Judy made those egg pancake thingys this morn. Yum. Mine with banana.

Ah, country life! When even the shortest drive can take a very long time!!

Singer in my band, Kaitlyn, and I sitting around the pool after jamming. 2nd really outstanding practice in a row. All the songs are coming together nicely. We hit the studio next week to record our 4th.

Looking forward to a soccer game and nothing else today. Jude and I will see how many OITNB season 2 episodes we can get through tonight.

Also looking forward to getting back at it at the box tomorrow morning. I had one of the best 1st half weeks ever last week, but then dropped the ball on Friday and Saturday. Though I did the 7 minutes intro AMRAP with my sister and brother-in-law Saturday morning for support. Kinda showed me how far I’ve come, as I moved quickly through it and barely broke a sweat.

Enjoy your Sunday!