It’s Eggy Meggy!! - 06

Her mother, Peggy, named her Megan, but ‘Meggy’ changed her name when she discovered her love for eggs (though she’s allergic). Ever since she was six she’s been fascinated by them. When she became twelve she started training for the Egg and Spoon nationals. Her dream is to become first place, never has she dropped an egg, ever! 

Her friends think she’s crazy, so Eggy Meggy is moving to the states to take her career seriously and make her dream come true.

You go Meg, you go!

Easter Fun day at Bells Farm Community Centre Monday 14 April 2014

Easter Fun day at Bells Farm Community Centre Monday 14th April 2014 11:00-13:00

11:00 – 13:00

Decorate your own egg.  Bunny hunt.  Egg and Spoon Race.  Make your own Easter Bonnet.  Make chocolate crispy cakes or lollies

Face painting 50p.  Lucky Dip 50p.  Tombola £1 a strip. Raffle £5 a strip (some very good prizes)

Tea/Coffee 20p.  Cup drinks 10p.  Turkey & Stuffing Baps £1.  Pork and Apple baps £1.  Sweets and cakes on sale (prices vary).

Come along and enjoy some Easter…

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The Egg and Spoon Race Murder Mystery.

Who do you think killed Benedict?

To find out contact to book a party

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so what exactly happens with the spoon relay in the school festival au??


first of all I’m gonna explain how the spoon and egg relay race works.  they’re probably in teams of five or six because that’s easiest bc everyone for sure has five or six players there.  let’s say there are five members on each team.  every member gets a spoon and they all line up across the field with, say, 30 meters between them.  the very first runner is handed an egg.  they’re not allowed to touch the egg with their hands/feet/mouth/etc so they have to carry the egg in their spoon over to the next runner as quickly as possible and then pass it off.  the first team to carry their egg, unbroken, across the finish line wins.  if you break the egg the first runner has to run back and get a new egg and repeat the whole process until someone wins.


  • the team captains are all assigned the anchor position and all the other teammates are left to squabble over the running order
  • starters are as follows: Kagami for Seirin, Hayama for Rakuza, Himuro for Yosen, Wakamatsu for Touou, Takao for Shuutoku, and Hayakawa for Kaijou
  • Riko and Momoi, expecting a few dropped eggs, have two dozen to hand out
  • the first casualty is Kagami, as he takes about three steps before fumbling his egg and spoon rather spectacularly
  • Hayakawa is so excited that he isn’t the first that he makes a rather unwise arm gesture in celebration and sends his egg flying at the Kaijou’s second runner, Kobori
  • Hayama, Himuro, and Takao actually make it all the way to their second runner by carefully shuffling across the field, Wakamatsu tries for an overly ambitious speedwalk and ends up crushing his egg in his own hand when he tries to catch it out of the air
  • Seirin and Kaijou are desperately trying to coach their first runners into a steady walk, but Kagami and Hayakawa are neck and neck and keep trying to speed up to pass each other
  • between them they drop five eggs before they manage to hand off to their second runners
  • Midorima tries to guide his and Takao’s egg pass with surgical precision but sneezes halfway through and Takao has to go back for another egg
  • at this point Yosen and Rakuzan are winning and seven eggs have been wasted
  • Nebuya drops the egg when Mibuchi tries to pass it to him and Hayama yells at him because now he has to go get a new egg
  • Yosen actually gets their egg all the way to Okamura before Akashi subtly uses ankle break to keep him from winning
  • nine eggs down in five minutes
  • Momoi and Riko are starting to think that they should have brought more
  • Kise and Miyaji turn out to have mad egg carrying skills
  • when Hyuuga finally gets the egg he throws it at Imayoshi (who is rapidly closing in on the finish line) in order to sabotage him
  • Hayama gives up on the steady shuffle and starts running with egg after the third time he has to get a new one because Nebuya’s screwed up
  • Aomine is definitely cheating and Momoi keeps stepping in to confiscate his egg and making Touou start over
  • the second time Hyuuga gets an egg, Izuki makes an egg pun and he throws the egg at him instead
  • they have to call it a draw because they run out of eggs before anyone can cross the finish line
Cool things from primary school:

1. Sports day (sack race, egg & spoon)
2. Making chocolate easter baskets
3. Wet playtime
4. Super cozy TV room
5. Computer room (ms paint all the way)
6. Biff, chip and kipper books
7. Tex the cowboy
8. Coloured card
9. The huge papercutter
10. The supernice assistance/helper teacher with short hair
11. Cloak room
12. Plastercene
13. The day some random people come and sell books and stuff on trolleys
14. Apparatus in P.E
15. Everybody sitting crosslegged in assembly…
16. Getting to sit on the benches at the back in assembly because you’re finally in Year 6
17. Getting new equipment for playtime and breaking all of it by the next day
18. Playing out all the way until dark after school

… Add yours!

meg has been short listed for a modelling agency linked to vogue an kate moss

but I won the egg and spoon race once and I’m proper funny so who’s the real winner here?

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Playdays are basically shows where all they have is gaming/fun classes (barrels, poles, egg and spoon, pantyhose races) usually no pleasure classes, most that I've seen are pretty relaxed and just there to have fun/go to a show without a lot of pressure

Oh, thanks!