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Okay but lbr Eggsy totally has like a million cute ass names he calls S/o but they respond with stuff like Egghead just to mess with him and he's just like ¿¿i love you but w h y are you like t h i s??

“hey egghead can you hand me my water” “i hate you”


just some destiel fluffy silliness for you uwu

[or on ao3]

“Hey Cas”


“Come on sleepy head, time to face the day! Get up!” Dean smiles and yanks the covers off of Castiel’s head. Revealing a very grumpy looking Cas and hair made for sex.

“No Dean, it’s too goddamn early.” And with that he sends one more fatal glare at his boyfriend and pulls the sheet back over his head.

“Fine whatever, but I’m not bringing you coffee.”

Five minutes later Dean returns with coffee. Just how Cas likes it. Sure the cream and ridiculous amount of sugar helps, but most importantly, the in bed part. 

“I brought you coffee babe. Get your lazy ass up. It’s 9 AM.” Dean places the mug on the nightstand as he speaks and climbs on top of the sleeping form of Castiel, turning him onto his back and laying straight across him, resting his head on his hands upon Cas’s chest.

Castiel frees his arms and pulls the sheet down past his face. Dean smiles at him like a little kid, and Cas squints down at him judging. “I can’t breathe with you on top of me.”

“That’s not what you said last night.” Dean winks and laughs at his own joke. Castiel just squints impossibly further.


“You really need to work on the insults babe.”

“And you need more creative terms of endearment" 

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