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imagine: kyoko proposes to naegi with an eggagement ring, and naegg replies with "i..i eggcept!!" and later, kyoko tearfully retells the account to asahina, saying with a deadpan face and monotone voice "his pun was eggrigous". when they announce it to everyone, its via posing with their eggagement rings an saying "we're eggaged." to anyone who asks

Eggciting news!

Kyouko had finally decided to take their relationship to the next level because let’s face it, Makoto was just taking too damn long. So she bought a ring and outright proposed to him. Flatly. Just like that. Out of nowhere.

“Will you marry me?” She deadpanned even though her heart hammered wildly. She already had her suspicions on what the outcome would be but she couldn’t help but get nervous still.

There was a pause between them. Makoto clearly speechless in shock. Because who would even expect a proposal during work hours? Kyouko had jumped on him again all of a sudden that he didn’t know how to react.

Until finally…

“I… I EGGCEPT!” He replied bursting in joy as he let her pull him in for a kiss.

Even Kyouko’s normally stoic face broke. She wasn’t even so sure anymore if it was from the pun or from the sheer relief, maybe a bit of both.

Later on, as in literally minutes after the proposal since she did propose in the office during work hours, they were already sharing the news to their friends.

“His pun was eggrigous.” Kyouko said with tears still in her eyes even though her face was as stoic as ever and her voice was still monotone enough to not let any emotion visible.

“We’re eggaged.” Makoto proudly smiled as they both flashed their eggagement rings. 

And it was the most eggciting news they’ve had all week.

Bonus here’s the ring:


Imagine: Saitama and Genos just got finished coming back from a sale and he sees one of those quarter machines with the toys. Saitama spots a giraffe keychain (the one that Genos had in the ova) and pulls out some money to get it. But, on his first attempt, he got this ring instead. He shrugs his shoulders and gives it to Genos as he goes in for another attempt. After a couple more tries, he finally gets it and smiles. Saitama turns around to give the extras to Genos and tell him to lets go, only to find Genos on one knee proposing with this egg ring in front of everyone in the supermarket.