egg breakfast sandwich


It’s been a busy day. All food made was done today, so very busy.

Got puppy and kitty snuggles all weekend long. They were really cute.

Food tally:
- stuffed shells for work lunch
- Hard boiled eggs
- Breakfast sandwiches
- Blueberry muffins
-green bean casserole
- Chicken mix for lunches to freeze (I try to make two weeks’ worth of food so I spend less weekend time cooking)
-iced coffee
- Cut up fruit for work and froze leftover strawberries and grapes

#no reblog

alternative-alternative werewolf lore:

werewolves are kind of like wolves in that they’re more likely to hang around in the forest with nature and their own kind, but you can probably lure them into suburbia to be friends if you, like, promise to make them bacon and egg breakfast sandwiches. assuming some werewolves are also legendarily powerful, you get conversations like:

“oh man, your tiny hamlet is guarded by the fiercest of all the lycan clan. the great wolf. she who devoured the eastern empire. what did you do to win her favor?”

“yeah, she just really fuckin loves pancakes?”