egg and dart

Limestone funerary stele (shaft) surmounted by two sphinxes


last quarter of the 5th century BCE

88.2 x 68.5cm

Elegant sphinxes are positioned back-to-back with their heads turned so that they could be seen in three-quarters perspective. The calm beauty of the creature’s head, the form of the palmettes, and the egg and dart molding that decorates the base of the platform are typical of Greek art of the fifth century BCE.

Sorry for the delayed wait, but Bloom is delivering some more eggs again! No edited eggs this time, because so many people wanted an egg, and it really surprised me! But I still randomised the Pokemon, so I’m going to tag everyone with the Pokemon they got!

@shinyfurretdaily got a Rattata egg!
@lusaminehotsuin got a Hypno egg!
@vajra-furor got a Baltoy egg!
@lampentdaily got a Gloom egg!
@nightfurywitch got a Roselia egg!
@saltybuddy (Once again it’s not letting me tag) got a Wigglytuff egg!
@the-occasional-gijinka got a Swalot egg!
@sometimes-flareon got a Purrloin egg!
@dailydoseofpink got a Drampa egg!
@daily-mantine got a Bronzong egg!
@dailyarcticvaporeon got a Snorlax egg!
@pull-the-trigger-grove got a Chansey egg!
@sometimespikachu got a Type: Null egg!
@themadamharu got a Bulbasaur egg!
@gengardaily got a Spearow egg!
@latias-daily got a Sandshrew egg!
@natu-daily got a Mightyena egg!
@cold-hard-petrified got a Fearow egg!
@dailyhoppip got a Deerling egg!
@dailyemolga got a Wartortle egg!
@cheekycheepcheep got a Vivillon egg!
@ask-backpack-hypno got a Salandit egg!
@dart-the-llama got an Alolan Diglett egg!
@askabeheeyem got a Zigzagoon egg!
@pichudaily got a Heatran egg!
@bat-the-mun got a Solrock egg!
@valisartbin got a Drifblim egg!
@alpha621 got a Whiscash egg!
@zubatsometimes got a Cubone egg!
@sometimesvictini got a Flygon egg!
@daily-zygarde-cores got a Panpour egg!
@bewearium-z got a Zweilous egg!
@houndoom-daily got a Lileep egg!
@fluffsthedragon got a Swellow egg!
@trubbish-daily got a Seadra egg!
@occasionallybeheeyem got a Finneon egg!
@badlydrawnshinymawile got a Ursaring egg!
@chesterdidthings got a Whismur egg!
@bidoofdaily got a Graveler egg!
@queen-antlers (Not tagging again for some reason) got a Emboar egg!
@dailyseviper got a Snubbull egg!
@most-likely-daily-eevee got a Buneary egg!
@zorua-daily got a Beheeyem egg!
@nettnettnett90 got a Quilava egg!
@pokemonfangirl99 got a Bruxish egg!
@dwantless got a Octillery egg!
@bmassacr got a Regice egg!
@theresomethinginthewifi got an Alolan Raticate egg!
@kalam1999 got a Delibird egg!
@pinkiepegasus got a Popplio egg!
@ask-the-pokemon-guardians got a Gumshoos egg!
@occasionally-surskit got a Mamoswine egg!
@dailyspheal got a Ludicolo egg!
@dailywick got a Basculin egg!
@hunterx700 got a Lugia egg!
@alexinbox got a Giratina egg!
@meike11 got a Gothitelle egg!
@joltyjolt got a Natu egg!
@neon–nightmare got a Luvdisc egg!

And that’s all for today! I will get the rest of the eggs up either later today or tomorrow!

Impress Me (Drabble Challenge)

Originally posted by sebaeked

42. “This is where you impress me, right?” + Sehun

You woke up to a strange smell. It took you a few moments to place where it was coming from, and you shuffled out of bed with a yawn.

‘Sehun,’ you called sleepily. You bumped into the wall mid-yawn, knocking over a lamp with a clatter.

'What was that?’ you heard the familiar voice yell from the kitchen. When there was no response, Sehun slid around the corner with concern on his face. He looked down at the broken lamp in dismay. 'Yah, dummy, will you watch where you’re going?’

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alaa-rb  asked:

She's one hot grandma alright ! I was wondering when were you going to draw something from your OC story, even though in already on cloud 9 with your lapidot AU :> . Mind me asking, where do you get your OC story inspiration? in terms of clothing and such :]

in my OC folder there are three folders that look like this

and if you click ‘clothing’ it takes you to a magical world of this

and that’s just the tip of the iceberg………….I tend to collect a heap of references for clothing and background details, even for AUs (my Seelie AU folder back in the day was a fucking mess let me tell you….)

that being said I have a few favourite detail designs I fall back on where clothing is concerned in Among the Hollow. I use two in particular very often: Scrolls + Egg and Dart

arsenicarithmetic  asked:

Prompt: married Eggsy with children and single Harry, still pining for Eggsy's love.


Soft strains of music provide a soundtrack to the breaking of Harry’s heart.

He’s always hoped to see Eggsy this way, all dressed up, face flushed with excitement, eagerness in every word that he says.

He’s always hoped to hear the words ‘I do’ on Eggsy’s lips, honeyed syllables that Harry could kiss away.

Harry gets his wish. The wedding is as grand an affair as he could have asked for. Eggsy deserves only the best, after all. He looks happier than Harry has ever seen him, head thrown back in laughter at something Roxy has said.

Harry lets his eyes linger on the way Eggsy’s suit fits him. Spectacularly cut, of course. The best Kingsman could provide. He tears his eyes away long before he has looked his fill. He’s not allowed to do more than look now, and the confinement is painful.

Movement catches his eye, dragging it back in Eggsy’s direction.

Eggsy’s husband has joined the small group, slides his arm around Eggsy’s waist and drops a kiss on his head.

Harry’s hand tightens imperceptibly around his champagne glass as Eggsy tilts his head up, silently asking for another.

Jack gives it to him, comes away smiling. They both are.

Maybe it was the Southern drawl. Maybe it was the proud, swaggering walk all the Statesmen seemed to possess. Maybe, Harry begrudgingly admits, it’s the fact that Jack is a genuinely good man.

Good men deserve each other. Harry knows he hasn’t been good for a long time. He thought he might be, briefly, when Eggsy looked at him like he’d hung the sun in the sky. He knows now that he isn’t. Good men get happy endings.

Harry is one of the every last to leave the wedding. He wants to see Eggsy like this as long as he can, radiating happiness. It’s beautiful. It’s heartbreaking.


“Eggsy!” That’s all the warning they get before Daisy barrels into Harry’s office, throwing herself into Eggsy’s lap.

Eggsy’s face splits into a wide grin. “C’mere,” he says, wrapping his arms around her and peppering her face with kisses. “How’s my little flower, today?”

“Sorry,” says a voice from the doorway, and Harry winces inwardly. “I tried to stop her from coming in–I didn’t want to interrupt–but…” Jack trails off with the shrug of one shoulder and an apologetic smile.

Harry waves it off, seemingly nonchalant. “Children will do as they please,” he says. “We were nearly done here anyways.”

Eggsy glances up at that. “We were? I thought we still had to go over-”

But Harry cuts him off with a shake of his head. “That will hold for another day or two, at the least. It isn’t often that you and Jack are both off at the same time. Take the rest of the day,” he says, trying to sound gracious.

“You serious?” Eggs asks, eyebrows darting upwards in surprise.

“Go,” harry says in lieu of a reply. “Before I change my mind.”

Eggsy’s smile only grows wider and it makes Harry’s heart ache. He used to dream that smile would be his someday. He still does, sometimes. The subconscious is a treacherous thing.

“Thanks, Harry. You’re the best,” Eggsy says, standing and settling Daisy on his hip.

Harry grits his teeth rather than protest. Eggsy’s best is standing in the doorway staring at the three of them. “Go on, then,” he says, tilting his head.

Eggsy goes. Harry’s heart goes with him. 

fic: Nothing Sweeter Than My Baby (Olicity, Rated M)

Nothing Sweeter Than My Baby (1726 words) by callistawolf
Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak
Additional Tags: Hand Jobs, shower smut, Fluff and Smut
Series: Part 2 of Porsches and Sunsets: Road Trip Fics

Summary: It’s Oliver’s birthday, which he’s forgotten but Felicity hasn’t. She has a present for him when they wake up on the third morning of their road trip together.

Author’s Note: Happy 30th Birthday, Oliver Queen! It makes me so happy to realize he’s finally getting a decent birthday this year and that he’s celebrating it with none other than Felicity Smoak.

You can also read this on Ao3


Oliver woke up to the sound of surf pounding on rocks.  He could feel the breeze from the open windows blowing across his face, cooling the room that was already warmed from the steadily rising sun.  He was still getting used to the warm wash of contentment that flooded him each time he woke up with her at his side.  There was something more today, something niggling at the back of his mind but he was still too fuzzy with sleep to pin it down.  

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The Signs at the Fair

Aries: Wooaahhh lets go eat everything we can and then come back and ride ONLY THE SCARY RIDES
Taurus: I’m in for the food omg lets gooo I can already smell the diabetes
Gemini: Why don’t we just go look at the people performing tricks and stuff? That sounds nice huh- OMFG THERES A CLOWN NO CANCER KILL IT BEFORE IT LAYS EGGS
Cancer: *is throwing darts at the clown* I got u bby oh and after I use all of these we need to run because I stole them from that game over there lol
Leo: *is asleep in the shade* how about no it’s too hot
Virgo: Guys lets go to the petting zoo omg look at da wittle goats aww my babies *starts running towards the petting zoo*
Libra: *sits in the shade next to Leo* nah I’m good if I start sweating now my hair’s going to be a mess and then NO ONE WILL HIT ON ME
Scorpio: No one hits on you anyways Libra haha- *is hit in the face by Libra’s shoe*
Sagittarius: shut up Scorpio we all know you like them when we go on the rides you’re going to sit by them the wwhhhooolleee tiimmee ;) *is smacked by Libra’s other shoe*
Capricorn: Guys why are we all standing around lets GO before its night I wanna get to bed by five
Aquarius: *is already riding the rides* HAHA I BEAT YOU GUYS HERE HAHA- *thows up*
Pisces: *sneaking vodka inside there coat* yo lets go hurry and smoke some weed before anything

Preference #69 Kitchen Activities

GUYS! I love this one, I had so much fun writing it.

Liam- Your parents were coming over for dinner to make sure that you and Liam moving in together were doing well and adjusting to the new lifestyle. You had planned to make a three course meal to impress them and for that to work out, you needed your boyfriend’s help in the kitchen. You took care of the entree and dessert while Liam cooked some meat and side dishes. To make sure the food was ideal, you tasted each other’s and gave feedback. It was a perfect team work and your parents were positively stunned.

Zayn- You were washing the dishes and Zayn was drying the items you handed him. When you thought he was being too slow, you splashed him with some water and soap. Looking at you in disbelief, he thought of a quick revenge he filled a cup with water and poured it on you. “That’s not fair! You didn’t get nearly as wet,” you said while laughing. Turning the water off, you got closer to him cupped his face with one hand while the other one was hidden behind you with another glass of water. As he was about to kiss you, you poured water into his pants. Pretending it was an accident you said “Oops,” and walked away. “It isn’t over babe,” he shouted behind you.

Harry- After hearing for the billionth time “I used to work in a bakery,” you finally exploded. “Honey the whole world knows! What I want to see, is you actually baking something for me,” you wanted to challenge him. “Only if you will too. Let’s call it a bake off, and the winner gets to do whatever he/she wants with the other, right here, on this kitchen counter.” You couldn’t turn down the amazing challenge before you. “Deal,” you agreed and immediately started grabbing eggs and flour. He ended up making a three layer vanilla cake, while you made eclairs. You won, even Harry admitted it so in return you had the best night of the month.

Niall- While watching Rachael Ray on TV, Niall felt inspired to try out the pasta dish she was making which included bacon, eggs, and cream. When he darted out of the living room and into the kitchen, you were confused so you followed him. “What are you doing, love?” “I wanna try her recipe out,” you offered to help him but he waved your offer off and told you to sit back and wait for lunch to be ready. Your stomach was grumbling and your eyes were looking at Niall’s skillful hands as he was preparing the food. After twenty minutes, he approached the table with two plates and you started eating. It was exquisite “I think you’ve got a knack for this,” you complimented leaving him bashful and proud.

Louis- Neither of you knew how to cook. You usually ordered take out or microwaved things pre-made but you grew tired of the same food so you called in your mom to teach you the basics of cooking. Both you and Louis were trying to learn but it just wasn’t interesting. As your mother showed you the proper way to chop zucchini, you and Louis started cutting the vegetable at random because you didn’t pay attention to the instructions. Exasperated and crestfallen, your mom sat back and simply watched you two mess around and throw each other pieces of bread and zucchini having the time of your life. “You two sure are meant for one another,” she admitted.