Cowboy!5sos blurb

This is my third try at a cowboy!5sos blurb so bear with me I’m trying my best.

Michael Clifford, the most obnoxious boy in Arley, Alabama. Always blasting music way after curfew, always showing up late to church, egging houses, one time he set off illegal fireworks at a high football game.

And he’s so irresponsible, this one time he forgot to put his sheep in the pen and they ran away to Earl Garland’s farm, took ‘em until the butt crack of dawn to get them all the way back to his farm. They were probably better off at Earls house to be honest.

Long story short he’s a pain in the rear end. So when he asked you to the county fair you were hesitant. You’re the most shy person at your school, why would he pick you. You said yes because he’s quite the charmer. Just a perk from being from the south. ;)

That Saturday afternoon he picked you up and you felt butterflies in your stomach. This was your first date with out a chaperone, you were excited but also nervous knowing how reckless Michael could be.

When you got there you were surprised at how sweet he was. He opened doors for you, won you a big teddy bear from the ring toss, gave you his jacket when night fell.

And yeah he did make a few dirty jokes about how you must taste sweeter than the cotton candy, but he’s just like every other teenage boy. When the date ended he asked you if you wanted to go to the Football game next Friday and of course you said yes, because under that bad boy exterior there’s a boy sweeter than peach cobbler.

(Hopefully he doesn’t set off illegal fireworks at that one ;))
anarchyaustralia I hope you enjoy this :)

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I love the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Do you have any YA book recommendations that are similar to that anime?

Sure :)

The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson has a similar-ish magic system. It’s very much a boy’s adventure book, which is the sort of vibe I get from FMA.

The Leviathan Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld also has that boy’s adventure book vibe, and it’s set in a steampunk-ish world with chimeras… sort of. Also, stunning illustrations!

The Seven Realms series by Cinda William Chima is high fantasy that starts off all light-hearted and adventurous but also deals with serious themes (eg. racism and war) in much the same way that FMA does.

And The Demon’s Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan is an action-packed urban fantasy about two brothers and their absolutely heartwarming (and heartbreaking) relationship. The Japanese publishers obviously thought it would appeal to the same audience as FMA, because guess who they got to do the cover? 

(I wish my copy of the book had this cover, Nick is looking mighty fine *____*)

v hot doges

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(Y/n) winced as the bandage was placed over her arm. Newt watched from the corner with interest, springing off the wall when the Med-Jack proclaimed she was done.

“There” Jeff smiled “No more climbing trees, alright”

“Not my fault I have low blood sugar and I didn’t remember” the girl grumbled, testing her hand to make sure she could still move all her joints. She had had a nasty fall whilst trying to climb one of the trees in the glade, it was all Thomas’ fault really. He was the one who had egged her on. Gally hadn’t been much help either, taunting her until she put her foot on the bark. Half way up she had suddenly grown faint, her words luring together as she fell. Luckily, Newt had been around to rush her to the Med-Jacks. After a very sweet piece of fruit and some disinfectant, she was as good as new.

“Well, we all have something wrong with us” Newt agreed “And it sucks you didn’t remember in time”

“When did you remember yours?” she asked quietly, the two heading back outside. Everyone was currently queuing up to get lunch, and even though her stomach rumbled, (Y/n) wanted to see the conversation through.

“Hmmm?” Newt frowned, running a hand over his jaw.

“Your limp” she explained “Did you remember how you got it or did you just kinda figure it out when you first arrived here”

His mouth opened and shut a few times, trying to think of a quick answer.

She doesn’t know?

Wait, of course she doesn’t.

She’s knew.

Barely out of the Box for three days.

“You know I honestly can’t remember Greenie” he sighed, licking his lips nervously “I’ll have to get back to you on that one”

“Oh, okay” (y/n) smiled awkwardly, walking toward the line for food.

Newt watched her go with an uneasy smile on her face.

She would never know the truth.

Not if he could help it.

She gave him a small wave with her injured arm, noticing the way he stared at her with interest but slight fear.

That girl.

She sure is something.


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                           “Come on,” Billy egged, taking a step back, some distance in the ring, “hit me with your best shot. Can’t touch this. You know nothing, Jon Snow.” His insult meter was not at it’s prime. Tommy was better at this and somehow that made his chest hurt in a way he really wasn’t prepared for. He tried not to let it show. Gar would see the opening and pounce on him for sure. Instead, Billy slid his feet apart until they were at shoulder width and he opened his arms, “I promise, when I turn you into a toad, you’ll get better.”

Doktora için hep Ankara hayali kurarken, Timur tarihçilerinin hep Ege’den çıktığı geldi aklıma bugün. Ben neden İzmir’e başvuru yapmayayım ki, değil mi? Deli miyim neyim. İzmir, neden seninle güzel günlerimiz olmasın?

Allahım eğer bu günler güzel günlere bir birikimse, tüm bu belirsizlikler, tüm bu kargaşa ve umutsuzluk yani, hayli biriktirdim. Hala da biriktiriyorum. Günü geldiğinde almayı aylarca beklediğim bi kitap gibi, İzmir’i biletimi bana verir misin?

Canım Allahım,  bu konuyu buraya bırakıyorum, bir kaç ay sonra başvuru zamanı geldiğinde bana bi güzellik yapar mısın? Lütfen. Biraz deniz havası, bana yetecek.

Biraz da Ege, çünkü çocukluğum. Annem. Çünkü fotoğraflar. Çünkü hayaller ve tüm güzel şeyler. 

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Re: gay characters in cartoons. I get slightly miffed when people cite Russia's institutionalized homophobia as the reason the elderly lesbians were cut from GF. Frankly, I know fuck all about the process of adapting Disney cartoons to other countries, but from what I've seen of official dub of GF, they just cut or redub things, deemed inappropriate for children. Eg: the joke about Wendy's bra and the scene, where Shapeshifter gets an axe in the abdomen, were cut from "Into The Bunker"; (1 of 2)

(2 0f 2) Stan’s infamous “SON OF A-” from NWHS was replaced with something completely inoffensive etc. So I don’t think the scene with the lesbians would’ve been much of a problem, it would’ve either been cut, or its context would’ve been changed, like in aforementioned examples. tl;dr: Don’t automatically blame the lack of LGBT characters in media that is also imported overseas on “those evil Russkies”; we don’t usually outright refuse the product, we just censor the things we don’t like.

I’m pretty sure China’s part of the problem too, but thanks for the point anon.

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Now I'm curious about these sweater conversations you’ve had. Like what different characters need/want from such garments? Someone needs lots of pockets. Another needs something over-sized with a hood, so they can hide in it (eg me). Maybe someone learns to knit and can make the cabled stitches say something silly or display as a name. I’ve thought a lot about this kind of stuff, since some of my story-characters are crafters. One gal re-knits and repairs her mom's shawl several times, etc.


THESE WERE CONVERSATIONS THAT CONSISTED OF IRIS SAYING ‘I’m gonna draw a dragon wearing clothes, what should the clothes be’ and me saying ‘A SWEATER’ and her saying ‘lol yeah I’ve done that what else’ and me saying ‘MORE SWEATERS?’ and her saying ‘k Adi thanks’ and me saying ‘SWEATERS’

I just fucking love sweaters they’re so comfy


  • Sam Wilson 100% has an entire wardrobe of ridiculously soft, like cashmere-soft, sweaters he breaks out the second it gets nippy, which makes fall and winter a true trial for everyone else because he is SO GODDAMN PRETTY IN THOSE SWEATERS and like u know that feeling when u touch someone and their clothes are rly soft but they’re super muscular underneath that bc y e a h
  • Steve Rogers does not have an actual physical problem with being cold but he is allergic to even a hint of discomfort in his non-combat life so he has three (3) huge fucking cable-knit fuck-off sweaters that make him look like a puffed-up angry cat and he wears them to drink cocoa in; they are all in Christmas colors
  • Natasha Romanoff has at least one sweater of every variety known to humankind because you never know do you but there’s a ratty black one with a hood and sleeves that are too long and have holes in and she wears that one when she’s hanging out with just like Nick or Sam/Steve/Bucky or Clint; it is in fact a super itchy sweater so she wears a turtleneck under it every time but it smells like an attic and she never had an attic and she likes it
  • Bucky doesn’t wear sweaters because sweaters are for the weak, he is the Winter Soldier, fight me cold weather you wanna go?? no but actually he steals Steve’s so he doesn’t have to admit to liking sweaters; he would steal Sam’s but he’d stretch them out and he enjoys the sight of Sam wearing them too much; possibly he stretches Steve’s out in the chest but he thinks that’s fucking hilarious bc all of Steve’s other shirts are too tight in the chest, we have to even it out somehow Steve, it’s indecent the way you leave this house young man
  • RED FUCKING ALERT IT IS CANON THAT NICK FURY WILL WEAR A SWEATER-LIKE THING THAT IS BUTTON-DOWN AND HAS A HIGH COLLAR; in a just world, every single SHIELD employee gave him ten of these every single Christmas and birthday and he has an infinite supply, all of them grays and blacks tragically but still, and he wears them all winter and everyone finds excuses to pick lint of his shoulders or fix his buttons

A few weeks ago an employee of the EGE (German organisation to protect owls) found this little guy in one of their nest boxes. The deformity of his leg would have made a life of freedom impossible, so the employee brought him to a vet. The vet put the bone ends back into the correct position and stabilized his leg with small steel pins and plastic material. The external fixator could be removed after 4 weeks. See for yourself what great progress the owl made after medical intervention. Soon he may be released into freedom!

Photos: Anja Baronetzky-Mercier