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  • Bad Things by EllaBesmirched, 103k / Detective Ben Solo has never met a crime scene he can’t read like an open book. That is, until The General killings started.
  • a harmonious entity by brawlite, 17k wip / When Hux’s best friend Phasma goes missing, Hux travels to the mountains of rural Montana to investigate the mysterious cult, the First Order, that Hux believes to be behind her disappearance.
  • Empire State of Mind by TeamRedhead, 232k / With hope of a brighter future diminishing every day, Ben feels trapped. It’s only a matter of time before he breaks, and when he does, he knows he will never be able to recover on his own.
  • How Did We Get Here? (I Used to Know You So Well) by TeamRedhead, 31k wip / Kylo doesn’t dream anymore; everything he ever wanted is long gone, and he knows better than to hope. 
  • Observer Effect by ezlebe, 18k wip / Today isn’t about nanorobots, Dr. Hux. It’s about Ben Organa.
  • Base Fee by Ezlebe, 13k / Ren takes a deep breath, thumb hovering over the stark-white letters of his own damned address, and wonders how this could even be possible.
  • Because I Knew That You Would Be Alright by elfriniol, 28k / The flurry of emotion and action and violence that was Ben Solo intrigued him to no end, and not only as the fuel for sexual escapades. Ben was everything Hux in his prudence was not.


  • Ace of Spades by betts, 62k wip / Sometimes it feels like everything’s connected. Like with strings. And if I could just see the strings, I could pull them. I could make things do what I wanted. 
  • age of consent by substanceblack, 31k wip / Cue two socially alienated teens accepting each other’s company after a series of shared mishaps, and more making out than is probably healthy. 
  • i can see through you (see to the real you) by kyluxtrashcompactor, 18k wip / Hux is the outcast new student with a troubled past. He’s brilliant but refuses to conform, and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He’s everything Ben wants to be.




  • Getaway by hollycomb, 54k / Techie’s reactions to fresh air, sunlight and fish are mixed, and then Matt drops a bombshell that could shatter the comforts of their little world together permanently. / techienician + kylux 

I love looking at planner printables, so I decided to try to make some! Since summer is coming up, I made this with summery colors! The water tracker has some drink glass icons that I made to add to the summery feel to it.

daily planner pdf + weekly planner pdf

If you plan on using this, please like/reblog this post! Let me know if I should make more too! This was really fun to make.

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The Empire did nothing wrong, the rebels are terrorists. Palpatine was a democratically elected leader! The rebels killed millions on the Death Star.

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Okay so I LOVE my Empire. I really do, I’m OBSESSED WITH IT.

But oh no, we’re EVIL. Is everyone in the Empire evil? 

Of course not, but the wrinkled up sentient testicle in the black bath robe that can shoot fuckin’ lightning out of his fuckin’ fingers is and he runs the whole show so.. 

Originally posted by starwars

Let’s test our bigass space tit by blowing up towns, bases, and oh, y’kno, an ENTIRE NEUTRAL SYSTEM. So, y’kno. BILLIONS OF PEOPLE.

The Empire has labor camps! A large portion of its policies are anti-alien! 

Say the wrong thing and you’re taken in by stormtroopers in a room where there are nice men with guns. A lot of people go in, but few seem to come out.

Pappy was “elected” emperor because of a dumb ass rabbit duck racist stereotype granting him all of his power, due to manipulation and deceit! 

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Oh, and of course, Pappy manipulates space Christ with the ol’ 

“My master knocked up this broad in the Outer Rim with Midichlorians and here you are, the Dark Side is rad, maybe I can save your wife even though I know nothing about this practice, let’s go, Ani. Let’s kill some baby space wizards.”

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NOT TO MENTION they cloned Moana’s dad MILLIONS OF TIMES OVER so they can be cannon fodder for Pappy’s rise to power and annihilation of the space wizards

Are the Rebels clean? Of course not, they’re fuckin’ REBELS. But hey you can’t save the Galaxy without breaking some space eggs. (and exploit a design flaw secretly planted by Hannibal Lecter because even space Hannibal acknowledges the Empire is super evil) 

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So naturally, 30 years later, after their SECOND big ass space tit blows up, they build an EVEN BIGGER space tit, suck up a few suns and blow up literally PLANETS WORTH OF GOVERNMENTS.

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But they’re a bunch of evil bastards. 

“Well, Peaches! How can you love the Galactic Empire if they’re so evil?”

Well because it’s not real, and they’re cool so kick rocks. 

Also I’m totally not drunk rn

Here we got a tired aitan couse ive been working on the egg giveaway all day long no joking >> Anyway for my followers waiting for the asks to be responded to and the ones who are waiting for eggs and the baby designs fell free to draw how you would protect this child so he can sleep ! Ima go sleep acctualy too :’D

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Hello sorry to bother just wanted to ask if your all gonna do anything for Easter? Like will there be chocolate Easter eggs and cute bunny baskets?

Allura: Hunk designed many egg, chocolate, and marshmallow dishes in preparation for the theme. We also had little goody bags of jelly beans for the guests.

Keith: Had to keep Lance and Pidge from stealing them.

A.N. GAH another question I forgot to answer on the day  @-@ there are so many to get through.

I need to sit down and plan this out. ><