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Preparing breakfast for my girl

“After I met Her, I felt like I’ve discovered the secret of life.

Every morning I’d wake up early even if the night before I was staying up late. I couldn’t wait to start the new day because I knew it was going to be extraordinary. It always was with Her. The routine didn’t apply to us. “

- Imagine me as a cloud. Lilith Rain

Fav moments with Ron Swanson.

Others in the Parks and Recreation set.

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We’ve been tinkering around with several Easter ideas, and one of our winners turned out to be using temporary tattoos to decorate eggs. This week, we’ll be sharing a few of our faves - like this group of flowering beauties! Very spring appropriate, no?

If you fancy tattooing up some eggs too, we recommend sourcing small tattoos (or cutting large ones down to size). As part of the application process, you hold the tattoo paper around your egg, covered with a wet cloth. If the paper is too large, it’s hard to smoothly apply it to the egg’s surface and the transfer may not work, or you may end up with a wrinkly tattoo. Press too hard and you’ll end up with a broken egg (we learned the hard way!).

Final tip: eggs are quite porous and easily absorb molecules from their surroundings - as edible tattoos are not food safe, we don’t recommend using tattooed eggs for eating.

Illustrated Science 144: Tattoo You

Scientists have found that people with multiple tattoos have a slightly tougher immune system than people with none. Researchers found that tattooing prepares the immune system to fight different types of stress associated with soft tissue damage.