egg and dart

The Signs at the Fair

Aries: Wooaahhh lets go eat everything we can and then come back and ride ONLY THE SCARY RIDES
Taurus: I’m in for the food omg lets gooo I can already smell the diabetes
Gemini: Why don’t we just go look at the people performing tricks and stuff? That sounds nice huh- OMFG THERES A CLOWN NO CANCER KILL IT BEFORE IT LAYS EGGS
Cancer: *is throwing darts at the clown* I got u bby oh and after I use all of these we need to run because I stole them from that game over there lol
Leo: *is asleep in the shade* how about no it’s too hot
Virgo: Guys lets go to the petting zoo omg look at da wittle goats aww my babies *starts running towards the petting zoo*
Libra: *sits in the shade next to Leo* nah I’m good if I start sweating now my hair’s going to be a mess and then NO ONE WILL HIT ON ME
Scorpio: No one hits on you anyways Libra haha- *is hit in the face by Libra’s shoe*
Sagittarius: shut up Scorpio we all know you like them when we go on the rides you’re going to sit by them the wwhhhooolleee tiimmee ;) *is smacked by Libra’s other shoe*
Capricorn: Guys why are we all standing around lets GO before its night I wanna get to bed by five
Aquarius: *is already riding the rides* HAHA I BEAT YOU GUYS HERE HAHA- *thows up*
Pisces: *sneaking vodka inside there coat* yo lets go hurry and smoke some weed before anything