egg is watching a thing

-YJH and DK are roommates

-They wore couple sweater to airport today 

-YJH has stickers of dk on his phone

-Dk has selfie of him and YJH as a wallpaper on his phone

-DK said that “they are dating” on caratland concert…………..

i bet they are dating.

“All The Little Angels“

All the little angels rise up, rise up

All the little angels rise up high!

How do they rise up, rise up, rise up?

How do they rise up, rise up high?

                                                                          [REG SHOE]

[COMPANY]                                                       Ev’rybody sing!

They rise he-eads up!                                        Hey!

He-eads up!                                                      Wooh!

Heads up high!                                                  Whoa! Ay, let ‘em hear ya!

Yeah!                                                                  Let’s go!

They rise ha-ands up!                                        I said shout it to the rooftops!

Ha-ands up!                                                       Said, to the rooftops!

Hands up high!                                                  Come on!

Yeah!                                                                  Come on, let’s go!


All the little angels rise up!

When you’re living on your knees, you rise up!

Tell your brother that he’s gotta rise up!

Tell your sister that she’s gotta rise up!

[COMPANY]                                                           [COMPANY]

When are these city streets gonna rise up?           They rise a-arms up!

When are these city streets gonna rise up?           A-arms up!

When are these city streets gonna rise up?          Arms up high!

When are these city streets gonna rise up?

Rise up!



I imagine Death so much he feels more like a memory.

When’s he gonna get me?

In my sleep? Seven feet ahead of me?

If I see him comin’, do I run or do I let him be?

Is he like a beat without a memory?




*Take Me Away | Pt. 2* Newt x reader


Story synopsis: Reader is in a loveless marriage. Her husband is an Auror and works alongside Theseus. Newt is recently promoted to the Beast Division at The Ministry and Theseus decides to bring Newt along to a dinner at reader’s house. After a few run ins afterwards, reader and Newt slowly begin to fall in love. Reader has never found love in anyone besides her mother and soon finds it in Newt. The two begin to see one another secretly(after fighting the urges to avoid such a secret affair…) until after a year of hiding Newt is asked to travel the world and write his book. Will reader go with him and leave her life behind?

Newt found himself smiling a lot more than usual the next few days. His mind would wander to you and your delicate, gentle smile. He’d only met you twice and yet, he found a yearning; a sense to be near you. It was like nothing he had felt before.


Looking up from the table, Newt caught sight of Theseus looking at him with his eyebrows raised, a look of curiosity as well as irritation upon his face.

“I asked you to pass the salt at least three times now…”


Newt plucked the salt shaker from beside him and passed it to his brother. Theseus continued watching Newt as he ate his eggs. If there was one thing he knew, it was that something, or rather someone, was occupying his mind. Who? He believed he had an idea.

“Niffler got your tongue?”

Newt’s head shot up as he eyed his brother.


Theseus chuckled placing his napkin down and taking another bite of eggs. “I’ve never seen you smile so much. Not to mention so lost in thought. You’re quiet…. tell me why.”

Newt felt his cheeks burn as he tried to fight the smile now appearing in his face. His brother knew him all too well.

“I’ve just been working on something new is all.” He lied.

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Lost Stars [Tim Drake x Reader]

@niniel3nenya requested: “Hi!!! Can I… Can I ask for a Tim x Reader, based on “Lost Stars” by Keira Knightley? It’s just, I really love how you write. It’s really awesome :3″

A/N: I can’t believe I have never heard of this song before I mean… I just… I’m so disappointed in myself this is so beautiful. I literally watched the entire movie for this request and thank you because the movie was AMAZING.

I actually had trouble writing this. I think it’s not one of my best works… uh… I’m really sorry that it sucks, I really tried!

Pairing: Tim Drake x Reader

Warning: None

Word Count: 1091



Please don’t see just a girl caught up in dreams and fantasies

The grin that spread across your face was horrifying in Tim’s eyes. It was a grin that meant you had something up your sleeve, something insane and irrational and definitely impossible.

“Please, god please no.” Tim begged you before you even revealed your plan.

“Oh come on Tim!” you whined to your best friend. “I swear you’ll like this!”

Tim rolled his eyes in annoyance. Of course you’d say that, but he knew it wasn’t like that. You had such ridiculous dreams you wanted to achieve and you always made him tag along.

Sometimes he wondered why he was your best friend, why he stuck around for you. But when he felt his heart skip a beat by just one simple glance at your face, he remembered why.

Please see me reaching out for someone I can’t see

“That doesn’t sound so bad…” Tim admitted once he heard your plan.

“Was there ever a doubt?” you laughed. “I’m not some clueless dreamer Tim. I can draw the line between fantasies and things we can actually do.” You couldn’t emphasize this enough since you knew he only saw you as a dreamer when in fact all your ideas were for him.

“Then why drag me into all of it?” Tim complained.

“I want you to be a little more spontaneous.”

Take my hand, let’s see where we wake up tomorrow

Tim sat on the couch and frowned. “Spontaneous? [F/N], I’m a vigilante. I take risks for a living.” 

“Risks and spontaneity aren’t the same thing.” you exclaimed. “You’re so stiff Tim, loosen up. Have some fun. Do something crazy for the heck of it! Do it for no reason at all!”

Tim gave you a skeptical look. “Why would anyone do that?”

You groaned. “See! That is what I’m talking about! Being spontaneous means not asking why.” you sighed. You took his hand and pulled him up, dragging him out of the house.

“Wha–what are you doing [F/N]?” Tim demanded, though he was letting you drag him out of the door, so he wasn’t fighting back.

“We’re going to have a night out in the city, and go with the flow.” 

Best laid plans; sometimes are just a one night stand

“But don’t we need a plan?” Tim asked cautiously as the two of you walked around the streets of Gotham. Clearly this was a bad idea since Gotham was dangerous at night, but you had a hero beside you. 

You rolled your eyes at him. “Plan? Who needs a plan?” 

Tim dropped his head onto his hand, shaking his head by how you managed to drag him into this. This was stupid.

But love makes you do stupid things. 

I’ll be damned; Cupid’s demanding back his arrow

You glanced down at your fingers still entwined with Tim’s. You felt your cheeks warm up but all you did was look up and smile.

You hadn’t planned for this to happen, but maybe something magical would come out of this. You truly hoped so.

“So, what spontaneous idea do you have in mind?” Tim questioned in a defeated voice.

“Oh I have a few…”

So let’s get drunk on our tears

“Why are we buying eggs?” Tim inquired. “What are we doing with five cartons of eggs?”

You stared at him. Wasn’t he supposed to be a detective? How could he not know what this amount of eggs were going to be used for?

But seeing his clueless face, you smirked. Oh he had no idea…

“You’ll see.”

And God, tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young

“Oh kill me now.” Tim cursed as he watched you throw another egg at a house. Out of all the things you chose to do, it was to egg someone’s house. “This is vandalism… not to mention childish.”

“Hey! He’s getting what he deserves!” you scoffed, throwing yet another egg at the house of the biggest bully at your school. The boy was ruthless to everyone and was rude to the janitors and teachers alike.

“Now, are you going to join me?” you asked, handing him the last carton. “Better do it quick before the cops come.”

Tim stared at you. In all honesty he wanted to make that guy pay as well, but he let the bully off every time. Now though, with the opportunity right in front of him…

“Screw this.” he mumbled, taking the carton from your hand and opening it. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling as he threw the eggs onto the wall.

It’s hunting season and this lamb is on the run

You squealed and clung onto Tim tightly. Due to the fact that Tim was much faster and stronger than you, to escape the police it was decided that he’d just carry you on his back.

So now he was jumping from roof to roof with you while giving you a piggyback ride as the sirens wailed behind the two of you.

“Bruce is going to kill us!” you said breathlessly.

“Worth it!” Tim exclaimed.

We’re searching for meaning…

Eventually you and Tim ended up on the outskirts of the city, panting and laughing like no tomorrow. Tim managed to lose the cops, and thankfully nobody saw your faces. Tim also reassured you that there were no cameras around, so you two were safe… from the law at least, but not from Bruce.

“Well, how was that?” you quizzed, looking at Tim.

Tim gave you the biggest grin ever. “You know what? That was awesome.”

“See?” You tilted your head up to see the array of stars that lit up the sky. It was faint due to the city lights, but it was there. “You know, you only have one life Tim. You put your life on the line every night for others, so don’t be afraid to live it to the fullest. You never know what will happen tomorrow. Live today.”

But are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark?

“You’re right.” said Tim suddenly. You were only given a second before you were pulled into a kiss.

You couldn’t deny the burst of fireworks that exploded in your stomach and you were so shocked by the action your mind went blank. It was only when Tim pulled away did you finally find your voice.

“W-What are you doing?” you stammered, blushing madly. Tim grinned.

“Being spontaneous.” He gave you another quick kiss. “And living life to the fullest.”

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Bakugou babysitting with his s/o scenario???

Thank you for asking this, I need more Bakugou with children in my life

Originally posted by no-bakugou

I’m so sorry, babe, I can’t hang out today. Got stuck babysitting my siblings again :(

Katsuki was irritated, but he knew it wasn’t his partner’s fault that they had to babysit; their parents were pros, and they were busy people. It was a weekend, the daycares were closed, and he and his partner didn’t have school. This is part of why Katsuki was glad he was an only child, it allowed him to enjoy his time and not be responsible for anyone else.

Want me to come over, then? This is the third weekend in a row you’ve dipped on me.

Are you sure you wanna do that? It’s a war zone over here.

I just wanna see you, I don’t care if there’s little demons there or not.

Well, I guess I could use the help… If you don’t mind. I’m really sorry, babe.

It’s fine, I’ll be over in a bit.

Thank you~! <3

Katsuki and his partner lived relatively close to each other, it only took him fifteen minutes on foot to get to their house, they lived in the same part of the neighborhood as Deku. He actually passed Deku’s place on the way to his partner’s, and he wondered what Deku was up to; not that he cared, really, it was just a passing thought.

When he arrived at his partner’s place, he could hear the sound of multiple people crying from inside the house, and he winced a bit at the sound; his partner was the oldest of four children, their three younger siblings being 7, 5, and 3 years old, and they hadn’t been lying when they said it was like a war zone. It sounded awful, and he could have sworn he heard his partner crying, too.

“Oi, ___, I’m here!” Katsuki shouted, loudly enough that his partner heard him from inside the kitchen.

A minute later, the front door opened, and they were holding the younger two siblings in their arms, with the oldest rolling on the floor throwing a temper tantrum that they were too old to be throwing. They were clearly distressed, but they lit up at the sight of him standing outside the front door.

“I’m sorry it’s awful right now, we can’t agree on breakfast,” His partner said, referring to the crying children, “Speaking of, are you hungry? I can cook something for you.”

“You take care of the demons, I’ll cook.” Katsuki replied, slipping his shoes off and entering the house, “Get off the floor, you’re in my way.” He growled at the little boy crying on the floor.

The little boy stopped crying and looked up at Katsuki, who was looking down at him with an irritated expression.

“Move, pipsqueak.” Katsuki told the kid, who looked up at him with a surprised expression.

The kid got up and let Katsuki walk into the kitchen, watching as he went in and began to figure out the layout of the kitchen; it was smaller than his kitchen, it made sense since their family wasn’t as rich as his and had a smaller house overall. It was the first time he’d been to the house, though he’d walked his partner home on multiple occasions.

“Who are you?” The little boy asked, following Katsuki into the kitchen.

“Bakugou,” Katsuki answered, “I’m a friend of the big one.” He added, referring to his partner.

“What kind of friend?” The little boy asked, grinning wickedly.

“Piss off, I can’t think with you talking to me.” Katsuki replied.

His partner watched as he began to look through the fridge for ingredients; he’d decided on making chicken katsudon, since there was already rice made in the cooker and all he had to do was make the eggs and fry the katsu. It wasn’t hard to do, and it tasted good.

“Why are you cooking?” The little boy asked, sitting on the counter next to Katsuki and watching him making the chicken katsu, “You’re a guy, women cook.”

“Have fun starving to death when you can’t get a girlfriend with your crappy attitude, kid,” Katsuki responded, breading the chicken, “Cooking is necessary to survive, everyone needs to eat. Besides, girls dig guys who can cook.”

His partner had managed to calm the younger two children down by giving them some fruit pouches as a snack to hold them over until Katsuki finished cooking, and they were surprised by how mellow their brother was being.

“You’re the guy with the really cool explosions, right? My parents made us all watch the sports festival.” The little boy asked as Katsuki cooked the eggs, “Can you show me it?”

“Eat your breakfast first,” Katsuki answered, adding some spices to the eggs, “You got a quirk, kid?”

“… No…” The little boy answered reluctantly, watching the eggs cooking.

“That’s okay, it’s not the worst thing that could ever happen to a person,” Katsuki responded, turning the eggs over to cook them through, “You like heroes?”

“Yeah,” He answered, “Just sucks that I can’t be one.”

“Maybe, but you probably wouldn’t be popular because of your attitude.” Katsuki responded, startling his partner; he had an attitude problem, what was he on about?! “Although, you know, it’s probably nice not to have the expectation of being a hero put on you, you can just enjoy life like a normal person.”

His partner was aware of how he’d taunted Izuku about being quirkless when he was younger, and they were surprised by how nice he was being to their little brother. Katsuki had learned his lesson, he wasn’t going to destroy this kid’s entire life over something they couldn’t control, and his partner would probably have dumped him on the spot if he tried.

“But, you’ve got such a cool quirk! I want something like that!” The little boy objected.

“Well, the universe wasn’t on your side with that one, little dude,” Katsuki responded, reaching over the boy and opening the cabinet to grab some bowls, “You’re lucky, people won’t expect a lot of you since you’re quirkless.”

“I’ve got a quirk!” The five year old, another boy, said from the table excitedly.

“Yeah? What is it?” Katsuki asked, looking over his shoulder at the youngest boy.

“I can put people to sleep by touching them!” The youngest boy answered, grinning, “So, if you get on my nerves, I’m gonna knock you out!”

“I’d like to see you try, shrimp.” Katsuki responded, smiling to himself as he filled the bowls with rice, “But, that’s cool, you could knock a villain out like that.”

“Still not as cool as your quirk, though, Bakugou nii-chan,” The older boy said, watching Katsuki finishing up breakfast, “I’ll take those to the table.”

“Thanks, kid.” Katsuki replied.

As the oldest of the boys brought breakfast to the table, Katsuki began to do the dishes.

“Whoa~! This is awesome!” The two little boys exclaimed as they had their first bites of the food Katsuki had cooked, “Thanks, Bakugou nii-chan!”

His partner also was enjoying the food, and they smiled; things were already so much better now that Katsuki was there, they were looking forward to the rest of the day.

After breakfast was over, his partner did the dishes while Katsuki took the kids into the backyard to show off his quirk and play games with them. The youngest kid, the three year old, was a little girl, but she was very much a tomboy, being surrounded by two rowdy older boys. All the little kids were impressed by his quirk, and they liked playing with him because he was funny, and even as strong as he clearly was, he let them beat him at games like hide and seek and tickle wars.

He managed to tire them out by noon, at which point they went back into the house for nap time. His partner adored that Katsuki was being so involved with their siblings, even though it meant that they kind of were sidelined for most of the day.

Katsuki built a pillow fort with the kids and invited his partner into it as he and the kids laid down; he was tired, too, they really did have a lot of energy, and he could see how his partner had been overwhelmed earlier, being alone with them when they were fresh out of bed and full of energy.

“Are we napping too?” His partner asked, crawling into the fort.

“Yep,” Katsuki answered, “They won’t let me leave.”

All three kids were already passed out, the little girl passed out on his lap and both boys on either side of him, holding onto his arms. The sight made his partner’s heart feel full, they loved seeing Katsuki with the kids clinging to him.

“Thank you for helping me with them,” They said, laying down on next to Katsuki and the older boy, “I really appreciate it.”

“You don’t need to thank me,” Katsuki replied, looking to his partner, “If we’re gonna be together for a long time, this is gonna be something I’ll be doing a lot. I might as well get to know them now.”

“You’re gonna make a great dad someday.” They told him.

“Obviously.” Katsuki said, looking at the kids curled up on and next to him, “They’re cute, when they’re not screaming and throwing fits.”

“I think they like you more than anyone else they’ve met now…” His partner replied, smiling softly.

The youngest boy reached up and touched Katuski’s face, activating his quirk, and Katsuki fell asleep moments later, much to his partner’s amusement.

“Nap time…” The little boy mumbled, nuzzling up against Katsuki’s arm and going back to sleep.

Their oldest sibling closed their eyes and went down for a nap as well.

The five of them woke up a couple hours later to the sound of the front door opening.

“We’re home!” Katsuki’s partner’s mother said.

“Mommy~!” The little kids said excitedly, all scrambling out of the pillow fort to go greet their parents.

Katsuki and his partner lingered in the pillow fort for a minute longer, though they came out in time to see his partner’s father walk into the house.

“Mommy, mommy, you gotta meet Bakugou nii-chan!” The oldest boy said excitedly, “He’s super cool!”

Both parents were surprised to see the spiky haired blond teenager that came out of the pillow fort, but they both smiled; seeing their children so happy was a nice thing.

“Bakugou nii-chan, huh?” Their father said, “Pleasure to meet you.”

“Likewise.” Katsuki replied.

“We’ve got dinner plans tonight, but if you’re not busy tomorrow, Bakugou-kun, would you like to come back?” Their mother asked.

The little kids all looked to Katsuki with eager, expectant looks in their eyes.

“Sure.” Katsuki answered.

“Bakugou nii-chan can cook, you know!” The oldest boy told his mom excitedly, “He made breakfast for us, and he said he’s gonna teach me how to cook, too!”

His partner and their parents were surprised by that bit of information, all looking to Katsuki.

“He said something that pissed me off earlier, so I decided that I’d teach him to cook so that he stops relying on other people.” Katsuki explained, “There’s still plenty of leftovers in the fridge, we had chicken katsudon.”

“Thank you, Bakugou-kun.” Their mother said, smiling sweetly; he saw where his partner got their smile from.

Katsuki had a hard time trying to leave, all three children refused to let him go, sitting on his legs and clinging to him, trying to weigh him down as he made an attempt to go home. It took him twenty minutes to finally get the three little ones off of him, and by the time he did, he didn’t really want to leave anymore.

But, he did, he went home.

I love you, babe, thank you for everything <3

It was fun, I don’t mind it. They’re cute. Love you too.

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Please give us more cute Ignis x Reader fics? :3 that last one you posted made my day 💕

Quiet Moments. 

Ignis x reader


675 words.

Hello friend!! Thank you for your lovely words, have a small drabble about some quiet couple time with Iggy. Love you lots 💕

I was in a really sad mood and writing this helped cheer me up a bit so thank you again

Quiet mornings at camp were a rarity. Usually, the cries of a nearby alba or spiracorn in the midst of a fight were the causes of your awakening. This morning, however, no such sounds could be heard. Instead, only a soft twittering of birds were making their presence known.

You shifted out of your sleeping bag as quietly as possible, not wanting to disturb the three men in the tent. Noctis and Prompto were knocked out cold, Noctis laying on his stomach and Prompto on his back side by side, and Gladio was next to you, unmoving. You pulled on your shoes and climbed out of the tent, past the other remaining sleeping bag which was void of its owner.

You zipped the tent back up before standing up and stretching, facing the world before you. The sunlight was casting a warm glow over the campsite, not having fully risen from behind the trees yet, and for a moment everything looked calm.

A soft clang to your left brought your attention to the only one of your companions not residing in the tent; Ignis, stood at the portable stove preparing breakfast. You walked behind him, gently wrapping your arms around his waist and standing on your tiptoes to kiss the nape of his neck. “Good morning, handsome.” You said, pressing your cheek against his back.

“Good morning, my love.” He replied. “What’s brought you out of bed at this early hour?”

You smiled and hummed against his back. “It was quiet.” You said simply. “What’s on the menu for this morning?” You asked, shifting slightly to see what he was doing.

“Basilisk egg and toast, nothing too complex, and something I know Noctis will actually eat.” He said, turning to look at you for a moment. “I was just getting the frying pan out when you left the tent, so it will be a few minutes yet.”

“Anything I can do to help?” You asked, coming to stand beside him as he cracked five eggs into the pan.

“Keep an eye on the eggs for me, I must retrieve the bread from one of the bags.” He said, smiling at you as he handed you the spatula and moved away.

You stepped sideways to where Ignis had been stood and began to watch the eggs. Truth be told, eggs were one thing you had never really been sure how to cook properly. Growing up you had always stuck to cereal or just plain toast with jam, never eggs. You started poking the eggs with the spatula, hoping you were along the right lines, as you felt your wrists being taken hold of softly as Ignis reappeared behind you, placing his head on your shoulder.

“The best way to do it is to lift up the edges of the egg softly, making sure that the middle cooks. Allow me to assist.” He said, a tone of happiness in his voice. He guided your hands, gently lifting up the edges of each egg to ensure they would remain separate and at the same time not burn.

Ignis knew that you would have been able to do this with the guidance of his words alone. However, in such a rare moment of tranquillity he could not resist the opportunity of a tender and intimate moment between the two of you without the company of your companions.

You turned to face him to find adoring eyes gazing back at you. Leaning towards him, your lips met in the gentlest of kisses. Mouths subtly working with one another as you began to lose yourselves in one another, feeling nothing but pure bliss.

You turned back to the food after breaking the kiss, removing it from the stove as Ignis prepared the toast, and dishing it up for the five of you. You both stood for a few moments more, watching as the sun finally made its break across the trees, and went to call your friends for breakfast, ready to see what the new day brought for all of you.

Can we just take a moment here and appreciate Jack and robin? Hats off to them for making something so freaking amazing! The anti character has grown into something so amazing, and the hard work that they put into making that character come to life is phenomenal! Also this community, we get so involved and it’s honestly a blast to just look at everyone’s fan art and to read yalls theories. I always love getting involved in the anti hype and, well, basically fangirling whenever there’s an anti appearance!
I also love how excited Jack gets whenever there’s a big anti occurrence. I always picture him giggling at us whenever he drops a hint somewhere (and when he said that in the video today, I died laughing because I said that so many times!) He’s obviously so proud of this, and I’m proud of him and robin for putting this together. Honestly they’re both incredibly clever when it comes to anti and the Easter eggs. It’s always fun digging for clues and watching other people find things.
I’m sooooooo freaking happy to be a part of this community, where we can do these crazy things and have fun like that together! So thank you everyone, and thank you Jack and robin for putting it together! @therealjacksepticeye @pixlpit

viridian green

nsfw, praise kink, xeno, oviposition under the cut!! (ao3 link)

During the seven months he and Eren have been together, Levi’s grown used to his boyfriend’s little quirks. He makes whistling little noises when he sleeps, not unlike a small cat, and physically cannot ingest hot foods or beverages. It has something to do with the atmospheric conditions on his home planet and thus the evolution of their species’ oral cavity, he’d explained once, but back then Levi had still been too perplexed by his long, sharp tongue to listen too carefully. In fact, Eren could live solely on lukewarm water and sunlight if he wanted to, but ever since settling on Earth he’d quickly developed a fondness for vegetables and fruits of all sorts.

“Hang on. So, if you don’t need food to survive,” Levi had said once while watching Eren gobble down a whole watermelon, peels and all, “does that mean you don’t poop either?”

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“I am the Eggman, they are the Eggmen-”


the hatchling

Characters:  Modesty Barebone & Newt Scamander
For:  @kathryn-claire-oconnor
Prompt:  #11.  Fireplace

“When will it hatch?” Modesty asked, her eyes sparkling as she eyed the embers in the fireplace before them.  

“Soon.  It’s been restless today…” Newt could barely hold back his excitement.  “Shh… it’s begun…”  He pointed to the wriggling black egg in the fireplace.  “Watch now…”  

The gangling little scaly thing that tumbled out certainly had a face only a mother could love.  

It was a good thing mothers came in every shape and size.  




Mira is in love with this show called Tumble Leaf. She eats right after naps. We put her in her chair. In the AM, she eats avocado and oatmeal, ricemeal, eggs, or other things. And she watches twenty minutes of Tumble Leaf. Today, I had trouble with chromecast and she was pissed. Threw food everywhere. Once I got the show on, she was like “what’s up? this is all as it should be.” lol


Thank you to @just0nemorepage for tagging me!

Hair color? Brown

Do you like your name? Yes! Although I’m not a fan of the other 130 spellings of Caitlin if I’m being perfectly honest.

Is it easy for people to get under your skin? Sometimes. It depends what mood I am in.

Relationship status? Single Pringle .

Favorite time of the day? Probably the evenings. I like to put on my candles (led ones as my mum thinks I will burn down the house if given real candles, probably true) and read my book or watch a movie.

Bedspread colour? Duck egg and white

Last thing you ate? The last thing I ate was toast and jam

Favorite colour? Blue, pink and yellow

Favorite album? To many do choose from I’m afraid

Favorite song (at this moment): Boys by Charli XCX

Favorite place: Either my bed (oh so very cozy) or Paris (if it’s a geographic location).

Wake up time? 7am on a school day and 8/9am at the weekends

Cat or dog? Dogs for the win!.

Pets? Two dogs, one of which im convinced is possessed

Coke or Pepsi? Neither.

Text or call? Depends, I will call my family members but text my friends

Chapstick or lipstick? Lipstick, definitely

Coolest Halloween costume? Last year my friend and I went as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s world (I was Wayne) and that was really cool. This year I’m going as a Ravenclaw student - possible Moany Myrtle

Where do you shop? E v e r y w h e r e .

Tattoos? Nada

Piercings? The basic piercings - two in each ear

How did your last relationship end (if ever)? Single Pringle 4 ever.

Worst place you’ve ever been to? I’m not sure really?

Biggest fear? Creepy dolls

Emotion rn? Tired, I’ve just woken up

Pick one of your favorite quotes? “And so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past” - The Great Gatsby

A song that makes you cry: I do not feel emotion. Just kidding, probably the “ I wasn’t expecting that ” song, I cannot for the life of my remember it title but the music video made me cry like a blubbering idiot

Last song listened to: Get Schwifty by Rick

Imagine it being easter and the nations are sitting together and eating, and Hungary and Austria being some of the few that helped make the food, decided to make these:

And so the whole evening was basically filled with Prussia trying to smuggle every single one of these under the table so he can take them outside later and Austria, Hungary and Germany yelling at him for taking the food

Later Denmark and America help him

Alberto Moreno to Marca: “Gerrard is a true Captain. He fights for the team with all he’s got and he always puts Liverpool ahead of himself. […] For someone  like me, who’s just getting started in football, it’s a privilege to play with a footballer like him.” Also, Uncle Jamie doesn’t even go here anymore, but he’s the shit! Javi, hold this up…