eggs of doom

This is apparently in one of the multiplayer DLC maps, not sure which one since I don’t own any of the multiplayer DLC’s. 

I was really hoping DOOM 2016 would include a reference to Daisy somewhere! What’s also great is Doomguy’s “phone number” is the release date of the original game. The level designer who did this is awesome.

Good to know the best pet rabbit a demon slaying Space Marine could ever ask for hasn’t been forgotten.


Doom song has pentagrams and 666s in it when run through a spectrogram.

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And why he wouldn’t? You’re pretty much doing a great job fighting demons!

So yeah, this pretty cool guy called Brian Skeel discovered a new easter egg hidden in the OST of the new DOOM. According to a post on Reddit, Mick Gordon has confirmed it, and he also hinted that there’s three more to be found.

So basically what happens is that when you isolate a segment of the last track of the official OST (IV. DOOM), you switch it to monoaural and reverse it, you can hear a voice saying “Jesus Loves You”. Quite the far cry from the pentagrams in “Cyberdemon”, and quite the way from Mick to troll back at the people who flipped their pancakes at the first easter egg.

Now the question remains, what are the other three?

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  • Cruella: So the savior found us, did she?
  • Snow: *hits her with frying pan*
  • Snow: When I was a bandit I learned that the back door is usually unlocked. Also, frying pans are really good weapons. Learned that one the hard way when I tried to steal from a girl living in a tower.

Pre-Boot Authentication Environments? Yeah, they run Doom.

From “Evgeny”, who submitted this:

I am quitting my job and i decided to make this parting easter egg for my colleagues. Doom ported to full disk encryption pre-os authentication (basically a bare-metal UEFI environment). Lacks sound but otherwise fully functional.

Thanks Evgeny!