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(Musicless Meister) Itward didn't expect the.... Positive company to come up to his doorstep. ".... Come in." He was rather nervous- it was Christmas, and nothing terrible was happening? It seemed like a bad sign... Hell, he bet whatever was in this boxes would humiliate, or even hurt him in some way. ".... So-.... You fans of e-eggnog? If not, is there anything you'd like? At all?"

“/Wine/.” Éliote said with a big smile. “I’d totally have some wine if you have some!”

Sam looked around. “Merry Christmas… uh- where do you want me to put the presents?”

Shane was not even remotely in the mood to attend a party.  She was heartsore, especially after her therapy session that morning, and wasn’t in the friendliest of dispositions.  But she was one of the best women at an upcoming Wotter wedding and was expected to make an appearance.  At least a few of the Wotters had a habit of cheering her up, at least in the case of James, Teddy, Lucy, and Molly.  She didn’t know most of the others that well.  Regardless, her cousin needed to socialize, so she’d come with Castor and Hermes, who were now being gracious and holiday-spirited while Shane sat wasting the gorgeous dress Lucy had set aside for her in the living room, long legs crossed as she watched the revelry with a mug of eggnog in one hand, and a book in the other.  She was only slightly distracted by the sofa shifting under her as someone settled in to smile, and she sighed.  “You can sit there as long as you don’t tell me to smile.”

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Fitzsimmons + 83 xD

83. Bring your pretty little butt over here.

Send me a number and a pairing and I’ll write you a drabble/ficlet!

I love this prompt and couldn’t decide what version I wanted to do but this one worked out okay ;)

I started out planning to make this canon, but, well…I have a feeling Season 1B would’ve gone quite differently ;)


First-Annual (and only) S.H.I.E.L.D. Team 6 Holiday Party

“Who’s ready to partayyyyyyyyy?”

“Someone pregamed a little too hard on the eggnog,” Skye muttered as Fitz came skidding into the common area, his cheeks red, eyes wild, a Santa hat jammed over his curls and his shirt unbuttoned past the point of propriety.

“How’s everyone feeling?” Fitz slurred, weaving around the room and holding out a fist as if interviewing his teammates. “Feeling good? Feeling good? Because I’m feeling…horny.”

He finished in a stage whisper but everyone heard. Skye hid her giggles behind Ward.

“And I just need to tell you all how amazing you are – that’s not got anything to do with my being horny… for most of you.”

“Dear God,” May sighed. “Should I do something about this?”

“Nah, let him go ahead,” Coulson said, amused. “We all need to let off a bit of steam.”

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Hamilsquad Letter Asks & Answers

“A - Art museums
E - Energy drinks
I - iPhones
O - Oak trees
U - Upstate New York” -Herc

“P - Pears” -Lafayette
“P - Pie” - Aaron

“Lafayette!” -Alex

“A - Oh c’mon y’all already know the answer to that ❤” -John

“P - Pastels” -Eliza

“R - Dude idk Rocks???“ -Angelica

“T - Turtles, specifically Phillip Julius” -Alex

“J - Jazz Music

M - My dick. No explanation needed. It’s fantastic.” -Thomas

“A - Accents. When Alex gets really drunk or really tired sometimes he let’s it slip
"L - Long hair. For obvious reasons
"E - Eggnog. Preferably with alcohol
"X - Xander. I like the nickname but Alex hates it and wont let me call him that so I have to suffer.” -John

“J - John ❤
O - Orange is The New Black
H - Herc
N - Nutella” -Alex

“H - Hercules
F - (Thomas Jefferson voice) France ” -Lafayette   

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Letter game

It’s harder than you think, and no using Google! Every answer must start with the first letter of you name.

@ohanadoesntapplytoadam is forcing me to do this.
Boys Name: Edward
Girls Name: Emma
Colour: Emerald?
Movie: Elf! (Fuck yeah I love elf)
Something you wear: exciting socks
Drink: Eggnog
Food: Eggs (is that cheating if I just put eggnog) ECKLES CAKE (idk if that’s how you spell it)
Something in the Bathroom: Extraterrestrial beings
Place: Exotic rainforests
Reason to be Late: Earthquake destroyed your house

I tag @infinitelyqueer and @my-bipolar-sides cause your my only friends ly

Letter Game - It’s harder than you think, and no using Google! Every answer must start with the first letter of your name. I was tagged by @teamperseus, thank u!!

Name: Emily

Animal: elephant

Boys Name: evan

Girls Name: ellie

Color: emerald green

Movie: (the) emperor’s new groove 

Something you wear: earrings

Drink: eggnog (ew)

Food: eggs

Something in the Bathroom: ??? i couldn’t think of one omg

Place: Egypt

Reason to be late: eating

I’m tagging anyone who wants to do this!