The Egg and Eye

A chicken egg is an incredibly simple, but elegant, object. What happens within is altogether more complicated. In this video by Anna Franz at the University of Oxford, winner of Nikon’s Small World 2011 video competition, ink injected into the yolk sac of a 72-hour-old chick embryo reveals its beating heart and vasculature.


Separating egg whites from the yolk.



Ever get worried that all the egg shells used in the world have some kind of weird sci-fi style connection and at any point they can call out to each other and reconnect? Like, where do they all go? There must be thousands of tons of discarded egg shells out there. And do you worry that if they do call on each other, they do travel to reunite, that they may form some gargantuan egg shell monster and destroy us all for breaking their fine exoskeletons? Well, do you?


By nutmegandhoneybee on IG