“I love how Dean is getting into Brock’s head with getting back up after every time Brock beats him down. The way he egged him to come back to the ring and how inside of crawling away from Brock when he was getting up, he crawled towards him. It was good. I reckon he might be able to take Brock. If you look at what he said in his interview with Michael Cole. He’s got a plan, and a Lunatic with a plan is a dangerous thing.“

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Jemma gives up easily when she sees no solution at all (eg.: when she jumps out of a plane after the 3rd time trying and when she gives up on the planet) yes, Jemma is pretty optimistic but she's very hopeless and pessimist with herself

Hey there, anon!

That is a really good point. But in FZZT, I don’t think it’s that she gave up. I think it’s that she didn’t think she had time to find another option. Remember, the clock was ticking, and she was going to bring down the whole team if she didn’t solve the problem in time.

In the end, she believed that jumping was the only way TO solve the problem

Something interesting that I’ve noticed about Jemma’s writing is how often she is wrong. And not through her own fault, of course. She’s wrong because she thinks she has all the facts, but she doesn’t. She makes the absolute best decision based off of the data she has in front of her, but if the data is wrong, how can she be expected to reach the right conclusion? 

When she gets the virus, she thinks the third rat died, but that rat was merely unconscious. She wouldn’t have jumped if she’d realized they’d found a cure.

When Fitz gets hypoxia, she knows that he’s suffering, but she’s unable to communicate with him. I imagine that their interactions must have been acutely painful, because of the love confession they never got a chance to talk about or process, and because of Jemma’s guilt about, well, everything. The tension between them makes Jemma believe that she’s making him worse, so she leaves. What she doesn’t realize is that leaving makes Fitz feel worthless, and that even though they were having trouble communicating, Jemma was still getting through better than anyone else was. If Jemma knew that her absence would hurt, not help, she never would have done it. But, unfortunately, she is not a psychologist who can predict the future.

When they encounter the underground Inhuman temple, Jemma sees Mack get “infected” and taken over. She sees Raina, now turned into a murderous Inhuman porcupine. She sees Trip in fragments. And then Skye is exposed to the same environment, with the same variables, and what does she think? Infection. It’s a very reasonable conclusion when you’re trying to connect the dots between Mack, Trip, and Raina. But she didn’t know about the Inhumans, or Skye’s parents, or the Kree war. It is really amazing how little she knew! And, a third time, she was willing to go to drastic lengths in order to protect her team, and a third time, it backfired.

Are you seeing the pattern here, anon? Each time, she has less information, the stakes are higher, and she is perceived as more of a villain.

And I actually don’t mind that, really. It’s important to see your heroes stumble every so often. It makes them human and relatable. The problem is that Jemma is never absolved. We never see her side of things, and no one ever talks about how she isn’t the bad guy, after all. I almost think that’s a more important conversation to have than talking about Fitz’s pod confession. I can’t imagine how lonely she must have felt when Fitz pulled away and told her she was a monster, and how much that must have wounded her to the core. 

(But, of course, Fitz didn’t have all the information, either. He was too hurt to see what was in front of him, and too volatile to be included in Coulson’s assignment.)

So, anon, we get to Jemma on the planet. Jemma knows that she was brought there by the portal. She knows that the portal stays in a fixed place, but that the planet rotates. She knows that the portal opens according to the alignment of the moons. She knows that Fitz won’t give up. She knows she’d do anything to get back to him. 

What she doesn’t know is that the chasm is a lot wider than she was told. 

What she doesn’t know is that her first attempt will fail.

But here’s the thing, anon: I can get her feeling discouraged. I can get her going into mourning over her failure and the loss it entails. But saying that Jemma just gave up? That’s not Jemma. With the virus, with Fitz’s hypoxia, with the temple, Jemma didn’t gave up as much as she made the best choice she knew how. Each choice came at a great personal cost to her.

So, yes, she had been broken down at this point. She didn’t just fail once, but over and over and over again. Maybe she’s started to believe that everything she touches turns to dust. Maybe her youthful optimism has been shattered beyond recognition.

I can definitely see that. Not that Jemma is a pessimist, but that she draws conclusions from the facts, and the facts do not treat her kindly. And once again, she doesn’t have all the information, because she doesn’t know that none of the above was her fault or meant that she wasn’t good enough. A lot of it had to do with things beyond her control.

And maybe she just decides that everything is beyond her control? Maybe she thinks the universe wants her on the planet, and there’s nothing that she can do about it? But here’s the problem we have with that:

  • Jemma DID succeed in finding the portal, she only failed to find the portal in time
  • Jemma “the cosmos doesn’t want anything” Simmons doesn’t believe in a universe that’s conspiring against her
  • Jemma figured out when the sun would rise with astounding accuracy????
  • Jemma was happy by the end and still doing science?????

I mean, I could get it if it took her a while to get over the pain of failure before trying again. I could get it if it took her months to figure out another way, or months for her to lean on science again. But that’s not what we see. A few weeks later, Jemma is happy as a clam, doing complex calculations that do NOT help her find home, and Fitz? Who’s Fitz?

That Jemma is so poorly written and inconsistent with everything else we know about Jemma, that you can’t really draw conclusions from her character based off of what we saw. The writing at the end of 3x05 was cheap, manipulative, and just plain stupid. 

So I’m not going to agree that Jemma never had hope in regards to her own ability. She DID have it, but it diminished over time due to her trauma. But there is still a piece of that old Jemma in there. She watches the sunrise with Fitz and kisses him back and decides that she’d rather let go of Will than risk letting a monster loose on the Earth.

Yes, anon, that Jemma still lives.

And every so often, when hopeless!Jemma isn’t more convenient to the plot, we get to see her in all her glory.

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where do u get all ur revision stationary (eg. notebooks, pens, highlighters etc) cos they're all so pretty? 😻

I buy most of my stationery from local stores but these are were I have ordered from:

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What is wrong with most of our muslim brothers exactly? Like they know that it's hard for a hijabi in the west and then they go making jokes about oppressing their muslim sisters (like not letting them outside the house) and then come crying islamophobia when they get a reaction from people. how do they function? notice I'm not saying general sexist jokes (eg: women in the kitchen) no i mean using islam to make jokes about oppressing women.

I don’t know. Honestly, a lot of Muslim brothers are uneducated and don’t understand that women in Islam ARE NOT oppressed and that men ARE NOT superior to women. If a Muslim brother was more religious and acted the way he should (as our prophet Muhammad (saw) acted) then brothers would not be so sexist


>SYABM comics< 25: “The sea-lion’s share”

Over the course of Gamergate, I >and< >others< couldn’t help but notice that many of the sort of people who do things like insist it’s not censorship when it’s not done by the government, and/or that claim that “freedom of speech isn’t freedom from consequences!” seem to also be the sort of people who don’t actually want to face the consequences of *their own* speech, like people politely disagreeing with them (EG the Honey Badgers getting kicked out of Calgary Expo for criticizing feminism) or >Sarkeesian being told she’s a liar<.

And then GG goes and has meetups, which get bomb threats. They try to have a conversation with their critics at SPJ Airplay, and not one is willing to show up. And then they get a bomb threat. For some reason, anti-GG folks don’t really talk about it. You may be noticing a theme here.

This is less a problem with anti-GG folks than it is with SJWs in general, and their usual double standards. It’s wrong (or “sea-lioning”) for people to disagree with them, no matter how politely, but it’s okay when they yell at folks en masse for alleged crimethink, or even try to censor them in the real-world, like with the recent RooshV controversy. Because they’re Bad People, understand? 

It’s okay when SJWs do acrobatic pirouettes off the handle, because they have good intentions. Who cares if there’s no actual evidence, or the road’s getting a little warm and seems to be sloping downwards?


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what are some things every girl needs in their wardrobe? also, do u think it is okay to have cheaper alternatives to them? (eg: a denim outerwear instead of denim jacket) if you get what i mean 😅 thank you!!

Every girl has her own individual style, but there are definitely some things that we all need!!
Some kind of jacket: this can be a leather jacket, denim jacket, or like the green jacket I wore in one of my photos.
Flannel: I personally think that flannel or plaid can look flattering on anyone!
Leggings and a go-to pair of jeans: (I typically don’t wear jeans but I do have a pair or two to fall back on now and then).
During the winter: a cute oversized sweater
During the summer: SUNDRESSES and rompers, definitely high waisted shorts, as well.
Anything you feel beautiful and confident in. 😊

Students face up to 4 years in prison over banner promising ’no tea’ for Erdoğan

Three students from Ege University in İzmir face up to four years in prison for allegedly insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, due to a humorous banner criticizing the increase in the price of tea in the university’s cafeteria.

“I’m buying a glass of tea for everyone, except for Tayyip,” the banner read, referring to a well-known scene from the Turkish comedy-drama movie titled “Çiçek Abbas,” which was directed by prominent Turkish director Sinan Çetin in 1982. In the scene, the main character Abbas buys tea for everyone in a teahouse, except for Şakir, who does not want to drink a glass of tea from Abbas because they are not on good terms. After Şakir’s refusal, Abbas says, “I’m buying a glass of tea for everyone, except for Şakir.”

The banner, including photos of the fictional characters Abbas and Şakir, was hung between trees nearly two years ago, when students were protesting the increase in the price of tea in the university cafeteria. Students also handed out glasses of tea for free as part of the protest.

Prosecutor İzzettin Namal has filed a criminal complaint against three students – Muhammed K., Çiğdem G. and Erdal K. – at the İzmir 30th Criminal Court of First Instance on charges of insulting the president, after a police officer filed a report about the banner.

Article 299 of the Turkish Penal Code (TCK) defines insulting the president as a crime punishable by one to four years in prison. According to the same article, if the “crime” is committed on a public platform, the sentence shall be increased by a factor of six.

However, the law that makes insulting the president a criminal offense has become a method of intimidation against journalists, opinion leaders and intellectuals who are vocal in their criticism of the president ever since Erdoğan was elected in August 2014.

As of December 2015, the number of people to have been prosecuted for insulting Erdoğan has reached 250, a crime for which only one person was tried under the terms of the previous four presidents. Erdoğan was the complainant in 93 criminal cases of insult in a three-month time frame from October to December 2015.

Dozens of people, including journalists Sedef Kabaş and Mehmet Baransu as well as students, activists and even a former Miss Turkey Merve Büyüksaraç, have been prosecuted for insulting Erdoğan on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.


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You like eggs my guy? 🐣

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So, I saw your artworks and headcanon. Is it just me, or some of your headcanons tends to involve traumatizing transformation (eg. Longer Prime as Shockwave, OP as Galvatron / Sparkeater)?

(I hope there wasn’t more, since that’s all I got, if there’s more feel free to re-send!)

Now that I think about it, this is pretty common for me, but yeah! I find transformation aspects absolutely fascinating, and they show up a lot in my writing and ideas, and I’m particularly fond of characters “corrupting” in the process- so like OP turning into Galvatron, becoming an evil leader, or the lost Light turning into insecticons in the Hive!LL, they tend to turn into different or more animal versions of themselves, which….yeah, I dunno the psychology behind that, but I guess it’s just kinda fascinating for me!

And I absolutely love unusual biological aspects, I mean, Cybertronians are ultimately alien and now we’ve seen that in IDW their physiology is basicaly made of magic and whatever the story demands but I like exploring what kind of weird traits they might have- what is “normal” when some of your own species can be several -miles- larger than others? Somehow I just tend to make bots stranger by making them more similar to the earthly things we know.

I dunno what the moral of all this is. Probably “Study biology obsessivey it will help you come up with gross headcanons later in life about mechs moulting their outer layers of armor as they grow or adapt new altmodes.”

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Are there and gas masks suitable for people who wear glasses?

Your two best options are either optical inserts for an MSA Ultravue, US M40, or Scott AV-2000, for getting a “bag mask” meant for protecting children/the elderly like the Israeli hood masks with blower fans. I know a couple of guys that wear contacts with their masks, they work as long as you don’t get gas in your eyes (eg remove mask for tear gas training), but they don’t work for SCBA operation because the dry air will make them fall out. Sorry about wording on this, it’s early morning but I hope you can see what I’m getting at.

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What do you think about buying vegan products of a non-vegan brand ? (eg. vegan doc martens or vegan ben&jerry's)

I’m a big fan because that creates more demand for that product!  Would be a hypocrite to say I am against it since I buy Converse, Dole products, etc

Your INFP ‘Companion’ unit User Guide and Manual

This manual sanctioned by and concept credit to @intpboard ;)

CONGRATULATIONS! Somehow you have found a wandering and bewildered INFP. Evidently they have offered you this manual after hearing you support Sherlock and their OTP. Take a moment to feel good about yourself, this is an important step in your relationship.

Your INFP companion will come with the following accessories:
Three (3) diaries (CAUTION: Perusal unadvised. Touch these at your own risk)
Three (3) everyday outfits
Two (2) indie outfits
Two (2) Tumblr blogs
One (1) laptop
One (1) mobile device
One (1) pair of custom-built earphones
One (1) unique tea mug
One (1) cat

You INFP comes programmed with the following traits:
Fi: Your INFP is a special snowflake. They will have invisible feels, but keep an eye out for the cute smile. And they probably really do Know that feeling.
Ne: Your INFP is weird and likes ambiguous things. May meme occasionally.
Si: Your INFP likes to store up good memories and database feelings like buried treasure for that novel they’re writing.
Te: Although it is their inferior function, your INFP can be executive and use cold hard logic to be remarkably strong and creative. They may need help adapting to the harsh outside world. May secretly hate everything (including themselves) if unhealthy.

Getting Started:
To set up your INFP companion:
1. Fill mug with tea and place INFP in close proximity of cat and a sunset and leave to bask until heart is pleasantly warm.
2. Sync with Tumblr (this should happen automatically through a deep emotional connection inherent in all INFPs, much like Bluetooth).
3. Allow thirty (30) minutes of continuous data exchange.
4. Sit beside them for thirty (30) minutes in silence as Human Presence Conditioning.
5. Get up. If your INFP moves to follow, they have successfully activated and synced with you. If not, repeat Step 4 with the cat.

Quiet (default) - quiet cinnamon roll. May stare off into space, usually either very sweet or very sarcastic, depending on your model. May be a socially awkward if brand new. Be careful not to forget about or leave behind your INFP when it is in this mode.
Talkative - frequent activation of this mode usually correlates with quick Human Presence Conditioning. Explore topics until you find which ones activate this mode, you may be surprised.
Feels - may need unusual amount of solitude with all accessories in easy access. Be receptive of feels if expressed, to avoid software crashing.
Crazy/happy - have fun, roll with it, but beware of hazard unwariness.
Unhealthy/shadow (locked) - only activated under extreme stress. May burn everything in its path, or burn self in solitude.

Relationships with other units:
Your INFP’s homey home. May feel threatened or devalued by INFJ units due to social constructs, but usually end up getting along.
SPs: Interesting territory for your INFP. May find Se overwhelming, but generally find them intriguing, perhaps from a distance.
NTs: May or may not get along, if they do, have very interesting discussions, good for software conditioning. May be cut by perceived coldness if new.
SJs: Can be very fun. INFP gets to feel like an educator in Ne, and may learn from high Si if healthy. Some of these usually necessary for grounding your INFP during lightning storms.

Your INFP may be constantly snacking. A ‘regular’ diet is not strictly necessary, but sneak some vitamins into their packet and fetish foods occasionally.

Some INFP units require more grooming than others. If your INFP excessively self-grooms, it is probably not just a phase (see Bjork). You have little to no control over this.

Your INFP companion unit runs the risk of becoming nocturnal. Discover the cause for this - usually either angst or creativity. If the former, see Troubleshooting (p. 9). If the latter, arrange bedside outlets - NOT tumblr.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Why does my INFP procrastinate so much?
Unlike INTPs, INFP units have Te software, however it is in its beta version upon unit activation and the full version can be installed after some conditioning. Engaging them in tasks they have a personal investment in and using Divide and Conquer applications may aide effectiveness.

Why is my INFP so sensitive to criticism/so defensive/so salty?
See above question (Te software). INFP units also have an Identity Crisis application that is hosted by Fi, activated by ‘negative’ external stimulus and executed by Te. With the full version of Te, this application can lead to powerful self-transformation. Sensitivity should decrease with conditioning, however positive affirmation will help stabilize application launch.

Help! My INFP unit is stuck in Unhealthy / Shadow mode!
There are three main manifestations of unhealthy mode. If in shadow functions, an ENFJ may be helpful. If in the grip of Te, they may need help coming to terms with reality. Often fire and brimstone anger and ‘just do it’ mentality can help pull your INFP out of apathy long enough to grow healthier. If in an Fi-Si loop, thrust you INFP into a new situation, or several. In any case, getting your INFP to communicate their problems to other units (other NFs are usually best) will be highly beneficial, although your INFP’s Fi may resist initially.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS on acquiring your new INFP unit! Have fun!