It’s Eggy Meggy!! - 06

Her mother, Peggy, named her Megan, but ‘Meggy’ changed her name when she discovered her love for eggs (though she’s allergic). Ever since she was six she’s been fascinated by them. When she became twelve she started training for the Egg and Spoon nationals. Her dream is to become first place, never has she dropped an egg, ever! 

Her friends think she’s crazy, so Eggy Meggy is moving to the states to take her career seriously and make her dream come true.

You go Meg, you go!

Easter Fun day at Bells Farm Community Centre Monday 14 April 2014

Easter Fun day at Bells Farm Community Centre Monday 14th April 2014 11:00-13:00

11:00 – 13:00

Decorate your own egg.  Bunny hunt.  Egg and Spoon Race.  Make your own Easter Bonnet.  Make chocolate crispy cakes or lollies

Face painting 50p.  Lucky Dip 50p.  Tombola £1 a strip. Raffle £5 a strip (some very good prizes)

Tea/Coffee 20p.  Cup drinks 10p.  Turkey & Stuffing Baps £1.  Pork and Apple baps £1.  Sweets and cakes on sale (prices vary).

Come along and enjoy some Easter…

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The Egg and Spoon Race Murder Mystery.

Who do you think killed Benedict?

To find out contact to book a party

To 11 year old me...

Don’t trust anyone, that doesn’t mean don’t make friends, it means don’t put you eggs in ANYONES basket. Protect Hattie with all you’ve got and be there whenever she needs you, never let her see you cry. Be bold, never, not for one moment let anyone make you feel like nothing, invisible, dirty or wrong, you are more than that, stand your ground with all you’ve got! If they knock you down GET BACK UP! You won’t be able to fix everyone so don’t try to, settle for being a rock they can cling to in times of turbulence, never set yourself up for failure. Keep yourself busy - don’t stop for one moment, you’re doing ok and you WILL be ok. If you’re tired pick yourself up and carry on - life is an egg and spoon race, be the winner.
Take it from me, you’ve got some awful and trying times ahead and nothing in this world could prepare you for them but I know you’ll have one thing that will get you through them and you’ll have to work for him but I know he’ll never let you down, DON’T LET HIM DOWN! You’ll make it through with war wounds to show for it and I promise one day you’ll be grateful for each and every one, they’ve made you who you are.
Finally, speak the truth even if your voice shakes.
You’ll be ok
Lil x

anonymous asked:

S & T

wasn’t actually expecting anyone to ask me anything!

S - Random fact about myself.
I was part of a group effort to break the Guinness World Record for the most people to ever complete an egg and spoon race when I was in secondary school…

T - Age I get mistaken for.
Usually 19.

Thanks for asking! :D