Let Me Be Your Call Boy (1/14)

Let Me Be Your Call Boy (1/14) | After coming out as gay to his friends on his birthday, the last thing Dan is expecting is to be gifted a call boy as a present, let alone one that’s been paid for for the entire night. Allowing Phil to show him the ropes is his first mistake, paying him to come back every week is his second, and using him to convince his parents he really is gay is his third. As a successful lawyer, the money isn’t the problem - falling in love is. | Phan | Mature | Smut (blowjobs, fingering, rimming, edging, intercourse), Sex Addiction, Prostitution (and discussions of all the risks that come with it), Escort Business, Mentions of Eating Disorders, Near-Rape and Semi-Violence, but nothing explicit. Fake Relationships. Warnings at the beginnings of each chapter | 252,000 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 18,581 Words

For reference, @embarrassing-myself is Dan, @insanityplaysfics is Phil.

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Warnings: discussion of potential rape/possibility of being taken advantage of, mentions of potential date rape and drugging - none of these things actually occur. Blowjobs, paying for sex, and lots and lots of grinding.

Hey guys! @embarrassing-myself and and I are back with another RP, completely finished as always, and somehow outstripping Brick by Brick by like 5K words. Our posting schedule will continue to be once a week on Mondays, but as you can see, we’ll now be posting to our new headcanon and RP blog as well as ao3. Another change is the length of the chapters, all pushing or close to 20k each, so I hope you’re ready to settle down for a wild ride! We really hope you guys are going to like this one, because I promise we’ve worked super hard. Enjoy! :)

Chapter One

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just a little thing i wrote about best friend!luke because we all know im i hoe for that concept

Whoever came up with the unbearable “strictly platonic” clause of the relationship you shared with your best friend Luke has clearly never lived to see the ice blue specs resembling stars that contrasted the navy rings found in his eyes or the way his tongue would poke out between his pink lips as he tried to prevent even the smallest of laughs from stretching across his face and illuminating his features immediately.  They definitely haven’t experienced the feeling of home that came with being wrapped in the warmth trapped within his arms or the almost silent sound of guitar chords at 3am as he scribbled away at the paper in between late night notes and riffs.  Because if they had, you wouldn’t be stuck in a friendship completely platonic by definition that happened to seem slightly less platonic on the outside with feelings within that were even further from the meaning of the word.

You never considered any aspect of your friendship with Luke unconventional in the slightest bit until people started pointing it out to you.  The amount of times you’ve corrected people about the status of your relationship couldn’t be counted on two hands, nevermind one, and the times you got a nonchalant comment of “oh sorry, you two just seem so in love” was enough to trap the foreign idea deep in your brain, practically eating you and your friendship alive.  Otherwise normal pet names of babe and darling made your body tense up for the slightest of seconds until you mentally shook it off, the change in your demeanor gone before Luke could realize it even was present to begin with.  Luke’s long arms lingering around your waist and stubble-covered chin propping on your shoulder as you waited in line for your soft-served ice cream would’ve just been a normal mannerism of your friendship (and maybe his last resort of trying to brush off the worker’s not-so-subtle comments about how attractive she found him).  But thoughts implanted by random passersby, strangers who noticed just something a bit off between you two, continued to cloud your mind, blurring the line between friendship and actual relationship where you and Luke currently stood.

And maybe Luke saw it too. He saw how the boys would share glances, eyes meeting even in the room dimly lit by the blue tones emitting from the movie currently displayed across the TV.  Gazes from three pairs of eyes would flicker from one another to the two figures curled up together on the couch, your fingers absentmindedly working through the sandy blond curls at the nape of his neck as his hand wrapped around your waist underneath the soft material of the grey throw blanket.  He was aware of how the old couple working at the diner you frequented every Sunday morning after you pried his tall, broad frame from the contrasting white sheets would look at you two with soft smiles as his sleepy body curled against yours in the small booth in the back of the restaurant. Two eggs and rye toast were always on the menu, and evidently so were the hushed comments about how “you two look so in love” as you went to leave, even after telling them otherwise on multiple occasions. Luke became so hyperaware of how you good you looked with his striped shirt hanging on your frame, especially with hooded eyes and hair messed perfectly by your previous slumber.  Was this still or ever platonic?

Although things remained pretty much the same between you two for quite some time, there were evident moments were time seemed to freeze where it was, a rush of something between adrenaline and hesitation simultaneously coursing through both of your veins.  Late nights spent at home dancing at 2am to demos of new songs that just got out of the recording studio in the light emitting from the refrigerator and days where you two were both halfway across the globe exploring foreign cities and buying souvenirs all seemed to come to a momentary halt when an all too real lump formed in your throats, eyes wide and not knowing what would happen next when a rush everyone calls “love” would fill the space around you.

So yeah, maybe you were falling for your best friend, but maybe he was falling for you too.

Tone Up Or Get Out

Characters: Gabriel x Reader

Words: 1111

Requested by 12-kay-kit-kat

Summary: Reader is insecure about her body and Gabriel confronts her about the way she’s handling it.

Warning: Self-hate

You got dressed in your workout clothes and pulled your hair up into a ponytail. You didn’t even attempt to look in the mirror. Never before a workout. Rarely after a workout. Mirrors were your enemy. You hated the reflective surfaces that seemed to taunt you around every corner everywhere.

           You made your way to the training room and headed straight for where the weights were kept. They were your best friends. The things that you spent most of your time with. But they seemed to be letting you down. It didn’t seem like they were doing anything that you wanted them to do with your body.

           You picked up your weights and your grueling routine began. Within minutes, you were already sweating. You knew that was a good sign. Sweating was the part that meant things were working.

           You continued your workout and didn’t even realize when Gabriel appeared in the training room with you.

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