Christmas Fic! (Preview Post)

First Chapter will be posted December First, and there will be a new chapter every day until Christmas! I’ll have a Christmas Song of the Day too! Whoo!

I love Christmas time and am so excited to share this fic with you guys! Some days I will be asking for your favorite traditions or favorite songs so I can incorporate them into the fic!! Make sure you reblog so everyone can participate!

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Tis the Season!

Steve and Thor have eggnog drinking contests and get all lazy and cuddly afterwards, winding poinsettias through each others hair and giggling.

Clint and Natasha are celebrating their fifth Christmas together, and this year Clint has something special planned, something he has been planning since Budapest.

Peter and Wade are navigating a brand new relationship and Wade turns out to be more sentimental than anyone expects, and Peter scrambles to find the perfect gift for his new boyfriend.

Pepper finally agrees to that date with Rhodey, and spends most of the season blushing, while Bruce brings home a beautiful woman named Val(kyrie!)

And Bucky is trying to find reasons to catch Tony under the mistletoe, because all he wants for Christmas is his favorite genius wrapped in a ribbon.

The Christmas music starts playing December 1st, the tree is sixteen feet tall and the halls are literally decked with boughs of holly. Presents pile up and cookies fill the kitchen, and honestly it’s surprising how many variations of “Sexy Santa” costumes exist, but no one is complaining.

It’s 25 days of Fluff and Feels and Holiday Sweetness!

Welcome to Christmas with the Avengers!


Authors Note: This fic will have lots of sweetness and kissing, but nothing NSFW to keep it as user-friendly as possible! Spideypool is Andrew Garfield/ Ryan Reynolds! It wont follow any MCU timelines, its just nice moments between our favorite people as if there is nothing angsty wrong ever lol I hope you all enjoy it!

candygrahm  asked:

Dude, so the holidays are approaching, right. Time for holiday headcanons! :D I feel like Engie would take good care of making sure the dinner plans go smoothly. Perhaps Soldier would make sure that they have at least one of every kind of decoration imaginable because how else are you going to maximize the festive spirit.


-Spy perfectly wraps everyone’s gifts in super expensive paper

-Pyro gets so happy about the decorations that they’re a happy-crying mess

-Engie does the holiday baking with Pyro and Demo’s help

-Heavy cuts down a tree and decorates it with Medic, since he has a ton of surgical thread and hooks to use for ornaments

-Scout, Soldier, and Pyro have snow ball fights in front of the base

-On Christmas, the two teams have a temporary peace agreement

-Sniper insists they all do caroling songs with each other, even though they’re all God awful at singing

-Spy gets drunk enough on eggnog to agree to wear one of Engie’s hand-knitted Xmas sweaters over his suit

Last nights big mood: drinking eggnog outside the Christmas Queens show and staring at Ivy Winters, Sharon Needles, and Ginger Minj smoking literally 2 feet in front of us and Ginger called us pretty

last sentence meme

Two memes in a single night! This is a record for me. Thank you for the tag @kangofu-cb! Well, the last thing I’ve been working on is a certain Christmas fic, about which I will not say anything more, and I’m confident this sentence won’t give anything away either.

“Is that eggnog on your breath?”

I know this meme has gone around a few times, so apologies to everyone who’s sick of getting tagged, but 6 words is short enough that I feel like I should for once try to follow the rules and tag a person per word. I won’t be at all offended if you ignore this!

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My mom let me get a drink, she was thinking I’d get a Arizona or some shit, but I got a carton of eggnog, and she just kinda rolled with it, so now I have a carton of eggnog and not to be dramatic but if anyone touches it I’ll slit their throat



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