eggs font


to whom it may concern

please find attached a replication of the original egg nog sign, for all your egg nog purposes

yours truly,
the christmas patch

Quick egg tips

Don’t add salt to eggs before cooking them and, if you can help it, don’t scramble them in a bowl. Instead, do the scrambling in the pan on medium-high.

If you’re wanting to add things like tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, etc, saute them before you put the eggs in. Don’t cook them with the eggs.

Try to cook your eggs in butter, too, and throw in a dollop of sour cream and some cheese while they’re halfway cooked to make them extra tasty!

For something heavier, cook chopped up corn tortillas and some chorizo before and mix the eggs in. For something lighter, take out the yolk and cook it in the microwave with some milk.

happy egging!!

Sneaky DM Tricks 2

Whenever I want to subtly create tension among the players, or make a fight more urgent (maybe their target is carrying a dragon egg to a special font and once it’s bathed in the waters it will hatch into something awful), I will artificially add urgency to the situation by speeding up the game.

The way I do this is easy: I talk faster.

I’ll ask people for their actions much more quickly and describe what the enemies do more quickly as well. I won’t pause, I’ll remove as many “um” as I can from my vocab, and I’ll roll and resolve rolls as fast as I can.

If I want to add even more urgency I’ll create a fake timer in my head or tell people they have 10 seconds to declare their entire action/move on their turn and enforce it. If they lolligag or haven’t taken their full action within the time, I will interrupt them with the enemy’s actions. Those actions are never actually anything awful, they’ll be minor actions like they point their crossbow at someone else or they’ll make a check to try to spot the stealthed rogue. Nothing that interrupts the actual game much. I call this turn-taking “fluid initiative” and I’ll write more about it another time!

In the wagon chase encounter I created I did this. As they described what they were about to do, I would pause them and move the enemies along the side of the wagon on their wargs. This made them want to move more quickly and get their action in before anything else happened.

It’s a pretty simple trick, but it’s a great one.

- Mo!

Adding to the “Keep Calm” poster series with a Nathan Page version! Again, big thanks to @michele02132 for the suggestion!! Keep them coming, love! Special Easter egg: the font color is taken from the dark browns in Nathan’s gorgeous tresses! 

Last wedding to go to this weekend! Then I am close to being free and being in one place for a while! The cold is subsiding, but the ears and voice are still shot, which just means I sound like a shrieking cat as I attempt to belt alongside Adele’s Hello, which is my current on-repeat song obsession! But thank you, everyone, for the sweet words!! I miss and love you all soooo much!!!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!!!! XOXO