egg and cheese biscuit

Today was a really good day!! In total this week i lost 3 pounds which was definitley more than i was expecting (it may be even more i weighed myself on a full stomach at night oops). I didnt eat the absolute best today but i stayed within my calorie limit so its okay!
Breakfast was veggie chili
Lunch was a egg and cheese biscuit
I had tortilla chips and salsa for a snack and then went out to baja fresh for dinner and got a really yummy shrimp quesadilla.
I wasnt able to go the gym much this week but i think i burned a lot of caloried just shoveling snow for two days in a row. I also did some excercises using my body weight indoors and today i took a walk around campus. Tomorrow its back to the gym!
Ordered a fitbit charge hr which should be coming in on tuesday and im super excited!!
Today was really a great day :)

So this story happened one day on while i was working at mcdonalds on a breakfast shift. A lady came through the drive through, and ordered a bacon egg and cheese biscuit with extra bacon. When she got the food, she complained to the employee working the drive thru window that the sandwich didn’t have enough bacon. The employee got the manager (who happened to be the store manager). The customer got mad at the store manager and ended up throwing the biscuit through the window in our manager’s face. She got the license plate from the security cameras and the woman who through the sandwich eventually got arrested for assault.

What made me smile this week:

Sunday: I’m pretty sure I just ate the greatest meal of my life. While eating Father’s Day brunch at Mitzi’s, I ordered their southern style eggs benedict: poached eggs, pulled pork, pimento cheese, buttermilk biscuit, and barbecue hollandaise sauce. Dishes with pulled pork are a little dicey to order when you’re working with such a weak jaw as mine, but when I took my first bite, I knew my hesitation had been for naught. It was the softest, richest, most fall-apart-in-my-mouth concoction of flavors I’ve ever experienced. The best part was I could actually eat it without becoming fatigued. Mitzi’s outdid themselves again! It made me smile.

Monday: We took a picture of Sarah “running” in her wedding dress and running sneakers. I was working on a different project, so I stayed inside, but watching her leap around outside in her massive, flowing white dress while they tried to capture the perfect shot made me laugh and smile.

Tuesday: We have about nine million bird houses in our backyard, and today, while sitting outside in the boiling heat for no reason, I saw a mama bird do that thing where she throws up food into her babies’ mouths. It happened like ten feet from my face. Birds are weird. It made me smile.

Wednesday: My girlfriend and I got into our first “real” fight today. It was about which sport is the most difficult to play. I’m only sharing this because I think it’s adorable that our first argument was so trivial. But as the argument devolved, we were both genuinely angry for about 30 seconds. The best part of it all was how quickly we laughed it off and moved on to happier things. It made me smile.

Thursday: AHHH THE 5K IS ONLY TWO DAYS AWAY! Running around like chickens with our heads chopped off trying to get everything ready for the big race this Saturday. Picking up (approximately) 3,000 bananas made me smile.

Friday: This morning I had a few hours to myself before work. I didn’t do a whole lot but watch the sky and let my mind wander. It occurred to me that although the nonprofit may be incredibly stressful at times—on top of the regular stresses of life—we are accomplishing more than we ever dreamed possible, and we are helping people, which really makes all the frustration and anxiety worth it. Erinn and Sarah arrived a little later with bright smiles and tons of energy, ready to put everything they have into the next 48 hours. It made me smile.

Saturday: Welp! The 5K is over and we are all smiling. It was a beautiful, sunny morning (maybe a little too sunny; there’s nothing better than sweaty post-5K hugs). All of our runners had an amazing time, and we raised lots of money to provide equipment to people living with muscular dystrophy. I just want to thank our outstanding volunteers, our sponsors, our teams, and everyone who had some hand in the success of this event—couldn’t have done it without you. We are tired, smiling, and in desperate need of a pool.

What made you smile this week?