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Stop all the Clocks (2/6)

Because returning is only the journey. Pre-season six canon divergence.

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Warning: Sexual content.

They had taken to feeding her.

Every morning, without fail, she was greeted to a sumptuous 3-course breakfast by one of her boys. Henry tended to favour waffles, (his favorite) sausage, and hashbrowns. Killian seemed to prefer fruit, an omelet, and toast. (Really, she had to ask who taught him to make Eggs Benedict one day.) Additionally, there was a several-step lunch wrapped up and ready-to-go for her work at the Sheriff’s Station. (There was often a note stuck in the brown paper bag. Henry’s made her tear up and Killian’s often made her blush and hastily hide the message from the inquiring eyes of her father.)

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Eggs Benedict is the ultimate brunch dish. But making it at home can be a serious undertaking thanks to fickle, hard-to-make hollandaise sauce. Who wants to break out a double boiler on a Sunday morning just to make eggs? Luckily, F&W Test Kitchen sauce specialist Justin Chapple has a quick and easy shortcut. In this week’s episode of Mad Genius Tips, he reveals how to make the rich and creamy sauce in a blender. It’s a crazy simple way to avoid a broken sauce, plus it cuts down on dishes.

Semi-Automatic || Sebklaine

Things had settled down after Kurt’s birthday, and really, it was a welcome change. Blaine was exhausted from everything that had been happening that it was nice to just fall back into a routine. He wanted to make sure he was ready to be around people, in such close proximity for several hours at a time before he went back, so he waited another week before he started.  Yes, he had stepped foot into the school for Kurt’s birthday when he sang for him, but he was more determined then! A person could have been bleeding right in front of him and he would have walked straight past it in that moment, because his mind was focused on doing something for Kurt, but now, he had to be careful. It was stupid to think he’d have a problem anyway, if he really thought about it. Between Finn, Carole, and Burt, there were people always coming and going into the same house that he was currently living in, and he never had a desire to touch any of them.

Sebastian was going back and forth from New York to Ohio for work, and each time he would return, Blaine swore he got a little older. It was as though parts of his maturity would surface, and for a brief moment Blaine got to see it. Most of the time he travelled on the same day, back and forth, and Blaine generally welcomed him back with open arms, letting the other cuddle up against him, regardless of what he had been doing prior, though sometimes he had to stay for a few days at a time, and as much as Blaine missed him, he knew it was good practice for the day that Sebastian did eventually leave.

… It didn’t stop him turning Skype on and making Sebastian watch as he gave Kurt a blow job, leaving the other in such a sex-fueled state that by the time he got home he was literally tearing at his clothing and begging for someone to touch him.

Blaine spent a bit more time with Carole, than he did with any of the other family members. It wasn’t for any particular reason at first, she was nice, and easy to talk to, but it was mostly because her work shifts sometimes saw her arriving home after everyone had either gone to work or school, or was asleep. She seemed a little hesitant around Blaine at first, which he understood. She might know what they are, but that didn’t mean she wanted to be alone in the house with him alone. Most of the time Kurt was with him when she came home in the night, but during the days that Blaine was at home, and now, not hiding in the bedroom, it was just the two of them. By the time the end of the week arrived and Blaine was heading back to school, they were chatting like a couple of old friends, and really, if Blaine hadn’t transitioned, maybe he would have been friends with Carole.

Blaine did envy Kurt sometimes, that his family knew his secret, and were accepting. He could be in their lives until their last days, and while it would be sad, at least he could say that it happened. Blaine did not get such a luxury. Kurt and Sebastian were his family, and, while he was not blood related to the hummel-hudsons, he still considering them family also.

Blaine made a point to join them for dinner. Even if he and Kurt didn’t eat, he thought it was nice to sit with them. They’re dinners were numbered, and he didn’t want Kurt to feel like he’d wasted a chance to spend time with his family after it becomes too late. Sometimes Carole would forget that they weren’t human. She would offer them food, or tell Kurt that he should eat because he was too slim, and at first it was uncomfortable, but now it became amusing to Blaine. Finn would usually ask why the three of them weren’t eating, but it was easy to distract the other. Sometimes he did start to ask too many questions, and Sebastian would have to compel him to forget. No one enjoyed it, but Sebastian was good to not take away too much information. He would simply give the other answers, and make him believe the lie. Why didn’t Kurt eat? He wasn’t feel well. Why didn’t Sebastian eat? He ate with his family before coming home. Why didn’t Blaine eat? He is on a diet at the moment, so he’s only eating small meals at different times of the day.

Carole had made a mistake, as far as Kurt was concerned, during dinner one night when she had mentioned some new kitchen appliance that she’d seen on the TV. It was Sebastian whose ears picked up the conversation as he quickly looked over at Blaine, then back to Carole.

“What did you say it was called?” Sebastian asked, curiously, resting his hand on the side of his face and his elbow on the table.

“No Don——“ Kurt started to say as Carole began to talk

“I think it was called a Thermal mixer or something along those lines. But you should have heard the people talking about it!” Carole exclaimed, patting Burt’s arm “Naturally it costs more than anything I own, but people swear by them. We should save for it” Carole said the last part toward Burt, though the entire time she was speaking Kurt was groaning, and covering his face.

Sebastian and Blaine exchanged a glance with each other, before looking at Kurt who had his eyebrows narrowed.

“Don’t” Kurt warned as he looked at Blaine, pointing his finger at him. Blaine could hear the extremely subtle clicks of Sebastian’s fingers so he focused on Kurt.

“Don’t what?” Blaine grinned, reaching across to gently touch Kurt’s cheek, though generally in front of his parents he didn’t even touch him.

“Too late, I bought it” Sebastian grinned, and Blaine flashed him a smile before looking back at Kurt.

“What happened? I feel like I missed something” Carole asked, her eyes bouncing from each of the vampires, before looking at Burt, who simply shrugged.

Kurt sighed and rolled his eyes “They bought you a Thermal mixer” he groaned, almost defeated sounding, while the two other vampires sat with proud grins on their faces.


Blaine’s first day back at McKinley had been interesting. Before it was even time to go to school, he and Kurt had already had sex twice. It wasn’t the nice, love making kind of sex either. It was the kind that had Kurt, even as a vampire, limping a little. The kind where Blaine would dive his fangs into Kurt’s body rapidly and repeatedly until the other begging him to stop. The kind that completely satisfied Blaine’s primal and almost animalistic cravings and urges, to keep him level headed all day. Granted, he wasn’t sure if Kurt shared the same after-effect of calmness because of it, but then again, Kurt was better with control than he was.

Before Blaine could even get a foot in the door, he was stopped by Sue.

“My office. Now”

Blaine looked at Kurt, raising his eyebrow amused before pressing a soft kiss to the inside of Kurt’s palm “I’ll meet you at your locker, ok?”

Blaine followed Sue into her office, the woman instantly pointing her finger at the door “Close it and sit down”

Blaine did as he was told, not that he had to, but because he had always found himself curious about this Sue woman. She didn’t smell like a human.

They sat in silence for a few seconds, Blaine staring at her confused. He was about to open his mouth when she instantly held her finger up

“Listen, Top 40, I don’t know what you are,  or where you’ve been, but I just need to know that everyone here is fine, and that I don’t need to alert anyone”

Blaine raised his eyebrow, wondering if he should respond with a i don’t know what you’re talking about, but instead just nodded “I’m fine, and everyone here is fine”

Sue studied him for a moment, before nodding “Great. Then we will see you at Cheerio practice this afternoon”

Blaine laughed “Are we still doing that?”

“You bet your sweet teenage sweetheart backside we are still doing that, and you will do it because you know if you don’t I will find whoever it is you are hiding from, and tell them exactly where you are. You will be on the team. You will get me another championship, and I will get a bigger office and teacher of the year. I’m not a bad guy and definitely not a bad person to have on your side. Plus, I have a soft spot for your elfling boyfriend” She grinned, leaning back on her chair a little “Deal?”

Blaine continued to study her, watching her every move. He couldn’t figure her out. He couldn’t figure any of this out. He’d never found himself in a position like this. For a moment he wanted to defend Kurt, but in between all of the name-calling and the tone of voice that told him he wasn’t playing around, her meaning wasn’t overly negative. She wanted something from Blaine, and in turn she would keep his secret… a secret he wasn’t even sure how she knew about, but a secret nonetheless. “Ok. Fine. Deal. But quit making it so obvious that I can figure out the routines on the spot. If this is going to work, I have to blend. Making someone brand new student mimic an entire routine that your cheerios have taken months to master is drawing attention”

Sue smirked because she reached under her desk pulling out a megaphone before walking to the door, opening it and pointing out  “GET BACK TO CLASS, MODERN DAY EGGS BENEDICT

Blaine tried to compose himself to make sure he didn’t laugh as he walked past her, and made his way to go and join Kurt again. As he rounded the corner toward Kurt’s locker,  he took a moment to stop and watch Kurt. He had his hand resting on the open locker door, his face looking in, though the thing that had caught Blaine’s attention was just how relaxed he looked. Well, as relaxed as someone who had been almost violently fucked an hour ago could look. Blaine found himself smiling, his insides warming. It was something so basic, and yet, it filled him with so much love, because it was Kurt. It was Kurt in the environment he should have been in before all of this happened. It was the Kurt that Blaine would have loved to meet here, as a nervous teenager, seeing the attractive guy and probably tripping over his own feet. It was the Kurt that Blaine would have spent years pinning over, watching him in class, and never having the guts to speak with him.
Maybe it was because Kurt had sensed him, or maybe it was just good timing, as Kurt’s head lifted, and then instantly darted in Blaine’s direction. Kurt’s face softened instantly, as he smiled, and Blaine decided to start walking again to join him.

“So I’m back on the cheerios” He laughed, shaking his head, giving Kurt and play by play of what had just happened in the meeting “I don’t quite understand her, and Burt doesn’t seem to know anything either. For now, I guess I’m a cheerleader. Does that mean I have to be at the games too?” Blaine laughed, shaking his head “Are you going to come and watch me practice?” Blaine smirked, leaning in close so that his lips just ghosted along Kurts before pulling back, giving the other a slap on his probably overly sensitive ass before closing Kurt’s locker for him “Where are we off to first?”

Coming up behind Blaine, he could hear heavy footsteps, someone solid running, as he turned around he noticed Finn, who raised his arm “Kurt! Wait up a sec. Hey Blaine, what’s up?”

Blaine smiled, giving Finn a small Hey, before moving a bit further away from Kurt that he was. It wasn’t that he was scared of Finn, or that he was embarrassed, but Kurt was his brother, and he didn’t want to be overly inappropriate in front of Kurt’s family.

“Dude, you know how we talked about you coming back to football? I was talking to Bieste about you and I showed her the tapes of your game and she’s totally on board with it. She says you can come to training today so she can see for herself, or something. I got distracted because Rachel kept texting me while we were talking. But are you gonna come?”

Blaine glanced over to Kurt, tilting his head a little bit as he waited to hear what Kurt was going to say.

“Convince him to come! He’ll listen to you!” Finn directed that at Blaine, nudging him slightly before rubbing his own elbow, giving a small ow noise. “Did you want to join the team too?” Finn directed that at Blaine “You’re hard as a rock”

Blaine choked as he looked at Kurt, trying not to laugh at the extremely obvious dick pun and tried to stop himself from saying Yeah I am, instead, he shook his head “Can’t, I’m on the cheerios” he said, sarcastically.

“Oh. That’s. Um. Cool man. Nah that’s cool. You know. It’s not just for chicks. Guys can. Guys can do that stuff too. Not me. But you know. You”

Blaine raised his eyebrow “It’s fine Finn” he nodded “You’re supposed to be convincing Kurt to join your team, not reassuring me about mine”

“Oh yeah. Right. Kurt. Yeah?”

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