• Ryan "lays eggs in your stomach or something"
  • Ryan Haywood(SortaMaliciousGaming)
  • SortaMaliciousGaming 07/26/2016

(SortaMaliciousGaming 07/26/2016 (3:11:47))

“Oops. My bad. Didn’t–uh–okay. Hold on, I’ll be with you in a minute. I’m just…just gonna break this…you could–just don’t go anywhere! Any minute now–there we go. Just gonna…give me in a minute; gonna, like. Lay eggs in your stomach, or something.  Aaand no struggle! I appreciate that! ♪Ding-ding-dong♪ ♪Ding-dong, the girl is hooked! She’s on real good. It’s too late for more lyrics.♪”

Beyond the stylish lady designs in the F6 skit in ep.11, we can see a store titled “Unfinished Business”. There are those who think it’s an animator’s gag related to how the show was indeed such unfinished business at the time, ending its first cour and about to go into the second part.

monstervsgaming  asked:

BOI how about some tord with d4 and tom standing next to him with some b2 and hearts in his eyes ((this is the best idea ive had all day save me im in torm hell))

@monstervsgaming a gift for you cause honestly???? The fact that you actually drew me something had me on the floor screaming like omf i was so happy so hopefully my shittty art makes up for it <333333