egg gyaru

  • Hair smile: this is the most common pose that gals use. It is used to show off their hair, especially if they just got it done – look down and tilt your head, usually closing your eyes.
  • Nail smile: this pose is used when gals just get their nails done, or when they are having a photo taken of their hair in the salon but don’t want their face shown – put your hands / longer nails in front of your face to hide behind them.
  • Egg pose: created by Yumachi and Aina, two popular Egg models, this pose is usually done in a group photo or in a video welcoming people to a certain place – extend one or both arms out in front of you and lower your head slightly.
  • Back pose: probably the most confusing pose of all, gals turn their back to the camera and either walk away or throw up a peace sign as the camera takes a photo. This may be to show off the back of their hair / their outfits – to accomplish this pose, simply turn your back to the camera and strike whatever pose you’d like.
  • Jump pose: gals use this pose just to have fun, it’s usually done in pairs or groups, rarely alone – have someone take a photo of you and your friends at the height of your jump, or just as you’re coming down to make your hair look more full and crazy!