Recipe of the Day: Beef Stroganoff with Buttered Noodles
There’s nothing off about this stroganoff. Swirled with sour cream for a tangy creaminess and imbued with fresh thyme and cognac, Tyler’s time-tested take on the comfort-food favorite is best served over buttery egg noodles. [recipe in bio]

2 Ingredient Egg Drop Soup (For When You're Struggling But Don't Wanna Eat Like You're Struggling)

photo by Ashley Reed

Prep: 5 minutes, tops
Cook Time: 8 minutes

Total Recipe Time: 13 mufuggin’ minutes, my g


1 package of ramen (technically you can use any flavor but don’t be that fucking creep who makes it with like beef or something, just use a chicken one) 
1 Egg


1 pot
1 utensil to stir your noodles with

How To Actually Make This Shit: 

1) Fill your pot up halfway with water, and bring to boil on the stove. 

2) Add your noodles, then add the packet of seasoning. Cook to your liking. I like my noodles to cook to a kind of clear-ish color, but I guess if you’re one of those weirdos who eats them right after they get soft when they’re still white and puffy that’s straight, too. 

3) Take a moment to pause and reflect on your blessings. Play some Yung Thug. If ramen and eggs is your only dinner option, you probably need some happiness in your life. 

4) Crack an egg into a bowl. (Technically, you can skip this part if you feel like you’re G enough at cooking to evenly distribute the whole egg in the pot of noodles. Good luck not dropping in any eggshell pieces.)

5) Pour the bowl of egg over your boiling pan of noodles. You should see white lil’ tendril-y things start floating up - that’s your egg white cooking. 

6) Cook for about 60-90 more seconds, depending on how firm you like your eggs. 

7) Pour that shit into a huge bowl, or if you wanna be economical (which you prolly should if you’re eating ramen) pour half into tupperware container for later and eat the rest. 

It serves two, so I guess your struggle ass and whoever else is tryna eat with you. 

Easy Beef Stroganoff

- 1 lb ground beef or stew beef

- 1 8-oz carton sliced white mushrooms

- 1 can cream of mushroom soup

- 1 16-oz container sour cream

- Kitchen Bouquet (optional)

This was a staple recipe in my house growing up, and I never realized how simple it was until I tried making it myself!

Cook up the beef and mushrooms in a large frying pan until the mushrooms are tender and the beef is cooked through (or not, if you’re using stew beef and like your meat a little more rare).  Add the sour cream and cream of mushroom soup, and I like to add some Kitchen Bouquet for additional flavor. Serve over pasta/rice/other starch of your choice (I like egg noodles).

This recipe can be easily adapted for other meats or poultry, or to add herbs/spices/vegetables you like.  It makes 4-6 servings depending on how hungry you are, and it warms up GREAT for leftovers.