egg balancing


There’s no shade with egg-yolk jellies, because they’re sunny-side up! These terrifically tentacular tenants are fed a diet of shrimps, krill and—a staple of theirs in the wild—other jellies! 

“Love isn’t a fact. Love is a hunch at first, later it’s a series of decisions. A life time of decisions. That’s love.”

I’ve always thought in a series of facts.
Male emperor penguins keep their eggs warm by balancing them on their feet.
You were a dangerous criminal.
I was a dangerous criminal.
Penguins eat fish.
You were the mayor,
You were powerful.
You threw every single fact away when you told me you loved me.
Secretly, I’d tossed them too.
When I’d first spoken to you,
I had a hunch
Elected to be ignored,
But undeniable.

Another fact: there was Kristen Kringle.
Another fact: she was beautiful, she was kind, she was worthy of more than she had.
Another fact: Isabella looked just like her, that fact was inexcusable, undeniable.
It was never truly her,
It was always my favorite holiday,
Maybe that was why I was drawn to her.
I wanted to be beautiful,
I wanted to be kind,
I wanted to be worthy.
Facts had thus far proved I was not.
Strictly undeniable.

It was not facts that led me to collect those bribes.
To see how the people would react live,
It was not a fact I knew you’d win the election.
I had, to be frank, blind belief in your nuanced perfection.
I made that decision in a series of decisions
Those might have been love,
Elected to be ignored,
But undeniable.

It’s fact that ice will melt,
But there is always decision behind the plan.
What do they say?
It’s the thought that counts.
I’ve always thought in a series of facts,
You took away the fact that I could care for something
You were all but none of these things,
You were all but more of these things,
And the love and life,
The decisions I made for you and in your honor,
Elected to be ignored,
But undeniable.

Love isn’t a fact,
I’ve always thought in a series of facts.
The sky is blue,
The grass is green.
Penguins swim,
Penguins don’t fly,
Mr. Penguin is my friend
Mr. Cobblepot is my friend,
Oswald is my friend,
I have faith in him.
I think I might-
I started to think in a series of you.
Elected to be ignored,
But undeniable.

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What You Need to Eat to Get Flat Abs

We wish we could tell you that exercise alone is enough to give you the flat-ab-ulous waist you seek. It’s not what you want to hear, but we’re here to offer some help! The secret to flatter abs is consuming fiber-rich foods that reduce bloating, protein to jumpstart your metabolism, and antioxidants to reinforce the efficiency of your ab workout. Here are some of the best foods you can eat to achieve killer abs:

·  Leafy Greens – Super low in calories, leafy greens are perfect for shrinking your waistline. Eating just one cup of broccoli makes up 20% of your daily fiber requirement while weighing in at only 55 calories! Most leafy greens also provide a good dose of calcium, so always keep spinach, kale, broccoli, and arugula on hand.

·  Eggs – Unless you suffer from high cholesterol, try eating one egg a day to keep you feeling fuller throughout the day. Eggs offer a balance of protein and fat that satisfies hunger so you can ditch complex carb-filled breakfasts like bagels.

·  Apples – The high fiber and water content of apples will help you feel full, so it’s a great idea to eat one or two apples a day. Yes, not only will it help you keep the doctor away but the weight off, too!

·  Almonds – Almonds are quite possibly the best on-the-go, extra-lean snacks due to their ability to block calories. Studies indicate that the makeup of their cell walls may help reduce the absorption of almonds’ fat, which is great news all around. Go for an ounce of these a day (just over 20 almonds).

·  Berries – By now you may have noticed a pattern that fiber is the answer to nearly everything diet-related. Berries are loaded with fiber so eat about half a cup of them daily—that’s only 30 calories! Any and all berries will do the trick.

There you have it. Supplement your crunches and planks with these healthy, nutritious foods. Before you know it, you’ll start to see sleek, sexy abs that will be ready just in time for summer.

There’s A Universe The Size Of You And Me

Tavros’ new house is not so much a house but a home.

There isn’t really another way to put it.

His new house is big, large rooms with ample spaces and windows that take up the whole wall, illuminating the house but mostly decorating it with the picturesque, real-life painting of the forest that lays on the other side. It isn’t really tall, though, only two stories high, but the shortage of stairs might be more of a reminiscence of his past life and struggles - and a caution, should it happen again- than lack of money.

Because, all in all, the house probably costs more than someone of his caste could realistically afford, back in Alternia. But creating the new Universe comes with certain perks, after all.

Even though the living room is massive, and there’s an impressive distance between one wall and the opposite, the space isn’t cluttered. In fact, it’s almost minimalistic, the fireplace being the only thing that might catch the eye, and only because of the flickering orange-white light the fire casts. The personal belongings are kept to a bare minimum: a few books on the shelves, pristine-clean and untouched (the books he really likes have their place in his night stand - the chipped, dog-eared copy of Pupa Pan presiding the pile), clothes that are not yet in place, and not much more. There’s a striking lack of photos on the walls, but the world is still new, so is this life, and the new memories will surely come in due time.

Despite all this, the house doesn’t feel naked, or deserted, even when he’s not around.

There’s the soft, chirping sound of the birds outside, probably their thank-you note for the food Tavros left for them in the backyard. There’s also the echo of those chirps coming from inside, half a beat later, from the ample cage that stands next to the TV. It is soon followed by the fluttering of wings, but one of them still doesn’t work quite well, so it is short-lived, and soon continued by tweets of distress, half due to the pain and half due to the loss of freedom. It’s a temporary arrangement, though, and at soon as the wing heals its owner will be able to abandon the house and join the choir outside, so the song will be sung in one voice rather than two. There’s also the soft pitter-patter of clawed paws against the wooden floor, in a staccato that increases in frequency before abruptly coming to a halt and being substituted with a soft ‘thud’, as the sofa cushion compresses with the added weight. There’s a song, there’s a beat, and then there’s…

… there’s you.

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jessika pava being absolutely delighted to meet rey, a force user, a real live jedi! just like luke skywalker in all the stories! she keeps challenging rey to silly tasks, “balance a spoon on your nose! no wait, balance an egg on your head! no wait balance a BLASTER ON YOUR HEAD!!!” rey is like jessika please the force is not to be used lightly “think you could float a ‘hug me‘ sign onto chewie’s back?” “…watch me”

ZMD19 - Babysitting

OR: An Excuse to See You Again (A Modern AU)

Rating: T

Word Count: 1142

With his phone jammed between his shoulder and his ear, Zuko fumbles around in the fridge with one hand while the other keeps a carton of eggs balanced on top of the butter. The precariousness of the situation derives from the fact that he’s kind of distracted, too busy trying to concentrate on the argument he’s having with his mother.

“I don’t understand why you won’t just let me do it, Mom. I offered, okay?”

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Alone Time Part 3

 Part 1 - Part 2 

It had been a week since you and Hoseok had fooled around. You had been super busy with work and he with recording music. You could not wait to get your hands on him again. The memory of his mouth in you made you quiver. Every night you touched yourself to the thought of it. You wished he were there to watch you, just like before. You could still remember how his lustful eyes looked at you. Your fingers would pump in and out of your pussy as you thought about what you wanted to do to him.

All day at work, you thought about pleasuring yourself. You closed the door to your office, and under your desk, you slipped your fingers into your panties. You played with your clit and thought about Hoseok’s tongue. You could hear your co-workers coming back from work so you stopped, deciding that you’d finish at home.

As you unlocked your front door and kicked off your shoes, you also stared to undress yourself. You stopped, startled by the sounds you heard coming from farther in your apartment. You pulled your shirt back down as you crept closer to the sound. You could hear heavy breathing coming from J-Hope’s room. You heard him mutter your name mixed with a string of curse words. You could feel yourself becoming wet. What was he doing in your apartment?

You peaked around the doorframe, and you saw Hoseok’s naked body. His abs gleamed with sweat as his hand traveled up and down on his member. His eyes were closed and his brow was furled.

“_________… mmmm shit,” he muttered. Shocked, you stayed quiet and watched him. It gave you time to study his body. You noticed how his jaw clinched every time his hand moved, how his hips slightly bucked upwards as he threw his head back in pleasure, and how the muscles in his arms flexed when he gripped himself. Your hand traveled into your pants as you watched your best friend masturbate. Your fingers brushed your clit, and you gasped from the pleasure. His eyes sprung open and met yours.

The surprise on his face quickly turned to a smirk.

“Do you like watching me, Jagi?” He gestured for you to come closer, and you obeyed. His hands reached out for you. He grabbed you and brought you closer, his lips meeting yours. He nipped your lower lip, causing you to moan into his mouth. He took advantage and used the opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth. You both fought for dominance as you deepened the kiss.

He pulled away from you and held you at arms’ length. His eyes met yours, and then they roamed down your body.

“You’re so beautiful, Jagi. Do you know how much I love you?” His fingers grabbed your hips and slid your jeans down your legs. You moaned and stepped out of them. Next, he ripped your shirt over your head. His fingers lingered on your skin.

As he removed your bra, he whispered, “Do you know how much I need you?” He pinched your nipples lightly, and you jumped a bit at the sudden pleasure. He pulled you forward, and you straddled him. Your breasts pressed up against his bare chest, and you shivered.

He ground his hips against yours, his member pressed up against your clothed sex.

“Hoseok, please,” you begged. You’d wanted him for so long that all your self-control had left you. “I need you, please.” He smirked at you and stopped grinding his hips. He moved to lay you down on the bed, sliding your panties off as he did, leaving you both naked.

“You’re so wet, Jagi. Are you excited? Do you want me?” he cooed, already knowing the answer. He spread your legs and bent lower to taste you. His magical tongue swept across your core, leaving you breathless. He moved his tongue to your opening as his thumb played with your clit. Your hips bucked on their own. Your moans echoed off the wall on his room. You could feel yourself getting closer to the edge. His thumb moved your clit in circles; the faster he went, the closer were to an orgasm.

Suddenly he stopped and looked up at you.

“I love you, Jagi.” His face was serious. His eyes met yours, and your breath left you lungs.

“I love you too, Hoseok,” you replied. His face lit up with a blinding smile. You pulled him forward and kissed him. He deepened the kiss and flipped over so you were laying on top of him. “Now can you please make love to me?” you sighed.

“Anything for my girlfriend,” he smirked, lining himself up with your opening. He slid into you slowly, his hands brushing across your back.  He pulled you closer to him and make you lay your head on his chest. He planted his feet on the bed and moved his hips up. He moved slowly, lazily sliding in and out of you. You moaned loudly, your eyes shutting. He gradually started to speed up. You sat back up and rolled your hips, and you bounced up and down on him. His hands roamed your body until they finally reached your breasts.

He moved his hands to your hips. He held them as he slammed into you, bringing you down onto him with each thrust. You could feel the coil in your stomach was starting to unravel. He pulled out of you and moved you so you were on your hands and knees. He slammed back into you, making you gasp. You breasts bounced as he fucked you. He reached around you, and his fingers brushed your clit.

Your orgasm came crashing down on you, and Hoseok followed soon after. He laid down, and you fell forward onto him, too tired to move. As you drifted in and out of sleep, you could feel his hands moving you and cleaning you. You finally fell into the deepest sleep you’d ever had.

When you awoke the next day, you rolled over and reached out for J-Hope, just to realize he wasn’t there. You climbed out of bed and pulled on one of his oversized T-shirts. You padded though the house until you reached the kitchen. Your eyes landed on Hoseok. You watched as he struggled to balance cooking eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Hearing you laughing behind him, he turned around and smiled at you.

“Good morning, Jagi.”

“Good morning to you, too,” you giggled. “Do you need help? We both know I’m the better cook.” He sighed and handed you the spatula.

“I just wanted to do something nice for you.” You pulled him into a hug and kissed his cheek. “I love you,” he said, cupping your cheek.

“I love you too,” you said, smiling. “Now maybe we should do something about the burning food.”

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honestly clamp’s constant return to the theme of ‘you as an individual are important and worthy of self-appreciation and taking care of others is well and good and encouraged but part of that is taking care of yourself too because everyone is connected and the people you love and who love you aren’t helped by seeing you hurting either’ is what keeps me coming back. there’s a lot of goddamn shit in clamp works but characters like watanuki, kamui, karen, suu, ora, gingetsu, sakura, fai, kurogane - so fucking many stories and more than I’ve listed! they all mean a lot and they are stories with morals and lessons that I know many people would personally benefit from (that I have personally benefitted from) and that more than anything keeps me coming back to them and keeps me calling myself a clamp fan. god they are far from perfect. but they’ve told some immensely important stories that I will always be grateful for


“Did you know that penguins can’t breathe underwater?” you said, poking your head into Edward Nygma’s office.

He grinned, answering without hesitation, “Yes. Did you know that male emperor penguins keep their eggs warm by balancing them on their feet?”

“Yes. Did you know that polar bears can eat as many as eighty-six penguins in a single sitting,? you shot back, enjoying the competition.

“Yes. Did you know penguins can drink salt water because they have a special gland, the supraorbital gland, that filters salt from the bloodstream?” Nygma countered.

“Yes. Did you know-” you were cut off as Bullock entered, telling you that you were needed elsewhere. Sending a quick wink in Ed’s direction, you grinned, “We’ll call it a draw. Next time, Nygma.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any hypnosis AU ideas?

  • “You are getting sleepy…very sleepy…you also want to give me $20…” “Haha, nice try.” AU
  • Character A has been trying to hone their hypnosis skills on their roommate, Character B. This is all just fun and games to Character B, until one second they’re sitting on the couch with Character A telling them to breathe deeply, and the next second Character B is balancing an egg on their nose while Character A is cackling with laughter.
  • Character A has always been told that they have a really great voice, but they’ve noticed that people tend to get glassy eyed after Character A talks to them for a while. Not as in they’re not paying attention to Character A, but as in Character A has accidentally lulled them into a hypnotized state.
  • “I can’t sleep. Could you talk to me in your hypnotist voice, please?“ AU
  • While playing around on the internet, Character A comes across a tutorial on how to hypnotize people without appearing suspicious. The next day, Character A tries to use their skill on Character B – “hey, you want to give me your latte.” – and to their surprise, Character B actually complies. 
  • “I’m a therapist that helps people with hypnotism. I work with people and help them overcome their fears, quit their addictions, figure out why they’re having nightmares, and so on.” AU
  • Character A has been having terrible anxiety, but they can’t figure out the root cause(s). Cue Character B coming over to Character A’s place and trying to put Character A into a hypnotized state so that Character B can have Character A open up.