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How often does Rex get off the nest since she doesn't have a mate to sit on it? I know she sees you as a mate but is there a way she communicates with you to say hey it's your turn? And doesn't she know you can't actually keep them warm?

Rex gets off anywhere from a minute to an hour or two, she tells me when it’s my turn by cooing then standing and waiting for me to put her hand on the nest, if I don’t then she’ll just sit back down and wait until I offer to (if I just put my hand in the nest she recognizes it’s me offering to watch the eggs). She gets off every hour, except at night which she stays on all night.

I don’t know if she realizes the temperature falling is bad, she doesn’t seem to care if she gets on them and they’re cold, however before she gets back on I’ll usually warm them up in my hand because the thought of putting my bare belly on two cold eggs is uncomfortable! She gets mad at me if I tell her I’ll watch the nest but leave and scold me by doing her distinct scolding coo.

When it’s time for her to get back on she just walks back onto the nest, if I don’t move my hand then she’ll just sit on my hand, and let me tell you it’s the weirdest feeling when she spreads her belly feathers and her skin is there! 😝

  • Egg Child:Where’s dad?
  • Egg Mom:He’s off to work in the nog factory just like his father and his father’s father before him.
  • Egg Child:What’s a nog factory?
  • Egg Mom:It’s where they make everyone’s favorite holiday beverage.
  • Egg child:I want to work in the nog factory!
  • Egg Mom:No, your father and I work very hard so you can have a better life.

I legitimately get at least 10 asks a day about eggs..

  • Vegans don’t eat eggs. ever. not even sometimes. 
  • “Organic” and “Free-range” usually does not actually mean “Organic” and “Free-range" 
  • This is a free-range farm.
  • This is not a free-range farm.
  • The eggs you get from the grocery store do not come from clean, loving family owned farms.
  • Hens live in stressful, overcrowded and dirty environments.
  • Male chicks are suffocated or ground up alive because they serve no purpose to the industry.
  • If you know a friends, friends cousin who has a farm that you once saw when you were 12 and you saw chickens roaming free, congratulations. 
  • This is rare.
  • If you have pet chickens and eat their eggs, congratulations.
  • I don’t care.
  • Animals are treated like commodities in these industries, they are not coddled or treated like living, feeling beings.
  • Vegans don’t support animal exploitation and death, ever.
  • We shouldn’t be eating another animals cholesterol.
  • Eggs are not ours to eat.
  • Why vegans don’t eat eggs.
  • Watch Earthlings

Shizuku, I just wanted to let you know I really liked your lyrics. You’re a really talented writer”
“Just the other day you said they were corny”
“Oh.. did I really say that?”


And then Sonic paid Saitama and Genos a visit. He told them about what happened that evening, but he quickly found himself dumbfounded when Saitama told him that “they could always hand him a copy of the key.” Sonic instantly refused, muttering something about “keeping the original” and “taking proper care of it from now on.”
This comic was made for @listentothistrackbitches, based on their drawing and I just thought about the possibilities. Happy (belated) Birthday, Max/Cindy!!!! Thank you for all these years of frienship!! ;u;