egg bodge

has anyone besides me as, a mavin shipper, ever wondered about how much michael and gavin trust each other? like really put like half of their trust in one another to consider the other someone they can really trust? 

like think about how much michael trusts gavin. michael literally said during a game time that the minute gavin started working for for rt and ah, michael said that he immediately became friends with him. and that is shocking cause do you know how hard it is to make friends with someone you literally just met and then a week or two goes by and you two are now best friends? very hard, but michael made it look easy. and then that level of trust and friendship peaks in my opinion when michael let gavin be in his wedding. like out of everyone michael knows at roosterteeth and the amount of time he spent with jack even cause you know jack let him live with him for a while, it was only gavin that he let be in his wedding. and gavin even said on the podcast that he wouldn’t do this for anyone else, but because michael is his boi, he did it anyway and felt like he almost had to. and even though michael refused to name his soon to be child taylor jones (why michael?), i can guarantee he has probably thought about it at some point just not to the point where it will actually be the kid’s name (putting money on gavin nicknaming the kid ‘taylor’ like he did with geoff’s cat ruby/egg bodge). not to mention the fact that when michael was going to get tazed on rt extra life 2015 stream, he actually wanted gavin and lindsay, two people whom he trusts with every fiber in his bone, to taze him yet they both refused. like it makes sense you know cause lindsay is his beautiful wife, so he obviously wanted someone whom he could trust to injure him physically. but gavin of all people is the one other person he actually wanted to taze him. why gavin though? sure he’s your best friend and all, michael? but you seriously trust the same guy who literally a year later couldn’t even hold his conputer monitor when jeremy axed kicked his desk in half and you trust this guy to harm you. why?

and then you have gavin. again going back to michael getting tazed. i’m sure gavin felt somewhat honored that michael wanted him, out of everyone at rt sans lindsay, to taze him. but gavin couldn’t even bring himself to do it. he couldn’t do it and in fact in the video he even like physically recoiled at the suggestion. like lindsay was going to do it but she refused too, but not at the level that gavin refused. and another thing about gavin is that when he is playing scary things usually with michael, literally the first person he calls on is michael and it’s always michael. like in that emily wants to play vr game when it was gavin’s turn and you know cause gavin is a scaredy cat so he is freaking the fuck out. you wanna know who was the first person gavin called out when he got jumpscared? michael. it’s always michael. and gavin just trusts him so much that he honestly thinks that michael’s going to actually help him get through the scary game. he trusts michael so much that actually said in a video once that the only way he could play any scary game is if michael is right there with him. like your best friend is the last person you want to be with when you play something scary because friends sometimes play too much, yet gavin although probably realizes that, still would probably and always choose michael to play five nights or outlast with.

and then you know, outside of that these two (I’m assuming) straight males participate in their annual dick touch/poke. and they’ve talked about doing this several times and it’s still an odd thing to me. cause no matter how good of a friendship you have with someone regardless of gender, you don’t just actively touch each other’s genitals and have it be perfectly normal. yet somehow these two make it seem like it is normal. like the amount of trust needed to partake in this particular actively is immense. other questionable activities michael and gavin have done together include playing a jerk off simulator game, touch butts, hug on occasion (this is rare), hump each other (according to this vine recorded by the lovely barbara dunkelman), used to go downtown drinking together, etc. not to mention the fact that these two and their significant others participate in their annual mario party nights. 

just, michael and gavin’s friendship and the amount of trust they have for each other is impressive and i just love these two very much. i hope they stay bois forever.