eggs and buttered toast

Ostara French Toast & Tea Infused Syrup

Hi lovelies! I hope you’re having a wonderful day/night! I have decided to make another Ostara recipe. This is based off of my mother’s French Toast recipe. Remember to have fun with cooking! You don’t have to follow this recipe exact, experiment and have a good time! Please let me know what you all think! I’d love to hear your feedback! On to the recipe!

🌸Ingredients for French Toast:

🍞1 pan that can fit at least two pieces of bread. A griddle works well too
🍞1-2 sticks of butter
🍞A half a loaf of bread. I use Texas Toast. Any bread will do.
🍞2 eggs
🍞4 cups milk
🍞A LARGE splash of vanilla extract
🍞A little bit of almond extract

🌸Ingredients for Syrup:

🍞3-4 cups of your favorite syrup
🍞3 lavender tea bags (you can use dried lavender or other herbs and spices, about 3 Tbs total)
🍞Pot to hold everything
🍞Cheese cloth or tea infuser of using loose herbs

🌸Instructions for French Toast:

🍞Turn pan onto low- medium low heat
🍞Whisk eggs, milk and extracts together.
🍞Soak 1-2 pieces of bread at a time
🍞Add butter to the pan 1-2 tbs and let melt
🍞Add bread to the pan, brown on one side, flip, and brown on the other
🍞Soak your next batch while browning the first
🍞 in-between batches, of your butter turns brown, wipe it off and add more.
🍞Continue reading this until they are all browned. Then serve

🌸Instructions for Syrup:

🍞Add herbs and syrup to pot over medium-low heat
🍞Let come to a simmer then remove
🍞 Let steep for 20 min or more
🍞Serve with French Toast

Okay guys I hope you enjoyed this! Remember to have fun! If you make this, I’d love to see and hear about it!

Love and light
Cait ✌

I woke up today and admired the patterns the sun had drawn across my covers in sunlight. I put on my favorite t-shirt and ate breakfast, spinach and scrambled eggs, peanut butter toast and orange juice. I put in a romantic comedy and watched it sprawled on the couch. I ate popcorn and wrapped myself in warm blankets. around noon, I took the dog for a walk. I watched as autumn left its temporary mark on the sidewalk, leaves of red and gold that swirled around my feet as if I could’ve been the queen of autumn. I watched as strangers glowing from the afternoon reached down to rub my dog between the ears and smile at me. I smiled back. I watched as the little girl who lived down the block shriek my name and come running towards me because I’m always babysitting her and I’m like an older sister. when we got home, I ate my favorite pizza and washed the dishes. I turned the volume all the way up and danced to my favorite playlist. I sat on the porch when a drizzle started to come in and wrote about how the rain was my favorite music. I curled up on the bed and read books in oversized sweaters. I breathed easily, smiled naturally, and thought calmly. and when night fell and everything was quiet, I realized that today was the first day in months when I could think about you, and still be happy.
—  I don’t need you the way I used to


breakfast: 2 eggs (34)on wheat toast (70) with butter (80)

Lunch/dinner: light progresso chicken noodle soup (140) (however I don’t eat the chicken so maybe that takes off a few calories😂😂) Total: 324 Total was successful I’d say, except I slept a bunch today, ooopsie. Hope you’re all having a good day, stay safe 💜 message me if you ever need someone to talk to I’m here for you ☺
21st March 2017

Our stupid early alarm went off at 0800. Stupid alarm. Stupid early. Stupid 0730-0930 breakfast. I was still STUPIDLY tired. Steve climbed into my bed and fell asleep until 0830.
We were tempted to skip breakfast to sleep but we were hungry as we hadn’t eaten our dinner the night before.
We went down and had toast with peanut butter. I missed the eggs and beans at Mad Monkey.

After breakfast we went back upstairs. I was tempted to go back to sleep but I didn’t want to waste the day. We got showered and ready to go for another wonder.

We left at around 1100 and walked aimlessly everywhere. Melbourne has tiny little roads with hundreds of coffee shops dotted in every space you could find. They love coffee here. Melbourne’s known for its coffee.

We went to Federation Square again and bought a coffee. We had planned to job hunt today but Steve was seriously home sick. The first time he had ever felt it since being here. He was in a really bad mood and wanted to go home…
We have told each other if at any point, one of us wants to go home on a serious note, just to say and we’ll leave.
He didn’t want to leave properly, he was just having a down day which we all get once in a while.

We walked into Fitness First - a gym we would both like to join. We are both putting on a good amount of weight here, unfortunately. Healthy foods are SO expensive it’s difficult to pick wisely.
We wanted a quote for a membership. After a form, a tour of the gym (which was massive - 2 floors) we were told it’d cost $34 a week. Too much for unemployed travellers. We’d have to wait until we had an income.

We walked around for another hour or so until we went into Coles to do a food shop. We picked up loads of healthy foods - fruit, veg, chicken (4 breasts for $9) and yoghurt.
For dinner today, I was doing chicken, peppers, onions, sweetcorn, kidney beans in a fajita mix. It was served with rice and was delicious!
Basically fajitas without the wraps.
With flinders, you get free pasta and rice everyday which saves a fair bit of money!

We had dinner early - around 1600. We had a snack ready for later on.
We went upstairs and chilled until Mel got back from an induction day at work.
She got back about 1800/1830. We joined her in the kitchen. Steve and I were peckish so we had carrot sticks and hummus.

Mel had been invited bowling by a German girl she met travelling the kiwi experience (jealous much).
Mel invited us to tag along so we went to get ready as we were leaving at 1915 to be there for 1930.

Bowling was a 12 minute walk so we were there in no time. There were 20 of us bowling! I look backpacking - you tag along to anything and meet so many people. All these people tagged along and made it a good evening. People from all over the world…
There was a deal on at bowling - you roll two dice and whatever you roll is what you pay for a game!
Linn (from Germany) and Aloen (from Spain) rolled a 5 between them! Yay $5 game.

We played one game because that took forever. I came a lovely last place. Dad said not to worry because it’s the taking part that counts and I’m still his number one… I love that man.
Steve was first and got booted to 4th last minute. We had a few beers and chatted to people about travelling.

We left bowling around 2200. It was such a random lovely night. A boy called josh paid for everyone and refused our money even though we tried. I also met someone called Donny who’s family live in CHESHUNT. How much of a small world?!?! It’s crazy. Cheshunt of all places.

We got back to the hostel and grabbed our PJ’s, toothbrush and makeup wipes. We went to the bathrooms to get ready for bed. The light was off in our room so we had to get ready elsewhere.

It’s now 0030 and we’re exhausted. 0815 alarm for the stupid early breakfast.

Breakfast from this morning. Do you guys ever boil eggs and put it in the water too fast and the shell cracks and a bunch of the white stuff comes out and cooks and makes your finished egg look weird af? That’s what happened to my eggs on the top.
•2 boiled eggs with salt and pepper
•whole grain toast with vegan butter
•sliced kiwi

domestic!5sos night for anarchyaustralia & lashtonirmings

But you and Luke completing your morning routines side by side, starting with (somehow) dragging each other out of bed, your husband frying eggs while you brewed the coffee and buttered and toasted bread for the both of you. Neither of you were morning people, therefore the only communication between the two of you consisted of grunts and nods of acknowledgement until you sat down across from each other at the dinner table and flooded your systems with enough caffeine to be fully coherent. You’d empty the load in the dishwasher run the night before while Luke washed the dirty dishes from breakfast, a kiss tasting of jam and morning breath shared before racing to the bathroom, hip checking each other against the hallway walls, giggling, the whole way there.

You’d hop in the shower while Luke shaved in the mirror a mere few feet away from you, humming one song after another, snickering as you tried to guess each one. He’d press desperate kisses your face through the open shower curtain after your head poked out and complained it was his fault you got shampoo in your eyes because his voice was just too damn distracting, whining “Baby, I didn’t mean to, I just couldn’t help myself from making you laugh because it’s my favorite sound in the whole wide world.”

Your husband would chuckle as you bent over the bathroom counter, wrapped in only a towel, sputtering as you washed your face and laugh even harder when you shot a glare at him through the mirror. You’d both try to hold incomprehensible conversations with your toothbrushes lodged in your mouths, accidentally spitting out the accumulation of toothpaste that’d gathered in your mouths due to laughing carelessly at each other’s attempts to communicate. Luke would mock you as you stood in front of the mirror, drawing your wand of mascara through your eyelashes with his mouth hanging wide open in jest, prompting you to chase him out of the bathroom with a threat of “Seriously Luke, your eyes would look amazing with a bit of mascara.” You’d stand, both clad in only your underwear in your walk-in closet, critiquing each other’s outfit choices until the both of you were satisfied with the others clothes, you squealing as Luke took the opportunity to pinch your butt while you wiggled and squeezed your way into your jeans.

As you both applied deodorant and whatever fragrance you’d chosen to wear that day, you’d make plans for dinner (“well we have leftovers from two days ago that we still haven’t finished” “darling, if you love me, you won’t make me eat that sad excuse for meat loaf again”). You’d bicker as you gathered your keys and necessities for work over who fed Wrigley (your golden retriever) and end up sitting on the floor for at least ten minutes petting the dog laying between the both of you on the kitchen floor, obnoxiously apologizing to him when you realized you both neglected to fill his food bowl for breakfast. You’d check each other’s teeth for food and noses for boogers at the front door, fixing each other’s hair before sharing a kiss goodbye, heading your separate ways to work, screaming “I love you"s out the windows of your cars as you drove away from each other.


anonymous asked:

Fave breakfast food?

Eggs, cooked sunny side up, with a side of buttered sourdough toast. I can take or leave the sausage, but bacon is a must. And you gotta be quick with it, cause bacon takes longer to cook than sausage, so we don’t have it as often, and it goes fast. You basically have to eat it out of the pan if you want any in my house. -Lance ;)

mcgenji drabble, untitled

Overwatch | McGenji | PG, fluff

Genji has Feelings about McCree with his hair pulled back. Inspired by this lovely sketch of McCree.

There is comfort to be found in the constants of the world, and one constant upon which Genji can always rely is that Jesse never wakes early on Sunday mornings. It drove Genji nearly to tears of frustration when they worked together for Overwatch, indignant at the idea that a man with as much on his plate as Jesse could spend an entire half of a day in a lazy stupor. He stubbornly refused most offers Jesse extended to join him, defiant to the idea of relaxing.

Now, Genji uses the knowledge to his advantage. He wakes before Jesse, slipping quietly out of the bed they share and into the small kitchen, where he prepares Jesse’s preferred breakfast. Black coffee, buttered toast, and eggs, which Genji always scrambles, smiling to himself as he recalls the morning Jesse taught him how to make them, despite Genji’s reluctance.

Genji sees Jesse walk into the kitchen out of his peripheral vision just as the toast pops up. “Good morning,” Genji greets, smiling faintly as he places the two golden pieces on Jesse’s plate, buttering them with a deft hand.

“Mornin’. You makin’ me breakfast there, darlin’?” he drawls, accent thick from sleep. Genji can hear the grin in Jesse’s voice.

“I thought you might appreciate waking up to something warm,” Genji says, removing the eggs from the fry pan and sliding them onto the plate in between the slices of toast.

Jesse chuckles. “Would have,” he agrees. “Sadly it wasn’t there when I woke up.”

Genji huffs, a breathless little laugh as he opens his mouth to retort, but when he turns to face McCree and hand him his breakfast, he stops short, mouth dropping open in a small ‘oh’.

Jesse raises an eyebrow. “Something wrong?” he asks, and though his smile is easy, it doesn’t quite mask in the concern in his eyes.

Genji works to gather his thoughts as Jesse takes the plate, wondering if there’s actually a blush rising in his cheeks or if he’s only imaging it. “You’ve tied your hair back,” he says, quite intelligently.

Jesse blinks. “What, this?” he reaches up, metal hand brushing over the small ponytail holding most of his hair, save for long bangs that frame his face. He laughs. “Yeah, it’s gettin’ too long. Ponytail means I need to cut it soon.”

“No!” Genji blurts out before he can stop himself, and Jesse’s eyebrow nearly shoot up to his hairline.

“… No?” he repeats, bemused.

Genji prays to any God listening that the blood vessels in his face no longer work nearly as well as they currently feel like they do. “I… I like it. It looks… nice.” He pauses, then adds, in a softer voice, “You look… handsome.”

The words are strange on his tongue, after so many years of trying to deny just how attracted Genji became to Jesse, but Genji fights against his embarrassment, and his reflex to run from such sentiments. Jesse blinks at him again before letting out a low, throaty chuckle, setting his plate of eggs and toast to the side with one hand as the other reaches out, resting against Genji’s side and tugging. Genji follows, until he’s pressed against Jesse, who dips his head until their foreheads touch.

Jesse’s smile is warm and honeyed, hazel eyes so full of affection, and Genji’s breath hitches against his will as Jesse says, “Alright, darlin’. Long hair it is.”

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I'm making steak, baked beans, and Texas toast tonight. What are you having? :O

I have work today from 10-6 so when I get home I’ll probably be having sleep BUT for breakfast I’m having eggs, bacon, grits, and toast with butter and grape jelly!! It’s my favorite breakfast since I’m from Louisiana and grits is like, a staple food down there. I live in Cali now so it’s a nice comfort food. ❤ thank you for asking!! Your dinner sounds REALLY good, I almost wish I could come over!

Just Another Day || Closed RP with heiwanoryu

Jakob had awoken as always the earliest to start to tend to his duties. Now he had Flora & Felicia sleep in for a bit. He went ahead and got dressed as he usually did. Once he finally placed the cravat on, he tied his hair like he always did and proceeded to the kitchen, with some plans himself.

Making a simple breakfast, some toasted bread and butter, eggs and some bacon to go along with it, he always seemed to enjoy it. As long as his mistress were happy, it was all he needed. Once he finished, he proceeded onto Corrin’s room with it, giving her door a small knock before entering.

“Lady Corrin. Please wake up. It’s time for breakfast…” the butler said softly as he held the tray with the aromas filling up the room.


The Signs as Breakfast Foods
  • Aries: sausage
  • Taurus: pancakes
  • Gemini: bagels
  • Cancer: french toast
  • Leo: eggs
  • Virgo: buttered toast
  • Libra: cereal and milk
  • Scorpio: bacon
  • Sagittarius: muffins
  • Capricorn: hash browns
  • Aquarius: donuts
  • Pisces: waffles