srsly, Saruman the Shining Rainbow Robes Wizard is my fav from lotr, and no one ever remember that, bc tolkien fans don’t appreciate the best things. one time i ran a campaign with hardcore ~elfs~ who could sing songs from silmarillion on a moment’s notice, so I made an easter egg villain - a White Wizard who wore rainbow robes and lived in a tower and had exactly Saruman’s plotline and no one caught on

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could you do a halloween/costume party scenario with youngk (a.k.a. brian lol) of day6? throwback to his vampire outfit last year. c;

to celebrate their new release, here’s some halloween!youngk!!

  • youngk has always been popular on campus
  • from good looks, to book smarts, to talent - he’s one of everyone’s favorite guys and you’re no exception, you’ve known him since forever
  • but you also know,,,,,,,the real youngk
  • and you’re talking embarrassing childhood secrets, goofy faces, and 2 am skype calls where youngk does something absolutely silly and makes you swear to never tell anyone
  • which is why when he goes “i want to throw a halloween surprise party!” you’re not in the least bit surprised
  • “how are you going to throw a party, sungjin will freak out if you get the house dirty.”
  • youngk, whose laying down on his stomach in bed frowns on the camera, then looks over his shoulder to see that his roommate jae is fast asleep
  • “ill just bribe him, or get wonpil to take him out and distract him - but c’mon you have to admit a halloween party would be killer!”
  • you look at him for a moment, scrunch up your nose but decide that once youngk wants to do something he really wont let it go
  • “ok, but halloween is like,,,,,,in a week. what about costumes??”
  • youngk shifts, getting up off the bed and using his long body grabs a bag from the top shelf of his closet
  • coming back into the camera’s view he pulls something out 
  • for a second you think it’s some kind of toy but then youngk smiles and you see them - corny, fake vampire teeth
  • you burst out into laughter and youngk motions for you to quiet down
  • “i had to mute you, i don’t want to wake up jae”
  • “jae sleeps like he’s dead”
  • youngk agrees with a small nod, but grins “keep the party a secret till the day before halloween ok? then tell some friends to come over and we’ll have fun!”
  • you promise and tell youngk to go sleep, isn’t his first lecture in like,,,,five hours???
  • youngk gives an unbiased shrug, but you roll your eyes and wish him goodnight anyway
  • the night of halloween,,,you look down at your costume with a small hint of pride. for a last minute ditch effort, it’s good. bloody nurses are always a classic
  • a couple of your friends are with you when you ring the doorbell of youngk’s shared house
  • the outside is decorated with cheap looking plastic pumpkins and a skeleton hangs on the door, but you can hear the loud music and voices from the inside already
  • youngk opens the door, and to your surprise he looks good. like,,,,really good
  • dark eyeliner, blood red lips, hair slicked back and a victorian age shirt covered by a long, black velvet cape - for a second you think, did he plan this costume in advance,,,,,like months in advance
  • but then youngk smiles,,,,,and the mysterious, dark beauty of his costume reminds you of your friend underneath
  • he steps aside and your friends parade inside to join the crowd, a couple of them stop to flirt with youngk and shower compliments
  • all of which he answers politely back, but his eyes turn with excitement to you
  • “sungjin went to visit his family yesterday and won’t be back till after tomorrow night - how lucky?”
  • you shake your head and come inside too, following youngk through the mass and to the kitchen where wonpil, dressed as a mad scientists eggs wizard dowoon to eat three slices of pizza at once
  • leaning against the counter, youngk pours you a drink that you take and sniff before looking up at youngk
  • “sungjin would not approve”
  • “sungjin,,,,,,,isn’t here”
  • the party is,,,,,,,crazy. college students allowed to roam free through a house in costumes and dark lighting has never yielded pretty results
  • which is why you don’t get really mad when some guy dressed up in toliet paper to look like a mummy elbows past you and gets the drink you were holding spilled all over your costume
  • which happens to be covered in blood spatters, but also,,,,,,,is white
  • so whatever doesn’t have red on it,,,,is no basically see-through 
  • and usually, you’d be horrified - but it’s dark and crowded no one can really see or care to see, but the wet stickiness makes you cringe
  • and when you do catch the eye of some creep looking you up and down,,,you decide ok,,,,maybe you are a little bit horrified
  • but then you feel something drape around your shoulder, the velvet fabric of youngk’s vampire cape
  • “pull it around yourself” he leans down to say into your ear, as he turns you away from the prying eyes and leads you up the stairs to the more quieter part of the house
  • after kicking a couple out of his bedroom, youngk tells you to sit down
  • you pull the cape around you and shiver, the wet clothing makes you feel colder
  • “here, change into this.”
  • throwing down a pair of flannel pajama bottoms and one of his old math olympic shirts, youngk takes the cape from you and motions that he won’t look
  • you peel the wet clothes off and change into youngk’s,,,,feeling warmer,,,,but slightly embarrassed
  • “im sorry, you should go back to your party. i can stay up here or sneak out of the windo-”
  • youngk pulls his fake fangs out and shakes his head “it’s fine, someone lodged a noise complaint so jae is gonna shut this thing down in a couple minutes.”
  • he sits down beside you on the bed and you look at him again, in profile he really does look like some kind of vampire prince from years ago
  • regal high cheekbones, mesmerizing eyes, and flawless skin
  • when he moves to look at you, you drop your gaze to the floor and pretend like you didn’t just stare
  • “im always dragging you into these things,,,” he says suddenly and you manage to laugh
  • “it’s fine, you make life fun.” 
  • youngk seems to be taking a long time to collect his thoughts,,,,he seems more nervous than ever before,,,
  • downstairs you hear the music shut off, jae’s loud voice shouts something about campus police showing up unless everyone scatters
  • and you can hear the shuffle of feet, urgent voices till,,,,,,,the party is over
  • jae passes by the door only to say that he’s crashing over at kevin’s
  • and youngk and you slowly realize,,,,you’re alone together in his room
  • “you look,,,,,cute in my clothes”
  • he states,,,,and you think that after all that silence that’s what he says,,,but at the same time,,,,it makes your heart melt
  • and before you think that it’s a bad idea, you lean in and kiss youngk’s cheek
  • he seems shocked,,,but not upset,,,
  • instead he leans forward, hand on the side of your neck as he presses his lips to yours
  • you can taste the flavor of whatever he used on his lips to make  them so red and you fall into it,,,,,into youngk
  • and he pulls you closer, the collar of his costume’s shirt tickles your chin and when you pull back he touches the corner of your lip
  • “my makeup got on you,,,” he chuckles and you wipe at it with your hand before youngk moves in to kiss you again
  • “hey,,,maybe get the makeup off first?” you laugh against his neck, but youngk shakes his head as he hugs you close
  • “i will,,,,but for right now let me have this.”
  • in the morning, you wake up cuddled into youngk’s chest,,,,,
  • but also sungjin is at the door of his room like “i see it was wild last night, youngk would you like to explain?”
  • swallowing, youngk looks to you for support, but you just kiss his nose and shuffle past sungjin telling youngk to call you if he manages to survive sungjin h e l l 

Prophecy Egg (Rare)

This golden egg is decorated with an intricate design, exuding a sense of mystery. Cracking open the shell will reveal a small piece of parchment. A cryptic message is written on this paper, revealing a truth that is relevant in the present or immediate future. Okay, but the real question here is where do these eggs come from? Is there a golden chicken laying these eggs? -Xanth

(The message is entirely up to the DM’s discretion. I’ve found giving players an egg or two can assist them in moments of desperation when they may have missed information and cannot solve a problem/puzzle in a dungeon or possibly further down the line during a crucial moment)

Newt Imagines + Reader “Just Like Me”

♡ Hello! Here is a Newt + Reader Imagines I have been working on all week! I would’ve had it done in a day or two, had my college professors not bombarded me with assignments (´;ω;`). So, to the anon who suggested this lovely idea, I apologize for the delay. ;~; I hope you enjoy it! 

As a point of reference, I did create a spell in this fic called “invinet remosa” which lights a path to the closest entity in your presence. I used the latin words for “find” (inveniet) and “entity” (rem) to name the spell! ♡

Also, I’m thinking of writing a part two for this, but I want y’alls input and thoughts! Please let me know if you even would want more!

Originally posted by hardyness

Prompt: Newt Imagines idea: A fellow beast enthusiast meets Newt while both are attempting to break a beast out of captivity.


Finally, you were just a few feet away from saving her. All of this hard work of investigating, following, and putting yourself in situations that would normally mean certain death if you weren’t as lucky as you’ve been, will have finally paid off. You took a deep breath as you eyed the complicated looking lock on the magically barred door. This was going to be a difficult one, and would require more concentration and endurance than you’re used to. You take another deep breath, and let the memory of how all this began motivate you to move forward.


It all started with a lost child. You were walking the smaller, more quiet streets of London on your way home after a long day of tip-tapping away at a typewriter till your fingers were numb, cooped up in a boring office space. You preferred these quieter routes for your walks home, as it gave you a chance to finally breathe and relax. The life of a local paper writer was not your preferred source of income, as it was loud and bustling with way too many humans in your face at all hours of the day. You chuckled hopelessly as you thought to yourself, 

“If only I could be paid to round up the Mooncalves every day or raise the young Swedish Short-Snout who requires way more attention and stamina than this rubbish work.” 

Of course, these said tasks were priceless to you, and demanded no pay as you loved every breathing moment. You have adored beasts of all kinds for as long as you can remember. And honestly, taking more than one of them into your care started off as a temporary task for you, but as you stumbled upon more and more creatures, you just couldn’t get enough. They were all just so very fascinating!

So, as you walked down a particularly lonely street, you happened upon a lost child who was homeless. 

“Pardon me,” he murmured, “have you seen my mum? I-I didn’t mean to wander off far, there was just this amazing smell coming from the bakery, and, I’m sure you’ve smelt those pastries, the scent is so warm and sweet, I j-just wanted to see if maybe the few quid I scraped up would be enough to buy one…” the little boy rambled and trailed off.

You smiled at the curious child, responding calmly, “Was your mum around this area before you lost sight of her?”

The boy nodded quickly, but his shoulders sank as he sighed, “Yes, but you see, she is deaf, so it is quite hard to find her.”

You maintained your calm state and took the child’s hand, smiling down at him to keep him at ease as well, “No worries, little one, I’ll help you look for her.” 

And with that, you used your other hand while the boy looked ahead to slowly pull out your wand, whispering under your breath “invinet remosa,” a spell that lights up a path for you to follow that will lead you to the nearest entity in the premise, aside from the two of you, of course. You made sure to mask the path, as well, so the young muggle wouldn’t notice.

As you followed the path, you peeked down at the boy and started small conversation to keep him calm, “Did you manage you make it to the bakery? It is closed now, isn’t it?”

“No, I couldn’t even find it…” the child murmured sadly.

You reached into your bag and pulled out a pastry you bought for yourself on your walk home just a few minutes ago, not minding letting it go as you extended a hand which was gently clutching the custard filled bread to the boy. 

“Here you are, managed to grab an extra on my way home.”

The boy’s face lit up, reflecting back onto you as you grinned. While he happily munched away at the pastry, you turned your gaze to your surroundings and noticed a suspicious looking goblin and wizard far down an alleyway. They were using a magical concealment spell that kept them out of a muggle’s sight, but, unaware that any other wizards would be in the vicinity, they did not mask themselves from you. Having seen this kind of situation before, you walked slower and listened closely, and once you heard the word “Occamy,” your head snapped over, seeing the goblin dealing a few eggs to the wizard while growling, “We forced her into captivity to breed, so it happens quicker than you think. I can have new eggs to you within the next few weeks.”

Rage boils your blood at the thought of these horrible beings harming a creature in any way, but before you can do anything about it, the wizard notices you, casts a spell, and they both vanish without a trace.

You let out an exasperated sigh, and then hear the boy shout “Mummy!” and run away from your side. You smile softly as you look up to see the lighted path lead to the thrilled little boy and his relieved mother. Sighing once more, you were glad for this to be settled so you could figure out what on earth was going on.

This was your life. You worked as a part-time paper writer, raised and cared for magical beasts, and anytime something suspicious in relation to creatures came up, you were always set on getting to the bottom of it and rescuing them. Your intentions and motives? They were widespread. Your love for magical creatures stretched far and wide, but there definitely was more to it than just love. Not every wizard or muggle (that is aware of magic) treated beasts kindly, and some even took advantage of the them. You couldn’t stand for this injustice, and thus took it upon yourself to buy as many eggs you could from black markets to keep them out of bad hands, rehabilitate creatures taken out of their former environments, and, in this current case, save a beast being held captive by those with ill intentions.

So, fast forward, you’ve finally made it. You cracked the case, and you’re in the building hidden away on a god forsaken island off shore that is holding this poor Occamy captive for breeding. You concentrate on the magical lock that holds this door shut, and good god, it is quite the tough one. With immense difficulty, you murmur “alohomora” for what seems like the thousandth time, and a huge wave of relief comes over you as you hear the lock properly turning and snapping open. You approach the door with great caution, as you have not come this far to allow a little carelessness mess this up. Taking a deep breath, you prepare yourself for the worst and proceed to open the door.

Very much to your surprise, there is an oddly calm Occamy the size of the room next to a man holding a tea pot. He sighs for what seems to be the hundredth time as he looks at the creature with a pleading expression. “Will you pretty please get into the tea pot, m’am?”

You raise an eyebrow at the extremely peculiar yet relaxed exchange between the two. The man begging the creature was tall and slender, with chestnut-brown, messy hair that went every which way. You approach very cautiously, hand on your pocket which had your wand tucked away in preparation for anything. You clear your throat, loud enough to get his attention but also quiet enough to not spook the Occamy. 

“Who are you?…” you question the mysterious and eccentric man.

He looks up very quickly, alert and nervous that one of the guards had unfrozen from his paralyzing spell. He relaxes a little when he realizes it wasn’t anyone he had seen, but still remains on guard at the sight of an unfamiliar face. 

“N-Newt Scamander… And yourself?”

You narrow your eyes, not having heard this name in any of the information you gathered about this facility, a bit surprised. “Y/N… YL/N.”

You relax a bit as you notice he’s already looking back at the creature with a calm expression while cooing soothingly, “It’s alright, girl, I don’t want to hurt you… Just into the pot and I’ll get you and your babies out of here in a jiffy.”

This man… He was treating the Occamy with such immense patience and kindness. And wait… Did he just mention rescuing the creatures from here?

You clear your throat and relax your hand that was pressed up against your wand up until this point. “Mr. Scamander, are you… a part of this facility?”

He barely looks up at you as he appears to be quite horrible with eye contact, murmuring “Not even in my wildest dreams, Ms. YL/N, would I ever wish to be a part of this nightmare. And yourself?” he questions, looking you in the eye properly for the first time.

Newt had this friendly aurora about him. Just the way he looked at you, even if it was only momentarily, put you at ease, as you could tell this man meant absolutely no harm. He was here to do good.

“The same as you,” you respond, a look of worry coming over your face as you remember why you’re here. “I had heard that this poor Occamy was being forced to breed in captivity, which is never a good thing as it can severely stress the creature. It took me quite a bit of time but I finally managed to find this place and-“

“-and so you’re here to rescue her.” He finished your sentence for you, looking back at you once again. As you stood there, shocked, he grew uncertain in his accusation, and asked for confirmation, murmuring more quietly this time “Is that right, Ms. YL/N?”

You laugh softly, smiling for the first time in front of him as you nod, responding, “and you the same, Mr. Scamander?”

He nods and you chuckle once more before you glance at the tea pot in his hand, and begin to connect the dots.

“A bug.” You state suddenly, after a long moment of silence, to which he looks at you with a raised eyebrow. “A b-bug?”

You look at the Occamy’s hungry eyes and then back at Newt’s hand, repeating more specifically, “yes, a-a-a an insect. You need an insect to entice her to go into the pot!” Newt gives a little half smile, feeling a little silly he hadn’t even thought of that, but absolutely loving that this new person was just as invested as he was in this creature.

“Right, an insect, but whe—“ and before he can finish his sentence, he widens his eyes as you suddenly leap towards a scurrying cockroach in a corner of the room, landing on your side and clutching it into your fist, shouting “Got one!!”

You stand up and rush over to Newt, the Occamy now eyeballing your hand as it begins to advance closer towards you with each passing second. You manage to shove the roach into the open tea pot in the nick of time, the Occamy shrinking and diving into the pot just moments after.

Newt sat in amazement as he watched the Occamy fly into the pot, then back at you in even more amazement. “You’ve… you’ve handled these creatures before?”

You grin, reaching over and putting your hand over the top of the tea pot, as Newt had forgotten to use the cover. “Just one or two.”


There you go!

To clear up anything, it is implied that Newt learned his Occamy Catching strategy from you. :)

That’s it! Please let me know if you liked it at all or if you would like more! ♡


Diagon Alley, Orlando - Food (detailed info)

  • Paulopabita’s Fishy Green Ale : A non-alcoholic, creamy, green coloured drink with a mint cinnamon flavor and plum blueberry ‘fish eggs’.
  • Otter’s Fizzy Orange Juice and Peachtree Fizzy Tea : Fizzy tea is a peach flavored carbonated drink with a hint of ginger. Fizzy orange juice is a orange soda with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon with a slice of orange.

  •  Gilliwater Potions : From Fire Protection Potion, Babbling Beverage, Draught of Peace or Elixir To Induce Euphoria, add a potion of your choice to a plain bottle of gilliwater.

  • Tongue Tying Lemon Squash : A tart and tangy flavored drink with a hint of vanilla.

  • Butterbeer Ice cream : A soft serve ice cream, with classic butterscotch butterbeer flavor in vanilla ice cream.
  • Chocolate chili : Interesting combo of chocolate with spice.
  • Candy : Weasley Wizard Wheezes has a range of candy, including Fainting Fancies, Nosebleed Nuggets, Fever Fudge (vanilla fudge jelly beans), and Puking Pastilles (hard boiled sweets).

Diagon Alley’s menu offers a wide range of muggle menu as well, with traditional dishes like fish and chips, ploughman's  platter, toad in the hole, scotch eggs, etc.

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I suppose this was answered but, how would a monster and a human mate? And I mean, and ordinary monster and an ordinary human. One side doesn't have genitals, yet the other can't use magic. How does it work?

First of all, monsters can have genitals. Most of them do in fact. And the ones that normally don’t can create what they need with magic.
Basically, human-monster reproduction involves combining a sperm or egg with a magical spark. Usually two sparks combine to create a baby monster, but they can also combine with a sperm or egg to make a wizard or a boss monster.

Beckett's Easy Healthy Breakfast Thing

alright lads lets embark on a wonderful journey that, lbr, you could probably go on by yourself but hey sometimes journeys are intimidating so its okay to want to have a buddy the first couple times. this journey is to the wonderful world of throwing a bunch of random fridge ingredients together and making something awesome. 

this recipe im about to show you is egg based, so its not vegan, but it can be completely customised to adhere to any other dietary restrictions and preferences. and hey, if youre a crafty vegan you might be able to figure out a way to make it work for you too. i wont be of much help to you though. 

anywho lets get cooking. im going to show you what i make and then afterwards ill talk about how you can customise it for you. 

what youll need (toolwise):

  • stove
  • microwave
  • pan (for making eggs, so whatever you usually use for that)
  • spatula
  • knife
  • cutting board
  • plate/fork/etc. 

what youll need (ingredients):

  • 2 eggs 
  • butter or oil (for the cooking of the eggs) 
  • 1 tortilla (i use fajita size flour tortillas, but it would work with p much any other kind (smaller tortillas might be a problem though)
  • shredded cheese (about a handful) (i use mozzarella but any melty kind will work)
  • fresh spinach (about a handful, rinsed and with the stems removed if youre not into that (im not into that))
  • half an avocado 
  • ranch dressing or hummus 
  • salt/pepper/other spices to taste (probably not needed tbh)

once youve got everything together youll want to:

  1. first lay out your tortilla on your plate and sprinkle your cheese on top. zap it in the microwave for ehhh about 30 seconds or until the cheese gets nice and melty.
  2. let that cool down while you slice up your avocado. remove the skin and pit and cut it longways into ½ cm slices
  3. go ahead and start your eggs now. throw a pat of butter or tiny bit of oil in your pan and let it heat up over low-medium heat. once its nice and hot (when the butter is completely melted), swirl around your butter or oil to coat the bottom of the pan and crack in your eggs. i like mine over medium (slightly runny yolks) so what i do is let them fry until the whites are almost completely done, then flip them and let them cook for about a minute more. 
  4. while your egg is cooking, spread ranch dressing or hummus on top of the cheese on the tortilla. the cheese should be cool enough that it doesnt turn into a sticky mess. you dont want to drown the thing in ranch or hummus, just a thin layer is good.
  5. before your egg is finished, put your avocado slices in a single layer on top of the ranch, then cover with your spinach.
  6. when the egg is done, slide it directly out of the pan right onto the bed of spinach. season if you like but dont overdo it, theres lots of flavors there already. 
  7. the hard part here is how to eat it. if youre skilled at rolling burritos heres your chance to show the world that you can roll breakfast things too. usually i just fold it over in half like an omelette and pick it up to eat it. 

and there you have it folks. the whole thing takes about ten to fifteen minutes including prep, and can be customised infinitely. 

heres some ways you can do that: 

everything is optional. except probably the egg. unless youre a wizard. leave off the spinach if you want, or add some kale if youre into that and have it on hand. leave off the cheese (and thus skip the microwave bit) if you like. dont like avocado? dont worry friend, its your breakfast thing, you can do what you want.

use different stuff. i bet you could make a damn good sandwich if you have a couple big pieces of bread and used that instead of the tortilla. or in addition to the tortilla, idk, this is your thing now. use salsa instead of ranch or hummus and make it tex mex. add some sriracha and break your capsaicin receptors. its all good bro.

fix your eggs different. sunny side up, over easy, well done, scrambled, poached, even boiled and sliced. probably not egg salad, but if you want to try it im not going to stop you. just come back and tell me how it was because im curious. 

add some other stuff. bacon would be good here, or idk some lunchmeat or roasted bell peppers or leftover veggies. you do you. 

make it for meals other than breakfast if youre feeling really adventurous. throw some chili on there. idk how that would turn out but i bet you could do it. believe in yourself, buddy, thats the ticket

so yeah! thats the easy healthy breakfast thing. go forth and journey on, and let me know if you come up with some good combinations, bc im always looking for more. :)

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Can you do a bunch of Jily headcannons? You can chose whatever you want to do them on.

A.N./ Thanks for the ask! :) In honor of Easter (even though I don’t celebrate it) I’ve decided to make these headcannons ‘spring/Easter’ headcannons.

  • Even though Harry was only a few months old on the only Easter he got to spend with his parents, James insisted on hiding all of the eggs.
  • Wizards didn’t actually have that tradition but Lily mentioned the idea to James as something to do when Harry was older and James jumped at the idea.
  • It ended up with harry finding one egg and instead of finding out there were sweets inside (which he would have been too young to eat anyway) he just chewed on the outside of the egg. 
  • In the end, it was Sirius and Remus who got the job of finding all of the eggs that remained hidden. 
  • Sirius agreed to it because, although he was trying to hide it, he was just as curious about the muggle tradition as James was. Remus agreed because he was told he would get to keep all of the chocolate he managed to find.
  • The Easter of 1979 James was trying for a bit of themed foreplay and decided to dress up as the Easter bunny. Need less to say when Lily saw him waiting for her in bed she screamed and punched him.
  • On Easter Sunday of 1980 Lily felt baby Harry kick for the first time. 
  • Also, let’s not overlook the fact that for Easter, instead of ordering chocolate rabbits for the marauders, Lily so go Peter a chocolate rat, Sirius a chocolate dog, Remus a chocolate wolf, and James a chocolate stag.
  • Peter always ate his soon as he got it. 
  • And Remus made sure to admire it for an appropriate amount of time and made sure he thanked Lily enough then he devoured his. 
  • But James and Sirius, well those losers never ate them. They so just put them on their bedside tables and were completely shocked when they melted. Because no matter how many times Lily explained it to them they never grasped that muggle chocolate didn’t have cooling charms on i to keep it from melting.

A.N./ Sorry that this isn’t too long but I hope you enjoyed it. Happy Easter! (If you don’t celebrate Easter, happy Sunday.)