here is the video of me asking frank to sign my eggplant. taken by jamie misery-business-factory at banquet records

frank iero scrapbook project!!

hey!! frank has been getting a bit of shit on this tour with mallory knox, so me and edith falloutboy2013 want to make it up to him and show him how much we love and appreciate him by making him a scrapbook type thing of everything that’s happened on the tour

basically if you’ve been to any of the frank + mallory knox dates (or are going to any) it would be cool if you could send us pictures you took of him, fans, the venue or city the show was in, scans of tickets (obviously ones that have already been used), any messages you want to give frank about your experiences on the tour or anything like that (if you handwrote a message and scanned it in that would look really cool)!!! we’re putting them all in a scrapbook to give to him on november 28th at the banquet records instore shows and we’re going to be adding stuff right up to the last minute

so all you have to do is submit your pictures and messages to either me or falloutboy2013 with your name, date of the gig so we can put it in order, and maybe a message or something if you want to!! deadline is november 28th since that’s the day we’re giving it to frank and even if you’re not going to any of the shows it would be really cool if you could reblog/ share this so we can get as much stuff as possible


I was tagged by throamryden for the twenty beautiful people tag!! it’s 3am and i look sort of rough and i need a haircut and to redye my hair but like. here i am. 

i don’t think i know 20 people who haven’t been tagged to do this.. i tag cellabrations floraljesse doritoro themattyhealy forcenturies uhh…. circusband spencerslegos ryansros & anybody who wants to do it!