honestly clamp’s constant return to the theme of ‘you as an individual are important and worthy of self-appreciation and taking care of others is well and good and encouraged but part of that is taking care of yourself too because everyone is connected and the people you love and who love you aren’t helped by seeing you hurting either’ is what keeps me coming back. there’s a lot of goddamn shit in clamp works but characters like watanuki, kamui, karen, suu, ora, gingetsu, sakura, fai, kurogane - so fucking many stories and more than I’ve listed! they all mean a lot and they are stories with morals and lessons that I know many people would personally benefit from (that I have personally benefitted from) and that more than anything keeps me coming back to them and keeps me calling myself a clamp fan. god they are far from perfect. but they’ve told some immensely important stories that I will always be grateful for


Egg Fiasco: Hellboy x Bambaboss

Кастом от Egg Fiasco созданный на основе фигурки Bambaboss (производства компании ThreeA), для ежегодного фестиваля «Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention 2013». Как и большинство кастомов, данная работа представлена в единственном экземпляре и была продана на фестивале.