egg ribbon


Name: Cadlinella ornatissima

My personal name: Flower power slug 🌼

Location: Tropical Indo-West Pacific

Diet: Sponges (Spongebob beware! :0)

Size: 1.0-5.0 cm long

Egg ribbon rebel! Most sea slugs’ egg ribbons are made so only the edges touch the ground and it’s sort of a 3D spiral. C. ornatissima, however, lays a flat spiral egg ribbon instead! It doesn’t conform to the usual egg ribbon standard! 🍥

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Happy Early Easter, Sproing! I hope you can enjoy this basket full of easter eggs! And look, the eggs are painted to look like all of your friends! And Purple!


The year that Tiffany Aching danced with the Wintersmith, there was a hard frost in Ankh-Morpork the night of May the 19th.

For the most part, it went unnoticed. There was no snow, and, unlike on the surrounding plains, people didn’t grow many things in the city. That was part of the problem, Sam Vimes learned as he sat through meeting after interminable meeting. Anhk-Morpork imported its food, and at the moment the crops that were supposed to be feeding the city in a few months were out freezing in their fields. He listened to Lord Vetinari and the Guild leaders and some panicked representatives from the Sto Plains talk about supply chains and international imports and which crops could still be re-sown until his ears ached.

As he marched home that night, he didn’t notice that every lilac he passed was shedding, green buds that had just been beginning to swell when the frost hit littering the ground at his feet. He didn’t notice until he woke up on the 25th of May and realized with a jolt that he hadn’t smelled a single lilac the previous day. Normally, the city was thick with the scent and he did his best to ignore it until the day when he couldn’t.

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Name: Aeolidia Papillosa
Aka: Shaggy mouse slug

My personal name: Hair extension slug

Location: Atlantic coast of Europe and North America, the Pacific coast of North America, west and east coasts of South America

Size: 2-12 cm (depending on the location)

Diet: Sea anemomies!! Not the tentacles, just the stalk (Poor Nemo is gonna lose his home anyway)

No escape: It has been observed that sea anemones try to escape being eaten, so to avoid losing their food, A. papillosa will use its oral tentacles to grab onto the anemone and hold it in place!

Popular babies: A. papillosa is actually a really popular species, and has been studied extensively by many researchers

Eggs: Unlike most sea slugs, which lay an egg ribbon, A. papillosa lays an egg mass (lazy babies, can’t even lay properly aesthetic eggs [heh, eggsthetic]). The egg mass holds possibly millions of eggs, with what is assumed to be 19-20 eggs in each tube thing (since the egg masses kinda look like white sausages squished together). Laying the eggs, since there’s so many, takes quite a bit of time, usually 16-18 hours of egg laying!

Color: Colors vary, ranging from white to a dark brown color. The color of the slug depends on which type of anemone it eats. Also, although typically covered in adults, all A. papillosa have a white V on their heads (perhaps they are cheering on a favorite sports team?). Their coloring also is a way A. papillosa camouflages itself

Vicious: Don’t let their tiny size fool you, A. papillosa’s radula (mouth) has 23 rows of pectinate teeth!


Yesterday I went shopping and I nearly squealed when I found this Birdo plushie! Birdo is my all time favourite Nintendo character, and I could not put it down when I picked it up!
So, in order to gush a little more, I made a pink dress with lots of ribbons and bows with an egg that’s meant to look like the sprite from the original Super Mario Bros 2 game, which is one of my favourites.

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sorry to bother you, but do you have any general tips on pixeling? ive always had trouble with details in the lineart and choosing what colours to shade with, and your pixels are absolutely gorgeous!

D'aww thank you for your kind words!

Here are links to various answers I’ve given about drawing pixel art:
- overall advice
- what programs I use
- thoughts on shading
- thoughts on dithering
- thoughts on printing

If memory serves me correctly, I wrote a little about drawing lines in the first link. In terms of choosing colors, my biggest point of advice is to limit your palette to a handful of colors and use the same palette–that helps define a look.


The palette I use for my newer art is kind of a culmination of 15 years of pixelling, and I tried to connect it to my identity (aka. things I like):

I picked the colors for my new collection of art after over a decade of using the same palette. I have always used one of three files for all of my art, and they basically all use the same 256 colors, colors that were picked, arbitrarily, by 12 year old me. I had always been hesitant to deviate from this palette (I love continuity), but I felt it was time to do something new and something planned and something with meaning.

Since I was a kid I have loved playing cards, so I decided to set the number of colors to 52, to represent the 52 colors in a deck of cards (53 if you count #FFFFFF). I chose 13 colors (one for each number) and 4 versions of each color (one for each suit). Each of the 13 colors were based on the best parts of my old palette. I had grown to develop mental nicknames for each of them, so that’s how I named them: sakura, ichigo, lemon, banana, lime, mint, robin’s egg, ribbon, fuji, lilac, rose, momo, choco. I feel like this kind of reflects my love of the Strawberry Shortcake cartoons as a kid?

I think a palette can be a very definitive part of an artist’s work, almost like a watermark?, so when choosing the 4 variations on each color, I did not do a consistent gradation for each color (aka, I don’t up the RGB values at a constant rate as the colors get lighter, and the vivid kicker color isn’t analogous to the other three versions of a color). Arguably, these imperfections can make my art look a little weird on the screen, but I think that’s what defines me and I like it :)

(′・ω・`) it is not necessary to think so deeply about your palette, and I don’t think most artists do, but for me, adding this kind of meaning to my work makes it a little more enjoyable and therapeutic to draw ^^ please try it out as a method if it appeals to you, but if you think it would bring stress, just poke around and find colors you think are pretty and go from there! The point is to make pixel art fun, because if can easily become tedious ^^;

Got No Time for Proper Rice Porridge

If you’re not familiar with rice porridge (like congee), it’s very simple: you boil rice with a lot of water. Super cheap and filling! This is just making rice porridge into something vaguely exciting, but still very, very cheap, and quick to make. I list it with chicken bouillon, but feel free to use whatever you’re comfortable with! I also went ahead and explained how to cook rice a bit, just in case you’re not sure how. Spoiler: Wash your rice SO HARD.

Ingredients (for 2 servings):

  • ½ cup short grain white rice (or whatever grain you have, just adjust the cooking time accordingly)
  • 2-3 cups water
  • 2 chicken bouillon cubes
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce (gluten-free soy sauce if you’re gluten-intolerant)
  • 1 egg
  • Garlic powder and pepper to taste
  • Whatever vegetables you like!


  1. Pour your rice into a small to medium pot and rinse several in fresh water to loosen any dust on them, scrubbing the grains against each other a bit each time. You’ll know you’re done when the water’s mostly clear. Seriously, wash your rice. Clean rice doesn’t make gummy rice. Pour out as much water as you can, then fill with 2 ½ cups of water. Put a lid on it and let it soak for at least 30 minutes. A whole 30 minutes of freedom to do whatever you want!
  2. Put rice on medium-high heat. Mix in your bouillon cubes, soy sauce, pepper, garlic, and cover, stirring occasionally and keeping an eye on it so it doesn’t boil over.
  3. Check your rice for doneness occasionally. Soft, but not mushy, is your goal. Toss in whatever vegetables you’ve got when you have about five minutes left, earlier if it’s a dense vegetable, like carrot or radish. You’ll notice that your rice mix is getting pretty thick, which is what you want. If it seems TOO thick, feel free to put in more water, ¼ cup at a time. It won’t hurt a thing.
  4. Once your rice is cooked (for me, it’s within 10 minutes, since I use short grain rice and soak the suckers), crack your egg into a bowl and whisk until combined, then, stirring the rice quickly, drizzle the egg into the pot. This makes silky ribbons of egg that really thickens the porridge. Check your flavors and add whatever you think it needs. When in doubt, more soy sauce.

Total Time: 40 minutes (your time will vary, depending on what grain you use)

You can easily add chicken or tofu to bulk it out even more, use vegetable bouillon for a vegetarian meal, and skip the egg entirely for something vegan! Or if you’re grossed out by egg drop soups. I understand. It’s easy to double if you’re feeding friends, but I don’t know if it makes good leftovers, I always eat all of it. I suspect not, the rice might get too mushy and egg is finicky to reheat sometimes. You can probably doctor it up in a microwave if you use minute rice, though! Get clever with it!

This is seriously a baby version of this congee recipe. No need for chopping for mine, though, frozen vegetables are perfect. No one’s judging, here. Who’s got time for chopping, anyway? But check the other one out in case you want to go for something a little fancy!


Traditionally pad thai is served with scrambled egg cut into ribbons on top but since I was planning to refrigerate these for a few days and I’m not a fan of refrigerated scrambled eggs I left that out haha. What I love so much about these jars (besides how easy they are and that they taste great hot or cold) is that the veggie layer tastes fantastic on its own and the noodles taste great on their own. When everything comes together it’s a fantastic meal but I think it’s better because each part could stand alone. I also added the fresh raw red pepper so that the bowl would have some crunch in it. You can and should feel free to add whatever veggies you like! I’m a huge fan of sauteed carrots so I started there and built the recipe around them but if you want zucchini or water chestnuts don’t be afraid to mix it up and make it your own! :)

For more healthy lunch recipes go here and for more gluten free recipes go here!

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CUE A LOUD CRASH AS A LARGE SHIP HALF-CRASHES. (A certain egg can not land that thing properly)

The Queen had been having lunch with Ribbon and Denim when the loud crash made EVERYONE jump in their seats.

Shooting up from her chair, the Queen performed the rare act of actually using her wings, and flew in the direction of the sound.

Arriving at the site, she saw a strange ship and a small, egg-shaped pilot.

As Ribbon and Denim both attempted to hold Ripple back, she stormed up to the pilot and jammed a finger at him angrily.

“Just WHAT did you think you were doing!? You not only landed your ship in the middle of a residential area, which could have killed people, you landed it VERY badly!”