Eggs are just simply the most amazing food and it’s literally the easiest thing to cook. I love the Egg Restaurant in Wburg! It’s a little difficult to compare this one to the newly opened Egg Shop in Nolita! They are both wonderful and different at the same time! Looking forward to tripling my egg intake thanks to them!

Egg Restaurant.
Brooklyn. July. 2014.

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I love this video from Food Curated about George Weld from Egg Restaurant. This line in particular really resonates with me: “George bought and started Goatfell Farm because he wanted to reconnect to land and agriculture, a relationship he recalls from childhood, but lost through the many years of city life.”


Our first (annual!) Farm Dinner last weekend was all we could have hoped: blessed with perfect weather and an abundant harvest, plus a beautiful pig from our neighbors at Old Field Farm. We fed old friends and people we’d never met, watched the sun set over the Catskills, wallowed in the music of Rachel Brotman & Lora-Faye, drank plenty of Brooklyn Brewery beer and Finger Lakes wine, and lit up sparklers when the night was up.

We were incredibly lucky to have James Abbott on hand to take pictures. As you can see, it was a magical evening. We’re looking forward to doing it again next year, or sooner.


Sit back, relax and enjoy this story about a restaurant called - egg as told by owner/chef, George Weld. This short film was beautifully shot and captured by one of our favorite blogs, food curated.

The way George speaks about his business he makes it appear so easy. George is certainly on our short list of truly Creative Entrepreneurs and his restaurant is one of our favorite restaurants in NYC. Check it out… you will be absolutely delighted!

making connections, building your kula over two plates + blocking the barnacles

making connections, building your kula over two plates + blocking the barnacles

When it comes to people I have a very simple rule: if I can’t share a meal with you I don’t want to know you. Regardless of age, industry, or income, food has the magical capacity to bind people, allowing for people to forge real, meaningful connections even if we don’t realize it. What we reveal about ourselves when faced with a table, napkins, flatware and plates goes beyond words — it’s…

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Wanna make a loan to a new restaurant owned by the same local parents who opened Egg called Parish Hall on N.3rd? A restaurant that will grow the plant, harvest it, transport it, and prepare all the food themselves?
Now you can! How cool would is this new start up smallknot; started by 2 former finance guys who want to encourage people to invest locally. I love that you get a say to what type of place can open in your hood and with a small loan & you can reap some sweet rewards (not that you’re doing it for the reward, right?)
To make a loan to Parish Hall, click here.

Posted by: Jessica Glorieux
Photo: smallknot