eggs are cool

some egg adopts! 

message me on tumblr with inquiries (specifing which one[s] you’d like)! I’ll take paypal payments only <3 once I’ve confirmed your purchase I’ll let you know! afterwards, within a day the egg will hatch and you’ll get the baby! within a week you’ll get the grown up creature! :)

for $15 CAD - you’ll get to pick a species (monsters, humanoids, animals, anthros, aliens) and gender! 

for $20 CAD - youll get to pick all of the above plus build (slim, chubby, muscular, etc.) and some defining traits (3-4) and for when the grown up art comes, the pose of it. <3


If you purchase two you will receive a third egg that contains a morph of the two (it can be like the other’s child or completely different species wise!)

A. - SOLD 




Happy Easter! Stars of the “Our Gang” series dressed up, 1920s.

do you remember the scene where Steve shows page from his notebook with all the things he missed while he’d been napping? so, this page is different for Russia. here it is

moreover, I found another 7 versions.

US page

UK list

version for South Korea

page for France 

Italian version

Mexican one

list for Spain

quite interesting, isn’t it? let me know if there are other versions)

update! Australian list (via idkvader)

Update №2! page for Brazil. (via doctorwhoses)

How to make cute moulded eggs

These eggs up the cute in any lunch box!

All you need for these adorable noms are large eggs and egg molds (can be found on eBay, Amazon or speciality bento sites)

First, start with LARGE eggs (small eggs won’t fill the mold, and you’ll end up with half-shapes). Add about 1 tablespoon of salt for each 3 eggs boiled.

This extra salt does not flavor the eggs at all - as the water boils, the salty liquid penetrates the shell through osmosis and provides sort of a cushion of liquid between the egg and the shell. This makes it much easier to peel.

Boil the eggs for about 15-18 minutes. This helps loosen the egg from its shell. The time may vary on your stovetop, so experiment until you find the right combination : )

When the eggs are done boiling, tap them gently on a flat surface to split the shell - be careful not to puncture the egg! If needed, briefly run the egg under cool water, but don’t let the egg become cold. In order to mold properly the egg must still be HOT!

Gently and carefully squeeze the hot egg a little to fit it into the mold better. Don’t go too fast or the egg will crack. The egg is still very pliable when its hot.

After it’s tucked into its mold just right, you can close the lid. If the mold you’re using doesn’t lock closed very well, try using rubber bands to keep it tight.

When the molds are all filled, put them into an ice bath. I put this bowl into the fridge for about a half hour or so.

When you’re ready to take one out, run it under hot water for a second. It helps loosen it from the mold. Open the mold and wiggle the egg a little until it comes out easily.

Ta-Da! A super cute shaped eggs!

so i was out with my mom shopping for potted plants or whatever and this little girl came up to me and said “do you like egg?” and i was like “what?” and she whispered “egg. do you like egg?” and i said yes, then she said “give me your hand” so i laid out my hands and she gave me two quail eggs and started to leave before she turned around with the most serious eyes, told me: “take care of them for me.” and then just bolted.