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Omg I was reading up on how ovulation works and I came across this
It’s the daily mail but whatever. It is a pic of a egg leaving the ovary!!! It’s a super old article but it looks so cool (and gross)!! Apparently our ovaries every month like…Create a lil spout for the egg to pop out of???? That’s wicked

Imagine you wake up one morning..

Imagine you wake up one morning..

And you go to grab a bowel of cereal for breakfast. There’s all sorts of cereals on offer for you, but you’re feeling lazy and want something sweet. You pull the “Mini Egg” cereal off the shelf and pour a bowl of it, quickly devouring all the small, colourful eggs.

After you’ve finished your meal, you lean back in your chair, feeling a little bloated, rubbing your full belly. As you go about your day, doing your chores, you feel your belly getting heavy, more bloated, rounder, until a button pops off your shirt. You go to your bedroom mirror and look at your belly, realising you look almost 9 months pregnant. As you look at yourself, your belly grows even more, and your navel pops out.

You decide to relax and ride out whatever’s happening to you. You make a nest of sorts on your bed with blankets and pillows and anything you can find, before curling up and relaxing in it. You start feeling dull pains in your lower belly, rubbing the taut skin to soothe it. Instinctively, you remove your trousers and underwear, lying on your side in the nest.

You begin to grunt as the pain worsens, and with a gasp you feel some fluid dripping from your hole. Without thinking, you start to push, and slowly a colourful egg begins to emerge. Hours later, after pushing and moaning for ages, your belly is flattened out again and there’s coloured eggs all around you.

Hello there loves,

I thought it would be nice for me to provide my favorite food list of the city. Majority of my favorite places will be in the South End since that is my neighbored and am little bias. Please feel free to ask me any questions on anything you want you lovely people. 

Diner: Mike’s City Diner- South End  (Breakfast will always be my favorite food and I love having it all with the pancakes, sausage, eggs, and etc.)

·         Emergency Room and get the side of corned beef hash 

Brunch (I cannot pick one) : The Neighborhood Restaurant- Somerville

·         Does not matter what you order, get the cream of wheat. There will be a line but make your way over to Union Square Donut

Trident Booksellers & Café-Back Bay

·         The Lemon Ricotta French Toast

The Friendly Toast- Cambridge

·         Ole Miss

Zaftigs Delicatessen- Brookline

·         Banana Stuffed French Toast

Beehive- South End

                Anything and come for the live music 

Donuts- Black Bird Donuts- South End

·         Salted Toffee

Lobster Roll: Neptune Oyster- North End

If the line is crazy walk down to the seaport to James Hook

Sandwich: Sam LaGrassa’s- Downtown (make sure to place your order a head of time because it can be a little of a wait)

·         Chipotle Pastrami

South End Formaggio- South End

·         Avocado Black Bean & Goat Cheese Torta

Burger: Mr. Bartley’s Gourmet Burger- Harvard Square

·         The Hillary Clinton

Pasta: Dave’s Fresh Pasta- Davis Square (You can go anywhere in the North End for an amazing pasta but if you want to make a meal at home this is everything)

·         Porcini Mushroom Ravioli- try the samples and make sure to grab a sauce


·         Strozzapreti

Nebo-Seaport (small plates are also yummy)

·         Tagliatelle Cappesante

Food Trucks go Sundays to Sowa in the South End

·         Roxy’s Grilled Cheese- Munster Grilled Cheese

·         Bon Me- Soba Noodles Chinese BBQ Pork with whatever sauce you like

·         Cookie Monster- live your childhood dreams with ordering anything

·         Mei Mei- Double Awesome

BBQ: Sweet Cheeks-Kenmore

·         Honey biscuits with honey butter are to die for

Tapas: Toro- South End

·         Mexican corn and order everything here it is hands down my favorite place

Small Plates: Salty Pig and Butcher Shop- South End

Dumplings: Gourmet Dumplings- Chinatown

Thai- Brown Sugar Café- Allston

·         Drunken Noodles (say it is your birthday)

Chinese: Myers& Chang- South End

·         Dan Dan Noodles

Sushi- Douzo- Back Bay

·         Torch

Pizza: Picco- South End


Salad: Stephi’s On Tremont-South End

·         Roast Turkey Club Goes Salad (Brunch is you can make your own Bloody Mary FYI)

Dining Experience: Lolita Cocina & Tequilia Bar- Back Bay

·         On Monday’s all you can eat tacos but what they serve at the end is a popping surprise

647 Tremont- South End

·         On Tuesday $2.00 tacos, do I say more

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if the mysme babes (including ultimate wife jaehee) found out that MC has pet snakes?? yes pls


Sorry if it’s too long, I just write a lot sometimes and it gets out of hand.

Jumin: He was surprised to see what type of animal you held in the tank you owned. He walked up to it, leaning in to observe the reptile. The snake stared back at him with its black beady eyes, it was so still that it didn’t even seem real. Snakes weren’t particularly Jumin’s favorite type of pet, he preferred fluffy, cute things like cats over everything.

“You have quite an exotic taste in animals.” He commented, tapping the glass.

“Do you want to touch him?” You asked.

Jumin hesitated, not really wanting to agree but then not wanting to look like a coward either. “It wouldn’t hurt to do so…”

Smiling happily, you excitedly opened the top part of the tank and gently picked up your reptilian pet. Jumin watched you, thoroughly enjoying the happy expression on your face. You held up the snake, offering it to your currently expressionless lover. Jumin slowly brought his hand up, and gently stroked the snake’s head. The scales felt surprisingly smooth against his skin, it almost felt nice. Seeing no reaction from the snake, Jumin smiled a little.

“Well it certainly isn’t as cute as Elizabeth 3rd, but it would make an acceptable pet.”

He then proceeded to buy you many snake related items after that, much to your dismay.

Zen: “Is that a snake?!” Zen nearly screamed as he spotted the tank in your living room.

“She’s very nice, don’t worry.” You tried your best to comfort your obviously scared boyfriend.

Zen sat down on the chair farthest away from the tank, chuckling nervously. “I think I’m fine here.” He said shakily.

Zen hated snakes as much as he hated cats. They were gross scaly creatures that stuck out their pointy tongues every few seconds and swallowed their prey whole. It was especially gross when the eggs hatched. Zen greatly regretted the day he had curiously clicked on a video called “Snakes Hatch From Eggs”. The nasty little snake babies had basically slithered their slimy bodies out of the egg shell like demons emerging from hell!

You rolled your eyes playfully, though this reaction was to be expected from Zen. “Well, today her eggs might hatch so get ready.”

“…Wait, what?”

707: “Do you like snakes?” You randomly popped the question as you opened the door to your apartment.

“Hm? Why?” Seven asked, taking off his shoes as he stepped inside.

You grinned, grabbing his hand and hurriedly dragging him in. “I wanna show you something!”

Seven gasped dramatically. “Oh~? Could it be you own one?” He really didn’t mind snakes, though he wasn’t in love with them either. But if you loved them, then he would too!

You laughed, pulling him along until you reached the tank. The bright scaled reptile was currently drinking water from its water bowl, a sight most people weren’t fond of. “Isn’t he cute?” You gushed, lovingly gazing at your pet.

“Wah! It’s drinking water!” Seven exclaimed, leaning in to get a closer look. “I see that it’s a pantherophis guttatus!”

You turned to him, utterly confused. “A what?”

“Well~ it’s the scientific name for corn snake, which it happens to be.” Seven adjusted his glasses proudly.

“How do you even know that?” You raised an eyebrow.

Seven smiled cheekily. “Ah~ one time I had this one mission where I had to pose as an animal specialist. I had to learn about snakes, rabbits, dogs, and even cats…” His expression suddenly changed, his eyes widening as great thought popped into his head. “Oooooh! I just had an idea!”

He turned to you excitedly, eyes sparkling. “I wonder how Elly would react to your snake! It would be so cute~ they would either become friends or fight to the de-”


Jaehee: The moment you you showed Jaehee your little pet snake, you could tell she was trying hard not to react. Her mouth opened slightly, then closed again before speaking.

“Is this… your pet?” She asked, eyeing the animal you held.

“Yes~ I love snakes!” You chirped, stroking the mini serpent’s head. “She’s still small but the internet says she’s gonna grow up to be about four feet long!”

Jaehee chuckled nervously, unsure how to feel. Dealing with Elizabeth 3rd was already hard enough, and now a snake? Jaehee was mentally crying, already imagining the horrible situations she would have to face. But as she dealt with Elizabeth 3rd, she would also deal with your snake since she loved and respected you. “I think it’s very nice of you to care for it…” Was all she could come up with.

You blinked at her reaction. “Are you scared?”

“Well…” Jaehee eyed the little creature with narrow eyes. “I think I can handle it.”

On the bright side, at least snakes didn’t produce c-hair.

Yoosung: “O-Of course I can handle snakes, I’m going to be a vet!” Yoosung forced a smile as he tried to get a good hold of your rather huge python.

You had given him the snake to hold so then maybe Yoosung could get used to it, but so far he still looked horrified. “You can put him down if you want to.” You chuckled.

“No! I have to do this to prove myself worthy.” Yoosung said, jumping slightly as the snake wrapped around his arm. “I just need to get more comfortable, haha!”

Though it would help his future career as a vet, Yoosung also wanted to hold the snake just to impress you. He wanted you to see how much he had grown as a person since you first met him, he wanted to show you that he was much braver now. Sadly, things weren’t going so well with the snake tightly coiled around his arm. Honestly he was very afraid, fearing that the animal would bite him at any moment.

“Um… Yoosung I think you better put him down.” You warned.

Yoosung laughed and brushed you off. “It’s fine really! My arm is just a little numb…” He glanced over at his arm and almost screamed.

It was turning purple.

I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to include V or not, sorry! 

~ Admin Riri

I just read an entire article where a Christian tried to dispel the idea that Easter was originally a pagan holiday by saying “eggs represent Christ emerging from the tomb” and “the word Easter comes from the word East” and “Pagan goddesses would never be the basis for a holiday” like my dude… You can’t change history to fit your religions narrative. Eggs and Bunnies are part of Easter because it was a holiday for fertility. The goddess of fertility’s name was literally pronounced ‘Easter’. These traditions have been around for centuries. Pull it together!

What the zodiac constellations represent according to the ancient greeks:


It’s the Golden Fleece! Or rather the magical flying ram it came from, who actually performed a daring rescue, saving two kids (Phrixus and Helle) from their abusive stepmother Ino. Well okay, it only saved one of the kids cause the girl fell off during the journey and drowned, but it’s the thought that counts.

When they finally arrived at their destination at Colchis the remaining child was welcomed with open arms, and the ram was promptly sacrificed. So much for gratitude.


it’s the Minotaur! Half-man half-bull, lived in an underground labyrinth in Crete, killed the children tributes that came from Athens, was ultimately killed by Theseus, blah blah we know how it goes. But where did the Minotaur come from? Well basically, Pasiphae the queen of Crete once accidentally saw Poseidon’s sacred bull and… fell in love with it. Like we’re talking super obsessive love here, she kept having lustful dreams, she couldn’t eat, she couldn’t sleep, she just really had to fuck that bull, man!

So after much cajoling she convinced Daedalus to help her, and he built her this weird contraption/cow-suit that would allow her to mate with it. Long story short she donned it, did the nasty (don’t ask me how), got pregnant, her husband King Minos found out and was pissed off (even though it was all his fault for not sacrificing the bull in the first place), he threw them both into Daedalus’ own labyrinth as punishment (and also to appease Poseidon cause god damn lady you don’t fuck the sacred bulls), and she died giving birth to her unholy mutant child. So the moral of this story is, yiffing breaks families apart.


Most people know about Castor and Pollux (Πολυδεύκης in greek, I don’t know who thought this name was a good idea), but did you know that instead of twins they were actually quadruplets? Their sisters were Helen (of “I caused the Trojan war” fame) and Clytemnestra (of “I killed my husband for being a douchebag” fame). They were born to Leda plus Tyndareus plus Zeus in his swan form, and out of this clusterfuck emerged two eggs. One egg contained the mortal kids (Castor and Clytemnestra) and the other the semi-divine ones (Pollux and Helen). I guess putting all four kids in one egg would have been too unreasonable.

Anyway the point is, Pollux and Castor were super close and loved each other a lot, so when Castor died a mortal’s death Pollux felt such heartbreak that he offered to share his immortality with him. Zeus took pity on them and turned them both into the same constellation, so they could be together for all eternity. Aww.


Oh man this is my favorite. Alright so, the setting: the lake of Lerna. The background: Hercules is fighting the Hydra (you know, that giant serpent monster with the many regenerating heads). The hero of our story: a tiny, pissed off, brave little crab called Karkinos, who decides to take on a fucking demigod by being a dick and pinching him in the toe.

It was pretty useless as attacks go (Hercules just yelped, stomped it to death, and kept on slashing the actual monster) but Hera was watching and felt so moved by the crab’s bravery that she decided to turn him into a constellation to honor him. Not bad, liltle dude!


Hercules’ iconic lion pelt. Before becoming a fashionable accessory, this mighty lion used to roam Nemea and terrorize everyone around. Apparenly he put up such a fierce fight against Hercules that the gods were impressed and decided to turn him into a constellation. Nice.


It’s Persephone. You all know who Persephone is, I’m not even gonna bother describing the myth.

I’m just going to point out that the constellation is brightest during the spring months, which is when Persephone returns from the underworld and regains her identity as the goddess of spring.


The scales held by Dike, the goddess of justice. Her name literally translates to Justice, so you know she was really gung-ho about it. As a demigod she used to actually live on earth, but eventually got so disgusted with humanity’s corruption that she peaced out and moved to the heavens. Presumambly she kept glaring down at the mortals in disapproval.


The gigantic scorpion monster that slayed Orion. The reason why Orion had to die differs between myth versions: either Artemis wanted to punish his hubris for declaring he was the greatest hunter in the world, or Artemis was starting to get a bit too friendly with him so Apollo got jealous and decided to take matters into his own hands… by hiring a monster hitman I suppose.

Either way, apparently the reason Orion’s star is only visible half the time is because he’s hiding from the scorpio constellation. Man, can’t this guy catch a break?


It’s a centaur! Yeah that was pretty obvious.

More specifically it’s supposed to be Chiron, the actual manifestation of the Awesome Nerd trope. While all the other centaurs were busy partying hard, Chiron studied pretty much everything, and became a master of philosophy, medicine, archery, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Then he took it upon himself to tutor young men who would later become famous heroes, including Jason, Achilles, Theseus, and other big names. Cool dude.


It’s Zeus’ nanny! A goat named Amalthea, she suckled baby Zeus while he was in hiding from his father Cronus. When Zeus grew into a strapping young god of his own, he turned her into a constellation out of gratitude. If only he was as good to his wife as he was to his foster mommy.

Alternatively it could also represent Pan, the god who was usually half goat, but who gave himself a fish tail on top of everything else that one time he was running away from the monster Typhon and jumped into a river.


I’ve mentioned in a previous post how Aquarius basically means “one who pours water” in ancient greek. Well there’s only one notorious professional when it comes to pouring, and that’s Ganymedes, the cup-bearer of the gods. Ganymedes started his career as a humble shepherd, but his beauty was so great that Zeus took notice, ordered an eagle to bring him to mount Olympus immediately, and gave him his new job on the spot plus eternal youth to boot.

In the end Zeus loved him so much that he turned him into a constellation. Even though he was immortal already so there was no need to? Okay Zeus, whatever.


Typhon strikes again! As the father of all monsters, he was confident enough to launch a surprise attack on Mount Olympus itself, because fuck those assholes I guess. The gods panicked and ran away, each taking the form of a different animal so they could hide better.

Aphrodite and her son Eros decided to take their chances by jumping in the sea and turning into fish. They also created a golden rope to connect them so that they wouldn’t lose each other, and this is why the symbol of the sign is a pair of entwined fish. Anyway, eventually Zeus got over his uncharacteristic bout of cowardice, curb-stomped Typhon to the ground, and things went back to normal, the end.

High noon (Teen Sam Drake x Reader)

Note: Uh oh, I’ve written some more garbage.

“I swear to god, if you throw that at me, you’re a dead man, Morgan!” You scream, pointing your finger at Samuel Morgan from the other side of the street. It was 3:30 on a Thursday afternoon and everyone was leaving the school gates. As you’d made your way out of the building, you’d noticed Sam an his friends hurling eggs at each other. One of his fiends ran into the school gate and bumped into you, causing you to stumble backwards a little.
Upon noticing you, Sam had drawn back his arm and was now threatening to launch one at you.
“What’re you gonna do to stop me?” Sam challenges.
A crowd forms either side of you, making sure not to get caught in the crossfire. You’re now in a showdown.
“Don’t do it.” You warn. “I swear to god, if you do it…”
He draws his arm back further with a smirk. There’s a moment of silence and you know damn well he’s going to throw the egg. You make a run for the boy who’d bumped into you and grab the box of eggs out of his hands as Sam lobs the egg at you with force. It hits you in the shoulder and the crowd gasps.
By this point, you’ve already established a firm grip on an egg and you instantly return fire.
“You dick!” You yell.
“Ahh!” Sam exclaims as an egg hits him in the ear. The crowd disperses as the two of you continue to dodge the others projectiles, ducking behind benches and trees for cover.
“Alright! Alright!” Sam shouts from behind a dumpster. “I surrender! I’m outta eggs.” He emerges with his hands in the air, panting heavily with a smile on his face. You look down at your own box; one egg left.
You head towards Sam. The both of you are dripping in goo and breathing heavily. Sam adjusts his backpack.
“You’re a pretty good shot, for a girl.” He teases, picking a piece of shell out of his hair.
“Not so bad yourself. I didn’t know Nuns taught target practice. What’re you doin’ here, anyway?” You ask.
Sam begins walking and you join his side.
“Well, y'know… I was in the area…”
“Oh, really?”
“Yeah. I get around, y'know?”
“So it has nothing to do with the fact that I go to school here?”
“Uh… No?”
You let out a giggle, along with a small snort.
“Mother of god, that was adorable.” Sam states.
“Shut up.”
You slap his arm.
“What? It was super cute!” He teases. “It was like a lil’ baby puppy tryin’ to growl, it was - wait… What’re doin’ with that egg? I was just-”
You slap the egg down on top of his head, cutting him off. He scrunches his face as the egg yolk runs down it and dips onto his shirt.
“I said shut up.” You say, planting a kiss on his lips. His gently places his hands on your waist and you hold onto the collar of his jacket. After a few seconds, you pull away from the kiss and open your eyes, revealing a rather surprised-looking Sam with a huge grin on his face. You wipe the yolk away from his forehead and flick it onto the pavement.
“You look disgusting.” You say.
“You too.” Sam smiles.

Only after 9 eggs did foxglove emerge from his egg,in case you didn’t know foxglove is a type of poisonous plant and I decided it would fit a shiny blue zorua who would eventually evolve into a shiny purple zoroark since the flower comes in mostly purple and pink.I used the masuda method and it all happened so fast and I don’t know how to feel about it but I did have a ladybug land in my hair and have two people that I know find four leaf clovers so maybe it’s that???

Identifying Dragons: Tarkir - An Introduction

Tarkir is a plane of war. It could have been a plane of warlords which led clans in battle over the barren wastes and snowy mountains and lush jungles, but it isn’t. It is a place where dragons reign supreme, lording over the humanoids of the plane.

Dromoka’s Command by James Ryman

Tarkiran dragons as a whole have many traits that make them unique among the dragons of the Multiverse.

What to Expect

Artful Maneuver by Lars Grant-West

The sheer diversity of dragon forms contained within the world of Tarkir has forced me to discuss each dragon brood’s characteristics as separate from each other, one entry for each. Each brood is simply too different from one another for their physical features to be described as a whole.

As such, I just cannot discuss the physical characteristics of these dragons here. What I will discuss instead are the origins of the Tarkiran dragons and the ways they differ from the dragons of other planes I have discussed before.

Creation of Destruction

“On Tarkir, dragons emerge from enormous tempests, phenomena tied to Ugin’s very presence on the plane.”

Fearsome Awakening by Véronique Meignaud

Dragons are creatures found throughout most of the planes of the Multiverse. Dragons from different planes share most of the following characteristics: bat-like wings, scaly skin, arms and legs with sharp claws, horns and other bony growths, a fiery breath, egg-laying and hatching from those eggs, and an innate drive to feed, hoard, and/or destroy. There are variations, but most of these characteristics can easily be observed. Tarkiran dragons also have most of these, but they have other things that make them unique.

Tarkir and its dragons differ from most planes and their dragons in several ways:

  • In Tarkir, there is not one, but five kinds of dragons, each very distinct from the others. Each brood has its characteristic body shape, breath weapon, and habitat.
  • Tarkiran dragons do not hatch from eggs. Instead, they emerge, fully grown, from a planar phenomenon called the dragon tempests, storms of magic strongly dependent on the existence of a particular dragon planeswalker. As such, they do not lay eggs or pass through an underdeveloped whelp stage in their lifetimes.
  • These dragons rule the plane not only by being on the top of the food chain but also by being the heads of the clans. There are five clans in Tarkir, one clan per brood.
  • These dragons also speak a language unique to them, called Draconic.

Sounds and Movements

“Ojutai’s words must be translated from Draconic before his students can benefit from their wisdom.”

Skywise Teachings by Filip Burburan

The Draconic language is the language spoken by the Tarkiran dragons. It has an oral aspect (sounds) and a physical aspect (movements using the speaker’s wings and tail). How it’s used differs from clan to clan.

Kolaghan and Atarka dragons, for example, are known to almost never speak in Draconic to their subjects, expressing their whims through simple roars and gestures instead.

Among the Ojutai and Silumgar, Draconic is the language of privilege, and can also be seen as a symbol of position. In the Ojutai, those who can understand and speak Draconic have a greater chance to be placed in positions of power. In the Silumgar, those chosen to be in favored positions learn Draconic, and their ability to translate their dragonlord’s wishes is a mark of that status.

Most dragons can understand the humanoid vernacular, but never use it. Some dragons, however, use their knowledge of the humanoid vernacular more often than others. The humanoids and some of the dragons of the Dromoka clan, even with both sides using their own languages, can understand each other quite well.

Father of Many

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon by Raymond Swanland

The dragon tempests trace their origin from the colorless magic of Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. This ancient dragon is a master of colorless magic, and his expertise is in the transmutation of matter into energy.

The storms resulted from this particular brand of magic. They took on the energy of different environments while moving over the landscape, which in turn created the five different broods of dragons that inhabit Tarkir today.

An ethereal aura surrounds Ugin at all times. Trails shaped like dragon scales and spines float around and from him. On the sides of his neck are plates inscribed with Draconic runes.


“Dragons emerge from tempests fully formed and terribly hungry.“

Descent of the Dragons by Steve Prescott

Breath weapons: various, differs between broods

When in Tarkir, expect to see dragons more frequently, even if said dragons aren’t native to the environment you’re currently on. It’s a dragon’s world after all, and these great beasts do as they wish.

Because of the nature of their creation, dragons may appear suddenly from above. Take cue in the clouds, and take cover if needed.

Each brood has different traits and therefore, poses different dangers. One brood has the traditional breath of fire, while another has a breath of ice. There are dragons whose hides can shatter weapons, and there are also dragons whose hides your weapons will never touch because of their speed. Still another kind lurks in the swamps, and with their corrosive breath, they can already digest what they plan to eat. Because of these, I will discuss each brood’s capabilities in more detail within their respective entries.

However, these dragons aren’t completely invincible. Keen senses and enough mana should be enough for one to survive the Tarkiran landscape and the dragons that rule it. Different broods require different approaches, and they will also be talked about in their own entries.

For this entry, I will end with this: planeswalkers trying to find a peaceful world should not stop here. Tarkir is an unforgiving plane, and in this dangerous world, equally dangerous creatures thrive.

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buddy this is why were friends

OKAY SO even fuckin entomologists are gonna tell you the worker bees are female but they arent basing that on anything solid at all 


with honeybees you have 3 castes: the queens, the workers, and the drones

the queens are gonna get pegged as female no matter what i get that, cuz theyre the only ones who lay eggs, whatever

the drones only get called male because theyre the ones who inseminate the female but thats the only reason. the only thing that determines if a baby bee will be a drone or a worker is if the egg is fertilized or not. DRONES COME FROM UNFERTILIZED EGGS, drones have no dad!!! drones therefore have the SAME DNA AS THE QUEEN. physiologically theyre different, because queens are from fertilized eggs and were fed royal jelly, but theyre more or less blank slates that have sperm and then they either die while inseminating the queen or they get kicked out of the hives which is really hilarious because im awful

THE WORKERS arent female. the workers come from the queens eggs that were fertilized by drones. the workers DO NOT HAVE FUNCTIONAL REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEMS

you know their stingers? THATS A MODIFIED OVIPOSITOR, their junk got modified into a FUCKING WEAPON how hardcore is that?? but they cant produce eggs and they cant reproduce. theyre “sex” would be different than the queens, biologically

Sometimes, even these rules dont hold water!!!! there are cases of worker bees being born from unfertilized eggs in emergency conditions, and there are cases of worker bees becoming queens

a really interesting thing about honey bees is that theyre very good at suddenly adapting in terms of their literal physiology. you know that happens with worker bees and their jobs. during the course of their life, a worker bee will move from job to job, and their physiology will change somewhat with that. this usually follows a natural pattern but if the need arises, the pattern can change, and the bee can just fuckin physically and instinctively adapt 

bees are WILD

my point is bees TYPICALLY have three more or less defined sexes, NOT TWO holy shit

but even in that case, they dont stick to this tertiary structure rigidly either just like how humans dont actually fall neatly into binary sex catagories 

worker bees are NONBINARY


You never know when you will come across a fancy fungus. This is Devils Fingers (Clathrus archeri) a rare fungus here in Wales, so rare in fact that it may not have been formally recorded here before (still checking if this is the case). Apparently they have been introduced from New Zealand and Australia where they are native.
I came across this stunning fungus, a member of the Stinkhorn family, whilst I was out foraging for Sea Radish leaf along the Severn Estuary. The specimens I first encountered were somewhat passed their best and didn’t make for great photographs. Being a member of the Stinkhorn family these guys emerge from “eggs”, a number of which had still to hatch. Several daily visits to the site enabled me to finally see this beauty at its best and get a few decent photographs.
I think it is fair to say that I was over the moon to see Devils Fingers in the flesh, it just goes to show that fungi hunting is all about being in the right place at the right time, and sometimes that is all down to Lady Luck.

Mydhilde Saturday Featurette:

Know Your Weck #2: “Weck Metamorphosis”

Today, we’ll be covering the various forms that a weck will undergo during its life cycle:

  • Egg
  • Minor
  • Lesser
  • Greater


All wecks are naturally born female. However, reproduction still requires a male (fertilizer) and a female (egg carrier) to create an egg. When two wecks desire to create an egg, one will develop into a “male” weck by developing the necessary chemicals. A male weck does not change in appearance, but only carries the ability to fertilize a female’s egg.

Egg Stage:

Weck eggs are laid on the ground, in a safe location where they may be safeguarded. The egg is protected by a fleshy shell that’s soft and malleable, but tough to break. 

The egg’s stage lasts about 1 month. When ready to emerge, the egg will weaken and break open.

Minor (Infant) Stage:

Once it has broken free from its egg, the newborn weck will immediately bundle itself up in the remains of its shell, which is now cloth-like. The minor weck’s senses are extremely poor, and its defenses low. It begins with little magical capabilities, only able to sputter colorful sparks that may cause minor burns at best.

After about 1 weeks, the minor weck’s senses will become sufficient, and it will venture away from its nest.

Lesser (Adolescent) Stage:

A weck’s body will absorb the elements from its habitat – wherever it may have wandered off to. Its body will physically change to match its surroundings during the transformation into lesser stage, and during so, it will seek to cloth itself in new garments. Those garments will be made of materials gathered from its habitat.

At this state, the weck will start needing to feed in order to retain its form and health. Wecks consume one thing: estrogen. Its sources of estrogen may be found in female creatures, such as animals and livestock, but more delectable sources are found in young female humans (between the ages of 13 and 25).

Also, at this state, the weck’s mind will connect to the hivemind effect emitted by its Weck Queen.

When a lesser weck gains an abundance of energy output, it can trigger a reaction that causes it to transcend into a higher form…

Greater (Adult) Stage:

Undergoing a dramatic transformation, the weck now assumes a more mature and powerful form, and now harnesses a great amount of magical power. Its appetite for human life increases, and its influence from the hive mind becomes less powerful (but not disconnected), and now even has an influence through the hivemind on its lesser peers. This loosened grip of effect also causes the weck to develop its own garments using its own style and unique tastes.

Greater Wecks are extremely dangerous, but very low on numbers.

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