The Bold Eagle (real name: M. Lesgles) is an accidental superhero who fights injustice on the streets of Paris. After an unfortunate disaster involving an exploding vat of fermenting waste left this failed law student with the latent power to drastically alter probabilities, Lesgles decided to use his newly-found (in)abilities for good, and allied himself with Mothman, Poland Lad and The Eggler to bring down ruthless criminals and other miscreants in the city. 

Bold Eagle’s main power involves (unwittingly) chaining together series of unlikely events that result in the arrest or incapacitation of the subject(s) in pursuit. Unfortunately, his high propensity for chaos and minor collateral damage makes people look upon his arrival with some dread (although the people of Paris speak -strangely- fondly of him as “our clumsy little bird”), and the majority of citizens are careful to slam their doors shut or stay away from easily dislodged objects when he blows into their part of town. Indeed, his costume is designed to minimise injury: the soles of his shoes are lined with high friction material, his clothes are padded, his boots come with shock-absorbing knee and shin pads, and his wings auto-deploy in the event of falls and spills. This is not to say he does not return home from every mission with at least a few lacerations and sprains. Mercifully, his other power is improved healing speeds powered by the consumption of canned beans. (At the possible expense of his roommates’ olfactory well-being).

This superhero originally called himself The Bald Eagle; however, the people of Paris dubbed him with this new moniker after the mayor was heard to remark, “He would have to be a Bold Eagle to continue doing the things he does, with the things that keep happening to him.”

- from the Encyclopaedia of Unlikely Parisian Superheroes Vol 1.


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[Isa Genzken. Ohr (Ear). 1980.]