It makes all the false hope stuff part of the aspect and maintains classic Sburb balance and /that’s/ what actually makes it interesting.

It turns what is essentially a plot armor aspect into something more fluid and actually able to interact with things rather than clash.

And to keep talking about balance, I’m really not a fan of Hope being stronger because I’m fond of aspects equalling out. And Hope is the counter to Rage, so wtf is even the point for me and my friends? Especially when I’m a Rage player???
Those of us way too deep into classpecting can take that kiiind personally, like mooost of you guys did, almost assuredly because I run a very Rage-y blog and they run a very Hope-y blog. Step into a room where the other is an equal, only to find out, no, they aren’t?
And yet every other aspect pair is?
That just doesn’t sit well with me and I know you guys, totally Rage leaning if you follow me, didn’t take that so well either.
And you know what??? In general that feels reeeeally shitty. To know that someone through sheer virtue of their aspect can beat you up, simply because they think they can.
Like that’s really freaking harsh to hear if you take this stuff seriously.
So you know what you do?
You reject that fallacy. You know, the Rage thing to do. You know, the aspect counter to Hope.

And again, ultimately, I prefer to see Sburb mechanically more like a game while you are inside a session and it’s clear that the Sylph sees it more as narrative.
And that’s totally fine.
So to close this up and tear a page out from the Rage handbook, reject something and do something better instead. As both aspects are meant to teach, you decide how reality is shaped.
So decide for yourselves and don’t get so annoying about it to people. If you don’t agree (ie Hope) then disagree (ie Rage) and make something better.

Oh yeah, and symbolism.
Hope having all that procreation stuff going on. That’s aspect symbolism and interaction, so what?
Every aspect is part of the Genesis Frog.
Hope is needed for creation, achieving something. Hope has… yeah, a motif going on. Space has a maternal theme.
You get the idea.
But also, Life with food. Food, ie the grist hoards (grist looks like fruit gushers) are to nurture and fertilize the egg, Skaia.
Doom and order/fate. Doom has ties to fate, the meteors crashing down to end Skaia. The meteors have the ectobiology lab, which is where fate fuckery and genetic coding come into play. IE, Doom’s structure.
The red miles are clearly Blood. It’s hemorrhaging, aka internal bleeding.
Like every aspect places a part, I reeeally don’t see how Hope’s symbolism matters any more than the others

Oh yeah, and another thing.
Look past all of this for like two seconds.
A Sylph of Hope failed to impart seeds of Hope in this Rage garden that is my blog. As a result, thorns sprung up at her and instead of giving up, she did the Hope thing and doubled down and didn’t give in.
So, you know, if you reeeally care about classpects and actually see it as a way to understand people, take a look at all this nonsense and maaaybe chill the fuck out for like, two fucking seconds over the person only acting what is within their nature.

Anyways, stupid rant over and an actual conclusion

Hope is more interesting and fair if it ISN’T more powerful.
It would maintain Sburb’s need for equality as well as make it a lot more deep and complex, bringing up a lot of interesting questions about false hope, preconceived notions, and not just what it means to believe, but what it is actually worth when you dedicate yourself to a single goal.

It takes simplistic, dull, mary-sue feeling hope and turns it into philosophy about belief and dedication

Anyways, that’s pretty much all I have to say on the matter.

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Can I request Urban Fantasy AU?

this is a fic disguised as a headcanon

(in celebration of 100+ followers, I’m answering AU prompts! Prompts are closed, but thanks for sending so many in!)

00. The City of Altea is dangerous.

Things…lurk, here. Hunk’s sure of it. Passerby rush past dark alleyways, never taking the shortcuts after dusk. The Mainlit streets are the busiest; the Backlits are barely even that, so named merely as a distinctive title and less because of any actual light. If there are things lurking down the Backlits, Hunk’s never seen them. He’s not sure he cares to.

The city’s a normal place, really. Hunk’s afraid of many things (small rodents; theft; phone calls), but if he doesn’t think about all the ways this could go wrong, the city of Altea’s not too bad. The biggest choice Hunk’s ever made, insofar as being adventurous is concerned, is moving to the city in the first place. There’s lots to be afraid of here, sure, but Lance is great at luring him out of their shared apartment, talking him through it, moving them along. It’s been long enough now that Hunk’s just barely starting to relax, here. It’s just a place to live. Just a place to go about their daily business, to get to school, to get to the next place they’re going. Nothing here is wrong. Nothing here is worth being afraid of.

Until the City takes Lance.

01. Lance starts seeing things on a Tuesday.

Hunk’s never going to be able to forget. He and his roommate are walking back to the apartment when Lance gasps in horror and flat-out drops the bag of groceries, no warning, nothing but shock.

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Doom song has pentagrams and 666s in it when run through a spectrogram.



And why he wouldn’t? You’re pretty much doing a great job fighting demons!

So yeah, this pretty cool guy called Brian Skeel discovered a new easter egg hidden in the OST of the new DOOM. According to a post on Reddit, Mick Gordon has confirmed it, and he also hinted that there’s three more to be found.

So basically what happens is that when you isolate a segment of the last track of the official OST (IV. DOOM), you switch it to monoaural and reverse it, you can hear a voice saying “Jesus Loves You”. Quite the far cry from the pentagrams in “Cyberdemon”, and quite the way from Mick to troll back at the people who flipped their pancakes at the first easter egg.

Now the question remains, what are the other three?

  • Cruella: So the savior found us, did she?
  • Snow: *hits her with frying pan*
  • Snow: When I was a bandit I learned that the back door is usually unlocked. Also, frying pans are really good weapons. Learned that one the hard way when I tried to steal from a girl living in a tower.
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The Fifteenth Event, Sister Blue Sky

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“Yes, I’ll admit to a slight curiosity about where you’ve been for ten years.” Baltimore was attempting to sound nonchalant, but the truth was that every alarm in her head was going off at once. She had aggressively been pushing this subject out of mind for a week and a half now, and now there was really no way to quietly retreat out of it.

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I feel so bad for Capaldi. He’s wanted this for so long, and he finally gets his dream, and Moffat has to go and give him stories like this.

This could have been a deep and interesting story. The moral quandary of whether it’s better to kill the moon/egg or doom all of humanity could have made for some meaty debate and storytelling. I mean, whether you’re pro-choice or pro-life, a situation like this one has got to be one where people on both sides of the fence would find themselves unsure which choice would be the right one.

We could have had scenes of the people of Earth wrestling morally over the decision. We could have had Lundvik and Clara each making an empassioned speech or debate over the feed to Earth, and seen the lights switching on and off again as they each made very valid and very real arguments on both sides of the decision.

We could have had the choice made by Earth - whatever choice it was, and I feel like they could have played it either way - have ACTUAL FUCKING CONSEQUENCES.

Kill the egg. Have the infant inside it let out some sort of, I dunno, psychic cry of pain and fear that everyone on Earth felt in that instant. Have them wrestle with the choice the made, and let the desire to put it right spur humanity into a new generation of s,pace travel, eager to find another egg and nurture it instead.

Let the egg live. Have the infant inside be beautiful and intelligent, but have the egg actually shatter, sending thick slabs of itself to Earth to wreak havoc. Let that choice be an actually difficult one with consequences, where the planet survives but millions die, seas shift and cities are ruined. But people survive, and rebuild, and are so driven by both fascination and terror of what they saw that they start examining the stars once again.

Or have them let the creature live, only for it to turn out to be just as bad as Lundvik said it would be - a parasitic creature hatched in orbit around a host planet that was chosen specifically because it was rich in life. Specifically because it would make the perfect feeding ground for a newborn creature. Let them face down the challenge of having to kill the thing they just voted to let live.

Don’t make an over-simplified, pat little story where there are literally no serious consequences for the choice that was made. Sigh.

And it really is a shame, because Capaldi himself is fantastic in this role.  He might be a really overly mean Doctor, but he plays his character flawlessly and I rather like that we’re moving away from the Happy Child-Friendly Fairy Tale BFF Doctor of Matt Smith into something a little darker, a little less trustworthy, a little more alien.

But a character like that does.  Not.  Work.  When you throw them into stories where it’s clear the writer had an agenda regarding what the “right” choice would be.

After all, isn’t this exactly the fantasy that pro-life people sell to women struggling with the choice of whether or not to keep the baby?  Everything will be fine!  It’ll all turn out okay in the end!  Consequences aren’t real!  The dozen things you are terrified of that are causing you to feel conflicted are meaningless in the face of a beautiful child space dragon baby that would possibly cure cancer inspire a new space race!


10 Sonic Tracks that when I listen, honestly make me feel like I might ascend

Listen: Endless Mine - Mystic Mansion - Crisis City (Modern) - Multi Attack - The Doom - Egg Dragoon - Splash Canyon - Planet Wisp (Modern) - Holoska Cool Edge Night - Spring Yard Zone (bonus: a good classic remix)