egg container

A mama ZUN is seen here guarding her clutch of Touhou eggs. Each of the eggs will hatch into a group of newborn Touhou 16s. A single egg can contain upwards of twenty Touhou 16s, and a single mother ZUN can produce up to 50 eggs in one sitting.

Fresh out of the eggs, the Touhou 16s are helpless and weak. The mama ZUN guards them carefully, ensuring that they grow and develop properly, and keeps them safe from eager Reitaisai buyers and software pirates until they’re ready to be sent out into the world.

When they emerge from the eggs, the young Touhou 16s are incubated in stacks. The stacks keep them warm, and their data uncorrupted. They will spend up to 3 hours in the stacks before they are independent enough to leave them. During this time, the mama ZUN keeps them well-fed and healthy. Soon they will be ready to be installed on computers across the world.

Bar Knowledge: Glassware.

You can’t serve an Old fashioned in a coupette glass and you can’t serve a Mojito in a margarita glass. Don’t be an ass, and know you glass. Here is a list of the glassware you have or should have in the bar you work in or your own home bar. Let’s start with the basics…

  • 1. Martini Glass- Used to serve drinks straight up without ice. Most common would be a Martini where the name comes from or the Manhattan.
  • 2. Margarita Glass- A glass stylized like an upside down sombrero should only be used to serve the margarita or any type of margarita variation and nothing else.
  • 3. Pint Glass- Beer and Beer/Cider based mixed drinks. example Black velvet, shandy or Black’n’Tans.
  • 4. Rocks Glass/ Old-Fashioned- Used to serve liquor like good quality vodka or whisk(e)y, and cocktails with ice or neat. Examples of different drinks that go into a rocks glass: Negroni, Old Fashioned, Margarita on the rocks, Sazerac (Neat).
  • 5. Shot Glass- The name itself says it. Used for shots! I imagine everyone knows this and at this point I’m just covering basics for the sake of it.
  • 6. Highball Glass- Used to serve long drinks, aka spirit and mixers, aka highball drinks. Examples are: Screw Driver, Cuba Libre, G&T.
  • 7. Collins Glass- Slightly shorter and wider than the Highball glass, this one is used to serve a good Collins, Fizz, or Rickey.
  • 8. Brandy/ Cognac Glass- Used to serve Brandy/Cognac. Just make sure to swirl hot water inside it before pouring in the spirit. It should be served in a hot glass.
  • 9. Wine Glass- There are different types for white or red wine but this is the standard everyone should be familiar with.
  • 10. Champagne Flute- Used to drink sparkly wine, champagne or serve the following cocktails: French 75, Champagne cocktail.
  • 11. Hurricane Glass- For blended frozen drinks and exotic drinks.
  • 12. Irish Coffee Glass- Thick Glass with a handle used for hot drinks such as the Irish Coffee, Hot Toddy or Hot Buttered Rum.
  • 13. Coupe Glass- The coupette is another great glass with a stem used for ‘straight up’ cocktails like the martini glass. I like to use this one for cocktails containing egg whites.
  • 14. Grappa Glass- Used to enjoy Italian grappa.
  • 15. Absinthe Glass- Thick and beautifully designed glasses used to drink Absinthe. Served with the iconic Absinthe spoon for the sugar.
  • 16. Tiki Glass- There are many types of these glasses around and this is just one of them. They are ceramic and usually depict imagery from Melanesia, Micronesia or Polynesia. They are especially used for ‘Tiki’ style exotic cocktails based on rum blends and fruit juices.
  • 17.  Buck Mug- Copper mugs used for Buck style cocktails, the most famous being the Moscow Mule.
  • 18. Julep Cup- Iconic metal cup used only for the Kentucky Mint Julep.
  • 19. Sour Glass- These are not used that much anymore, but they were the official ‘Sour’ glass for sour style cocktails.
  • 20. Tasting Glass- Used by spirit connoisseur’s for tasting fine Scotch or Gin for example. 

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D-printed ovaries allow infertile mice to give birth

Infertile mice have given birth to healthy pups after having their fertility restored with ovary implants made with a 3D printer.

Researchers created the synthetic ovaries by printing porous scaffolds from a gelatin ink and filling them with follicles, the tiny, fluid-holding sacs that contain immature egg cells.

In tests on mice that had one ovary surgically removed, scientists found that the implants hooked up to the blood supply within a week and went on to release eggs naturally through the pores built into the gelatin structures.

The work marks a step towards making artificial ovaries for young women whose reproductive systems have been damaged by cancer treatments, leaving them infertile or with hormone imbalances that require them to take regular hormone-boosting drugs.

“Our hope is that one day this ovarian bioprosthesis is really the ovary of the future,” said Teresa Woodruff at Northwestern University in Chicago. “The goal of the project is to be able to restore fertility and endocrine health to young cancer patients who have been sterilised by their cancer treatment.”

Alone... Or Not


pairing: lin manuel miranda x reader

word count: 2200

warnings: swearing, kissing, baking!!!, dumb games

a/n: lowkey this is dedicated to @literallylin because she loves lin and she helped me through some #toughstuff the other day and also shes my bff and i love her to death but this is also for everyone who is in love with lin and wants to kiss him! its not the best thing ive ever written and the ending is kind of fast but i am still recovering. either way, enjoy

Great. Alone on Valentine’s Day, you thought to yourself. 

There was a knock at your door. 

…Or not.

You opened it.

“Hey, I got you some chocolate.”

You stared at Lin for a few seconds before your gaze switched to the red, heart-shaped box he was holding in his mitten-clad hands.

“Oh, uh… thanks, Lin.”

He cleared his throat and bit his lip nervously. “I’m, uh, sorry for coming by so unexpectedly, I just…” His eyes glanced into the empty apartment behind you and stayed there. “…didn’t want you to be alone on Valentine’s Day.”

You raised your eyebrows, but gave him a smile in return. “Me neither,” you told him quietly. “Do you wanna…”

“Yeah,” he said quickly without letting you finish your thought. “I’d like that.”

You took the box from his hand and he followed you inside.

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Greek Mythology


Aries the first sign of the greek zodiac, marking the beginning of spring and the start of a new cycle of life.

The story of Aries is linked with the myth of the Golden Ram, which saved two kids, a brother and a sister, from being sacrificed in order to appease the gods.


The next sign of the greek zodiac is the constellation of Taurus (bull), associated with the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur.

According to myth, Theseus volunteered to be one of the youths from Athens who would be offered as food to the horrible monster Minotaur (half man, half bull) who stayed in Crete, in the labyrinth. But, when he was there and with the help of Ariadne, the legendary hero managed to kill the beast and thus relieve his city Athens from the terrible punishment imposed by the Cretan king Minos.


The constellation of Gemini is the next sign of the greek zodiac. It is linked with the story of the twin brothers Castor and Polydeuces (Pollux in latin). Actually, they were not twins in the ordinary sense, since they had different fathers.

Their story starts when Zeus, king of the gods, wanted to have an affair with Leda, the lovely queen of Sparta. In order to fool her, he transformed himself into a beautiful swan.

In the course of time, Leda bore two eggs: One of them contained a baby girl named Helen (the same one who later was the cause of the Trojan War) and a boy called Pollux. These two were the divine children of Zeus.

The other egg opened up to reveal another girl and boy, Clytemnestra (who later became the wife of Agamemnon, the military leader of the Greeks in the Trojan War) and Castor. These were the mortal children of king Tyndareus, the legitimate husband of Leda.

Despite the fact that one brother was divine and the other mortal, the twins Castor and Pollux grew to be inseparable. They did everything together and they loved each other dearly.

Because they were so close, they were called by one name; the Dioscuri. As they were growing, they both loved all kinds of sport. Pollux was particularly good at boxing, while Castor was renowned for his skill and daring on horseback.


The constellation of the greek zodiac known as Cancer (Crab), is linked with the second labour of the mighty hero Hercules, when he was assigned by Eurystheus to kill Lerna Hydra, a horrible water snake with a hundred heads.

As the story goes, in the midst of Hercules’ struggle, Hera, who was the hero’s worst enemy, ordered a giant crab to go and help the Hydra by digging its claws into Hercules’ foot.

Howling with pain, the hero stamped on the crab furiously, crushing it to death.

Hera, being grateful for its support and in recognition of its attempt to help her, honoured the crab by placing its image among the stars, as the constellation of Cancer.


Leo, the fifth constellation of the greek zodiac, is linked with Hercules’ very first labour, the capture of the Nemean Lion.

According to the myth, Hercules finally managed to kill the beast by strangling it to death. Then, he skinned the lion and took its pelt to wear it. He was then quite protected from his enemies, as the skin could not be penetrated from any known weapon of the time whether made of iron, bronze or stone.

After its death, the famous lion was put on the sky by Zeus, to become the constellation of Leo.


The constellation of Virgo is associated with the story of Demeter and her daughter Persephone. For the ancient Greeks, the story of Demeter and Persephone helped to explain why the seasons change.


The stars that form the golden scales of Libra lie halfway around the band of the greek zodiac, between Virgo and Scorpio.

Day and night are equal when the sun passes through the constellation of Libra. The scales are a symbol of balance and equity.

More specifically, the scales were considered to be the symbol of Dike, meaning Justice, who was a minor goddess of the Underworld.

The fact that the ancient greeks gave Libra a prominent place in the sky, signifies that they considered justice, equity and balance in general, to be the moral cornerstones of an ideal way of living.


The eighth constellation of the greek zodiac is the one with the name Scorpio. The story of the scorpion is connected with different versions of stories that involve the mighty hunter Orion - a hero who is represented by another familiar group of stars.

Orion was said to be the tallest and the most handsome man of the then known world. He was often seen hunting in the woods and hills of ancient Greece with his pack of dogs. His constellation shows him striding across the heavens flourishing a gleaming sword on his bejewelled belt.

Many of the stories concerning the constellations of Orion and Scorpio reflect the annual rising and setting of their constellations, which appear to pursue each other across the sky.

One story tells how Gaia had sent the scorpion to sting Orion, in order to punish him for being too boastful, claiming that he was so mighty that he could easily rid the whole earth of all beasts and creatures.

As soon as the scorpion was released from the breast of Gaia, it immediately stung Orion and its deadly venom sent him straight to his death.

The scorpion was set up on the sky by Gaia to mark her victory, while goddess Artemis, who had loved Orion, placed his image on the sky as well, forming his own constellation. Because Orion had cared so much for his hunting dog, Artemis also put up a star for his dog: This is Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens.

There is another story about Orion and the scorpion.

One day, when Orion was out in the woods, he caught sight of seven beautiful sisters, the daughters of Atlas and Pleione. Orion loved them all at first sight and began to chase after them.

The sisters, however, were terrified and cried out to Zeus to save them.

Zeus heard their pleas and helped them by turning them first into doves, so they could fly away from Orion, and then into the seven stars which are now called Pleiades.

According to myth, Orion was stung by the scorpion as a punishment for chasing the seven sisters. Zeus decided that the constellations of Orion and the Pleiades were arranged in the heavens, so that it seemed that Orion was in constant pursuit of the seven sisters, without ever becoming successful, just as the Scorpio seems always to be chasing Orion, without ever touching him.


The constellation of Sagittarius (the archer),depicts a creature called centaur, which has the body and head of a man and the hindquarters of a horse.

He is named after Cheiron, the most famous and king of the centaurs. He was semi-divine, as he was the son of god Poseidon. He was taught by god Apollo and goddess Artemis, and from them he learned both wisdom and spirituality.

He dwelt in a cave high up in the rocky, snowy sides of Mount Pelion. He was the oldest and wisest of all the centaurs and very strong. In fact, he was so famous, that many kings had trusted their sons to teach them. Among the most famous of his students were Hercules, and Jason, who later became the leader of the argonauts.

As the myth goes, Cheiron was destined to suffer a gruesome death: When Hercules was returning home to Tiryns after killing the Erymanthian Boar, he had a violent encounter with some drunken centaurs, which he managed to drive away near the place where Cheiron lived.

By accident, however, one of the poisonous arrows that Hercules used to defend himself from his attackers, went astray and hit his old teacher. Cheiron, being semi-divine, would not die, having to suffer an excruciating pain, because of the poison.

He was in such an agony, that Zeus himself felt sorry for the poor centaur and permitted him to give up his divine status and give it to Prometheus, the creator of the human race. So, Cheiron finally was let to die, relieved from the intolerable pain that was inflicted on him from the wound.


The constellation of the greek zodiac by the name of Capricorn, is as strange as that of Sagittarius. It is a sea god, with the head and half the body of a goat, and the tail of a fish.

The story of Capricorn is associated with the birth of Zeus, the father of all gods.

As the story goes, when Rhea gave birth to baby Zeus, she feared that her cruel husband Cronus would devour her child, just as he did with the previous ones that she gave birth to.

So, she secretly took her child to Crete, where he was safely kept in a cave on Mount Dicte. There, he was nursed and cared for by Amaltheia, whose name means “tender”. She was a goat nymph, and she looked after baby Zeus with the greatest love and devotion, feeding him on her own rich milk and sweet lavender-scented honey.

Zeus’s golden cradle was hung high upon a tree so that Cronus would never find him in Heaven or Earth, or even in the ocean.

When Zeus later became the lord of the universe, he did not forget his goat-mother, Amaltheia, who had nursed him so lovingly. He took one of her horns and turned it into the horn of plenty, which is always filled with whatever delicious food or drink its owner may wish for, and is never empty.

Finally, in recognition of all she had done for him, she set her image among the rest of stars on the greek zodiac, as the constellation of Capricorn.


The constellation of Aquarius shows a person pouring water out of a jug. It is thought that the story behind this group of stars is that of Ganymede.

Ganymede was the son of king Tros, after whom Troy was named. The young prince was the most exquisite and handsome youth that ever lived, and was adored and admired by both gods and mortals.

Zeus, who was especially fond of beautiful people, was totally infatuated with Ganymedes’s external appearance. Thinking it would be appropriate for so handsome a mortal as Ganymede to live with the gods, the mighty god disguised himself as an enormous eagle. He then flew down to Earth, captured the handsome youth and brought him up to Olympus.

Up there on the heavenly palace, Zeus had to find a job for his young protegee. So, he decided that Ganymede should be given the special honour of being his personal cupbearer.

The position was considered to be highly distinguished, since the person who was assigned the duty of the cupbearer, was responsible for pouring into the glasses of the Olympians the divine drink called nectar. This was the special drink that bestowed on the gods their eternal youth and vigor.

Zeus was forever fond of his cupbearer. So, he honoured him by giving him a prominent position on the greek zodiac, as the constellation of Aquarius.


The image of the two fish swimming in different directions make the constellation of Pisces.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, was thought to be the source of inspiration for this particular constellation being set in the stars.

After Zeus had fought his father, Cronus, he defeated the race of the giants, who were the children of Gaia, the mother earth.

In revenge for the destruction of her children, Gaia gave birth to a horrible monster, called Typhon. He was the largest and most frightening creature ever born. From the thighs down he was a mass of coiled snakes, while his arms were so long that when he spread them out he reached a hundred leagues each way.

Let loose by his mother Gaia, Typhon thundered towards the Olympian home of the gods, declaring war on all of them. The gods hurried to disguise themselves, in the hope that the horrible creature would not find them:

Zeus took the image of a ram; Hera, became a white cow; Artemis became a cat; Hermes turned into an ibis, while Ares became a wild boar.

Lastly, the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros, dived deep into the ocean and took the shape of twin fish.

When the fierce monster was finally captured by Zeus and all of the Olympians were transformed back to their original form, Aphrodite, being grateful to the fish who had lent their form to her and her son when they were in distress, put up their image on the night sky. Thus, Pisces became the last constellation of the greek zodiac.

{ the act of empathy }

promptokay so could you do a poly!hamilsquad where like the reader came from a bad family and something happens one day that reminds them of it and the squad comforts them and they talk and it ends in fluff and stuff? you don’t have to if you don’t feel like it, it was just an idea

t/w: reader is a victim of emotional + some physical abuse, please read with caution. some hurtful insults. 

a/n: this was a little tricky to write. i hope this is what you meant when you said “bad family.” if not, just let me know and maybe i can write something else up.

if there are any other trigger warnings you think i need to add, please let me know! 

inbox || masterlist

For the first half of your life, you felt like you were trapped in a cage. You felt like a prisoner in your own home, a victim of an honorable thief. 

You weren’t familiar with the picture of the doting mother and father, willing to do whatever necessary for their child. You weren’t familiar with the idea of a mother who helped her child deal with their problems while being able to solve their own. You weren’t familiar with the promise of a mother who loved you no matter what you did.

Your mother didn’t always tell you that she loved you, but she did remember to tell you that she wished you were dead.

If you didn’t clean your room, she’d call you a failure. If you washed the dishes too slow, she’d insist that you’d never amount to anything good in this life. The smallest thing to you was the biggest infraction in her mind and if you told her how her words made you feel, she scoffed. 

“You’re too sensitive,” she would dismiss you coldly. “You know I don’t mean it.”

If you asked too many questions or even angered her in the slightest way, there was the underlying worry that she would hit you. This fear became a reality. She slapped you once. You remembered the night perfectly. You were sixteen years old and as you placed ice on your cheek, you realized that the physical pain didn’t hurt as much as the emotional pain.

She could apologize and kiss you the next day, but the dull pain was still there. The outline of her hand seemed to sink into your skin after she slapped you.

They say there’s nothing like a mother’s love, but if this was her idea of love, then you wanted nothing of it.

You moved out as soon as you could. You went to New York for college. Despite leaving your old life behind, her words rang constantly in your mind. She had shaped you into the person you were today and not for the better. 

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Moonlight’s late Easter Suprise!

Inspired by this post!

Moonlight feels bad for not being here for Easter, so she has decided to go around giving people a suprise!

How do i enter this event?: You must be either a Pokemon or Daily blog to enter. Reblog this post and you will officially enter this event! Likes do not count as entries.

What does this event consist?: Moonlight will be going around peoples inboxes gifting people a pokemon egg that containes a baby pokemon compleatly randomized in a basquet!

What will the pokemon look like?: Mod is being generous and will let the person who recives the pokemon egg decide what it will look like when it hatches!

Are Shinys and Legendarys included?: Yes! However when the basquet is left, it will say if its either a Shiny or Legendary. And if you get a Legendary, you must make it look child like, it can grow up and become strong and how it should look, but it must look baby like when born.

Can i get 2 in the same blog?: No, however it is one per blog, so if you have another blog you want to enter as well, go ahead!

How long will this event go?: Mod will say in a post when she is stopping. So dont worry!

Thats all i have to say! May the suprise commence!


Summary: Dan has way too many eggs beacuse he keeps borrowing them from his cute neighbour.
Phil is all out of eggs beacuse his cute neighbour keeps borrowing them.

Based of this prompt:
Person A:  Asks cute neighbour to borrow an egg literally 5 times a week as an excuse to talk.
Also Person A:  Can’t cook??
                          Has too many eggs,,

Genre: Humor, fluff 

Word count: 4015

A/N: I’ve written the first about a thousand words of this ages ago and stumbled across it again today, I’ve been working on it all day and I hope you’ll enjoy it! I personally find it very funny, Manon was just constantly cringing because of how awkward this is when I let her read it.

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Easter drabble...

Just for fun here is a little MSR on what I would imagine is one of Dana Scully’s favorite holidays.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate and to everyone else have a fabulous Sunday!


April 23, 2000


“Are you sure you don’t want to join us today?” she said stretching her arms up toward the headboard with a long sigh.

“And intrude on sacred mother/daughter Easter traditions? Nah. A heathen like me would never.”

“Your family didn’t have any Easter traditions? Your mom was Christian right?”

“Episcopalian…non practicing. The bunny would bring us baskets full of treats when Samantha was with us… after she disappeared pretty much all traditions fell by the wayside.”

“I’m sorry, Mulder” Scully said burring her head into soft spot on his chest.

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and gently began to stroke her hair. “What about you? Any childhood Easter traditions?”

Scully smiled at the pleasant memories that came to mind. “Dad… or I guess, the “Easter Bunny” would always hide eggs in the yard. Most of the families on base did the same thing. It sort of became a giant neighborhood hunt.”

“I bet you put your keen investigative skills to the test and always found the most eggs.”

She laughed. “Mulder, I was small, remember? Usually my brothers would run ahead of me and grab up all the eggs.”

He chuckled. “Bet you could kick their asses today.”


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Why I theorize about Mother3 as the framework for Black Butler....

Yana-san wasn’t sure this manga series would ever get picked up (let alone become a huge industry), so she was tentative about writing arcs that might never see the light of day. HOWEVER, the main plot, the main characters (as well as some more minor ones), and the timeline of the series were planned from the very beginning, and Yana-san told us all about it in just TWO PANELS in CHAPTER ONE.

That first panel is a close-up of irises – Victorian flower language meaning “I have a message for you”.

The second panel is the VERY NEXT PANEL, the game packaging for “Mouse3”.

It’s a direct reference to Nintendo’s Mother3, which had been released in Japan back in April of the same year (2006).

The game revolves around mirror twin boys (with anagram names) who get separated soon after the tragic death of their mother. They are about ten years old. The older twin, Claus, dies (trying to avenge his mother’s death) a bit less than a month later. Lucas stays home for about three years before making his own journey for the same quest (revenge), but now it’s not just for the death of his mother but also for the disappearance of Claus and how all this trauma has made their father utterly useless. They don’t know Claus is dead, since they hadn’t found a body.

He sets out on his quest with his loyal DOG. They infiltrate their enemies, sometimes taking jobs with them, sometimes even dressing the dog up like a human. There’s even a scene in which the DOG is refused entry to a MUSIC HALL because he’s obviously NOT HUMAN. (Think: the two bouncers [Neckbeard and Skinhead] who refuse Boney entry look *very much* like the two thugs who toss Sebastian out of Sphere Music Hall. I’ve posted comparison pics before….) The vast majority of the game is played within a ONE YEAR TIMELINE. (Think: BB ever since chapter 14.)

He ends up with a “treasured” Courage Badge/Franklin Badge (a family heirloom) from someone with strong ties to his family. The person who hands him this “treasure” is the local (and very eccentric) grave keeper. (Think: Undertaker and his “treasured” mourning lockets.)

He gets help along the way by these weird fairy-like Magypsies, though they can be rude at times. All of them appear to be male but have magenta hair and dress as women. They are keeping a Dark Dragon asleep with magic needles. (Think: Grell Sutcliff as the main parallel but also include BB characters seen or associated with various kinds of needles, like Lau, Charles Phipps, Nina, Blavat, etc.) Lucas learns about a prophecy and that he’s able to fulfill it: if he pulls out the most needles, then he will control this Dark Dragon. (Think: having a contract with/being able to control a “Black Butler”.)

Then he finds out that someone else has the same ability to fulfill the prophesy… that this other person is heartless… and that their identities keep getting confused. (Think: the shooter in ch126.) There are even a couple scenes in which Lucas makes a TELEPATHIC CONNECTION to this Masked Man, though he has no idea how or why. (Think: the earl talking to a mirror image of himself in dreams/hallucinations. Also think: the earl thinking Undertaker is with a boy who looks like him, but then he wakes up and sees Sebastian by his bed.)

Two other people join him and become his team:

1. Duster forgets his identity and takes up a new persona in a five-piece band that “undoes” the brainwashing caused by Happy Boxes. His strongest weapons are his SHOES (which he can upgrade during the game). Much of his time is spent trying to find the missing EGG OF LIGHT, which contains his memories. (Think: the duo of Edward [joining the P5] and Lizzie Midford [with her shoes].)

2. Kumatora lives in an old castle that is haunted by the “ghost” of tradition. She always wears a hoodie, can be quite rude and distant, has psychic abilities (telepathy), and hides her true feelings. She disguises herself in a purple hoodie and changes her name to VIOLET in order to infiltrate the enemies. As Violet, she waits tables at a MUSIC HALL. At the end of the game she cries, unable to stop, and it’s apparently the first time she’s ever cried in her life. (Think: Gregory Violet, who was met at the super-traditional Weston College. Also think: Gregory Violet crying/showing emotion when the earl and Sebastian find him in Bath and save his life.)

A villager who had been silent (until he decided it was the right time) tells Lucas all about the history of Nowhere Islands… and how the people had arrived, on a big white boat, with the hopes to start over their lives. (Think: all those references to Noah’s Ark.) They even wiped their memories clean and came up with fake histories. Only this one person was left with his memories intact for the purpose of telling it to the one who will fulfill the prophecy. (I think Tanaka will ultimately fill this role.)

Lucas and his team have to defeat numerous enemies, including one who uses Happy Boxes (delivered by a trained and enslaved monkey) to brainwash the masses. (Think: Blavat Sky using the S4 performances to sway the masses.) Another major enemy they have to defeat is King Porky and his servants/army. (Think: Queen Victoria, Double Charles, and John Brown.)

They are sometimes helped by an eccentric inventor who is obsessed with donuts (offers them to Lucas, too) and driven in his pursuits by CURIOSITY. (Think: Undertaker, his bone-shaped biscuits/cookies, and how he’s driven by curiosity about life and death.) King Porky stole technology from him and even forced him to work on new inventions for his personal benefit. (Think: Queen Victoria wants Bizarre Dolls as “allies” and has Sieglinde Sullivan working for her now.) One of the more interesting inventions is a mobility suit that looks like SPIDER LEGS. (Think: Sieglinde Sullivan.) However, what the inventor is best known for are his FASCINATING CHIMERA. (Think: Undertaker’s Bizarre Dolls.)

After all other enemies have been defeated, the only person standing between Lucas and the last needle is the Masked Man who had previously shown up out of nowhere (from time to time) to mess stuff up and compete to pull needles. It’s the same guy that’s causing all the MISTAKEN IDENTITY issues. It’s the guy who is “HEARTLESS”. He turns out to be Claus, Lucas’ twin who had died ALMOST FOUR YEARS ago. He’s “heartless” because after death he was turned into one of those Fascinating Chimera; he’s a walking corpse programmed with a single purpose: beat Lucas in waking the Dark Dragon. (Think: the real Ciel turned into a Bizarre Doll and “programmed” with an “episode” to seek out his own revenge and to, perhaps, also reclaim his birthright.)

They fight; his friends can’t help him anymore (not even the dog). That “treasured” badge saves Lucas from an attack that would have probably killed him. Then, essentially, a miracle occurs in which the ghost of their mother forces Claus to remember who he was… and that they shouldn’t fight. Claus gives up… as his programming fails… and they reunite just before Claus “dies” a second time. (Think: the earl and real Ciel face off, but not even Sebastian can do much about it… for whatever reason. Perhaps he is busy fighting someone else? And one boy “wins”….)

Then Lucas pulls up the last needle. The Dark Dragon wakes up and causes Armageddon-level havoc before basically resetting things back the way they had been. There is the rubble of destruction everywhere, but the people are ok; the Dark Dragon’s power was even strong enough to return everyone to full health and strength. (Think: Sebastian will follow the will of whichever “Ciel” proves victorious….)

Done. The end.


THIS is why I spend so much time going on about my Mother3 theory…. :)

Visit @abybweissekuromother3 for more about my theory….


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So around 3 years ago someone from Georgia Tech (ur welcome rest of the states) was in Peru, and underneath a tarp he found this strange little structure.

It turned out to be made of silk, and for a year no one could figure out what built it or why it looked like it did, so they named it ‘silkhenge’ while they kept investigating. Not only was it really intricate, but it was SUPER TINY

Finally it was discovered that it’s built by a spider, quickly dubbed the Silkhenge Spider, but even by spider standards it’s extremely bizarre. While they originally thought it may contain spermatophores, it turned out to contain an egg. Just ONE egg. This presumably wasn’t because the parents used multiple structures, either. Although some were found closer together, all of them only contained one tiny baby spider. 

Their best guess was that the little picket fence is designed to keep out or trap predatory insects that might eat the egg, but we still aren’t sure what the little tower is for, if the parents create more than one structure, or even what the adult spider looks like. 


Super recently Phil Torres and some quality boys over at The Jungle Diaries on Youtube recorded the first ever footage of the birth of this tiny spider child. AND IT WAS TWINS.

They were unable to keep them and watch them mature due to a lack of tiny enough feeder insects in their remote location, but they’ve said they hope to try in the future. I hope they record lots of video if they do so that we can all watch these precious tiny children grow.


Spotted in my backyard! This is a good example of the reproductive mechanism of the Bird’s Nest fungi (Crucibulum laeve).

The fruiting body is shaped like a bird’s nest and contains egg-like peridioles filled with spores. In my backyard, this fungi is growing in a cinder block with aloe vera plants. Raindrops have launched the “eggs” (peridioles) from the “nest” (peridium) and the funicular cord (a cord connected to the “egg”) has helped the peridiole wrap around the nearest thing it lands on. You can see the funicular cord in the fourth picture. In this case, the periodioles have launched up to 9cm, sticking to an aloe vera plant.

Why am I vegan?

Ethical Reasons:

  • You shouldn’t eat animals for convenience
  • You shouldn’t take a life because you like how it tastes
  • Farm animals and marine life feel pain and DO NOT WANT TO DIE!
  • You have to artificially inseminate cows/goats so they produce milk
  • Dairy cows get their baby calves stolen from them for veal EVERY YEAR
  • When male chicks are hatched at egg farms they get thrown into a grinder
  • All marine life gets caught in nets including dolphins, sharks and whales
  • This means we are losing vital marine life for “seafood”
  • Why do we love cats and dogs, but eat cows and pigs?

Health Reasons:

  • My energy levels have increased dramatically
  • My skin cleared up almost instantly
  • My digestion has gotten so much better due to eating fibre rich foods
  • There is no need to restrict calories on a HCLF vegan diet
  • Dioxin, one of the most toxic substances  IN THE WORLD is found in dairy products (Freedman and Barnouin, Skinny Bitch)
  • High dairy intakes blocks iron absorption (Robbins, Diet for a New America)
  • You eat all the hormones and pesticides that the animals are fed
  • Meat, dairy and eggs are extremely high in saturated and trans fats
  • You are literally eating DECOMPOSING FLESH
  • Eating chicken or fish is linked to colon cancer (American Journal of Epidemiology)
  • Dr Anthony Youn - eggs are almost as bad as smoking: eating 3-4 per week may harden arteries leading to stroke
  • Large eggs contain 210mg of cholesterol (8x more than COW meat)
  • Vegan proteins may reduce the risk of cancer, obesity, and CVD by promoting increased glucagon activity (McCarthy, 1998)
  • Disgusting pus in milk (called somatic cells) -> 180 MILLION somatic cells in an 8oz glass of milk. Pus is a response to an infection e.g. a pimple. YOU ARE DRINKING PIMPLE PUS
  • Meg Wolff reversed cancer, Robert Dew reversed heart disease, Natala Constantine reversed diabetes (Kathy Freston, Veganist)

Environmental Reasons:

  • The business of raising animals for food is responsible for 18% of global warming (Veganist)
  • Animal agriculture uses 30% of the land surface on the planet (Veganist)
  • It takes 10 times as much fossil fuel to make one calorie of animal proten vs one calorie of plant protein (Veganist)
  • Methane gas from animal agriculture is 25-100 times more damaging than carbon dioxide (Cowspiracy)
  • UN: Animal agriculture is the leading cause of resource consumption and environmental degredation
  • Raising livestock JUST IN THE US uses 34 TRILLION gallons of water (Cowspiracy)
  • This is because the animals you eat, need to eat water intensive grains
  • One McDonalds quarter pounder needs over 660 gallons of water to be produced, this is two months worth of showers.
  • If overfishing doesn’t stop, we will see fishless oceans by 2048 (Cowspiracy).
  • Marine life does not recover quickly, and the nets used are so big they can catch whales, dolphins and other marine life.
  • An acre of rainforest is cleared EVERY SECOND (Cowspiracy)
  • The leading cause of this is to graze animals and grow their feed crops
  • Palm Oil is responsible for 26 million acres being cleared, however, livestock is responsible for 136 million acres being cleared, making it the leading cause.
  • The Amazon rainforest could be GONE in the next ten years.
Preference: Easter Fun

Summary: basically what you guys do on Easter!

Warnings: swearing, one tiny mention of a blowjob.

–feedback is appreciated!–

Ashton: “Daddy! Mommy! Wake up!” Four year old Logan says, crawling up on to the king size bed that belongs to you and Ashton. “Five more minutes.” Ashton mumbles, burying his face into the crook of your neck again. “You said that like, twenty hours ago!” Logan whines, causing you to giggle. “Come on, Ash.” You say quietly, getting out of bed. Your husband groans, but follows you and Logan downstairs. “Look! The Easter Bunny left footprints out in the backyard!” Logan exclaims, pointing to the white footprints Ashton had drawn on the patio the night before. You smile, nodding at your son. “Will you help me find the eggs, mommy?” Logan asks, tugging on your hand. “Not if I find them all first!” Ashton says, sprinting into the backyard. Logan giggles, running off to hunt for eggs with Ashton. Ashton eventually lets Logan find them and comes back over to you. He pulls you into his side and kisses the top of your head. “Happy Easter, sweetheart.” You smile. “Happy Easter.” You reply. Ashton chuckles as he watches Logan run around the yard. “We did good with him.” He comments. You nod, looking up at him. “Can we have another baby?” You whisper. Ashton breaks out into a grin. “I think that’s a great idea.” He leans down and pecks your lips before turning to watch Logan look for eggs again.

Calum: “How did I get roped into this again?” Calum asks, looking at you. You giggle and help him zip up the bunny suit. “You lost a bet to Luke. And I promised you lots of blowjobs.” You remind him. “Which I still haven’t gotten.” Calum mumbles, pouting a little. You kiss his cheek. “Tonight, I promise.” He frowns as you hand him the Easter Bunny head. “I’ll never live this down with the guys.” He says. You smile and walk out of the bedroom and back downstairs where the other three boys and their families sat. “Who’s ready to meet the Easter Bunny?” You ask. Michael’s little girl jumps up first, smiling. Ashton’s eldest son smiles, even though he’s going through the “I’m a teenager and I hate the world” phase. Luke’s twins raise their hands up excitedly. You turn to you and Calum’s six year old daughter, Kiana. “Are you ready, sunshine?” She grins up at you. “Okay, Easter Bunny, come on down!” You yell. Calum walks downstairs dressed in a full bunny costume. “Hi, kids! I’m the Easter Bunny!” He says in a muffled, deeper voice. The kids all squeal and run over to him as Ashton snaps a bunch of pictures. “This is getting posted everywhere.” He mutters, giggling.

Luke: You and Luke sit at the kitchen table, six cups in front of you. Each cup has a different color and an egg inside. It’s your first Easter together, and to celebrate, you decided to color eggs. Luke had whined the whole time while you were boiling them because “it’s taking forever, princess.” And now he watches the eggs inside the cups patiently, his eyes full of delight. “This is so cool.” He murmurs, making you smile. “You’ve seriously never done this before?” You ask. He shakes his head. “We always just went out to eat somewhere and had an egg hunt.” He explains. You lie your head on his shoulder as he checks on a green egg. It’s brightly colored, so he puts it back in the egg container to dry. “I love you.” You say quietly, enjoying the peace. “I love you too.” Luke replies. “You know what I’ve been thinking about?” He asks. You hum in reply. “I see all of us, including you and the boys in twenty years all getting together and doing this as a big group. You know, like, get all our families together and do this.” You giggle. “That would be a lot of eggs.” You say, which makes him smile. “But it would be so much fun. We could make it an Easter tradition!” He says excitedly. You check on a red egg as he calls Calum to tell him about this new tradition.

Michael: “Did you try Walmart?” You ask, holding the phone against your ear as you prepare your eight year old daughter’s easter basket. “Of course I tried Walmart; that was the first place I looked.” Michael tells you, swearing at someone on the road as he drives. Your daughter, Alex, had decided last minute that she wanted to have an egg hunt tomorrow for Easter. Michael had rushed off to every different store in town, hunting for plastic Easter eggs to fill with candy. “She couldn’t have just been happy with dying her hair pink?” He mutters. You smirk. “You’re the one who spoils her and taught her to always expect more.” You tell him. He chuckles. “Not exactly what I had in mind, babe.” He sighs as he pulls into a parking lot somewhere. “Where are you checking now?” You ask. “Ashton did his egg hunt last year, the fucker has to have some left over since he’s always prepared for everything.” You laugh to yourself as Michael ends the call. You hum as you place different candies and stuffed animals inside Alex’s Easter basket. Your phone rings ten minutes later, Michael’s face popping up on the screen. “I am the best dad in the whole wide world.” Michael says. “Why is that?” You ask, biting your lip. “Ashton didn’t have any, so I went back to Walmart. Turns out the manager had some still in the back area. He was too lazy to go get them it for nothing, so I had to pay him twenty bucks.” You grin. “But you got the eggs?” You ask. “Hell yeah, I did.”

laughlikesomethingbroken replied to your post“Identical twins can be boy/girl in my opinion both are trans 👌”

no? those are fraternal twins?

Warning for typical cis wording of how sex/gender works:

“Identical twins are almost always the same sex, but surprisingly there are a tiny number of boy-girl monozygotic twins. They result from an egg that contains an unusual mixture of sex chromosomes, not the usual XX for a girl, and XY for a boy. Occasionally an egg contains three sex chromes, two X’s and a Y. But if the egg divides to produce monozygotic twins, a chromosome may be lost in the process, leaving one embryo with a girl’s XX combination, and her monozygotic twin as an XY boy.

This can also happen when the egg is fertilized with the male chromosome, making an XY egg, that splits into two, with one of the embryos dropping the Y, making her an XO girl, resulting in Turner’s Syndrome.”

Hubble captures brilliant star death in ‘rotten egg’ nebula

The Calabash Nebula, pictured here – which has the technical name OH 231.8+04.2 – is a spectacular example of the death of a low-mass star like the sun.

This image taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows the star going through a rapid transformation from a red giant to a planetary nebula, during which it blows its outer layers of gas and dust out into the surrounding space.

The recently ejected material is spat out in opposite directions with immense speed – the gas shown in yellow is moving close to one million kilometers per hour (621,371 miles per hour).

Astronomers rarely capture a star in this phase of its evolution because it occurs within the blink of an eye – in astronomical terms.

Over the next thousand years the nebula is expected to evolve into a fully-fledged planetary nebula.

The nebula is also known as the Rotten Egg Nebula because it contains a lot of sulphur, an element that, when combined with other elements, smells like a rotten egg – but luckily, it resides over 5,000 light-years away in the constellation of Puppis.



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