Scrambled, poached, and over easy eggs are so 2000 and late. 

How do we like our eggs, you ask? BLASTED. 

We originally found this rocket egg mo(u)ld on ASOS, but both the rocket and the astronaut are cheaper on @amazon​.

Now all your breakfasts can be out of this world - bon appétit!

- Summer & Emily

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Eggs That Clear the Cages, but Maybe Not the Conscience
The country’s biggest food companies are embracing cage-free eggs, but hens raised in aviaries may not be much healthier than their caged counterparts.
By David Gelles

Think cage free eggs are the answer? Organic sounds nice, but even ill hens can’t receive antibiotics. The sickest hens we have ever rescued—missing eyes, on permanent quarantine—came from an organic, pasture-based farm. The New York Times sheds some light on what “cage free” really means for hens.


Stu, let me ask you a question: how did you not realize until then that you had too many eggs? Nobody sells eggs in a big cloth-covered basket, so you must have done that yourself. That means you spent god-knows-how-long opening up twelve whole cartons of eggs, carefully placing each egg one-by-one inside a big basket, and then covering it with a big picnic cloth… and at no point- at no point- did you ever stop and think “gee, there might be TOO MANY FUCKING EGGS HERE

You really have lost control of your life.